Wednesday, 2016-02-03

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Update the HA section of the FAQ.
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openstackgerritBabu Shanmugam proposed openstack/networking-ovn: DPDK support for OVN
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: Infra running with lower capacity now, due to a temporary problem affecting one of our nodepool providers. Please expect some delays in your jobs. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.12:40
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rtheisWhen using neutron L3 agent with OVN, are routers suppose to be hosted by an L3 agent?14:07
Sam-I-Amy... yes?14:07
rtheisRecent deployment gives me 404 when I try to see the L3 agent hosting the router14:08
rtheisand no qrouter namespace exists14:09
Sam-I-Aminteresting. i havent deployed with the conventional l3 agent recently.14:10
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russellbthe gate uses that mode14:18
russellbbut i haven't used it myself recently either14:18
Sam-I-Amit does...14:19
Sam-I-Amrussellb: did you see the mtu thread?14:19
Sam-I-Amthe ovn one14:19
Sam-I-Amalso, mornings!14:19
russellbi saw it, read jesse's first response last night14:19
russellbhaven't gone back yet this morning14:19
Sam-I-Amits not much more14:20
russellb"yep MTU is hard"14:21
Sam-I-Amit should not be... hard.14:23
numansrussellb, Hi, "pip install ovs" is installing 2.4.0, is it because 2.6.0.dev0 is a developer version ?
Sam-I-Amwe cant break mtu in yet another neutron thing :/14:24
russellbnumans: i'm not sure... is that when you run "pip install" manually?14:24
Sam-I-Amthis one with a seemingly more difficult way to fix it than conventional ovs/linuxbridge agents14:24
Sam-I-Amonly thing i can hope from my experiments with conventional OVS is that it Just Works once packets get into OVS... and we just need to concern ourselves with providing the right mtu to instances14:25
Sam-I-Ambut i cant test that until L3 works14:25
numansrussellb, yes.14:26
numansrussellb, when i run "pip install ovs" i see 2.4.0 version14:26
russellbok ... i don't know the answer14:26
numansrussellb, do we need to add 2.6.0 in requirements.txt ?14:26
russellbtry "pip install --upgrade ovs"14:27
numansrussellb, i tried its the same. when i run "pip install" its install 2.6.0 version14:27
russellbok, well i can't really change the "dev" part, because that's what it is14:29
russellbi could backport this to the 2.4 branch and release a 2.4.1 perhaps ...14:30
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russellb"this", i mean the lock fix14:30
russellbi assume that's what you need?14:30
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numansrussellb, yes14:32
numansrussellb, thanks14:32
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russellbthe pain here is actually that the ovs python library is bundled with ovs, so our version numbers of python releases have to match14:33
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russellbi can't really call it 2.4.1 unless ovs itself releases a 2.4.114:34
russellbi could do something like ... 2.4.1rc114:34
russellbbut that probably doesn't help14:34
numansrussellb,  you think its a good idea to use master python ovs in networking-ovn like the way it uses ovs14:37
russellbyes, might as well14:38
russellbwe could just pip install from the ovs git tree then..14:38
numansyes.. i tried sometime to test that fix. i can submit a patch for that14:39
russellbok, that works14:39
numansgreat. i will submit a patch then14:39
russellb    setup_package $DEST/networking-ovn14:40
russellbi don't remember what all setup_package does ...14:40
russellbbut i'd look at that14:40
russellb    setup_package $DEST/$OVN_REPO_NAME/python14:40
russellbor something14:40
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mesteryrtheis: Hostname mismatch? I've seen that before14:44
mesteryrussellb: When you have a moment, would appreciate a gentle nudge on this one:
russellbmestery: done14:45
rtheismestery: I deployed all-in-one with devstack.  Where should I check for hostname mismatch?14:46
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tongli@Sam-I-Am, hi matt, are you there?14:48
Sam-I-Amtongli: hi14:48
