Wednesday, 2017-08-02

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amotokihi, networking-ovn cores, could you review doc-migration patches?08:20
amotokinetworking-ovn is one of four neutron stadium projects which have not completed the doc-migration thing.08:20
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numansamotoki, ack.09:15
numansi will take a look.09:15
amotokinumans: thanks09:49
numansamotoki, can you please tell me how to test that patch - is there any command i can run09:49
amotokinumans: for the first patch "Improve oslo-config-generator setting", you can check expected sample files are generated by running 'tox -e genconfig'09:51
numansamotoki, thanks.09:51
amotokinumans: in addition, while you may notice it, ./tools/ does the same thing.09:52
numansamotoki, ok.09:53
amotokinumans: I am not sure why networking-ovn does not call ./tools/ in tox genconfig target, but I just try to keep the current commands.09:53
numansi will try to see why09:54
amotokii am fine to update the patches.09:55
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openstackgerritDaniel Alvarez proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: Fix gate by skipping neutron test
dalvareznumans, lucasagomes anilvenkata ^10:42
lucasagomesdalvarez, thanks!10:43
dalvarezopenstackgerrit, joined just for me!10:43
Guest14numans : around L115 ^11:11
Guest14you have a question in there ;D11:11
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ajoI was Guest11:11
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ajoanilvenkata checked your l3ha patch on networking-ovn, makes sense11:23
ajothanks! :D11:23
anilvenkataajo, thanks Miguel, I will work on tests then11:23
numansamotoki, that's cool :)11:35
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amotokinumans: thanks11:45
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ajooh thanks amotoki!12:43
ajo(for the doc migration patches)12:44
amotokiajo: np, just waiting for landing and hope networking-ovn will disappear from here soon:
ajonice burndown chart12:45
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* lucasagomes checks13:07
lucasagomesoh that's the patch to skip the tests13:07
lucasagomesand if we don't skip, that tests passes ? dalvarez13:08
* lucasagomes feels like we have no unittest at all heh13:08
dalvarezit does for me likely apparently13:08
dalvarezlocally* sorry13:08
dalvarezseems unrelated13:08
dalvarez2017-08-02 10:55:19.825862 | 2017-08-02 10:55:19.825 |     Error: [('system library', 'fopen', 'No such file or directory'), ('BIO routines', 'file_ctrl', 'system lib'), ('SSL routines', 'SSL_CTX_use_PrivateKey_file', 'system lib')]13:09
dalvarezweird :S13:09
dalvarezlucasagomes, however unit tests pass13:10
dalvarezit's functional failing13:10
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lucasagomesdalvarez, the other failures seems to be a schema change maybe ? Cause from the two outputs being tests, one include two extra keys: name and severity13:13
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dalvarezlucasagomes, looks like13:31
dalvareznumans, ^? know about this?13:31
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-openstackstatus- NOTICE: We have disable infracloud-vanilla due to the compute host running mirror.regionone.infracloud-vanilla.o.o being offline. Please recheck your failed jobs to schedule them to another cloud.13:57
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ajodalvarez, I didn't get your metadata agent to load somehow14:18
dalvarezajo, tell me14:18
ajowhat am I missing?14:19
ajooh wait14:19
ajomay be it's working this time : ==> compute1: Created symlink from /etc/systemd/system/ to /etc/systemd/system/devstack@networking-ovn-metadata-agent.service.14:19
ajo==> compute1: 2017-08-02 13:33:14.409 | Starting Nova14:19
ajo1 sec %)14:19
dalvarezajo, :)14:20
ajo[vagrant@compute1 ~]$ ps fax | grep metadata14:20
ajo12902 pts/0    S+     0:00              \_ grep --color=auto metadata14:20
ajonothing there ?14:20
ajo* devstack@networking-ovn-metadata-agent.service                    loaded failed failed    Devstack devstack@networking-ovn-metadata-agent.service14:21
ajo. /etc/neutron/neutron.conf does not exist in compute nodes14:22
ajodalvarez what are you using from there?14:22
dalvarezajo, prolly nothing i think we can remove that14:23
ajodalvarez dont' you need the nova metadata endpoint or anything?14:23
ajodalvarez do we need to colocate the neutron-metadata service?14:24
