Monday, 2015-10-12

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/futurist: Have the executor stats object repr look like the watcher repr
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openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/oslo.rootwrap: Fix Python 3 issues
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openstackgerritVictor Stinner proposed openstack/oslo.rootwrap: Fix Python 3 issues in tests
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kashyapHi, when is the next release of oslo.reports?09:31
kashyapPer GitHub, last release seems to be on 27AUG09:33
kashyapI ask because of this --
kashyap(See comment from Matt Riedemann.)09:37
haypodims & dhellmann are the two release manager for oslo09:37
kashyaphaypo: Thanks, will wait for one of them to notice it.09:37
kashyapJust curious, there's no agreed upon release cadence?09:38
haypoi wrote two changes on the releases project, but i got a -1 from dhellmann so i don't know if it's the right way to ask for a release09:38
haypodhellmann voted -1 because he wanted to see a +2 from the PTL of the project owner, but the PTL is dims09:39
haypoand dims asked me write the change :-)09:39
kashyaphaypo: What do you mean you "wrote two changes on the releases project"?09:39
haypokashyap: &
* kashyap clicks09:40
haypoi don't think that the releases project is well known09:41
kashyapYeah, I might have vaguely heard of it, but ETOOMANYPROJECTS to remember :-)09:42
openstackgerritDmitriy Ukhlov proposed openstack/oslo-specs: Adds rabbitmq-pika-driver spec
openstackgerritDmitriy Ukhlov proposed openstack/oslo.messaging: Implements rabbit-pika driver
openstackgerritOleksii Zamiatin proposed openstack/oslo.messaging: Fix target resolution mismatch in neutron, nova, heat
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dukhlovsileht: Hello10:50
openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.messaging: Fix typo in rpc/ and notify/
dukhlovsileht: could we talk a little bit about your comments in pika driver review10:51
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openstackgerritenikanorov proposed openstack/oslo.db: Add debug logging for DB retry attempt.
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silehtdukhlov, sure11:20
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dukhlovsileht: I haven't understand your comment could you explain again11:22
dukhlovOther drivers retry indefinitely, I don't think application that consume the lib will handle the fact that connection can fail. This introduce a thing/API that application should handle.11:23
dukhlovI'm not saying retry indefinitely is a bad thing, but we need to ensure application can handle this if we go this way.11:23
dukhlovYou said that other drivers retries indefinitely11:24
silehtdukhlov, about retrying reconnection we have two aspects, the connection used by listener and the connections used by sender11:24
sileht* the application expects that the connection used by listener retries indefinitely11:25
sileht* the connections used by sender retries indefinitely by default, except if it passed the parameter 'retry=' to send_notification11:26
silehtdukhlov, does that make sense ?11:26
dukhlovsileht: for listeners - 100%11:28
silehtdukhlov, also, for listener, the oslo.messaging executor will retry too, if you raise a something unexpected11:28
dukhlovsileht: yes, therefore I'm not catching anything in poll method of lister and don't care about retries at all11:29
dukhlovsileht: but about senders... I actually don't know a lot of information about our requirements and project's needs11:30
dukhlovsileht: I just analyzed old implementation of rabbit driver11:30
silehtdukhlov, all drivers actually retries indefinitely or honor retry= parameter11:31
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silehtdukhlov, for rpc replies that can looks weird.11:31
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silehtbecause when if we reconnect after the rpc-timeout of the other, many messages are sent for nothing11:32
dukhlovok clear11:34
silehtdukhlov, the current rpc implementation is an 'almost-once' delivery one11:34
silehtdukhlov, I'm sure some applications want something better that, but for most of them this is sufficient11:35
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dukhlovsileht: understud, thanks, let us continue communication via review process11:36
silehtsome application (cinder) have written a PoC with a stronger delevery, for they HA stuffs, but that increases a lot the complexity of the application, and finally keep the 'almost-once' delivery and write simplier stuffs that doesn't require oslo.messaging and doesn't increase the cinder complexity11:37