tongliwhen I run vagrant up today, it keeps complaining the devstack and networking-ovn directory do not exist.14:49
Sam-I-Amtongli: couple things...14:50
Sam-I-Amthe docs say you need to clone those repos prior to running vagrant14:50
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Vagrant: Stop sharing the ~/devstack directory
Sam-I-Amthen kyle put in a patch to remove devstack from the shared directories, so when that patch merges, you only need to clone networking-ovn prior to running vagrant14:50
tonglioh, that is a recent change, right?14:50
Sam-I-Amfor whatever reason, vagrant does not handle missing shared directories well14:50
Sam-I-Amit should just... not share them. but it fails instead.14:50
Sam-I-Amthe vagrant stuff is getting lots of changes lately14:51
mesteryrussellb: Thanks my friend :)14:51
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mesteryrtheis: So you have no additional compute nodes? If that's the case, then this isn't hte problem, as it would only affect you if you had additional compute nodes14:52
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rtheismestery: sure, I don't have any additional compute nodes at this time.  I did add a network node running only the dhcp agent.14:53
Mic22Hi guys, i get a strange error. I have 2 computes with two ports hooked in the system to get connectivity. From every box ping works but i can ssh only on vms hosted on the same box14:53
Mic22security roules allow all14:54
Mic22any ideas?14:54
Mic22from tshark this is the output:14:55
Mic2214 0.212833923 -> TCP 1516 [TCP Retransmission] 49040 > ssh [ACK] Seq=24 Ack=902 Win=30976 Len=1448 TSval=85298655 TSecr=51383314:55
Mic2215 0.617814998 -> TCP 1516 [TCP Retransmission] 49040 > ssh [ACK] Seq=24 Ack=902 Win=30976 Len=1448 TSval=85299060 TSecr=51383314:55
Mic2216 1.427805213 -> TCP 1516 [TCP Retransmission] 49040 > ssh [ACK] Seq=24 Ack=902 Win=30976 Len=1448 TSval=85299870 TSecr=51383314:55
Mic2217 3.045842277 -> TCP 1516 [TCP Retransmission] 49040 > ssh [ACK] Seq=24 Ack=902 Win=30976 Len=1448 TSval=85301488 TSecr=51383314:55
russellbi think i missed some scrollback (laptop locked up on me)14:56
russellbbut, if ping is working but ssh fails during connection setup, that's usually an MTU problem14:57
Sam-I-Amdoes it establish a tcp session?14:57
openstackgerritRichard Theis proposed openstack/networking-ovn: WIP: Add network availability zone support
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russellbyou can usually run ssh with --debug and see that it fails during key exchange or something, i can't remember exactly14:58
russellbnot fail, but hangs14:58
Sam-I-Amuse -v14:58
Mic22russellb you got the problem at the first attempt!14:58
Mic22it way mtu14:58
Sam-I-Amwell, not yay14:59
Mic22i disabled dhcp booted with static addressed and14:59
Sam-I-Amlast thing we need are mtu problems :/14:59
russellbSam-I-Am: fwiw i've mentally assigned "MTU strategy for OVN" to you14:59
Mic22mtu was 150014:59
Sam-I-Amhopefully this is just the vm mtu problem14:59
tongli@Sam-I-Am, so is there someone fixing that problem? so that vagrant can run, now even if I clone devstack, the sync still breaks.14:59
Sam-I-AmMic22: try subtracting 42 for that for geneve... i think thats the oberhead number14:59
regXboirussellb: so... I think I may have a poor-man's incremental approach to lflow_run - I'm hoping to run a test later today and if it works, I'll send a patch set to dev14:59
Sam-I-Amtongli: did you clone both networking-ovn and devstack to your home dir?15:00
russellbregXboi: cool :)15:00
Mic22problem is I need another overlay in the vm for kubernates15:00
Mic22so i have double overhead15:00
regXboirussellb: yeah, right now I'm running a test of a poor-man's poor-man's change for other issues and have to wait for it to finish first15:01
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tongli@Sam-I-Am, oh, i c what the problem is.15:01
Sam-I-Ami havent used kubernetes, but with lxc the containers were just bridged rather than tunneled15:01
tongliok. let me try that.15:01
Mic22Sam-I-Am kubernates requires some networking specs where every vm has it's own /2415:02
Mic22and every /24 must be routable each others15:02
Sam-I-Amthats... interesting15:02
