Wednesday, 2017-08-09

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otherwiseguyrussellb, The odd thing is, I don't think the string PKG_CHECK_MODULES should actually be in configure's as if the generation of the configure script is broken. but i have a xenial vm and am not reproducing.14:40
russellbotherwiseguy: right, it's a macro ..14:41
russellbautotools \o/14:41
otherwiseguyyeah, it's quite odd. Running recheck just to see if it goes away (though it has been there for several runs). The check queue is at that should take a while.14:50
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openstackgerritMiguel Angel Ajo proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: Support for L3 gateway HA
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn master: Rename 'ns-metadata-proxy' config dir to 'ovn-metadata-proxy'
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russellbotherwiseguy: any luck narrowing it down?18:00
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openstackgerritvenkata anil proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: schedule gateway on chassis with external connectivity
otherwiseguyrussellb, looks like the latest run magically who knows.18:19
otherwiseguyrussellb, actually, just saw this from commit yesterday: 5dc451b65fa567716b930da88ef440023df082fb18:21
otherwiseguySo apparently Ben fixed it.18:22
otherwiseguywhich would explain why I couldn't reproduce. :p18:22
otherwiseguyTHIS SHOULD WORK! (because it is already fixed)18:22
* otherwiseguy sighs18:22
* otherwiseguy has been reading over the syncing proposal18:23
russellbcool - i like it18:23
russellbwhat i don't like: that gnome-terminal keeps crashing and i haven't figured out why18:23
otherwiseguyi'm pretty sure i like it. just trying to think of alternatives.18:23
otherwiseguyrussellb, there are lots of things built-in to the OVSDB for handling some of the issues. the verify() call in the IDL, the NB_Global nb_cfg/sb_cfg/hv_cfg values, etc.18:24
otherwiseguyjust trying to think of ways that they could be leveraged.18:25
russellbyes ... verify() should be used on the external-ids to ensure that the version number is still what we think it is18:25
russellband i thought about the _cfg vars ... problem with syncing anything on those is that they are indeed global18:25
russellband a global lock is far from ideal18:25
otherwiseguyI mean, you could store the nb_cfg value that you increment as an external_id on the object you create... :p18:27
otherwiseguyrussellb, re: syncing. since the solution is row-level locks, we'd still have the issue of order-dependent mutli-object operations occurring on different servers? e.g. network/port create?18:51
otherwiseguyrussellb, like what you worked around here:
russellbyep, this doesn't help that18:53
russellband i'm not sure journaling did either ...18:53
russellbi haven't thought of anything too great for that except "wait and retry" in the dependent cases where we know the IDL may just need to catch up18:53
otherwiseguyrussellb, a generic object dependency system :D18:55
otherwiseguyAnything with a foreign key relationship, require version matching for multiple objects?18:56
* otherwiseguy is still not really up to date on how all of the oslo versioned object/neutron db stuff really works18:58
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russellbotherwiseguy: yeah, something like that ..19:09
otherwiseguyrussellb, In ovsdbapp, for testing, I created a RowEvent that would essentially do a wait() for an object to be created:
otherwiseguyCould do something like that. When creating a port, do a wait_for_network() call, etc.19:10
otherwiseguyrussellb, used like
russellbyeah, though we're not really waiting on something to happen on the server side, we're waiting for our client to catch up19:12
russellbso seems odd to issue a server command19:13
otherwiseguyif anyone has time for a review: needs a second +219:30
russellbdalvarez:  metadata related patch19:35
openstackgerritMerged openstack/ovsdbapp master: Add RowView versions of db_find and db_list
otherwiseguyrussellb, thx19:44
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