Tuesday, 2015-07-28

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gsagiesalv-orlando: i do see the name spaces created, also the l3-agent is running as its enabled in devstack local.conf ,  i do see that the plugin has some L3Agent mixins in it but havent looked furthur05:56
salv-orlandogsagie: k. When the l3 support for OVN will be added to networking-ovn we shall not spin anymore devstack with the l3-agent. I'm going to look at the code to find out where the agent gets notified of router changes05:57
gsagieokie, thanks05:59
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gsagieif i had to guess, the RPC are probably called from the DB layer, not sure if thats a correct way05:59
gsagiehumm, that doesnt make much sense06:00
salv-orlandogsagie: indeed but that's how it works unfortunately06:02
salv-orlandoI opened a bug against this back in 2012 I think. But many plugins are leveraging this weird behaviour, so decoupling it's not easy06:02
salv-orlandohowever, I think the OVN plugin should not start itself a notifier for the l3 agent06:02
salv-orlandoif it does not it should not send notifications anymore06:03
salv-orlandobut generally speaking... not starting the l3 agent is enough06:04
gsagiesalv-orlando: and the adv services (LBaaS, VPNaaS, FWaaS) dont rely on the l3-agent anyway?06:05
gsagiejust trying to understand if what you describe is the case, whats the benefit of implementing the L3 in a service plugin instead of inside the plugin itself? it wont block RPC's from being sent to other services plugins anyway if i understood correctly06:07
salv-orlandothe latter two yes, the former not. If you want to run them with OVN you'll need to write new drivers06:07
salv-orlandogsagie: the only benefit is maintanability. Apart from that nothing changes.06:08
salv-orlandoIndeed it's not a big deal. It's just like splitting the code among multiple modules.06:08
gsagiesalv-orlando: ok thanks for clarrifying, still think it worth it06:08
salv-orlandobut the fact that notifications are sent to the l3 agent is an issue which exists regardless of how you implement the l3 plugin.06:09
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mesteryotherwiseguy: I've heard you were looking at getting the ovs pypi stuff working with python3. :)16:37
otherwiseguymestery: I started on it, but the world has been conspiring to keep me from working on it.16:40
mesteryotherwiseguy: Just checking, as I was adding py34 support to a few things including OVN and stumbled on this :)16:40
otherwiseguymestery: I could certainly use all the help I could get on it. :) I also seem to remember HenryG once asking me if I needed help...and at the time not thinking I would.16:42
* otherwiseguy sighs16:42
mesteryotherwiseguy: :)16:42
mesteryotherwiseguy: Do you have some recent patches or some work I could look at? I have some yak shaving time today ;)16:43
otherwiseguymestery: I had a patch that I posted on the list, but it required breaking python 2.4 compatibility...which has since been updated. The patch just basically did enough to allow setup.py install to run without dying.16:45
* otherwiseguy looks for said patch16:46
mesteryotherwiseguy: Nice! And ... python2.4? Must be for an old XenServer or something o16:46
otherwiseguymestery: yeah.16:47
otherwiseguyHere it was: http://openvswitch.org/pipermail/dev/2015-May/055202.html16:47
mesteryotherwiseguy: thanks!16:47
otherwiseguymestery: still *much* to do in addition to that.16:48
mesteryotherwiseguy: Yeah, I bet ;)16:48
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Note that we'll use "allow-related" for security groups.  https://review.openstack.org/20385120:27
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openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: make needs to be installed as well to build ovs  https://review.openstack.org/20673121:47
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