Thursday, 2015-07-23

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openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Add/delete logical router port API's
openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Delete logical router port API's
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gsagie_russellb: here?16:12
gsagie_i wont be able to attend the IRC meeting today, have a family thing but wanted to ask you something about the tempest tests16:13
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openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: test
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openstackgerritGal Sagie proposed openstack/networking-ovn: TEST DONT MERGE
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gsagie_russellb: returning for review, the same tempest tests that are failing are also failing for which only changes API methods that are being called, so i suspect this is a global neutron problem18:55
gsagie_rather then related to these patches18:55
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openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Fix OVN_PORT_BINDING_PROFILE
openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Revert "Fix logical port delete"
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