silehts/doesn't require oslo.messaging/doesn't require oslo.messaging changes/11:37
silehtdukhlov, thx for your works, I'm really happy to see a new driver from scrath, we can fix many (hard to fix) design issues that the other one has11:39
dimsum__dukhlov: if you can address the changes needed in - i'll ping folks to review11:39
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dukhlovsileht: Thank you too for feedback and a lot of income information11:42
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dukhlovdimsum__: hm, devstack devs said that they don't want to support more than one rpc backend.11:43
dukhlovdimsum__: It seems that I didn't understand devstack purpouse.11:44
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dukhlovI thought that it is just all in one deployment tool and should support all possible deployments11:44
dimsum__dukhlov: let's make the change 'externally set value is either rabbit or, i guess, "pika"'11:45
dimsum__dukhlov: and add a link to the pika BP11:45
dukhlovdimsum__: I prefer abandon that patch and create devstack plugin. It requers a lot of copy/paste11:47
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dukhlov1) we can remove old rabbit_* options and use transport url based configuration11:48
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dukhlov2) we dont need devstack patch11:50
dukhlovin current review of specification I have got a few recommendation to remove old rabbit options11:51
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abhishekkdimsum__: hi11:54
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dimsum__abhishekk: hi11:57
abhishekkdimsum__: need approval on
dimsum__abhishekk: will you be able to join the oslo weekly call in 4 hours?11:58
dimsum__abhishekk: we have to get rid of oslo-incubator in M, so may need a new home for this work11:59
abhishekkdimsum__: I will try to attend, (I am in different time-zone)11:59
dimsum__abhishekk: ack thanks11:59
abhishekkdimsum__: any pointers where it need to be added??12:00
dimsum__that's on topic for a tokyo discussion12:00
abhishekkdimsum__: thank you for the update12:01
dimsum__abhishekk: if projects still want to use it, we will have to create a library out of it. guessing you are adding it there because you see some consumers of that code and it seems logical to do it there. '12:02
abhishekkdimsum__: right12:02
dimsum__abhishekk: what about the other projects that do not use this code?12:03
abhishekkdimsum__: it has been discussed in cross-project specs and it is approved12:03
dimsum__abhishekk: that was not the question :)12:03
dimsum__ack thanks12:04
abhishekkdimsum__: :) are you pointing about openstack-sdk?12:04
dimsum__abhishekk: no, just curious what would be done in projects not syncing this code from apiclient12:05
abhishekkdimsum__: ohh got it12:06
abhishekkdimsum__: I will add this topic in today's agenda and will try to attend the meeting12:10
haypodimsum__: hi. kashyap asked what is the process to ask for a release of oslo.reports12:10
haypodimsum__: last time i asked, you suggested me to propose a change for openstack/releases, but dhellmann voted -112:10
haypodimsum__: does his vote mean that it's the wrong process?12:11
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dimsum__haypo: nope, it means that someone who usually does releases for oslo should +1 before the release team would consider it.12:16
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haypodimsum__: but, the good way to ask for a release is to ping you, or to prepare the change for openstack/releases?12:17
dimsum__haypo: it's going in today -
dimsum__haypo: either one, as long as i +1 soon after it gets created12:18
haypodimsum__: hum, do you release oslo.* each monday?12:18
haypokashyap: oslo.reports will be released quickly, see
dimsum__haypo: it's bulk today since master has not been released for a while now.12:18
kashyaphaypo: Looking12:19
dimsum__haypo: yes, we try to release weekly12:19
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kashyapdimsum__: and haypo: Thanks for the pointer.12:19
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kashyapdimsum__: For context: I was asking for a new release because, mriedem_away raised a very good point about bumping "minimum required version bump for oslo.reports" before approving that s/USR1/USR2/ change.12:20
dimsum__kashyap: ack12:20
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openstackgerritOleksii Zamiatin proposed openstack/oslo.messaging: Fix target resolution mismatch in neutron, nova, heat
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mhorban1@harlowja: Hello! Question about 'notifier' lib: What is the next step to make it part of openstack? When will it be available in
