Monday, 2017-09-18

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zhenguomorning mogan!00:52
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openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/mogan master: Fix partitions error when pass down to ironic.
zhenguoliusheng, shaohe_feng: please have a look at this when you are online, thanks!02:00
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zhenguolitao__: seems there's a bug for mult server creation02:22
zhenguolitao__: you will only check the max when scheudling02:22
litao__zhenguo: Let me see02:26
zhenguolitao__: ok, seems min is useless02:26
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litao__zhenguo: In scheduling ,I just check the number of instances. The max and min are checked in api layer02:29
litao__zhenguo: the number of instances maybe the max or the min02:30
openstackgerritwanghao proposed openstack/mogan master: Introduce Cinder client into Mogan
zhenguolitao__: if there's only 2 nodes available, and the min just set to 2 max to 5, should it fail all?02:41
litao__zhenguo: Yes, it should be success02:48
openstackgerritwanghao proposed openstack/mogan-specs master: Add Queens folder in mogan spec repo
zhenguolitao__; but actually, it's not02:48
wanghaoguys, I add queens folder in our spec repo.02:49
zhenguowanghao: thanks02:49
wanghaowe can commit bp for queens now, : )02:49
wanghaozhenguo: np02:49
litao__zhenguo: Yes it indeed not02:49
zhenguolitao__: how to improve that02:50
litao__zhenguo: so should It be check in scheduling?02:50
zhenguolitao__: you men pass both min and max there?02:50
litao__maybe it is one  way02:51
zhenguolitao__: or maybe we should move the server number check out02:51
zhenguolitao__: we should request the max, but if got less than max we need to check with the min02:52
zhenguolitao__; do you know how dose nova handle that?02:52
litao__zhenguo: nova checks the  number of instances in scheduling02:54
zhenguolitao__: it's max?02:54
zhenguolitao__: but seems they can successfully built the min servers02:54
litao__zhenguo: you mean nova with ironic?02:59
zhenguolitao__: with VMs03:02
litao__zhenguo: I checked the nova code, It should fail in your case above. The nova also check the pass the number of instances.03:02
zhenguolitao__:  oh, so what's the min used for03:03
litao__zhenguo: It is a little different with vm03:03
litao__zhenguo: Just check the quota in api layer03:03
zhenguolitao__: you mean for bare metal, it will fail instead of vm?03:03
litao__zhenguo: yes03:03
zhenguolitao__: sigh03:04
zhenguolitao__: but we can do some improvement03:04
litao__zhenguo: In vm case ,  the hypervisor is always enough resources.03:04
zhenguolitao__: why?03:05
litao__zhenguo: A host can be used by many vms.03:06
zhenguolitao__: but it can also be used out03:06
litao__zhenguo: If it is used out , there  will be also fail in scheduling03:08
zhenguolitao__: I mean the avaialble resources are just between min and max03:08
zhenguolitao__; It should be fail if less the min, but on the contrary, it should not03:09
litao__zhenguo:Yes,If the min is  2, max is 5. then the quota checked is 5 in api layer,  nova will pass 5 to scheduler, if the scheduler does not get enough resources,  5 instances will fail03:11
zhenguolitao__: you mean min max, is just for quota?03:11
zhenguolitao__; instead of scheduling?03:11
litao__ zhenguo :Yes in nova03:12
zhenguolitao__: sigh03:12
litao__zhenguo: we can improve it in mogan03:12
litao__zhenguo: Maybe in baremetal scenario, this issue have high probability03:14
zhenguolitao__: how do we handle the quota checking now?03:14
litao__zhenguo: The instance number03:16
litao__zhenguo: and the port quota03:16
zhenguolitao__: will check with min and max like nova, right?03:16