dalvarezajo we can also remove ml2_conf.ini but I need to set [ovn] settings for connection to sb database14:24
dalvarezwhich is currently there14:24
dalvarezajo that's in metadata agent config file14:24
ajolet me try14:24
dalvarezajo i'll send a patch to devstack to need only metadata config ini by setting the connection strings in ovn section of metadata agent14:25
ajo Could not retrieve schema from tcp: Connection refused14:25
dalvarezajo yeah that's what i said :P14:25
ajoI guess it needs to be pointed to the primary node14:25
ajoack :)14:25
dalvarezi need to fix that ajo... will do it shortly14:26
dalvarezso that devstack writes the connection settings into metadata agent ini14:26
otherwiseguylucasagomes, are you working on the gate failures with the functional sync tests?14:27
lucasagomesotherwiseguy, not really I think dalvarez is on it14:28
otherwiseguy(or know if someone is and I missed it?)14:28
lucasagomesI just skimmed thru the logs to see if I could find something obvious14:28
dalvarezlucasagomes, lucasagomes i just posted the patch to unbreak the unit tests14:28
dalvarezotherwiseguy, ^14:28
otherwiseguyok. just looking at the diff between the dicts it is testing, one has 'name' and 'severity' keys, the other doesn't.14:28
dalvarezbut didn't look much into the functional tests14:28
otherwiseguyI have a patch in neutron to unbreak some unit tests as well.14:29
lucasagomesotherwiseguy, yeah, it seems to be related to a schema change, right ?14:29
otherwiseguylucasagomes, dalvarez yeah, I assume so.14:29
otherwiseguyHaven't looked much other than just writing a script to parse the copy/paste failure output.14:30
otherwiseguyjust making sure someone was working on it and that I gave what info I had. :p14:31
otherwiseguydalvarez, Here is the quick patch I wrote for neutron:
otherwiseguyIt's a little hacky, but it was mostly just "unbreak the damn gate" :p14:32
dalvarezotherwiseguy, yeah i thought of that too but it's a bit hacky14:32
dalvarezotherwiseguy, right i did this instead:
dalvarezi'd like to find out why we have 3 update events but need to finish some stuff by tomorrow and been too busy :(14:33
otherwiseguydalvarez, we set a port state to active it looks like from the output.14:33
dalvarezotherwiseguy, and doesn't it happen in neutron?14:33
ajodalvarez about the metadata thing, I guess that if we don't configure the networking-ovn plugin itself, the connection strings are not set on the compute nodes, right?14:34
otherwiseguyyamamoto mentioned that it might be happening in _port_provisioned(), but I haven't looked into it.14:35
dalvarezajo exactly that's why i want to ptch devstack to write the connection strings into metadata agent config file too14:35
dalvarezotherwiseguy, in _port_provisioned we complete the provisioning block14:35
dalvarezotherwiseguy, this causes the plugin to try to bind the port and then port's updated14:35
dalvarezand is then set to ACTIVE14:36
otherwiseguydalvarez, it looked like the intent of the patch that addeded the before_after test was really that at least two notifications happened, so it seemed like just doing >= 2 would be fine. might be some more of the test to edit.14:36
otherwiseguybut i don't actually know much about the surrounding code, I just wanted to be able to run tests. :p14:37
dalvarezotherwiseguy, yeah but also yamamoto's concern seems valid... if we allow more than 2 then we assuming that the first two ones will always be those?14:37
dalvarezotherwiseguy, yeah that's why i submitted the patch to skip it :D14:37
dalvarezuntil we have some more time to investigate14:37
otherwiseguyWell, if it is happening in _port_provisioned() that sounds like what would always happen last. :D14:37
dalvarezi mean... your patch's fine to me too :p14:37
dalvarezotherwiseguy, good point14:37
dalvarezmaybe we can rely on that14:38
otherwiseguyI also like deleting unit tests in favor of functional tests as an option too. Because I'm a nut. :P14:39
otherwiseguyIn any case, it looks like you all are on fixing the gate, so I'll just move back to my "use ovsdbapp" patch. :p14:40
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dalvarezotherwiseguy, :p  but now functional tests are failing :(14:58
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/ovsdbapp master: Add OVN_Southbound API support
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openstackgerritTerry Wilson proposed openstack/ovsdbapp master: Add RowView versions of db_find and db_list
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