Thursday, 2017-10-26

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wanghao_morning mogan!01:00
zhenguowanghao_, litao__: morning01:24
zhenguoshaohe_feng, wanghao_, litao__, Xinran, zhangjl, zhangyang: can you join the meeting later?01:55
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Xinranzhenguo,  ok02:00
zhenguook, let's move to #openstack-meeting02:00
shaohe_fengzhenguo: morning02:01
litao__Xinran: I leave a comment in your patch02:52
Xinranlitao__,  thanks :)02:53
wanghao_guys, if you have time, plz review the unmanage spec,  thanks.02:59
zhenguowanghao: ok03:04
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/mogan master: Pagination support for server list API
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zhenguowanghao: hi, please check litao__'s replies here
zhenguolitao__: seems that patch follows my implementation in ironic, lol06:47
zhenguowanghao, litao__: for managed servers, I think we also need to put some informaiton to server system metadata to indicate it's not deployed by mogan06:48
wanghaozhenguo: yes06:49
wanghaozhenguo: maybe we can use server tag?06:49
zhenguowanghao: server tag can be seen by users06:49
zhenguowanghao: I would like to add a system metadata for internal use06:50
wanghaozhenguo: so you didn't want user to see this is a managed server?06:50
zhenguowanghao: like nova :D06:50
wanghaozhenguo: emmm,  that works too.06:50
zhenguowanghao:  hah06:51
zhenguowanghao: I left some comments on the unmanage specs06:51
wanghaozhenguo: okay, thanks.06:51
zhenguowanghao: just want to know if we plan to only unmanage the server that managed by mogan06:51
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/mogan master: Add admin_password support
wanghaozhenguo: I talked this with litao__, we want to unmanage both server that managed and server that created by mogan.06:52
zhenguowanghao: ok06:52
wanghaozhenguo: since Cinder can support to unmanage a created volume.06:52
zhenguowanghao: yes, but cinder volume is alone06:53
zhenguowanghao: we have port/volume associated with server06:53
wanghaozhenguo: yes, indeed.06:53
zhenguowanghao: so when unmanaging it, we should handle that associated things gracefully06:53
wanghaozhenguo: so we will keep the port and volume06:53
wanghaozhenguo: since this node may be using by users.06:53
zhenguowanghao: yes, but if we remove the association information, it can be used by other servers06:53
zhenguowanghao: just like if a port doesn't have a device_id, it can be attached to other servers06:54
zhenguowanghao: so t he unmanaged server got network lost06:54
wanghaozhenguo: we didn't remove the port from neutron,  so I think it have the device_id.06:55
wanghaozhenguo: we just remove the information from mogan.06:55
zhenguowanghao: you mean we still keep the removed server id there?06:56
wanghaozhenguo: no, we remove the server from mogan.  but keep it in neutron and cinder.06:56
zhenguowanghao: volume also has some thing like device_id?06:57
zhenguowanghao: seems that can help keep the port/volume06:57
wanghaozhenguo: if a volume be attached to a server, it will have server id06:59
zhenguowanghao: ok06:59
wanghaozhenguo: yes,  since we didn't remove the resource from neutron and cinder.  So the port still have device_id and volume  have the attached instance id.07:00
zhenguowanghao: how about replace that server id with node id after unmanagement?07:00
zhenguowanghao: seems a bit weird if we keep something that can't be found anymore07:01
zhenguowanghao: and when manage the server, replace it with the new server id07:01
zhenguowanghao: the node id can be used to find the associated port/volume of unmanaged servers07:03
wanghaozhenguo: I see, but I think Neutron and Cinder can't support it yet07:04
wanghaozhenguo: I didn't find the api in cinder at least.07:05
zhenguowanghao: jsut update it07:05
zhenguowanghao: I'm sure that port can be updated with device_id07:05
zhenguowanghao: not sure volume07:05
wanghaozhenguo: cinder can't07:05
zhenguowanghao: sigh07:05
zhenguowanghao: we may got probolems07:06
zhenguowanghao: as when manage a server, we also need to update it07:06
wanghaozhenguo: but I think we may don't update it,  just keep it.07:06
zhenguowanghao: so when managing it again, we also keep the old server id?07:07
zhenguowanghao: operators may complain with that07:08
wanghaozhenguo: for example,  a port have a device_id before managing,  it should be a node id in Ironic, right?07:08
zhenguowanghao: I think it is07:09
zhenguowanghao: and now, we already have some logic to replace that during managing process07:09
wanghaozhenguo: why not just record the mapping between service id and device_id?07:10
zhenguowanghao: that got extra work, hah07:11
wanghaozhenguo: but if want to replace it in unmanaging process, mogan must record the old device_id anyway.07:11
wanghaozhenguo: so maybe just record the mapping07:12
zhenguowanghao: no, we have the node id07:12
wanghaozhenguo: so the only problem is cinder can't update the attached instance id....07:13
zhenguowanghao: yes07:13
zhenguowanghao: but for now, we can keep that07:13
zhenguowanghao: for volume07:13
wanghaozhenguo: emm07:14
zhenguowanghao: not sure if it's possible to add that support in volume update API :D07:14
zhenguowanghao: anyway, you can add some details of the taskflow in the specs07:15
wanghaozhenguo: sure07:16
zhenguowanghao: thanks07:16
wanghaozhenguo: I check this cinder,  it can support to update the connection_info,  but can't support to update instance_id...07:17
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/mogan master: Pagination support for server list API
zhenguowanghao: sigh, maybe can add a patch to Cinder for that :D07:18
zhenguowanghao: but we still got volume support yet, maybe after we finished that07:18
zhenguowanghao: not got07:18
zhenguoshaohe_feng, liusheng: please have a look at this , when you got time, thanks!07:19
liushengzhenguo: ok07:19
zhenguoliusheng: thanks!07:19
liushengzhenguo: np07:19
wanghaozhenguo: yes07:21
openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/mogan master: Pagination support for server list API
* zhenguo brb07:51
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Xinranzhenguo,  I have register a bp for system metadata, here is the link :
zhenguoXinran: thanks!09:35
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