Saturday, 2018-03-03

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alena_egorovaHello everybody!04:36
alena_egorovaI'm a student from Russia and I want to make a contribution because I'm taking part in Outreachy program and OpenStack seems interesting to me.04:36
alena_egorovaI have already set up an environment (git, gerrit, atom). Do you have any suggestions of what I can do? Or some "good first task"?04:36
alena_egorovaThank you!04:36
kongalena_egorova: hi, welcome :-) I'm PTL of qinling project, glad to hear you are interested.05:37
kongcan i ask you some questions before give some 'useless' suggestions?05:37
alena_egorovaYes, sure05:38
kongalena_egorova: did you participate in any other openstack projects?05:38
kongare you using pyhton language? for how long?05:39
alena_egorovai'm taking part only in this project and I'm using python for a year05:39
kongalena_egorova: have you ever heard about kubernetes, any experience of using it?05:41
alena_egorovaUnfortunately, no.05:41
kongok, thanks for all your answers. That's fine, i just want to know more about your experiences, so I can give you appropriate tasks05:43
kongin this dev cycle, qinling's task priorities are here:!/worklist/25105:43
kongyou can also find some other tasks here:!/project/92705:44
kongto begin with qinling, i suggest you set up devstack environment, and have a play05:44
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konghave an understanding about what's qinling is, what qinling can do05:44
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lambdanisHello :) I come from Poland and I'm interested in taking part in outreachy internships, doing some work for OpenStack. The Qinling project seems interesting to me. In the past I did something with AWS lambda and liked it, it would be nice to develop a similar tool and see how it work under the hood. Could you maybe suggest some issue to start with22:39
lambdanisas an initial contribution?22:39
lambdanisOr maybe should I start in a different part of OpenStack?22:42

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