Mic22in the current situation of OVN the only solution I can see is 254 ports per vm and this is a little bit fucked up15:03
Mic22don't you think?15:03
Sam-I-Ami guess. like i said... havent messed with kubes15:03
Sam-I-Amjust lxc and docker15:03
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Mic22well actually i think i overkilled... I just need to setup routes in the vms...15:08
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tongli@Sam-I-Am, can we change the synch directory like this "../../networking-ovn" rather than "~/networking-ovn"?15:10
tongliusing ~/networking-ovn, one has to place the directory at the root.15:11
tonglivs ../../networking-ovn, we just need to make sure that the devstack project and networking-ovn at the same level.15:11
tonglinormally one's root directory contains so much stuff, kind not nice to have a hard requirement like that.15:11
Sam-I-Am~ is the home dir shortcut and ../.. would always assume networking-ovn is two dirs up, which it may not necessarily be15:12
Sam-I-Amwhy are you running this as root?15:12
Sam-I-Ami'm deploying all this as a user, and my stuff is in /home/matt/networking-ovn15:12
Sam-I-Amin which case ~ references /home/matt15:12
tongli@Sam-I-Am, not as root,15:12
tongliroot directory, see this line in Vagrantfile.15:12
tongli  config.vm.synced_folder "~/networking-ovn", "/home/vagrant/networking-ovn"15:13
Sam-I-Amwhat about it?15:13
tonglithat means the vagrant will always look for networking-ovn directory from the root directory of the current user15:13
Sam-I-Amyeah... like /home/user/networking-ovn15:14
tongliif a user did not clone that project at root directory, it will fail.15:14
Sam-I-Amyes. but theres no way in vagrant to loosely specify directories15:15
Sam-I-Amit would be nice if vagrant would ignore missing stuff, but it does not15:15
tonglivs if we just use "../../networking-ovn", then one can clone the devstack and networking-ovn project any where as long as these two projects are at the same directory.15:15
Sam-I-Am../../ still implies that networking-ovn is two dirs above the Vagrantfile15:15
Sam-I-Amso that doesnt really fix the problem15:15
tongliyes, that is always the case.15:16
tonglisince Vagrantfile is part of networking-ovn project and is always in the vagrant folder.15:16
Sam-I-Amit just means you can have networking-ovn further down the dir tree, but it would always have to be two dirs up from the vagrant file ... sort of just changes the problem15:16
tonglithat will not change.15:16
Sam-I-Amtongli: you can also just change the vagrant file locally15:16
Sam-I-Amwhats there is just a suggestion15:17
tongliVagrantfile is always at the vagrant directory, no?15:17
Sam-I-Amno one is going to be happy with every decision in it15:17
Sam-I-Ami think most people are going to change at least one thing in the vagrant stuff before deploying15:17
tongliI do not think that you can move the Vagrantfile randomly without changing other scripts locations.15:17
tongliI assume that the relationship between Vagrantfile and other scripts are relatively stable.15:18
Sam-I-Ammestery: one sec15:19
Sam-I-Ammestery: found a thing15:23
mesterySam-I-Am: nice15:25
russellbin case you didn't hate software enough, check out this pip upgrade attempt:
russellband read the version numbers mentioned throughout15:25
openstackgerritKyle Mestery proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Vagrant: Increase the size of the provider network subnet
mesteryWoot! russellb, all your patches from your localnet branch are now upstream!15:41
russellbyeah i just pushed a bunch of stuff15:43
Sam-I-Amit aint pretty, but no other choice right now15:44
mesterySam-I-Am: nice15:45
* mestery hands russellb cake15:45
openstackgerritMatthew Kassawara proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Devstack: Add native MTU option
Sam-I-Ami like how my linter job failed due to an in-between merge of a doc with a long line15:48
Sam-I-Amer, patch enabling the linter job15:48
Sam-I-Amthats hilarious15:48
regXboiSam-I-Am: *of course* it would15:54
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openstackgerritMatthew Kassawara proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Docs: Implement doc8 linter
Sam-I-Amrussellb: i dont think i can +2 this...
