Friday, 2015-10-09

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switchcaderussellb: yeah, so it looks like the ingress/egress sides weren't really mirrored01:25
switchcadewell, it's a bit more subtle than that01:25
russellbswitchcade: sorted out what was going on?01:26
switchcadeI believe so. We hit some minor snags trying to patch OVN to do the right thing in the interim01:27
switchcadebut basically if stateful rules were enabled anywhere, then they were enabled everywhere.01:27
switchcadeso, for the VM port, you had rules to handle the traffic correctly01:27
switchcadebut for the logical port, conntrack would occur at ingress for the initial packet... then when the response comes, on egress towards local port, it would go through conntrack and be marked as "invalid"01:28
switchcadeit seems if a SYN packet is sent through conntrack for a new connection, it will report back "+trk+new"01:28
switchcadeif a response packet comes back through conntrack, but the connection cannot be found, it will report back "+trk+inv"01:29
switchcadein this case, we didn't commit ingress from in_port=201:29
switchcadeso, reply in egress to port=2 would come back invalid01:29
switchcadebasic solution is probably to massage the rules to have explicit rules handling both ports01:30
switchcadebetter solution is to improve flow generation in OVN so that conntrack doesn't occur on a port if there is no stateful firewall there01:31
switchcadeJustin said he'll look a bit more tonight.01:32
russellbcool thanks a bunch for diving in!01:32
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switchcaderussellb: so the changes Justin put together got it working on that server. I also noticed an unrelated bug which I believe affects OVS-2.4 and hasn't been otherwise noticed :-)05:54
switchcadeI just ran the neutron commands to clear the rules, then re-instated the defaults and I can ping/ssh through05:54
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ajoswitchcade, you're having real fun08:09
* ajo on envy... ;D08:10
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mesteryrussellb: Have you ever seen this error when trying to run devstack with OVN?
mesteryLooks like it's trying to use tox to generate the config17:12
mesteryand tox isn't installed17:12
* mestery is in devstack nomans land lately17:12
* russellb looks17:12
russellbmestery: in other envs we must be installing tox as a side effect elsewhere17:22
russellbmestery: in my configs tempest is usually enabled, so that would get it installed if nothing else17:23
mesteryrussellb: Exactly, I'm tracking that down now.17:23
mesteryInto the rabbit hole I go! :)17:23
russellbso probably just need to add tox explicitly in our plugin17:23
russellbor just enable tempest in your local.conf17:23
mesteryI bet that's it!17:26
mesteryThis is with my kuryr setup, so minimal set of things17:26
mesteryI think it makes sense to enable it in the plugin itself17:26
* russellb nods17:26
mesteryI'll keep testing17:26
mesteryand submit a patch once I get it working17:26
russellbadding tempest is just a hack without having to update our plugin17:27
russellbsweet sounds good17:27
* mestery nods17:27
mesterySounds like a plan17:27
russellbgo go go17:27
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switchcaderussellb: o/17:33
* russellb hides17:33
russellbjk :)17:33
russellbswitchcade: what's up?17:33
switchcade:) I'm getting "ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer" connecting to that host now17:33
russellbi'm basically the worst sys admin17:33
russellbworks for me :/17:34
switchcadehmm, could be something on my end.17:34
russellbtry ssh -v?17:34
switchcadeestablishes connection, loads dsa key, enables compatibility mode for protocol 2.0...17:36
switchcadeprints local version string, then connection reset message as above17:36
switchcadeubuntu user, right?17:37
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switchcadefigured it out:)17:41
russellboh ok17:41
russellbon your end or mine?17:41
switchcadeurgh, mine.17:41
switchcadeI use the corporate wired network + wireless and was routing over the wrong one17:42
russellbdamn networking17:42
switchcadecorporate network drops SSH connections, wireless is free-for-all17:42
russellbthat sounds quite overly restrictive17:42
russellbguess they don't want people creating tunnels back into their network?17:42
switchcadewell, they do also provide tunnel endpoints, I just don't use 'em ;)17:43
switchcadessh gateways17:43
russellbwell anyway, hack away :)17:43
russellbit's a throwaway test vm17:43
openstackgerritKyle Mestery proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Explicitly install tox
mesteryrussellb: ^^^17:44
mesteryThat's the fix, works with that!17:44
mesteryNow to actually test Kuryr with OVN :)17:44
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russellbmestery: that sounds like a good #success17:45
mesteryDoes that work in this channel? I think so, right?17:45
russellbguess not17:45
russellbit's openstackstatus17:45
russellband that bot isn't in here17:45
mesteryAh, right17:46
* mestery moves to #openstack-neutron17:46
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switchcaderussellb: don't suppose you know off-hand where core dumps would end up if I deliberately crashed OVS? ;-)17:54
russellbi don't know how this ubuntu thing works!17:55
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* mestery weeps18:06
mesteryAfter getting OVN up, now my "docker" CLI has lost the "service" command :(18:06
* mestery grumbles and goes into the rabbit hole18:06
russellbshave that yak18:07
mesteryIt's nuts18:07
mesteryIt was there yesterday18:07
mesteryNow it's gone18:07
* mestery thinks docker removed it18:07
russellbdamn hipsters18:07
mesteryI know, right!18:07
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switchcade<3 watch -d "ovs-ofctl dump-flows | grep foo..."18:29
switchcadeget this beautiful blinking of packets flowing through the pipeline18:29
russellbswitchcade: ooh, that's clever18:39
switchcadeif you "tmux attach" on that server you'll see it:)18:40
switchcadethe trick on a larger flow table is to get the filters down right18:40
switchcadeopenflow cookies could help with this, to some degree18:41
switchcadeif we had one cookie for all the default rules, then one cookie per firewall rule, you could look for a fairly specific needle in the haystack18:41
switchcadeit's not so bad at the moment with just ~70 flows, but this would help if you spin up lots of VMs18:42
switchcadeand complex policies18:42
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Explicitly install tox
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switchcaderussellb: btw, I'm done with your setup now, feel free to reclaim it22:05
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russellbswitchcade: cool, glad it helped22:51
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