Tuesday, 2017-01-17

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BaqarHey everyone. I am trying to setup ovn on devstack. I am getting the following error when neutron-server is started: ImportError: Plugin 'networking_ovn.l3.l3_ovn.OVNL3RouterPlugin' not found.05:57
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Need not add ext gw router ip to peer nat_addresses options  https://review.openstack.org/41978109:58
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn: Updated from global requirements  https://review.openstack.org/42093510:41
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russellbBaqar: odd ... how did you set it up?  devstack still appears to be working in CI13:10
russellbthose instructions should still work13:11
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mjblackhi, I'm trying to setup ovn, on the computes it's not adding the patch ports for the external network to the br-int bridge, is there something additional I need to setup?14:17
russellbmjblack: this may be out of date documentation, i'm sorry14:18
russellbmjblack: what doc are you following?14:18
russellbthe patch port will not be created until it's needed -- when something on the compute node needs to connect to the network14:18
russellbit used to be created ahead of time / always, but that changed14:19
mjblackdocumentation I was using was partially devstack but it doesnt fully apply to my situation since I am doing a multinode deployment14:19
mjblackthe only node that has the patch port is the ovn node that is the north/south server14:20
mjblackI see the floating ip and router added to only the ovn server14:20
russellbyes, that sounds right14:21
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mjblackthe instance on the compute node has no snat connectivity, it is only able to get a dhcp response14:23
russellbit should be getting snat connectivity through the node where the gateway was scheduled14:25
russellbthat's how it's supposed to work anyway!14:26
mjblackheh, thats what I want, just not sure where the issue is14:27
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russellbmjblack: do floating IPs work?14:38
russellband just snat without a floating ip does not work?14:38
mjblackrussellb: nothing works other than dhcp14:48
russellbtested tunnels in any other capacity?  sounds like tunnels could be not working14:49
russellb2 common things that cause that: 1) firewall rules blocking geneve tunnel traffic14:49
russellbor 2) MTU for VMs not accounting for the geneve tunnel overhead14:49
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mjblackI was thinking mtu could be an issue but the only thing that gave me that impression was the tap network interface on teh compute host still being 150014:50
mjblackdhcp had the mtu set to 1450 though14:51
russellb1450 should be OK14:51
russellbwhat distro are you using on the hypervisor hosts14:52
russellbcentos 7 default firewall rules will block geneve14:52
mjblackubuntu xenial14:52
mjblackfor both ovn and compute14:52
russellbok, i'd still check, i don't know what they do by default14:52
russellbmjblack: another thing you can try, if you want to bypass the gateway and get direct access to the network the VM is on so you can SSH into it to take a closer look ... https://review.openstack.org/#/c/401411/3/doc/source/testing.rst14:54
russellbuse the "Self-service (private) network connectivity" portion of that doc that was removed14:54
russellbi removed it because a floating IP should be fine for most people14:54
russellbi need to re-document that trick for debugging purposes, although i'll probably re-do it using a network namespace14:54
russellbanyway, what's there should work14:54
* russellb about to start several hours of meetings14:55
mjblackrussellb: I'll give that a try, thank you14:56
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mjblackrussellb: finished testing, ovn is creating the routers on the ovn server instead of the computes. I created the test port on ovn, compute1, and compute 2. Ping from ovn to instances failed, ping from either compute to instance works. As for iptables, there is no rules on the three servers20:26
russellbif the router is a gateway router, it's expected to only be on one host20:27
russellba compute host should be forwarding packets over to that host via a tunnel20:27
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russellbit sounds like tunnels are working if you're able to ping from one compute host to an instance that resides on another one20:29
russellbdo you intend to use the host called "ovn" as a network node that can be a gateway?20:29
mjblackideally I'd want it to be a compute20:30
russellbOK.  it sounds like you're running ovn-controller on the "ovn" host20:30
russellbbut maybe you don't really want to be running it there?20:30
russellbif you run "ovs-vsctl show" on a compute, you should see that it has created a geneve tunnel to both the other compute and "ovn"20:31
mjblackyeah, I do20:31
mjblackI am seeing traffic going back and forth on geneve with tcpdump20:34
russellbthat's a good sign.20:44
russellbwhen the packets get to the "ovn" host, where do you expect them to go?  that is, what is the network it is configured to route to and how is it set up?20:44
mjblackthe network is a floating ip pool on neutron20:55
russellbso it's a provider network, meaning there's a bridge that ovn is creating patch ports to (i think we discussed that earlier)21:09
russellbis there a physical device attached to that bridge?  or a route on the "ovn" host that specifies when to use that network?21:09
mjblackI shutdown the ovn controller on the ovn host and it immediately created teh patch port on one of the computes21:09
mjblackyes there is a physical device added to the bridge21:10
russellbah, cool21:10
mjblackand an external id setup for it21:10
russellbnot sure what to look at, i'd probably have to log in myself at this point21:12
mjblackme neither, why I'm here :D21:16
russellbsecurity groups?21:16
russellbif you're trying to ping the floating IP, you have to allow ingress ICMP via security groups21:17
russellbwhen you test the other way directly on the private network, the default security group rules will allow it21:17
mjblackyup, first thing I added to the default secgroup is allow all icmp and all ssh ingress21:18
mjblackjust checked on nb and the acl is there for icmp21:21
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