Monday, 2016-10-17

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openstackgerritZongKai LI proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Support native OVN DHCPv6
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rtheisGood morning russellb.  Is there a plan for a python ovs 2.6.1 release?13:15
russellbgood morning13:16
russellbrtheis: funny you ask, i just emailed the ovs dev list asking that question13:16
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russellbi could upload a snapshot to pypi, but not sure that helps13:17
russellbi don't think pip will grab a dev snapshot by default, right?13:17
rtheisnot necessary, I can test locally13:17
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rtheisalso, is it acceptable to test with ovs python release against ovs master branch13:18
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rtheiswe are doing that today but not sure if ovs community supports that13:19
russellbwell, that's a fair question13:19
russellbi just can't think of any reason it would be a problem13:19
rtheisme either13:19
ajorussellb, it seems like the vagrant scripts have rotten, or the libvirt support is broken, at least , I tried some tweaks without luck. Any updated deployment instructions ?13:22
russellbajo: i bet it was never used with libvirt13:22
russellbi think the guys using it were doing virtualbox on mac13:23
russellbajo: i would just follow the manual devstack instructions, that's what i do13:23
ajorussellb, ack, I'll do that, or create a simpler vagrant version for just one node :)13:23
ajorussellb, works good on centos7 ? or what do you normally use ?13:24
ajofedora21 says the guide :)13:24
russellbheh, old doc comment13:24
russellbi always used the latest fedora myself13:24
ajoackk thanks russellb13:24
russellbbut ...13:25
russellbbefore you do that, let's check on kernel versions13:25
russellbfor what you want to test, you need ovs nat support13:25
rtheisajo: I used virtualbox on Mac and Ubuntu with the vagrant instructions13:25
ajorussellb, isn't that ok with the kernel module being compiled  ?13:25
russellbwhich is in 4.613:25
russellbajo: you may not need to have the module compiled13:25
ajortheis, ack13:26
ajorussellb, I thought networking-ovn did it for you13:26
russellbit does13:26
russellbit's optional13:26
russellbour sample devstack local.conf has an option for it13:27
russellbyou can leave it building ...13:27
russellbovs master can build against 4.7.x and lower13:27
russellbdon't think fedora 24 has newer than that ...13:27
russellbf24 has 4.713:28
russellbso either way is fine13:28
russellbajo: centos7 should be fine too ...13:28
russellbup to you, let me know how i can help13:29
russellbajo: maybe i should try to set something up in parallel?13:30
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ajorussellb, np, I'll try and tell you how it went13:33
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numansajo, both centos and fed24 should work.14:44
ajonumans, thanks :)14:44
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ajonumans, russellb yeepp centos7 worked like a charm :) I need to see how to do multinode for E/W, but this is a start15:24
numansajo, cool15:24
ajowhat are those patch ports for ?15:29
ajorouter ?15:30
numansajo, these are required for native l3..15:30
numansajo, yes15:30
ajoahh :)15:30
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russellbajo: we have a sample config for adding a 2nd node17:02
russellb(or Nth node)17:02
russellbajo: yeah the patch ports are an internal implementation detail17:02
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openstackgerritRichard Theis proposed openstack/networking-ovn: Remove workarounds for python ovs mutate bug
russellbrtheis: should we wait until 2.6.1 to merge that?18:19
rtheisrussellb: yes, I am going to mark as a WIP for now.  Also the functional tests will fail to prevent the merge18:19
russellbrtheis: or another option ... use ovs.version to determine whether the workaround is needed18:20
russellbnot sure it's worth the effort though18:20
russellbactually it doesn't look that bad18:21
russellbup to you, just a thought18:21
rtheisrussellb: good idea, I'll take a look at that option18:23
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