litao__zhenguo: yes, follow the nova style03:17
zhenguolitao__: ok03:17
zhenguolitao__: we can improve it later after we tag the 0.1.0 release03:17
litao__zhenguo: when do we tag the 0.1.0 release?03:18
zhenguolitao__: maybe today03:18
litao__zhenguo: OK, I will improve it03:18
zhenguolitao__: I'm testing now to ensure there's no critical issues03:18
zhenguolitao__: ok, thanks03:18
zhenguolitao__: btw, can you provide bare metals now through your production?03:19
litao__zhenguo: np03:20
litao__zhenguo: yes, we can03:20
zhenguolitao__: with a separated nova or just under the same nova with VMs?03:20
litao__zhenguo: Together with VMs in the same nova03:21
zhenguolitao__: ok, got it03:21
litao__zhenguo: 😀03:22
zhenguolitao__: same with FS, hah03:23
litao__zhenguo: FS is a great production03:24
zhenguolitao__: lol03:24
litao__zhenguo: hah03:24
liushengzhenguo: done, I am back03:26
zhenguoliusheng: cool03:26
liushengzhenguo: I have posted a doc patch, please help to review of you have time:
zhenguoliusheng: ok03:27
* zhenguo brb03:30
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/mogan-specs master: Use a soft link for template.rst
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zhenguoliusheng: hi, have you built the notification docs with RTD?03:51
liushengzhenguo: not sure, just test with tox -edocs03:51
zhenguoliusheng: you can try to build one, then we can review based on that03:52
liushengzhenguo: ok, will try03:53
zhenguolliusheng: thanks03:53
* zhenguo brb03:53
openstackgerritMerged openstack/mogan master: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/mogan master: Fix partitions error when pass down to ironic.
liushengzhenguo: I cannot build the RTD doc with master mogan06:07
zhenguoliusheng: you can build with you own repo06:11
liushengzhenguo: just a private repo, without any change ?06:11
zhenguoliusheng: you can modify the test-requirements accroding to the building errors06:12
liushengzhenguo: ok06:12
liushengzhenguo: do you know is there any way to sync openstack/mogan repo to my own repo ?06:13
liushengzhenguo: I cannot open this, is this another way to github ?06:15
zhenguoliusheng: I can paste it via espace to you06:16
wanghaoliusheng: ping06:29
liushengwanghao: pong06:29
wanghaoliusheng: did you have some example to add soft link for template.rst ?06:30
wanghaoliusheng: I didn't find how to add it.06:30
liushengwanghao: just use command: ln -s ../../template.rst template.rst06:31
liushengwanghao: I remember many projects use like this06:31
liushengwanghao, but seems for now, some project have different spec template.rst for differet version, not sure if we need that06:35
liushengzhenguo: ^06:35
zhenguoliusheng: we follow core projects06:35
wanghaoliusheng: and I didn't find where to add this command,  I check out zaqar and cinder spec.06:36
liushengzhenguo: core projects like what I just said, hah06:36
wanghaoliusheng: where,  can you show me this?06:36
liushengwanghao: I mean run this command06:36
zhenguoliusheng: for now, seems no need to add different tempelates06:37
liushengwanghao: specs/queens/implemented/queens-template.rst06:37
wanghaoliusheng: where to run?  local computer?06:37
liushengwanghao: nova-specs06:37
liushengwanghao: yes06:37
liushengwanghao: just a common sort link06:38
openstackgerritwanghao proposed openstack/mogan-specs master: Add Queens folder in mogan spec repo
wanghaoliusheng: that works06:43
liushengwanghao: ok, thanks06:43
wanghaojust one line: ../../templates.rst06:43
liushengwanghao: yes06:44
wanghaoliusheng: so I will update other folders too.06:44
liushengwanghao: I have updated, hah, but not sure if zhenguo think we should use different templates for Ocata/Piki/...06:44
wanghaoliusheng: okay06:45
