Wednesday, 2015-05-13

shettygrussellb: Had a quick look on why multi-host ping does not work with tip of ovn branch. Looks like ovn-controller does not add the correct table17's broadcast flow. It misses replicating packet for the  logical port on a different host. If you are already looking at fixing this, then I won't spend more time. If you are not, I can look at it tomorrow.00:45
russellbshettyg: hello!00:46
russellbshettyg: i got pretty sidetracked today by openstack CI problems ... i was just now back to debugging it while watching tv :)00:46
russellbi just about 5 minutes ago figured out that arp wasn't working, so sounds like i have the same problem, but you narrowed it down further00:47
russellbshettyg: i can try to look at fixing it tomorrow ... i'll send you an email or something if i make any decent progress, otherwise i would assume i haven't figured it out yet00:48
shettygOkay. cool00:48
russellbshettyg: thanks a lot for the pointer!00:49
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smallbigif I found this message from neutron-openvswitch-agent.log, where should I dig for furthur information, thanks!09:36
ajogsagie, can I ask you for some desperate help? :)11:05
ajodo you know what [ 7786.693741] openvswitch: netlink: VLAN tag present bit must have an exact match (tci_mask=1).11:05
ajo[root@ovs-compute-2 ~]# means?11:05
ajorussellb ^11:10
ajoI'm trying to debug my flow rules for security groups11:10
ajohaving some issues with cross compute node traffic11:10
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mesteryrussellb: How goes multi-host with OVN? Catching up on things, I've been traveling this week (not done yet)13:36
russellbmestery: o/13:37
russellbmestery: coming along ... OVN is currently busted for that use case, and while debugging it yesterday i got majorly sidetracked unwedging the gate13:37
mesteryYeah, sounds like the gate had some issues. Thanks for working on that!13:38
russellbmestery: i think networking-ovn and its devstack plugin are in good shape, just need to fix OVN, and finish docs (and my blog post)13:38
russellbin good shape using what's up for review at least13:38
mesteryrussellb: Is the gate ok at the moment, or are the issues from the client releases still causing headaches?13:38
russellbi have a patch series pending13:38
mesteryI saw the patch series right now in fact :)13:38
russellbmestery: it's all sorted now.  the issues i was working through were actually a neutron problem13:39
russellbmestery: the lbaas job that was voting against neutron was actually testing against neutron master, not the proposed patch13:39
mesteryOh wow! Thanks for helping there!13:39
russellband that allowed neutron to merge a patch that broke the job13:39
mesteryoh no! :(13:39
russellband that same problem also broke all the networking-ovn jobs (and networking-odl jobs, and some others)13:39
mesteryI got an email from dougwig and blogan, they are looking at fixing that job I guess13:39
russellbbasically anything that had neutron.git in requirements.txt13:39
russellbi had to make the lbaas job non-voting to unwedge neutron13:40
russellbso that we could merge the fix13:40
mesteryOK, cool13:40
russellbanyway, all sorted now i think13:40
russellbexcept that job needs work13:40
mesteryI assume dougwig and blogan will take care of fixing the lbaas job13:40
mesteryDo we also need to fix the ODL and OVN jobs?13:40
russellbyeah, sounds like it, cool13:40
russellbno, they should all be fixed now by the neutron fix that merged13:40
russellbjust rechecks13:41
russellbso that was my fun yesterday :)13:41
russellbnow back to figuring out the OVN multi-node bug13:41
russellbaiming to have a detailed blog post by the end of the week that goes through a 2 node setup in some detail13:41
russellbif i can get it working in time...13:41
mesteryVery cool!13:42
mesteryHeh, well, we can use that for the demo during the presentation too! :)13:42
russellbyeah, i'm sure we'll have everything working fine13:44
russellbit's more of a question of how much writing time i have13:44
russellbbecause next week i'm not writing, i'm having beers.13:46
ajogsagie -> #openstack-meeting-3  / QoS14:01
ajomestery, we're going to plan the session a bit during the meeting ;)14:02
mesteryajo: Awesome work my friend! Thanks for doing an awesome job with QoS :)14:02
ajomestery, thanks, I'm just trying ':)14:04
russellbajo: cool to see you're testing security groups :)14:08
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ajorussellb, I'm testing it in the I'm working on14:27
ajostill no OVN, is OVN starting to support security group stuff? :)14:27
ajoI can give a lot of input based on my experiments ;)14:27
ajo(for neutron parity)14:27
russellbajo: not yet14:28
russellbajo: we have a document in networking-ovn talking about how we'll translate neutron security groups into OVN ACL entries14:28
russellbbut it's not implemented in OVN yet14:28
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russellbwell, tempest runs now ...
russellbit blows up, but it runs14:49
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Document adding a second compute node
openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Ensure openvswitch modules are loaded
ajorussellb, one step at a time :D14:56
ajorussellb, yes, I remember the ACLs :)14:56
ajoconnection tracking, and port ranges shall close a lot of gaps in that regard14:56
ajorussellb, may be you should start thinking about QoS too ;D14:57
russellbajo: if ovs can do it, sure :)14:57
ajorussellb, but better when we have that totally defined14:57
ajorussellb, it does :D14:57
* russellb learning ovs as i go on this ...14:57
russellbIf anyone has things they would like to discuss in our design summit session next week, here's the page:
otherwiseguyrussellb: a few py3 fixes, should be enough to at least get it to build/install/make py34 test not die at setup. :p16:47
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russellbotherwiseguy: acked17:25
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Add multi-node support
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed stackforge/networking-ovn: devstack: Add multi-node support
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