Tuesday, 2015-11-03

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gongysh_hi, does ovn plugin support provider network, or network type such as vlan, vxlan, flat?15:01
gsagiegongysh_ : russellb added provider network support15:05
russellbflat and vlan provider networks are supported15:05
gongysh_russellb, do we have doc about the flow table arrangement in ovn?15:06
russellbhttp://www.openvswitch.org/support/dist-docs/ovn-architecture.7.html is the best place to start15:07
russellb"Life Cycle of a Packet" talks about each OpenFlow table15:07
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russellband ovn-northd's man page discusses the logical flow tables http://www.openvswitch.org/support/dist-docs/ovn-northd.8.html15:08
gongysh_that's great. I will have a look.15:08
sloweMorning all, quick question---in the DevStack-based test environment for OVN, is that using OVN ACLs for security groups?15:09
russellbslowe: yes15:09
slowerussellb: Thought so, but wasn't 100% sure. Still using the Neutron L3 agent, though, right?15:09
russellbslowe: it grabs a special branch of ovn that includes a backport of the kernel changes required to make that work.  it loads a custom openvswitch kernel module that it builds15:09
russellbyes, it still uses l3 agent for now15:09
slowerussellb: Perfect. That's exactly what I thought, but needed to confirm.15:10
gongysh_russellb, OVN ACLs needs kernel patch, right?15:10
russellbthose changes have been accepted into the upstream kernel and are in Linux 4.315:11
russellbsome distros will backport those changes15:11
russellbotherwise, you'll need to use the openvswitch module maintained out of the linux tree in the ovs git tree, which will have the backport15:11
russellbthat backport has not been merged into the ovs git tree yet though15:11
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openstackgerritRussell Bryant proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Check valid option combos in _get_ovn_port_options  https://review.openstack.org/24125615:46
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Pull out ovn config options to helper method  https://review.openstack.org/24101315:50
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Add helper method  _update_port_in_ovn()  https://review.openstack.org/24101515:50
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Remove duplicate call to _get_allowed_mac_addresses_from_port()  https://review.openstack.org/24102015:57
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Remove unused method _delete_ports()  https://review.openstack.org/24102416:53
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openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: DONT" REVIEW  https://review.openstack.org/24129616:57
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mesteryrussellb: I think I've got a multi-machine Vagrantfile which sets up a 3-node OVN setup (1 control node, 2 compute)17:06
mesteryOnce it's working, would that be something interesting to add to networking-ovn for people to use?17:06
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russellbmestery: absolutely ... technically we have a 2-node vagrantfile setup we already merged17:17
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russellbbut i haven't tried it17:17
mesteryrussellb: Coolio :)17:17
russellbbut in general, i do think it makes sense to include that stuff in tree17:17
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switchcademestery: ooh, keep in touch on how that goes. May also be relevant for kernel module testing17:27
mesteryswitchcade: ++ :)17:27
switchcadeparticularly on the windows side, since they don't have namespaces or containers yet17:28
russellbi really need to debug this dhcp + ACLs thing17:30
russellbif i can get out from under this pile of email17:30
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switchcaderussellb: I'm inclined to think that your quick-fix before is not that far off the real solution.17:43
russellbswitchcade: maybe just tighten it up?17:43
russellbi at least need to better wrap my head around exactly what's happening so I can justify it properly :)17:44
switchcadeI mean, DHCP isn't a point-to-point connection as such17:44
russellbright, i wonder how neutron handles this today though17:44
russellbi should probably start there17:44
switchcadeyeah, I'd like to know that too.17:44
switchcadeit may be one of these things which magically works because we have a linux stack in the path17:45
russellbwill be in touch :)17:45
russellbmaybe *shrug*17:45
russellbin theory we're replicating what we used to do with iptables17:45
russellbso i'll look at exactly what's in there again17:45
switchcaderight, but iptables has implicit behaviour, where OVS doesn't17:45
switchcadeand looking at the DHCP protocol request/response, it's not immediately apparent how you'd "connection-track" it17:46
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openstackgerritAaron Rosen proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Add etc to .gitignore  https://review.openstack.org/24131917:54
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russellbswitchcade: if it's just implicit iptables behavior, i wonder how many more cases we'll hit :/18:00
