Thursday, 2017-09-07

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openstackgerritxurong00037997 proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: DHCP options for subnet synchronize each time when run ovn db sync or restart neutron-server, it is because there is no classless_static_route for metadata.
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lucasagomesnumans, apparently the patch didn't work09:09
lucasagomesnumans, I think we will need to change tempest to accomodate that missing ping from ovn09:09
numanslucasagomes, :(. i am looking into the tempest changes.09:11
lucasagomescool, we can add a hacky patch just to see if that's the cause of the job being failing09:11
lucasagomeslike just fake the result of that method to always succeed09:11
lucasagomesif it works we can then upload a proper patch09:11
openstackgerritxurong00037997 proposed openstack/networking-ovn master: DHCP options for subnet synchronize each time
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/networking-ovn master: Set requested-chassis with binding host_id.
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numanslucasagomes, fingeres crossed -
* lucasagomes looks10:50
lucasagomesnumans, good stuff on forking tempest for the test (-:10:51
numanslucasagomes, luckily ooo-extras provided the option :)10:51
numanslucasagomes, here is the tempest clone -
numanslucasagomes, i have by passed the ping validation and put some prints. hope it passes now :)10:53
lucasagomescool :D10:55
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numanslucasagomes, if you grep for 'run_validation' it is set to False10:59
numansi wonder if we should set it to true10:59
numansany thoughts ?10:59
lucasagomesnumans, I would have to dig in the tempest code to see exactly what that config does to be honest10:59
lucasagomesby it's name it sounds like yeah we want to run the validations11:00
lucasagomesbut, config names in openstack can be misleading sometimes heh11:00
* lucasagomes looks 11:00
lucasagomesnumans, it has always been false ?11:01
lucasagomescause the patch increasing the ping count uses validations, no ?11:01
numanslucasagomes, yes.11:02
numanslucasagomes, in the case of tripleo yes, its set to true11:02
numanslucasagomes, let me check11:02
numanslucasagomes, ignore my comment,11:03
numanslucasagomes, i think its ok :)11:03
numansgot confused with the names. still confused11:04
lucasagomeshah ok we will find out in a few anyway11:04
lucasagomesI hear you, sometimes even the help string does not help much11:04
numanslucasagomes, if you see this log in networking-ovn job, we see the same ERROR but still the tests pass11:06
lucasagomesotherwiseguy, around ? Am I doing something wrong here or the ovsdb locks does not work ?
lucasagomesnumans, ^ if you have a min11:07
lucasagomesnumans, looking11:07
numanslucasagomes, i think its a bit early for otherwiseguy :)11:07
lucasagomesnumans, hmmmm strange yeah... It's hard cause I don't see any other explicit errors on that oooq run11:08
lucasagomesso I thought the ping could have something to deal with it11:08
lucasagomesbut now I don't know, if this other tests is passing even when pinging is failing11:08
numanslucasagomes, i would suggest you enable the debug logs in ovsdb-server and monitor the log, you would clearly see a json rpc message to acquire the lock11:08
lucasagomesnumans, lemme do it11:09
numanslucasagomes, you could use ovs-appclt -t <CONTROL_SOCKET_PATH> vlog/set dbg11:09
numansi suppose11:09
numansyour test app exits after the print ?11:09
numanslucasagomes, may be you can put  a while loop or sleep of 5 seconds and then see the status11:10
lucasagomesI'm just checking whether it got the lock or not11:10
lucasagomeshmm good point11:10
lucasagomeslemme see11:10
numanslucasagomes, it would take some time for the lock reply11:10
lucasagomesnumans, oh right11:10
lucasagomesyeah that could be it then11:11
lucasagomesthanks numans !11:11
lucasagomesnumans, yup does work :D11:13
numanslucasagomes, cool11:13
lucasagomesnumans, hah I will dig into it but, something is odd about this locks:
lucasagomesbasically both idls got the lock with the same name11:19
lucasagomesthere's a race there  maybe ?!11:19
numanslucasagomes, i think the problem is both of them have the same IDL connection :)11:19
numanslucasagomes, its as per design :)11:20
numanslucasagomes, let me point you to the code11:20
* lucasagomes checks the get_connection()11:20
lucasagomescause I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to use the locks for the maintenance thread11:20
lucasagomesoh gotcha11:21
lucasagomesoh right it's a class attribute11:22
numanslucasagomes, you have to either fork or run two test apps11:22
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* lucasagomes thinks how he will use these locks now11:22
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lucasagomesnumans, I said I didn't need that patch to acquire multiple locks with different names in the same idl but, I'm hitting it now with my code heh I probably will work around it another way12:59
lucasagomesbut yeah, now ovsdb_monitor and the maintenance thread is trying to get the lock12:59
lucasagomesand end up overwritting one another12:59
numanslucasagomes, so do you need that feature ?13:00
numanslucasagomes, or you have a different way to address ?13:00
lucasagomesnumans, well it would come handy with my current design13:00
lucasagomesdunno if I actually need it13:00
lucasagomesI will see13:00
lucasagomesI was reusing the same idl I had on the mech driver13:00
lucasagomesI could probably just instantiate a new one, but, let's see...13:01
* lucasagomes wants to avoid create moar in-memory replicas13:01
russellbHi everyone ... this has come up a few times before, but we're long overdue for retiring this IRC channel and just using #openstack-neutron ... so let's do that starting now.13:07
russellbhm ... I don't have ops in here anymore13:08
russellbwill look into how to get ops to update topic ...13:08
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*** russellb changes topic to "THIS CHANNEL IS DEPRECATED. Please use #openstack-neutron for all OpenStack+OVN discussion."13:09
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