Monday, 2015-05-04

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gsagieanyone that can review will be great, it was already approved just did a small fix, i will then base the sync task on this13:08
mestery_gsagie: Done!13:15
gsagiebtw, was thinking just the same about the constants.. have it on my todo13:17
gsagiedo you know if russell got anywhere in the multinode setup?13:18
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/networking-ovn: Reduce the number of OVSDB transactions
mestery_gsagie: I don't think he did.13:25
mestery_I may give it a try this week, but my time will be limited by all the presentations I have to finish for upcoming conferences :(13:25
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gsagienp, i will do it tommorow13:30
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/networking-ovn: docs: Add testing howto doc.
ajohi gsagie  :)13:35
gsagiehi ajo :)13:35
ajoI was looking at the egress/ingress thing on QoS,13:36
ajoand ingress trafic control per port is being discussed on the netdev list as we talk :13:36
gsagiesame, you can use Openflow Metering to do that in OVS i believe13:36
ajothere is support in linux to do it but with very tricky / slow ways (creating a mirrored port, or other routing tricks)13:36
gsagieyou mean in the linux bridge?13:37
gsagieor in OVS?13:37
ajogsagie, I talked to tgraf, and that's what he told me13:37
ajoin OVS13:37
ajoand, in LB also, since they use the same underlying mechanisms13:37
ajomay be he was missing something13:37
ajobut that's what he told me so far, let me check the conversation13:37
gsagielet me give you link, second13:37
ajothanks :)13:38
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gsagieblp: me and ajo are wondering what is the support of OF1.3 Metering in OVS, more specifically we want to be able to implement QoS rate-limit both for ingress and egress, is that currently possible?14:21
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russellbgsagie: no i didn't work on multi-node yet14:52
openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Add sync mechanism between neutron DB and OVN-NB DB
gsagierussellb: ok, i will unfortunatly only get to this tommorow, but i have the setup ready just need to run and check it out so if you didnt get to it yet, i will tommorow15:01
russellbgsagie: OK cool :)15:01
russellbi've got some travel this week15:01
russellbbut still hoping to keep testing and fixing bugs i can find15:01
russellband refining docs to make it easy for others to test15:02
russellbi think the above should mostly be our goal between now and Vancouver :)15:03
russellbtesting, refining, and getting it into the best shape for others to try15:03
russellband then we can make more noise about it and start encouraging others to try it out15:03
russellbmulti-node devstack is an important part of that, i think15:04
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gsagie_russellb : which branch of OVN should i use for the multi node?16:04
gsagie_from your github? or the master ovs is updated already?16:05
russellbgsagie_: usually has the latest fixes, but at the moment you need one more fix that branch doesn't have yet, so
gsagie_ok, thanks!16:09
russellbwe could use an etherpad for that sort of info that changes day to day16:11
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russellbgsagie: you can go back to using ovn from blp/ovs-reviews17:00
openstackgerritTerry Wilson proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: Add port 'up' notification
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: docs: clean up index
openstackgerritMerged stackforge/networking-ovn: docs: clean up index
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: docs: Add additional resources links.
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