Sam-I-Ambut it should get in16:25
russellbthere are 2 patches ahead of it that have to merge first16:26
russellbbut you're right, it's not really appropriate for either of us to +2 a patch we helped write16:27
Sam-I-Amif its dependent, another +2A would let it launch when the other patches are approved16:27
russellbSam-I-Am: you and mestery could both merge
russellbthe 2nd patch is already approved (blocked on the first)16:28
Sam-I-Ammight need to check 274234 for long lines and stuff16:29
Sam-I-Amlet me lint it16:29
Sam-I-Amso my linter patch doesnt blow up again :)16:30
* mestery waits for Sam-I-Am 16:30
Sam-I-Amlooks good for now, lets push it along.16:31
Sam-I-Ami can edit later16:31
* Sam-I-Am looks at large pile of things to clarify16:31
Sam-I-Ammy morning isnt going so well... coffee pot malfunction caused a lot of coffee to go everywhere else :/16:32
Sam-I-Amwhats worse is not having coffee while cleaning up the mess16:32
Sam-I-Amlicking it up off the counter was not successful16:32
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: doc: Further reflect that OVN L3 is the default.
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russellbmy morning is slow, mostly because of a cold i'm fighting16:36
mesteryColds are no fun :(16:36
Sam-I-Amwell, i guess my morning is a bit better16:37
openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: doc: Use ovn-sbctl show.
Sam-I-Amalthough my countertop and part of the floor is well caffeinated, and beginning to say "feeeeed meeeeee"16:37
russellbSam-I-Am: might need a rebase,  it says "Cannot Merge"16:45
Sam-I-Amrussellb: i just saw that16:45
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Sam-I-Amits good when docs have merge conflicts, it means people are working on them :)16:46
russellbnice perspective16:46
Sam-I-Amhmm this rebase is nasty16:52
Sam-I-Amgit and docs dont get along well16:52
russellbat least it's plain text docs and not xml?16:52
* russellb sadly has docbook experience16:53
Sam-I-Amdocbook is a good part of the reason why openstack docs suck16:53
Sam-I-Amno one wants any part of that16:53
Sam-I-Amwe've mostly converted to rst, but it was a day late and a dollar short... and the api stuff (which uses wadl... docbook+worse) is still in shambles16:54
* russellb can provide a dollar if that helps16:55
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Mic22russelb: the behaviour I had yesterday17:25
Mic22happend only when you add a new compute node after having networks already configured17:25
Mic22if i add a compute and then do all the network configurations I have no problems. In the moment I add a compute with already network config nothing works17:27
Mic22after some minutes it start to works17:33
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openstackgerritMatthew Kassawara proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Docs: Implement doc8 linter
Sam-I-Amlets try this again17:49
russellbMic22: cool, sounds like you're getting closer to a clear way to reproduce it!17:49
russellbthat's great17:49
Mic22I think i can reproduce it, if you have time tomorrow we can reproduce it together so you can see what really happends17:50
russellbyou could also document the info you have in a bug report17:51
russellbso we start gathering info17:51
Mic22you can tell me exacly what you need as outputs and i will do it17:51
russellblet's see ...17:52
russellbi suppose i could look now17:52
Mic22now it's working and i have to go home, I live in london+1 time...17:52
russellbah, ok17:53
russellbsorry about that17:53
russellbtomorrow morning works17:53
Mic22yes ofc17:53
russellbwhen it's in the broken state, a general dump would be something like ... ovn-nbctl show17:53
russellbovn-sbctl show17:53
russellbovn-sbctl lflow-list17:53
russellbovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 dump-flows br-int  (on every host)17:54
russellbovs-ofctl -O OpenFlow13 show br-int (on every host)17:54
russellbsomething like that17:54
russellbhave a nice evening!17:54
Mic22where do you want this stuff posted?17:57
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*** gangil has joined #openstack-neutron-ovn18:40
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rtheisAnyone else seeing "/opt/stack/new/networking-ovn/tools/ 21: /opt/stack/new/networking-ovn/tools/ Bad substitution" on devstack deployment ?18:58
russellbMic22: good question  ... for now i suppose19:00
russellbor, or your paste site of choice19:00