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openstackgerritOleksii Zamiatin proposed openstack/oslo.messaging: Fix target resolution mismatch in neutron, nova, heat
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harlowja_at_homemriedem_away, if u get a chance can u look over
harlowja_at_homethere is some questions about 'who would possibly use this' and i was thinking nova might be a candiate (due to time logging u have been adding)15:48
bknudsonI'm seeing a lot of failures when I run tox -e py27 in keystone15:54
bknudsonpkg_resources.ContextualVersionConflict: (requests 2.8.0 (/opt/stack/keystone/.tox/py27/lib/python2.7/site-packages), Requirement.parse('requests!=2.8.0,>=2.5.2'), set(['oslo.policy']))15:54
harlowja_at_homerequests :(15:54
dims__5 mins to oslo meeting15:55
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bknudsonkeystone has "requests!=2.8.0,>=2.5.2" in test-requirements.txt.15:56
bknudsonand oslo.policy has it in requirements.txt... must be picking it up from somewhere15:57
harlowja_at_homeoslo.policy has the same "requests!=2.8.0,>=2.5.2 ?15:57
harlowja_at_homelifeless,  is that dep solver for pip merged yet :)15:58
bknudsonhe he15:58
harlowja_at_homelifeless, oh, what about funcsigs to ?15:58
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bknudsonI found it surprising how many projects had requests in requirements or test-requirments :(15:59
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harlowja_at_homeya, i'd be nice if the python stdlib offered something that would imho basically make requests not needed16:00
harlowja_at_homethen this whole debate and vendoring and all that would go away...16:00
harlowja_at_homemaybe someday...16:00
harlowja_at_home(and no thats not urllib, lol)16:00
haypoharlowja_at_home: requests was proposed one to be added to python stdlib, but the request was rejected16:02
harlowja_at_homehaypo, right, i remmeber that16:02
harlowja_at_homesoooo then we need something else :-P16:02
haypoif i recall directly, it has many embedded dependencies and authors don't want to maintain it in the python stdlib16:02
harlowja_at_homeyup, the same vendoring issue16:02
harlowja_at_homeso haypo u need to make a replacement for requests, and then get that included into the stdlib16:03
harlowja_at_home*by tommorow16:04
* harlowja_at_home i'm honestly surprised nobody has gotten frustrated enough just to do that, but i guess people are not frustrated enough yet, ha16:08
haypothe ssl has been improved a lot in python 3, it's an important part of requests16:09
haypo(validate SSL/TLS cert, it's now done by default in python too)16:09
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harlowja_at_homeright, i remember requests had alot of code around that stuffs16:09
haypothere is also a chardet (detect encoding) if i recall correctly16:10
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* rpodolyaka1 leaves early16:28
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dims__ozamiatin: ping16:33
dims__ozamiatin: hmm, something broke -
ozamiatindims__: looking16:33
openstackgerritJulien Danjou proposed openstack/oslo.log: handlers: make pyinotify really optional
ozamiatindims__: is this log running from master?16:36
mriedem_awayharlowja_at_home: done16:41
dims__ozamiatin: release this morning16:42
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ozamiatindims__: I've fixed this issue in my patches ...16:47
*** harlowja_at_home has quit IRC16:47
ozamiatindims__: It is caused by that function✓&q=zmq_names.socket_type_str16:47
dims__ozamiatin: submit a review? we can fast track it16:48
ozamiatindims__: ok, need just check it16:49
ozamiatindims__: We can try to comment out this line
ozamiatindims__: I'll make a patch16:49
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*** geoffarn_ has joined #openstack-oslo16:58
dims__ozamiatin: weird, we did not catch it in any oslo.messaging jobs or the travis nova jobs i had16:59
ihrachysdims__: aware of ?16:59
openstackLaunchpad bug 1505295 in neutron "Tox tests failing with AttributeError" [Undecided,New]16:59
ihrachysdims__: breaking unit tests for multiple projects. can it be some oslo.msg release?17:00
ozamiatindims__: It's confixture issue, when we haven't imported zmq17:00
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lifelessharlowja: heh17:05
lifelessbknudson: 2.8.0 was bust bust bust17:05
lifelessbknudson: if you're seeing it used, something has a non-excluding reference to it that pip encounters17:06
lifelessbknudson: the !2.8.0 ting is coming from global-requirements17:06
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openstackgerritOleksii Zamiatin proposed openstack/oslo.messaging: Fix failures when zmq is not available.
