Thursday, 2017-03-30

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openstackgerritDong Jun proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: Fix OvnBaseConnection.get_schema_helper bug in some case
openstackgerritDong Jun proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: Fix OvnBaseConnection.get_schema_helper bug in some case
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elurkkiAny tips for Ocata & OVN network configuration. I am following Official Ocata installation for CentOS7 and modifying it with OVN Install documentation. Now I have faced the linuxbridge configuration and I am not sure how to accomplish that one. Should I use this liuxbridget_agent to create bridge mapping in the neutron service or should I configure like I did earlier in Kilo release in [ovs]06:55
elurkkiwith bridge_mappings = physnet:br-ex ? Thanks a lot for tips06:55
numanselurkki, Hi06:56
numanswhy do you need linuxbridge_agent ?06:56
numansOVN doesn't need that06:56
elurkkiI probably do not need it then06:56
numanscan you point me to the link you are referring to ?06:56
numanselurkki, are you using tripleo to install it ?06:57
elurkkiI am installing from scratch over HW. Just pure manual installation06:57
numanselurkki, ok.06:57
elurkkiWhat I am trying to do here is to bind my local ethernet interface to OVN06:57
numanselurkki, since you are configuring with OVN, you don't need any agents06:57
elurkkiWhat I am trying to accomplish is this kind of architecture06:58
elurkkiI do have provider network in my eth3 now06:58
elurkkiBut I do not exactly know how to point it to Neutron / OVN06:59
numansok. i think i can point you to the right documentation. let me check06:59
elurkkiThe eth3 is trunked interface06:59
elurkkiniiice, thanks06:59
numanselurkki, i guess you might have seen this -
numansyou need to configure the provider networks this way.07:01
elurkkiohh, I totally have forgot this. I indeed have seen this07:01
elurkkiThanks so much for pointing this for me07:01
elurkkiI will continu with this doc now07:01
numanselurkki, great :)07:02
numanslet me know if you any questions.07:02
elurkkiI will :) Thanks once more07:03
numanselurkki, Also I would suggest you to have a look at this - and grep for "OPEN VSWITCH DATABASE USAGE" if in case you haven't seen it07:03
numanselurkki, sorry, grep for "external_ids:system-id"07:04
elurkkiNice. I will go through this man page as well07:04
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anilvenkatanumans, I want to run devstack to test north-south traffic with router07:53
anilvenkatanumans, should I set NETWORK_GATEWAY in local.conf
anilvenkatanumans, ?07:54
anilvenkatanumans, or
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anilvenkatanumans, should I enable these in local.conf along with Q_AGENT
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anilvenkatanumans, ^09:29
anilvenkatanumans, this is what I did in local.conf for enabling gateway09:31
anilvenkatanumans, is that sufficient?09:31
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numansanilvenkata, one sec09:47
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numansanilvenkata, looks good to me09:48
anilvenkatanumans, thanks09:48
elurkkinumans: One question still09:49
numanselurkki, sure09:49
elurkkinumans: Totally unrelated09:49
elurkkito last one09:49
elurkkiI do have controller node and database node09:49
elurkkiController node starts up the neutron-server09:49
elurkkiAnd Database do have openvswitch and ovn-northd09:49
elurkkiNow when running up the neutron-server in controller I do get error messaga09:50
elurkkiovsdb-server[4828]: ovs|02520|socket_util|ERR|6641: bind: Cannot assign requested address09:50
elurkkiThis is in controller node which is
elurkkiAnd the is the database node09:50
elurkkiWhat I have messed up *now* :) ?09:50
numanselurkki, what is the value of "ovn_nb_connection" in ml2_conf.ini ?09:51
numanswhen you run "ps -aef | grep ovsdb-server" in controller node, what's the output09:51
elurkkiovn_nb_connection = tcp:
numanselurkki, you see the above error in neutron logs ?09:52
elurkkiroot      4828     1  0 11:55 ?        00:00:00 ovsdb-server /etc/openvswitch/conf.db -vconsole:emer -vsyslog:err -vfile:info --remote=punix:/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock --private-key=db:Open_vSwitch,SSL,private_key --certificate=db:Open_vSwitch,SSL,certificate --bootstrap-ca-cert=db:Open_vSwitch,SSL,ca_cert --no-chdir --log-file=/var/log/openvswitch/ovsdb-server.log09:52
elurkki--pidfile=/var/run/openvswitch/ --detach09:52