russellbanyway, i'm just stabbing in the dark, i'll do more proper research before complaining to you :)18:00
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mesteryrussellb: I've got my multi-node devstack up, VMs splatter across compute nodes and get IP addresses, but I can't ping between them.18:03
mesteryAnd yes, I have a SG setup to allow ping.18:03
mesteryI can ping only the VM on the control node.18:03
mesteryI'll have time to debug this afer this meeting I'm in is over, just FYI and a heads up18:04
russellbk, i can help debug ...18:05
russellbfirst thing i'd try is probably updating all of the ports to have no security group applied18:05
russellbto rule that out18:05
russellbi haven't actually tested security groups on a multi-node setup yet18:06
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switchcaderussellb: well, we'll no doubt see :-)18:09
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Guest35592russellb:  fwiw the neutron-l2-agent adds rules to allow dhcp automatically https://github.com/openstack/neutron/blob/master/neutron/agent/linux/iptables_firewall.py#L38718:31
Guest35592not sure if that's  helpful info to know18:31
*** Guest35592 is now known as arosen18:31
russellbarosen: yep, just found that18:31
russellbwe'll need to add something similar, but it doesn't explain my problem18:32
russellbdefault security group allows all outbound IP traffic + related return traffic already18:32
russellbso that would have allowed the client request already18:32
arosenrussellb: The initial dhcp-request is sent out with a src.ip of (i guess we are already allowing that)?18:34
russellbdefault security group rules just allow anything that's IP traffic outbound18:34
russellbi think it's the response getting dropped18:35
arosenrussellb:  though I think some special handling might need to be done for sending traffic with ip addresses maybe?18:41
arosensince doesn't match the fixed_ip on the port18:41
russellbright, but i don't think we have any flows that would get upset about that18:42
switchcadeyeah, default security group still sends things through conntrack right? And if conntrack doesn't like that..18:42
arosenrussellb: k18:42
russellbarosen: or did you mean conntrack just pukes on that?18:43
russellbwhich i think is what switchcade is saying18:43
arosenrussellb:  no i was just throwing out ideas.18:43
arosenI know in the nvp plugin we needed to specify this rule here:18:43
russellbah k :)18:43
switchcadeMy reading of that iptables rule is to skip iptables entirely for that traffic18:43
arosenthat says allow  + mac18:43
switchcadeerr, skip conntrack.18:44
russellbswitchcade: ah18:44
russellbwell that's easy enough for the client request18:46
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russellbwonder what's proper for the response then18:46
russellbwe could allow everything that looks like a dhcp response too18:46
russellband then we've basically arrived at the hack i already have, heh18:46
arosenI think it would be better if the neutron plugin adds this rule18:47
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russellbbut neutron can't add any rules for things to skip conntrack18:47
russellbright now anyway18:47
russellbit can only write rules for things to accept or drop after going through conntrack18:48
* russellb has ideas to try ..18:51
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Add etc to .gitignore  https://review.openstack.org/24131918:53
mesteryrussellb: I'm back now, trying to remove SGs on my multi-node and trying again.18:54
mesteryNo such luck when removing SGs from two VMs on different hosts. Ping still failing :(18:56
russellbswitchcade: so general debugging question, when a packet is marked as invalid, what's the best way to debug why it thought something was invalid?18:56
arosenI get an ip and the security-group stuff is working on single node18:57
arosenso it must be related when the dhcp-request needs to come in over the overlay.18:57
russellbmestery: OK, do all the VMs get addresses via DHCP?18:58
russellbor do you know?18:58
mesteryrussellb : Indeed they do! Which is what makes this ... odd o_O18:58
russellbok, interesting18:58
russellbarosen: are you using the ovn branch that our plugin defaults to?18:58
russellbthat has a patch to make dhcp bypass conntrack18:59
arosenah yea18:59
aroseni am18:59
mesteryrussellb: I don't have a special branch specified anywhere18:59
russellbmestery: sorry that was to arosen18:59
mesteryrussellb: OK :)18:59
russellbarosen: if you want to look at when it fails, change the ovs tree to remove the top commit (the workaround)18:59
russellbrecompile, reinstall, restart ovn-controller19:00
russellbmestery: ok soooooo ... um.19:00
russellbmestery: you're able to ping the ones local to the controller19:00
russellbmestery: right?19:00
mesteryrussellb: Ack, I can only ping the VM runniung on the controller itself from the DHCP namespace19:00
* mestery goes to look at if packets are making it across the tunnel19:00
russellbmestery: but not elsewhere.  and you ssh into a local VM and try to ping from there?19:01
mesteryrussellb: I was using the console of a VM19:01
russellbah ok19:01