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ozamiatindims__: ^^17:11
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dims__ozamiatin: can you check against nova?17:38
*** nikhil has joined #openstack-oslo17:39
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dims__ozamiatin: functional test failure -
*** achanda has joined #openstack-oslo17:47
dims__jd__: flaper87: what do you think of this? instead of this
ozamiatindims__: yeah will do17:52
dims__ozamiatin: is that functional test flakey?17:53
lifelessdims__: whats up ?17:53
bknudsonlifeless: y, I wonder where it's coming from.17:59
bknudsonthe gate is failing --
harlowjadims__ shall we send out i haven't heard anything from ttx :-/18:00
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*** geoffarnold has joined #openstack-oslo18:02
dims__harlowja: sure18:03
harlowjai'll make a letter, if u want to check it out, make sure its all ok, then i guess i can send (or u can if u want)18:04
dims__sounds good harlowja18:04
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bknudsonopened a bug
openstackLaunchpad bug 1505326 in Keystone "Unit tests failing with requests 2.8.0" [Undecided,New]18:06
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lifelessbknudson: you can look in the tox logs for that18:19
lifelessbknudson: we need a finished job to look on the static site18:19
bknudsonlifeless: y, I found it in the tox log. it's keystoneclient18:19
bknudsonthe cap is in master but it's not released18:19
bknudsonso I think I need to propose a change to openstack/releases18:19
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ihrachysflaper87: up for a chat on oslo.msg?18:28
lifelessbknudson: your workaround would be to add requests to test-requirements in keystnoe18:30
lifelessbknudson: thats a 2-second thing to fix it18:30
bknudsonlifeless: keystone has requests!=2.8.0,>=2.5.2 in test-requirements.txt18:31
bknudsoncan I put "/opt/stack/python-keystoneclient" in requirements.txt instead of python-keystoneclient?18:31
harlowjadims__ see if u can open
harlowjanot sure if it will work for u, but thats the current idear18:34
dims__harlowja: last question "like/dislike" may be better18:36
bknudson"-e git+file:///opt/stack/python-keystoneclient#egg=keystoneauth" worked18:36
bknudsonnow it's keystonemiddleware is the culprit18:36
ozamiatindims__: very strange, locally test passed, seems something happened with infra18:41
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openstackgerritJoshua Harlow proposed openstack/oslo.utils: Add useful 'time_it' decorator
bknudsonhow is there an oslo.cache 0.8.0 but it's not in openstack/releases repo?19:37
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/oslosphinx: fix html-page-context event handler
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslosphinx: fix html-page-context event handler
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mriedemgah you know what's annoying? py34 doesn't like exc_info if you're not in an exception handler, but stack_info kwarg didn't exist until py 3.220:25
mriedemso if i want traceback in py27 i have to make a conditional check in the code20:26
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mriedemi.e. LOG.error(err, exc_info=True)20:31
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mriedembecause of
dims__#success 23 steps forward, 2 steps backward - @OpenStack #Oslo releases today20:32
openstackstatusdims__: Added success to Success page20:32
bknudsonhe he20:32
bknudsonbtw keystone unit tests also broke with oslo.policy 0.12.020:32
bknudsonsince it has those same tests that neutron has20:33
dims__bknudson: the http call using requests?20:33
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bknudsonyes, not sure why every project thinks it needs to test policy.20:33
dims__bknudson: relic from old from oslo-incubator i think20:34
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bknudsony, maybe it's even older than that.20:34
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bknudsonhmmm. for some reason oslo.policy doesn't have the tests that are in keystone test_policy even though that's all test_policy is.20:37
dims__bknudson: maybe we should move them back to oslo.policy? :)20:37
bknudsonprobably, let me see if it's hard.20:37
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jd__dims__: it's sad you had a "fix" for the non-Linux issue on oslo.log but the thing got released anyway…21:04
jd__releasing library you know had issue sounds like a bad idea21:05
dims__jd__: ack. i share the sadness21:13
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jd__dims__: :)21:18
jd__dims__: let's just say that now that everything is automated should not mean someone should use his/her itchy trigger finger to release anytime :p21:19
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stevemar_dims__: dhellmann what happened with the releases today? did oslo.cache get released without going through?21:21
dims__jd__: we do talk about releases every week. we have a schedule for releasing on mon/tue.21:22