liushengzhenguo: do you know how to handle the error: AttributeError: 'Sphinx' object has no attribute 'add_html_theme'07:17
zhenguoliusheng: oh, I never seen that before07:17
liushengzhenguo: I just added some libs in test-requirements in my onw repo according to the previous erros, after all, it raise this error07:18
liushengzhenguo: what changes you made in your own repo to make it works with RTD ?07:19
zhenguoliusheng: just add oslo genconfig07:19
zhenguoliusheng: oslo policy07:20
liushengzhenguo: I added oslo.policy, oslo.cache, oslo.messaging07:20
zhenguoliusheng: seems I don't got that errors07:21
liushengzhenguo: did you enable openstackdocstheme?07:21
zhenguoliusheng: yes07:22
liushengzhenguo: oh, werid07:22
zhenguoliusheng: I didn't change openstack docs07:22
zhenguoliusheng: I find another problem when testing mogan07:23
liushengzhenguo: the error is unrelate with my patch07:23
zhenguoliusheng: seems console is useless if we don't support setting password07:23
zhenguoliusheng: you mean the repo without your patch will raise the same errors?07:23
liushengzhenguo: I remember that in my previous testing07:24
liushengzhenguo: but image may have default password, right ?07:24
zhenguoliusheng: default password is dangerous07:25
liushengzhenguo: myabe for testing ? or will support password injection in the future ?07:26
zhenguoliusheng: we need to support password injection07:26
zhenguoliusheng: can you create a keypair with public key specified?07:32
liushengzhenguo: you mean importing ?07:32
liushengzhenguo: I remember tested ok07:33
zhenguoliusheng: yes07:33
zhenguoliusheng: I remember it's also ok, but not sure why it failed in my env07:33
litao__zhenguo: Only in scheduler we known the available nodes, but the servers are allocated in db before scheduling. should we delete the severs in db if  some server is not available node.07:34
zhenguolitao__: you are working on that?07:36
litao__zhenguo: yes07:36
zhenguolitao__: but users may be already aware of the db records07:39
litao__zhenguo: yes, so it is not suitable07:40
litao__zhenguo: Unless mogan knows the available nodes in api layer before allocated in db07:41
zhenguolitao__: seems not easy to fix that07:45
zhenguolitao__: even if you know that, it maybe occupied by others before you07:45
litao__zhenguo: yes07:46
litao__zhenguo: Maybe we can create servers with the same value in max and min to solve this issue.07:52
zhenguoliusheng: you mean just let users specify a server number instead of min and max?07:53
zhenguowrong person07:53
zhenguolitao__ ^^07:53
zhenguoliusheng: can you please confirm whether the keypair importing work?07:53
zhenguoliusheng: I encountered a issue which I remember already been addressed before07:54
liushengzhenguo: ok, will test07:55
litao__zhenguo: yes, but we can keep the current implement07:55
zhenguolitao__: yes07:56
zhenguolitao__: maybe just keep it until somebody complain it07:56
litao__zhenguo: yes07:56
zhenguoliusheng: just found we forgot to set project_id when importing keypair08:02
zhenguoliusheng: which introduced with quota08:02
liushengzhenguo: it also failed because the null "project_id" colomn08:05
zhenguoliusheng: yes08:05
liushengzhenguo: not sure why, I remember I have tested ok previously08:05
zhenguoliusheng: yes, I also remember it08:06
zhenguoliusheng: when I adding partitions support08:06
liushengzhenguo: ok, will fix it later08:06
zhenguoliusheng: oh, seems that's because I changed the db08:06
zhenguoliusheng: to make model and db script consistent08:06
zhenguoliusheng: which makes the project  id a required08:07
liushengzhenguo: oh, maybe should set the project_id ?08:07
zhenguoliusheng: you can compare create_key_pair and import_key_pair08:07
liushengzhenguo: ok08:07
zhenguoliusheng: seems we only add that for create when intruducing quota08:08
