Friday, 2015-06-05

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markmcclainhi all... I've been trying to get OVN multinode setup in our lab, but have been running into a problem on one of my compute nodes14:34
markmcclainI've noticed that that the geneve kernel module is being built when I run devstack14:35
markmcclainis this a known issue?14:35
markmcclainsorry the kmod is *not* being built14:35
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shettygthough Russell knows the correct answer, the last time I ran devstack, the kernel modules were not getting built. The OVS kernel module available from upstream Linux were used. So it is possible that you are using a Linux host that does not contain geneve support14:42
shettygyou can build your kernel module, if you go to /opt/stack/ovs: ./configure --with-linux=/lib/modules/`uname -r`/build  ; make ; find . -name \*.ko ; insmod path/*geneve*.ko; insmod path/*openvswitch.ko*14:45
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markmcclainshettyg: I'm running fedora2115:14
markmcclainso on my controller the module did get built15:14
markmcclainits teh compute node where it did not15:14
ajorussellb ^ ;)15:17
shettygI think Geneve's support came in Linux 3.18. Does fedora 21 have a higher kernel?15:19
markmcclainshettyg: you're right... totally forgot to check kernel version15:22
markmcclainf21 is 3.17.415:22
markmcclainmy controller is 4.0.4  .. I forgot I upgraded the kernel on the ctlr15:22
markmcclainshettyg: sorry totally forgot to ensure they were the same15:23
shettygmarkmcclain: I am glad you figured it out!15:23
ajomarkmcclain, wow, we're 4.0.x now? I'm totally outdated :)15:23
* markmcclain goes to find more coffee15:23
markmcclainshettyg: thanks for helping15:39
markmcclainajo: haha15:39
ajostuff happens so quickly... ;)15:39
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russellbmarkmcclain: sorry, yeah, i upgraded the kernel on my f21 test nodes17:47
markmcclainrussellb: no worries17:47
* russellb out today technically17:48
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