Thursday, 2017-04-13

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn master: Updated from global requirements
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn master: stop scanning for ocata release notes at 2.0.0
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn master: Remove time.sleep() from unit-tests
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dongjunrussellb: could you have a look at, my last comment.11:16
openstackLaunchpad bug 1670666 in networking-ovn "Support native DHCP service for subnet without gateway IP" [Undecided,New]11:16
dongjunIs there approach to verify the precise version of OVN DB.11:17
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numansdongjun, one approach would be to rely on this -
numansit is going to be tricky though11:51
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dongjunnumans: Schema versions of master and branch-2.7 are both 5.5.0, will master change it later?11:56
numansdongjun, ideally any change in the schema should also update the schema version11:57
elurkkiThis is hard12:03
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dongjunnumans: I am worried that shema only limit the basic types and scopes, some sub-type does not need to modify the schema12:03
numansthat's right12:04
numansso it's gonna be tricky :)12:04
elurkkiI have managed to test flat networks and VLAN networks (created in HW) and they are working nicely with Ocata & OVN installation12:04
numanselurkki, that's cool12:05
elurkkibut I would like to test idea where I would give basically Router for some project and they could create their own network behind that12:05
elurkkiwith own VLANs etc..12:05
numansdongjun, i will continue to think on the problem12:05
numanslet's check with russellb if he has a solution12:06
elurkkiWould that be configuring the Openstack & OVN to self-service network ?12:06
elurkkiCurrently I have used the provider network approach12:06
numanselurkki, you mean other tenants/users creating their own private networks12:06
numansthat's is definitely possible :)12:07
elurkkiThat is what I expected with OVN12:07
numanselurkki, have you tried that approach yet ?12:07
numansif yes, facing any issues ?12:07
dongjunnumans: Thanks:)12:07
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elurkkiI haven't been tried it because I do not know yet how to do it12:08
elurkkiI think tenant could use OVN to create NATs etc..12:09
elurkkiBut I do not yet know how to do that12:09
numanselurkki, are you using openstack or plain OVN ?12:10
numanselurkki, then you have to use the "neutron" commands to create private networks12:10
numansand attach it to a neutron router12:10
numanselurkki, i suppose you are familiar with these :)12:11
elurkkiI am yes12:11
elurkkiIf tenatn wants to create private network, should I care about NAT rules somehow ?12:12
elurkki(I am yes) -> probably ;)12:12
numanselurkki, it should be transparent. those private networks should be connected to a neutron router and you need to add the gateway to the neutron router12:13
numanselurkki, OVN neutron plugin would take care of adding the NAT rules in the OVN North bound db.12:14
elurkkiThat sounds really cool12:15
elurkkiI need to test a little bit more here then12:15
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elurkkinumans: Router port towards private net keeps itself DOWN12:45
numanselurkki, you mean you are not able to ping the gateway ip ?12:45
numanselurkki, its a known issue. if you add a security group rule to allow icmp it would work12:46
elurkkiThe Routers->Interfaces port is DOWN12:46
elurkkisecurity gorup rule & ICMP should fix this as well ?12:47
elurkkiSorry for caps, just read from browser and write it like that :)12:47
elurkkiI didn't mean to shout it12:47
elurkkinumans: And security group rules did the trick. Thanks again12:50
numanselurkki, no issues :)12:51
elurkkiOne issue still12:51
elurkkiBut I think it is my own routing issue12:51
elurkkiDNS can not be pinged12:52
elurkkiIt is in public net12:52
elurkkiI think my provider network can not talk to other networks but we shall see later on12:52
elurkkiNow it is time for Easter12:52
elurkkiWe shall see later on. And thanks again for all the help.12:53
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openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: Extend ACLs protocol support (WIP)
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