Wednesday, 2015-04-29

openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Extract ovn_name method to utils file
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openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Reduce the number of OVSDB transactions
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openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Security Groups Data Model
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/networking-ovn: Extract ovn_name method to utils file
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/networking-ovn: Security Groups Data Model
russellbgood progress on the OVN side too14:14
russellb2 patch series being reviewed now - one that generates flows and the other that creates tunnels14:15
russellbclose to being able to do real testing :)14:15
mesteryrussellb: Sweet!14:28
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otherwiseguyrussellb: doh, rebased and the lport_status_up command I was abusing to test my update notification is gone. :)19:25
russellbhow did you lose it exactly?19:25
russellbrebasing shouldn't have done that19:26
otherwiseguyrussellb: I was using it in a script: api.set_lport_up_status(sys.argv[1], True).execute(), but it doesn't exist anymore.19:30
otherwiseguyI was just doing neutron port-creates and then calling my 'up' script. Because I'm lazy.19:31
russellbotherwiseguy: still not sure how a rebase could make code disappear :)19:31
russellbalso not sure if you're asking for help, or just chatting :)19:31
otherwiseguyThis coffee shop has a horrible ISP.19:34
otherwiseguyrussellb: not sure if my response went through or if you replied.19:35
otherwiseguyrussellb: Was just testing by doing neutron port-create, then calling script that did api.set_lport_up_status($port_id, True).execute(), but since set_lport_up_status was removed, that stopped working. So I'll have to start testing the 'real' way I guess. :D19:36
russellbohhhh, got it19:37
russellbyeah, that's not something we'd ever call :-)19:37
* otherwiseguy looks up what the real way to test is19:38
russellbwell, you have 2 options19:38
russellbwell not really19:38
russellbbecause ovn-northd and ovn-controller will step on you if you try to override it19:38
russellbbasically ... you need to manually create a port on the integration bridge with an iface-id equal to the logical port name19:39
russellband that should do it19:39
russellbusing ovs-vsctl19:39
* russellb wonders if he made sense there19:39
otherwiseguySounds reasonable anyway. I'll try. :)19:39
russellbovn-controller is monitoring changes to the local switch config19:40
russellbit looks for ports on the integration bridge (br-int by default) and checks its external_ids19:40
russellbif the iface-id external_id == a logical port name, it says "AH HA!  A logical port has appeared locally"19:40
russellband so it updates the Bindings table in OVN_Southbound to say that the logical port exists on that system19:41
russellband then ovn-northd sees that update, and updates the logical port to 'up' in OVN_Northbound19:41
russellbnormally it'd be nova creating that port19:42
russellbbut we're not there yet :)19:42
russellbCLOSE THOUGH19:42
russellbsooooooooooo close.19:42
blpWith Justin's and my outstanding patches, there's only one little piece left. I'm working on that piece.19:44
blpIf this conference call would finish up, then I'd actually make some progress on it.19:44
russellbblp: gah, work getting in the way of work19:45
russellbblp: i'm excited though :)19:45
otherwiseguyrussellb: huh, it worked. :)19:54
russellbotherwiseguy: how 'bout that19:54
openstackgerritTerry Wilson proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Add port 'up' notification
otherwiseguyrussellb: It's a bit...thready.20:01
russellbPython and threads, that always ends well20:01
otherwiseguyrussellb: was already using them in the neutron transaction handling code...and just figured I'd keep going. :P Not hard to convert to anything else.20:02
russellbcool, will take a look20:02
russellbhad one patch i wanted to do real quick before i forgot ...20:02
otherwiseguypretty much just s/threading._start_new_thread/eventlet.spawn_n/20:02
otherwiseguyIt's just a little crazy because calling plugin.update_port_status() will end up calling update_port_postcommit() which runs ovn db transactions of its own, but its already in the middle of running a transaction when the notification happens.20:04
russellboh dear20:04
otherwiseguyAnyway, I was starting to get really obsessy over all of the details, which is usually the time that I should just throw it out into the wild and get comments. :p20:05
russellbwill review once i get this other patch tested and posted :)20:05
russellbshould be quick20:05
* otherwiseguy goes back to looking at cloud-init ipv620:05
russellbi'm sure i jinxed myself20:05
* otherwiseguy cries a little20:05
* russellb grumbles about having to wait for to run20:06
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Configure OVN port security
blpI am *so* neglecting code reviews and email this week. Trying to get OVN pinging.20:39
otherwiseguyblp: good. :p20:42
russellbblp: GOGOGOGOGOGO20:45
russellbblp: and as soon as it does, we'll try to get it pinging with VMs set up by OpenStack ASAP20:46
russellband THEN20:46
russellb... there will be cake.20:46
russellbotherwiseguy: i'm tired and medicated on cold meds ... i think reviewing your patch for real might have to wait until tomorrow20:46
blpIt takes an OVN to bake a cake.20:46
russellbblp: zing20:46
russellbblp: ... and search for "preheat"20:47
russellbI made myself giggle.20:47
* otherwiseguy chuckles20:48
russellb(no need to actually review that, needs to be reworked)20:48
blprussellb: haha20:48
otherwiseguyrussellb: hope you get to feeling better.20:49
russellbthanks, been week and a half now, ugh20:49
blprussellb: same from me20:49
otherwiseguyFor me it's just allergies. Every year.20:49
* otherwiseguy glares at Spring20:49
blpI'm excited for summer because we just booked a trip to see our friends in Bosnia for 2 weeks in August.20:50
russellbnice!  never been, but travel is fun20:51
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russellbi've got a couple of Caribbean summer trips planned though :)20:51
otherwiseguyrussellb: a *couple* Caribbean trips?20:52
otherwiseguynice. :)20:52
russellbwe planned one ... and then a friend is getting married the next month down there, and clearly we should go20:52
russellbso ... now two!20:52
otherwiseguyI keep meaning to plan a "just sit back and relax on an island somewhere where people bring us drinks" kind of vacation.20:53
russellbthat's what both of these are20:54
otherwiseguyOur previous vacations have been of the "rush around and make sure you see everything" type vacations.20:54
russellbi like those too sometimes20:55
blpI hope that 2 weeks in one place will be long enough to relax for a while.20:55
russellbblp: sounds like enough to do some relaxing, some exploring, and even some relaxing exploring20:55
* russellb out ... talk to you all tomorrow21:02
* otherwiseguy waves21:10
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