numanselurkki, and can you share me the same output from the database node ?09:52
numansi mean "ps -ef | grep ovsdb-server"09:53
numanselurkki, also on your database node, are you able to run "sudo ovn-nbctl show" ?09:53
elurkkiThere are 5 processes running in database node09:53
elurkkiwith that grep09:53
numanselurkki, yeah that's what is expected09:53
elurkkiShall I paste those here ?09:54
elurkkiQuite many rows it would be09:54
numanselurkki, may be in a paste bin09:54
numanselurkki, verify if you can connect to the ovsb-server hosting NB db as09:54
numans1. sudo ovn-nbctl show -> in the database node09:55
numans2. ovn-nbctl --db=tcp: show -> in your controller node09:55
elurkkiseems to be working both09:55
numanselurkki, ok, that means neutron-server should be able to talk to the ovsb-server on the database node09:56
numanselurkki, create a private network "neutron net-create priv" and then run "sudo ovn-nbctl show"09:56
numansand see if you see a logical switch getting created. if so, everything is fine09:56
elurkkineutron should work even the neutron-server do not get up ?09:57
elurkkineutron net-create seems to hang here09:58
anilvenkatanumans, when I run I am getting this error
anilvenkatanumans, is that fine?10:00
numansanilvenkata, you need to unload the openvswitch kernel module10:01
anilvenkatanumans, devstack by default wont do that?10:01
elurkkinumans: Could this be related to fact that I created the 6641 and 6642 in database node manually with commands "ovn-nbctl set-connection ptcp:6641" and "ovn-nbctl set-connection ptcp:6642". Would the neutron-server try setting those up automatically now from the controller or something like that ?10:03
elurkkiEffect is now that neutron-server won't get up10:04
numanselurkki, what you did is right10:04
numanselurkki, neutron-server wouldn't do anything like that. it would try to connect10:05
numansanilvenkata, it does10:05
elurkkiok, good10:05
numansanilvenkata, but i think its a big buggy. the ovs kernel module wouldn't get unloaded if there is any reference to it10:06
anilvenkatanumans, looks like10:06
numansanilvenkata, i think you can delete all the ovs bridges and delete the system datapath using "ovs-dpctl"10:06
anilvenkatanumans, I did "sudo systemctl stop ovs-vswitchd.service"10:06
numansand then try unloading it10:06
anilvenkatanumans, ok10:06
numansanilvenkata, its ok even if ovs-vswitchd  is running10:07
anilvenkatanumans, [vagrant@centosvm3 ~]$ sudo ovs-vsctl show10:07
anilvenkataovs-vsctl: unix:/usr/local/var/run/openvswitch/db.sock: database connection failed (No such file or directory)10:07
numansanilvenkata, thats because you have stopped ovs-vswitchd10:08
numansanilvenkata, restart it and delete all the bridges10:08
numansand then delete all the datapaths (using ovs-dpctl)10:08
anilvenkata[vagrant@centosvm3 ~]$ sudo systemctl restart ovs-vswitchd.service10:09
anilvenkataFailed to restart ovs-vswitchd.service: Unit not found.10:09
anilvenkata[vagrant@centosvm3 ~]$10:09
anilvenkata[vagrant@centosvm3 ~]$ sudo systemctl start ovsdb-server.service10:09
anilvenkataFailed to start ovsdb-server.service: Unit not found.10:09
anilvenkatanumans, ^10:09
anilvenkatanumans, it says unit not found, for start10:09
numansmay be something is wrong10:09
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elurkkinumans: It was unfortunate chicken-egg problem. The openvswitch wasn't started at bootup (service wasn't enabled) before neutron-server was started up. Now when I did systemctl stop neutron-server, it didn't manage to shutdown all the processes and it kept port 9696 bound. That was the reason. I kill -9:ed all the neutron processes and started up everything, and now everything works. After10:25
elurkkigoing through all the logs, I found this error message. Thanks a lot for pointing me out to correct direction!10:25
numanselurkki, that's  great :)10:26
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elurkkinumans: Seems that when launching instance, I get volumes, network etc.. but 2 problems still. 1) Instance log has this checking failing 2) VNC connection can not be done. Would this be somehow related to the internal openstack networking somehow ? Any tips ?12:07
numanselurkki, OVN doesn't support metadata yet12:10
numanselurkki, so you have to use config drive if you want to use metadata12:11
numansi suggest set force_config_driver = true in nova.conf of compute nodes and try again12:12
elurkkiAhhhh, ok. That explains. Thanks12:16
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