Monday, 2017-03-27

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arslanqhi numans: does ovn (NEWTON) support DPDK? same for l3-gateway?07:56
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arslanqrussellb: can you please comment on that?09:20
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russellbarslanq: yes12:01
arslanqrussellb: does ovn (NEWTON) support DPDK? same for l3-gateway?12:16
russellbwe did not have l3 gateway support merged in newton12:17
russellbconfiguring networking-ovn for dpdk is just 1 config option ^^^12:17
russellbotherwise you just have to configure OVS on nodes with dpdk as usual (not ovn specific)12:18
arslanqrussellb: l3 gateway is supported in ocata? in DPDK works only with l3-agent running both in newton and ocata right?12:18
russellbl3 gateway is supported in ocata.  l3 agent works in newton, but i think we stopped testing it in ocata.  i don't recommend using it at all.12:19
arslanqrussellb: i want to try DPDK with networking ovn, i just have to install dpdk integrated packages on all nodes and set option vhost_dock_dir in ml2 configuration this all needed ?12:21
russellbthat's the idea12:21
russellbbut note that certain features are not yet fully supported by the dpdk datapath in OVS12:22
russellblet me find a link ...12:22
arslanqrussellb: by above message you mean that DPDK should work in ocata without l3-agent running12:22
numansthere is a difference in the way newton version does and the master12:23
numansarslanq, i think for newton you have to vif_type in ml2_conf.ini, which is not required in the case of ocata/master12:23
russellb"Are all features supported in all datapaths?"12:24
russellbsee "Userspace" column12:24
russellbmost notably, NAT12:24
russellb(is not supported yet)12:24
russellbconnection tracking is partially supported, AFAIK it just does not support IP fragmentation12:25
russellbso OVN ACLs (security groups) should work12:25
arslanqnumans: russellb: i just want to test it if it works on basic note.....i think for now it should work what do you say?12:26
numansarslanq, i think it should :)12:26
russellbyes, and for the most basic test, i would suggest a provider network only12:26
arslanqrussellb: yes are suggesting a provider network only because it does not support NAT right?12:27
russellbyes, and it's just the simplest network configuration12:28
russellbso a good place to start trying it out12:28
arslanqmakes sense12:29
arslanqone question you mentioned above that i would just have to put one configuration option to use i would not have to apply all these configurations in the link
arslanqnumans: what service_plugins are supported for ovn?12:35
arslanqnumans: i have just tried these two plugins qos,
russellball of them!12:42
russellb(i don't know)12:42
russellbqos is supported, not sure about the rest12:43
arslanqrussellb: is there anyone who has actually tested DPDK with ovn, so i could take guidelines from him ? i'll be obliged12:57
russellbwell ... yes12:58
russellbthe person who worked on the networking-ovn code doesn't work on OVN anymore12:58
russellbthe next person i would talk to is sean mooney from intel12:58
russellbwho isn't in this channel, but is usually in #openstack-neutron at least12:58
arslanqrussellb: ok let me find him and ask him if he can help me...thanks13:04
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn master: Fix some reST field lists in docstrings
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