jd__dims__: well it does not seem to work that well considering you have patch that indicates the current master branch is going to break things under review and you ignore it21:24
jd__dims__: please don't take any offense21:24
dims__jd__: not going to apologize for making a release. we all need to make an effort on both reviews and bugs21:25
dims__stevemar_: what's up?21:25
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dims__stevemar_: i pulled the trigger on
dims__which oslo.cache change did not make it?21:25
jd__dims__: nah I don't want anybody to apologize, I'm just trying to explain that it's the kind of thing that push people away of using Oslo21:26
stevemar_dims__: i was away all day, what was going on with the releases? i am referring to brant's comment (oslo.cache 0.8.0 is already released)21:26
claudiubdims__: hello21:26
claudiubdims__: do you have a moment?21:26
dims__claudiub: pong21:26
claudiubdims__: so, I noticed that there is a new dependency in oslo.log21:27
dims__stevemar_: all the releases for today happened just before the oslo meeting21:27
claudiubdims__: released in oslo.log==1.12.021:27
dims__claudiub: yes, the pyinotify one snuck in, jd__ was just talking about that21:27
stevemar_dims__: coolio21:27
claudiubdims__: yeah, it's causing our CI builds to fail, as it tries to install that dependency on Windows, and it is not supported21:28
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dims__claudiub: and are the options, we should pick one of them and we can make another release21:29
dims__claudiub: was filed a week ago :( sorry fell off the radaar21:29
claudiubdims__: cool, thanks for the links, will take a look. :)21:30
jd__dims__: I abandoned mine, let's go for yours you seem to take care :)21:30
dims__claudiub: jd__: need to get it working with latest first. give me a little bit of time21:31
jd__dims__: np21:31
claudiubdims__: no problem.21:31
openstackgerritJoshua Harlow proposed openstack/oslo-specs: Add failure remoting best-of-breed spec
harlowjadims__ ok another library ^21:35
harlowjalifeless if u get a chance, can u put that in your queue to21:36
harlowjashould be at a stage where analysis is done on 4 similar models, annd a suggestion as to where to go21:36
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harlowjasileht ^21:38
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harlowjau might be interested to21:38
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jd__hum I might have another regression…21:39
* harlowja didn't do it21:39
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dims__harlowja blames dims :)21:40
openstackgerritDavanum Srinivas (dims) proposed openstack/oslo.log: Allow oslo.log to work on non-linux platforms
dims__jd__: claudiub: ^^^21:40
jd__I'm bisecting21:40
dims__claudiub: test it please :)21:41
claudiubjust a few sec21:41
dims__no hurries, i know it's late for you all21:41
dims__jd__: what's the other regression?21:42
jd__dims__: I can't build the Gnocchi docs with the new oslosphinx21:42
jd__dims__: I'm digging… :)21:42
harlowjaprobably issue with gnochi21:42
dims__jd__: already dealt with it.21:42
jd__ /kick harlowja21:43
dims__jd__: will release it tonight21:43
jd__ah yeah21:43
jd__ok cool21:43
jd__then I can go to sleep! :-)21:43
dims__jd__: that API was just released this AM, so we should be fine :)21:43
jd__dims__: ok :) just sayin'21:44
dims__jd__: need your +2 :)21:44
jd__you got i21:44
dims__harlowja: please bless that one as well :)21:44
dims__jd__: claudiub: ack will get this out tonight21:44
jd__too bad I lost my +2 power on requirements21:44
* harlowja gets out my magic wand21:44
jd__… and I never thought I'd say that one day21:44
* dims__ gets up to grab something to eat21:45
claudiubdims__: done, lgtm. :)21:46
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* harlowja will ok once jenkins reports back21:53
* harlowja thinks that should almost be a seperate library or something, a logging add-on perhaps21:54
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dims__harlowja: y22:04
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openstackgerritLin Hua Cheng proposed openstack/oslo.utils: Add 'secret' to sensitive keys
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.messaging: Fix failures when zmq is not available.
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harlowjadims_ messaging around if u want to send that, i can finalize the survey and get u a link22:34
harlowjawhich i think is
harlowjaif u want to send that, or not, or whatever :-P22:36
harlowja (with url inside it)22:39
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dims_harlowja: add "This will help us plan Mitaka deliverables" somewhere?22:47
dims_harlowja: +1 otherwise please go ahead22:47
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harlowjaah good idear22:47
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harlowja sent22:51
harlowjawill look at results in a week, ha22:51
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/oslo.versionedobjects: Updated from global requirements
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