Thursday, 2017-12-14

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zhenguomorning mogan!01:48
zhenguoshaohe_feng, wanghao: when will the meeting be held?01:49
wanghaoas usual?01:50
zhenguonot sure shaohe's plan01:52
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wanghaoshaohe_feng: ping02:03
wanghaoshaohe_feng: will discuss RSD in meeting?02:03
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shaohe_fengwanghao: ping02:07
shaohe_fengwanghao: I'm here02:07
shaohe_fengsorry for late02:07
wanghaoshaohe_feng: never mind,  so should we begin our meeting.02:07
wanghaozhenguo: ping02:08
zhenguowanghao, shaohe_feng: o/02:09
wanghaolet's roll it02:09
zhenguoirc meeting?02:09
zhenguoor zoom02:09
wanghaozoom is okay02:09
shaohe_fengdo every one  familar with rsd?02:09
shaohe_fengzoom is better02:09
shaohe_fengfor I can do some Demo for everyone.02:10
wanghaonot very familar, Demo is very good02:10
shaohe_fengso we really need a way to show my desktop.02:11
shaohe_fengI have show a demo for fpga to cyborg team with zoom.02:11
shaohe_fengit is conviency02:11
shaohe_fengwe can install a zoom on our phone.02:12
shaohe_fengboth on android and iphone02:12
wanghaothat' great, but the time is enough now ?02:13
shaohe_feng then we can dicuss our topics on any time any where02:14
shaohe_fengwanghao: only 40 minutes is free, and then we need to book another meeting.02:14
shaohe_fengwanghao: an then switch to another meeting.02:15
wanghaoshaohe_feng: okay, I'm installing it now02:15
shaohe_fengOK, firsly let me introduce the problem of our RSD interface.02:16
shaohe_fengwanghao: zhenguo: so should we allow user to specify details requirement  to create a RSD server02:17
wanghaoshaohe_feng: what's the details requirement, like what?02:18
shaohe_fengzhenguo: wanghao: not sure you have seen the AWS's baremetal flavor02:18
wanghaoshaohe_feng: no02:18
wanghaoshaohe_feng: you mean some requirement about RSD server in our flavor, right.02:19
shaohe_fengwanghao: the cpu model frequency and memory frequency size02:19
wanghaoshaohe_feng: emm02:19
shaohe_fengwanghao: also storage details.02:19
wanghaosure I see02:19
shaohe_fengSo do need to specify these details in flavor?02:20
shaohe_fengas we all know nova follow most of  aws's design/02:20
shaohe_fengzhenguo said the ironic ptl think he like to pass these details parameters in create restful API body.02:22
zhenguoshaohe_feng: you want to keep rsd server and common server's flavor as same?02:22
shaohe_fenglitao__: hello02:22
shaohe_fengzhenguo: the current red_lib does not use flavor02:23
shaohe_fengzhenguo: the problem is that how user to get these details02:24
wanghaoshaohe_feng: so there are two issus: 1. should we pass those detail parameters in our flavor  2. rsd driver need to use flavor.02:24
zhenguoshaohe_feng: yes, that's a problem02:25
zhenguoshaohe_feng: I don't know how to construct the flavor to include that many properties :P02:25
zhenguoshaohe_feng: in fact, I tried before02:25
wanghaozhenguo: maybe introduce the extrac_specs?02:26
wanghaolike volume_type did in cinder02:26
zhenguowanghao: that's more like nova's flaovr, hah02:26
shaohe_fengwanghao: 1, yes. 2, we can get the info from flavor and pass it to rsd driver.02:26
shaohe_fengwanghao: zhenguo and we can use placement falvor.02:27
shaohe_fengsorry, leverage palcement triat02:27
shaohe_fengnot flavor.02:27
zhenguorsd server will not go to placement, right?02:27
litao__zhenguo: so we should do it unlike nova's02:28
shaohe_fengyes, as we spec, it will not go to placement02:28
wanghaoshaohe_feng: that's a little complex with placement triat.02:28
zhenguowait, where is the zooooom, lol02:28
zhenguoI think we need shaohe to show something02:29
shaohe_fengwanghao: zhenguo mybe you can create a zoom meeting02:29
wanghaozhenguo: I have installed it,  need a meeting number02:29
shaohe_fengand we can let more of our mogan developers to  join it.02:30
shaohe_fengnot sure everyone know the placement well.02:30
shaohe_fengso we can order a new time02:30
shaohe_fenglet me do some introduce about rsd and placement usage02:31
wanghaookay, now we know what's problem rsd have.02:31
wanghaoyou can order a zoom meeting, and we can see the show02:32
shaohe_fengthen everyone can give their talent base on the introduction.02:32
wanghaoat new time.02:32
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wanghaozhenguo: should we order a new time to let shaohe show somthing at other time?02:33
wanghaoin zoom meeting02:33
zhenguowanghao: yes, hah02:33
shaohe_fengwe have better let ourselve  ideas to influence others02:33
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shaohe_fengzhenguo: wanghao: litao__ so we can coordinate a new time with others firstly02:34
shaohe_fenglet me get a agreement on wechat02:35
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