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russellbtunnels should be working if they all got dhcp responses19:01
*** asuvvari has joined #openstack-neutron-ovn19:02
mesteryYup ...19:02
russellbmestery: i think my next step would be to see what flows are getting hit.19:02
mesteryrussellb: I'm looking at that now in fact ;)19:03
russellbmestery: a cool trick i got from switchcade was to run something like ... watch -d -n 1 ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows br-int19:03
russellbto watch what counters are updating once a second19:03
mesteryrussellb: Cool!19:03
russellband hopefully you can see where the ping is going if that's the only traffic you have19:03
mesteryrussellb: Look here http://paste.openstack.org/show/477888/19:05
mesteryThat looks wrong to me19:05
mesteryThat's a dump from the control node, but the "remote_ip" for both tunnel endpoints points back to itself!19:05
russellbyeah, that's wrong :-)19:05
russellbis what sets that on each host19:06
russellbshould be HOST_IP on each node19:06
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mesteryrussellb: OK, let me debug that first19:06
russellbalso make sure OVN_UUID is different on each host, too19:07
russellbbasically everything is devstack's fault19:07
russellbthis watch command seems to be a little better ... $ sudo watch -d -n 1 "ovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows br-int | cut -f4- -d','"19:09
russellbanyway, something like that19:09
mesteryrussellb: Good call on that!19:10
* russellb feels sorry for ops19:10
russellbmaybe they're all smarter than me19:11
*** asuvvari has joined #openstack-neutron-ovn19:11
switchcaderussellb: woops, intermittently in here:) uh there's not a great way to debug INVALID at the moment really:(19:16
switchcadesome of the cases are caught and logged to dmesg19:17
russellbswitchcade: OK, just making sure I wasn't missing something19:17
switchcadethere's a few suggestions in ovs-ofctl I think19:17
*** azbiswas has joined #openstack-neutron-ovn19:21
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russellbarosen: i mis-spoke, you need to restart ovn-northd after reverting that commit, not ovn-controller19:21
*** asuvvari has joined #openstack-neutron-ovn19:22
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mesteryrussellb: I re-provisioned my vagrant cluster, and now the tunnel IPs look much more sane.19:36
mesteryrussellb: Going to spam the system with VMs and see what breaks :)19:36
russellbcool, progress :)19:36
russellbyo dawg, i heard you liked VMs19:38
russellbso I launched a cloud in a cloud so you could boot some VMs in your VMs19:38
* mestery happy dance19:39
mesteryNice work russellb and team :)19:39
russellbnow ... how was it working before, heh19:39
russellblet's ignore that19:39
*** jerrygb has quit IRC19:39
*** njohnston is now known as nate_gone19:39
mesterySo, let me push out a patch with the vagrant config now19:40
mesteryI think others may find it useful19:40
russellbare you *sure* it used dhcp?  and not config drive?19:40
mesteryYeah .... but I have no idea how that worked19:40
russellbhow are you going to propose it with the existing vagrantfile19:40
* mestery shrug19:40
mesteryWhere is the existing Vagrantfile? I looked but didn't see it. Let me look again.19:40
russellbroot of the repo i think19:40
mesteryAh, that's why my find wasn't working :P19:41
mesteryI see it19:41
* mestery looks19:41
russellbreplacing it is fine if what you have is better in some way19:41
russellbif they're different, then we could have vagrant options19:41
mesteryWell, I think I can merge the two perhaps19:41
mesteryBut let me look19:41
* russellb offers cake to whoever makes it work on vagrant with libvirt+kvm provider and a centos7 image19:42
russellbor a fedora image19:42
russellbor box19:42
mesteryI like cake19:42
russellbor whatever the heck you call images19:42
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russellbmestery: and you have a OFFLINE devstack fix too right?21:28
mesteryrussellb: Working on it, but yes, it shouldn't take too much21:28
russellboh ok21:28
russellbthought it was just something you needed to push21:28
russellbno rush :)21:28
*** njohnston is now known as nate_gone21:28
mesteryHeh, well, I've gotta write it, but it's super simple, I have a call in a few minutes, will push it after that21:28
azbiswasarosen: Regarding https://review.openstack.org/#/c/237820/6/devstack/plugin.sh, if we make OVN_L3_MODE boolean are you saying the check can be removed i.e. a blank boolean value will be treated as default?21:36
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arosenazbiswas_:  i'm saying that we can have it just write the bool value each time22:50
arosenthis way the config is always correct22:50
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*** gangil has joined #openstack-neutron-ovn22:56
azbiswasIf the bool is not defined then it translate to ovn_l3_mode=22:58
azbiswasi.e. blank22:58
azbiswaswill the default value kick-in in that case?22:58
arosenazbiswas:  Then define it to false like the other options work23:08
arosenOVN_L3_MODE=${OVN_L3_mode:- False}23:09
azbiswasarosen: Now I get it, thanks23:10
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