Monday, 2015-06-15

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gsagie_mestery: regarding the geneve patch, does that mean that this patch now stays open for few months until the official OVS2.4 release? isn't there a process to merge the code but block the configuration ?16:55
gsagie_not that my git skills doesnt need some merging training...16:55
mesterygsagie_: Typically, yeah, the patch would languish until the upstream is ready. Do we need this for OVN though?17:03
gsagie_not at all, OVN creates the tunnels from the controller, so thats already happening17:05
gsagie_i just added it because i thought it might be useful for others17:05
gsagie_geneve has some advantages over VXLAN17:06
gsagie_btw, i also think that it might be good if future specs would also write the additional libraries/tools they going to use and have that approved for the requirements (for example the Ryu case), because if i understood correctly the spec that is already approved can't be continued until Ryu has python 3 support17:08
gsagie_unless i am confused here17:09
mesteryon the ryu front17:10
mesteryso, lets leave this patch then until OVS 2.4 releases17:10
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