zhenguoliusheng: also need to add quotas08:08
liushengzhenguo: yes, in TODO list, :(08:08
zhenguoliusheng: also
zhenguoliusheng: the Keypaire08:09
zhenguoliusheng: I remember it's already fixed08:09
liushengzhenguo: I am trying again the RTD doc with a pure Mogan with requiremnets added08:09
zhenguoliusheng: docs can be done later08:09
zhenguoliusheng: even if we cut release08:09
liushengzhenguo: you mean the typo ?08:12
zhenguoliusheng: yes08:12
zhenguoliusheng: can be done with you patch08:12
zhenguoliusheng: yes, that override it08:15
liushengzhenguo: RTD doc still built faild08:15
zhenguoliusheng: we can fix that later08:16
liushengzhenguo: ok08:16
* zhenguo brb08:17
openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/mogan master: Fix a typo
liushengzhenguo: Nova also didn't set the project_id when importing a keypair, and check the quota of a user, Nova have the concept of quota of user but we don't08:31
liushengzhenguo: maybe a kaypair to be importted should belong to any project ?08:32
zhenguoliusheng: yes, but as we discussed before, just add a project id as a workaround08:32
zhenguoliusheng: we can introduce user based quota later08:33
liushengzhenguo: or how about remove the constraint in db ?08:33
zhenguoliusheng: it's not because the db08:33
zhenguoliusheng: but quota08:33
zhenguoliusheng: we can't support user based quota now08:33
zhenguoliusheng: we discussed this with wanghao before08:34
liushengzhenguo: no, we  don't check quota for keypari importing08:34
zhenguoliusheng: but we check it for creating08:35
liushengzhenguo: you mean quota will check all the items in db ?08:35
zhenguoliusheng: ?08:35
liushengzhenguo: I mean we allow empty project_id08:36
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liushengzhenguo: that will broken quota check ?08:36
zhenguoliusheng: we don't allow empty project id08:36
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zhenguoliusheng: no08:36
zhenguoliusheng: you don't set project id there08:36
liushengzhenguo: so why ?08:36
zhenguoliusheng: and the project id is introduced just for quota08:36
liushengzhenguo: I mean we remove the constrant of nnullable=False08:36
liushengzhenguo: for creating, it set project_id08:37
liushengzhenguo: for importing, it don't set08:37
zhenguoliusheng: why not check quota when importing08:37
liushengzhenguo: that is like what nova does08:37
zhenguoliusheng: it's another way of creating08:37
liushengzhenguo: I juse said...08:37
zhenguoliusheng: nova donesn't have project id at all08:37
liushengzhenguo: for importing, it use user to check quota, for creating, it use project08:38
zhenguoliusheng: nova?08:38
liushengzhenguo: oh, sorry, both no project08:39
zhenguoliusheng: yes08:39
zhenguoliusheng: we can quick fix it by adding project id and quota reservation like create_key_pair08:40
zhenguoliusheng: until we improve the quota implementation08:40
openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/mogan master: Set project_id when importing a existing keypair
liushengzhenguo: ^08:42
zhenguoliusheng: so quick, hah08:43
openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/mogan master: Set project_id when importing an existing keypair
liushengzhenguo: lol, a typo, ps2 comming08:43
zhenguoliusheng: ok08:43
zhenguoliusheng: it's appreciated if you can help to test all the functionalities again with the latest code,08:45
zhenguoliusheng: we can finish docs later08:45
liushengzhenguo: back to RTD doc, still have same error even after I using a pure latest mogan with the requirements added :(08:45
liushengzhenguo: ok08:45
zhenguoliusheng: we can talk about docs after tagging a release08:45
liushengzhenguo: ok08:46
liushengzhenguo: we treated reuild as a state than a action, looks a bit weird08:48