russellbSam-I-Am: vagrant bug for you
Sam-I-Amrussellb: what version of tox?19:00
openstackLaunchpad bug 1541542 in networking-ovn "vagrant netmask parameter can not use the length" [Undecided,New]19:00
Sam-I-Amrtheis: what version of tox?19:01
Sam-I-Amrussellb: awesome, so apparently vagrant doesnt support cidr notation :/19:02
Sam-I-Amthat should be a no-brainer these days19:02
Sam-I-Amit also doesnt support working around missing shared directories either :/19:02
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rtheisSam-I-Am: worked a couple days ago with tox 2.3.1...  retrying now and will let you know19:04
Sam-I-Amrussellb: heyyy... should i be able to manage networking-ovn bugs?19:04
russellbSam-I-Am: if you can't, let's fix that19:04
Sam-I-Amrtheis: ok, i've seen similar problems and turns out they were not using 2.3.119:04
rtheisI just saw gate-tempest-dsvm-networking-ovn fail on a couple patch sets with same error19:04
Sam-I-Amrtheis: did you pastebin?19:05
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rtheisSam-I-Am: no, what do I do for that19:05
russellbmestery: how do i make it so Sam-I-Am can manage networking-ovn bugs?19:06
Sam-I-Amrtheis: go to and paste the full tox error... and how you got there.19:06
rtheisSam-I-Am: okay19:07
Sam-I-Amrtheis: is this a similar failure?19:08
Sam-I-Ami havent looked closely at it19:08
rtheisSam-I-Am: yes it is19:09
rtheis2016-02-03 18:48:00.314 | /opt/stack/new/networking-ovn/tools/ 21: /opt/stack/new/networking-ovn/tools/ Bad substitution19:09
rtheisIt is the exact same failure that I'm seeing locally.19:10
russellblooks like something has changed that broke networking-ovn to me19:11
mesteryrussellb: You need to be in this group
mesteryrussellb: I added you and Sam-I-Am19:14
russellboh, hm19:14
russellbi was already able to do everything though19:14
* russellb shrugs19:14
russellbmoving on!19:15
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regXboiwell... this certainly *looks* right20:19
regXboirusselb: waiting for the test to finish20:23
regXboirussellb: but this looks hopeful:20:24
regXboi2016-02-03T20:24:43.845Z|85669|lflow|DBG|start lflow_run20:24
regXboi2016-02-03T20:24:43.857Z|85670|lflow|DBG|finished lflow_run. 9650 flows seen, 764 flows worked, 756 matches.20:24
regXboipoor man's incremental processing :)20:25
Sam-I-Amrtheis: have you looked any more into the tox problem?21:24
Sam-I-Amlooks like its breaking on genconfig, which is odd because that works fine locally21:24
rtheisSam-I-Am: I have not21:24
mesteryIt fails for me too21:31
mesteryWith all the latest21:32
* mestery shakes his fist at tox and genconfig21:32
Sam-I-Ammestery: locally?21:32
mesteryYes, in my vagrant21:32
Sam-I-Amweird, it works in my regular source tree21:32
Sam-I-Amjust by running tox -e genconfig21:32
openstackgerritMatthew Kassawara proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Fix gate problem with tox
openstackgerritlitong01 proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Vagrant: Increase the size of the provider network subnet
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-neutron-ovn21:54
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Devstack: Provide metadata route via DHCP
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openstackgerritlitong01 proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Vagrant: Increase the size of the provider network subnet
*** salv-orl_ has quit IRC21:56
mesteryWow, dhellman re-proposed this one for you Sam-I-Am?
mesteryWhat did I miss?21:57
Sam-I-Ammestery: git andd i were not getting along21:57
Sam-I-Amwas trying to insert the tox patch under the devstack patch and ended up in bad places21:58
mesterySo, "tox -egenconfig" works fine AFTER it fails22:01
Sam-I-Ammestery: that 275748...22:02
Sam-I-Amnot sure if the benefits outweigh the added complexity22:03
Sam-I-Amthe vagrant nets are local to the host, so there's no good reason to change them outside of expanding the provider net to /16 for scale testing22:03
Sam-I-Amif we were connecting these nets outside of the host running the VMs, thats another story22:04
mesteryOh, it's worth it :)22:05
Sam-I-Amthe implementation is...22:05
Sam-I-Amits not easy to follow22:05
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openstackgerritlitong01 proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Vagrant: Increase the size of the provider network subnet
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