zhenguoliusheng: you mean provision state?08:49
liushengzhenguo: yes08:49
zhenguoliusheng: we don't have action notion08:49
zhenguoliusheng: you PUT the provision state to rebuild08:50
zhenguoliusheng: just like you PUT the power state to on/off08:50
liushengzhenguo: I know, just found in docs and API, it looks a bit weird08:50
zhenguoliusheng: you want to follow nova's way?08:50
liushengzhenguo: not sure, just a thoughts, hah08:51
liushengzhenguo: we study this from Ironic than Nova08:51
zhenguoliusheng: as nova's API defination looks not RESTful08:52
liushengzhenguo: got it08:53
liushengzhenguo: we don't support to get the access projects of flavor09:05
zhenguoliusheng: you mean on client side?09:06
liushengzhenguo: yes09:06
zhenguoliusheng: oh09:06
zhenguoliusheng: but we already tagged the client release09:06
liushengzhenguo: and do you think if we need a saperated api for the access ?09:06
zhenguoliusheng: seems we discussed this on Xinran's patch09:07
liushengzhenguo: how about merging it with "flavor show" and09:07
liushengzhenguo: oh, yes09:07
zhenguoliusheng: API side is ok, right?09:08
liushengzhenguo: ye09:08
zhenguoliusheng: that's ok09:08
liushengzhenguo: for client, it only support set/unset the access projects, but no way to show09:09
liushengzhenguo: maybe just add a field in flavor get API ? and keep current APIs09:10
liushengzhenguo: and remove the FlavorAccessController.get_all api09:11
liushengzhenguo: just keep and FlavorAccessController.delete APIs09:13
zhenguoliusheng: you mean no need to change client side09:15
zhenguoliusheng: that's a workaround09:16
liushengzhenguo: yes09:16
liushengzhenguo: not a workaround09:16
zhenguoliusheng: but in mogan, we also have other APIs like this09:16
zhenguoliusheng: like aggregate nodes09:17
liushengzhenguo: yes09:17
zhenguoliusheng: we talked before, there clould be many nodes with the aggregates, so we don't return it with aggregates09:17
liushengzhenguo: hmm, yes, but not sure if it is common case, Nova also show like that09:18
zhenguoliusheng: just keep the current way09:19
liushengzhenguo: and seems there are also similar situation in openstack commands, the output of a show command including a list of stuff09:19
zhenguoliusheng: I don't see why that's better09:19
liushengzhenguo: just thing a sapareted get_all for access projects is a bit redundant09:20
zhenguoliusheng: not redundant, it's a separted thing09:21
liushengzhenguo: it is also looks like a property of a flavor09:21
zhenguoliusheng: it's hard to include all properties in one object09:22
zhenguoliusheng: servers which are created with the flavor, also looks like a propery of the flavor09:23
liushengzhenguo: ok.. not a good example, hah09:23
zhenguoliusheng: lol09:24
zhenguoliusheng: it's ok to keep this way for now09:24
liushengzhenguo: ok09:24
zhenguoliusheng: seems litao__ left some comments on the patch09:29
liushengzhenguo: yes, I just replied09:29
liushengzhenguo: may you can help to review again09:29
zhenguolitao__: ok09:30
zhenguoliusheng: ok09:31
zhenguolitao__: hey, can you check the comments on liusheng's patch? we need to land that quick fix soon09:31
litao__zhenguo: which patch?09:32
zhenguolitao__: keypairs09:32
zhenguolitao__: quota09:32
openstackgerritMerged openstack/mogan master: Fix a typo
litao__zhenguo: In the key is reserved, mogan can't reserve it again.09:35
litao__zhenguo: I think this09:35
zhenguolitao__; you mean we should move quota commit before keypair.create?09:36
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litao__zhenguo: You can check the quota check in server creation, when server.create() failed , use self.quota.rollback(context, reservations) to rollback09:39
*** wanghao has joined #openstack-mogan09:39
zhenguolitao__: that's because we do quota commit before object create09:39
*** wanghao has quit IRC09:39
zhenguolitao__: but for keypairs, seems we do really quota commit after object creation09:39
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litao__zhenguo: no, we do quota commit after object create09:41
*** wanghao has quit IRC09:41
zhenguoliusheng: for servers?09:41
*** wanghao has joined #openstack-mogan09:41
*** wanghao has quit IRC09:42
litao__zhenguo: yes09:42
*** wanghao has joined #openstack-mogan09:42
litao__zhenguo: you can check the code in _provision_servers method09:42
*** wanghao has quit IRC09:42
*** wanghao has joined #openstack-mogan09:43
liushenglitao__, zhenguo if we need to rollback, maybe need to fix in many places ?09:43
zhenguolitao__: oh, yes, understood09:43
zhenguoliusheng: seems yes09:44
liushenglitao__: thanks for clarify, got it09:44
zhenguoliusheng: so we need to either rollback or commit the reservations09:44
litao__zhenguo,liusheng :np,  Maybe update it in another patch.09:44
zhenguolitao__: yes09:45
liushengzhenguo, litao__ yes, just want to say that09:45
zhenguolitao__: if you can remove the -1 there, lol09:45
litao__zhenguo: OK09:45
zhenguolitao__: thanks09:45
liushengzhenguo: another small bug, seems some API samples drafted with 2 spaces indent, and some others use 4 spaces indent09:46
zhenguoliusheng: we should try to clean up that09:46
liushengzhenguo: yes09:47
zhenguoliusheng: yes, but seems docs are ok09:47
liushengzhenguo: hmm, docs are consistent ?09:47
zhenguoliusheng: seems yes,09:47
liushengzhenguo: ok09:47
zhenguoliusheng: but better to clean up that, maybe later09:48
liushengzhenguo: ok09:48
zhenguoliusheng: you patch seems built failed09:48
liushengzhenguo: seems devstack installed failed, not sure why09:49
zhenguoliusheng: just recheck for such failure09:49
liushengzhenguo: ok09:50
zhenguoshaohe_feng: please have a look at this
openstackgerritZhenguo Niu proposed openstack/mogan master: Avoid passing empty aggregates to Placement
zhenguoliusheng: please have a look at the patch above11:22
liushengzhenguo: ok11:24
zhenguoliusheng: server group can only be supported if aggregates with affinity zone, right?11:25
liushengzhenguo: seems yes11:26
zhenguoliusheng: but seems you got all aggregates11:27
liushengzhenguo: let me check11:27
zhenguoliusheng: I correct that in my patch11:28
liushengzhenguo: looking11:28
zhenguoliusheng: there are stil some problems with the scheuling11:35
zhenguoliusheng: for availabilty zones, aggregates, and affinity zones11:35
liushengzhenguo: what's that ?11:37
zhenguoliusheng: needs more tests11:37
liushengzhenguo: ok11:37
zhenguoliusheng: maybe better to cut release tomorrow11:39
liushengzhenguo: I think it is ok11:39
zhenguoliusheng: are you working on quota rollback?11:49
liushengzhenguo: not yet11:50
zhenguoliusheng: ok11:50
liushengzhenguo: need to land before release ?11:50
zhenguoliusheng: yes11:50
zhenguoliusheng: seems not many11:50
liushengzhenguo: ok, let me try11:50
zhenguoliusheng: we only support quota for few resources11:51
zhenguoliusheng: ok thanks11:51
liushengzhenguo: yes, np11:51
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openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/mogan master: Support quota rollback when creating/importing keypair failed
zhenguoliusheng: seems I got the reason why the reset nodes of our bare metal env don't work12:07
zhenguoliusheng: as switch config failed12:08
liushengzhenguo: aha, you have fixed that ?12:08
zhenguoliusheng: I think so, will test12:08
liushengzhenguo: ok12:09
zhenguoliusheng: it works, hah12:18
liushengzhenguo: cool!12:18
openstackgerritliusheng proposed openstack/mogan master: Normalize API samples json files
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