Monday, 2015-11-09

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SergeyLukjanovdhellmann, ttx, hi, I'm working on adding reno to sahara, am I correct that it should be added to sahara-image-elements and sahara-extra repositories too?10:39
ttxSergeyLukjanov: so that is actually a good question. A single deliverable should have, in theory, a single release notes doc11:06
ttxBut I expect that is not how reno would do it11:07
ttxSergeyLukjanov: I'll discuss that with dhellmann at the release meeting later today11:07
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dimslifeless : ttx : one of you please bless this?
ttxdims: 2A11:24
dimsthanks ttx - i'll fix by hand for now11:25
openstackgerritJulia Varlamova proposed openstack/releases: Stable/kilo Keystoneclient release
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SergeyLukjanovttx, thx!12:22
openstackgerritSergey Lukjanov proposed openstack/reno: Fix incorrect uuid/slug order in doc
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dhellmannttx: o/12:58
ttxdhellmann: o/12:58
ttxwanna keep the UTC time for the meeting or push back one hour ?12:59
ttx(I'm fine with either)12:59
dhellmannttx: let's push back next week, but meet now if you're available? should be quick12:59
ttxdhellmann: sure12:59
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ttxI added a few items to list13:00
dhellmannoh, where do you keep a list? :-)13:00
dhellmannI started one in
dhellmannlet's get started, we can combine as we go13:01
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dtantsurhi folks!13:34
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dtantsurttx, dhellmann, thanks for approving ironic-inspector to be release:managed. What are the next step to make it happen? I guess Gerrit configuration should be updated, what else?13:35
dtantsuras to launchpad, I've invited ~openstack-release to ~ironic-inspector-drivers, is it enough?13:36
ttxdtantsur: should be enough for LP yes13:37
ttxwe are meeting right now in #openstack-meeting, brb13:37
dtantsuroh, sorry for interruption :)13:38
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ttxdtantsur: I suspect we may have the Gerrit rights already13:54
dhellmanndtantsur: the best thing to do is go through and make sure the permissions on everything listed there match up (launchpad, gerrit, PyPI, etc.)13:55
dtantsuryeah, good call. I was managing the releases and the stable branch until the summit, so I'm pretty sure they need fixing13:56
dhellmanndtantsur : you've obviously configured a lot (or all) of those tools already, but we need to make sure the ownership and other settings are correct for the automation13:56
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dtantsursomeone from ~openstack-release should accept an invitation to join
dhellmannI wonder how to do that14:03
dhellmannfound it14:04
dhellmannttx: we have a backlog of invitations, many from teams I don't recognize:
dhellmannttx: do we only want to accept invitations for teams running projects with release:managed?14:05
ttxyeah, we should accept those of teams we recognize I guess14:05
dtantsurthanks. I've made this team an administrator, so LP side of things should be fine now14:05
dhellmanndtantsur : great, thanks!14:05
ttx+1 to managed only14:06
dhellmannttx: ok, I'll leave those other invitations alone14:06
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dhellmannttx: one thing I forgot to raise in the meeting was whether we have any special reminders to send out this week. I think not, but if you think of anything, please let me know14:08
dtantsurso, what about gerrit? should I just add some group/people to ironic-inspector-release or something more complex?14:24
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Jokke_dhellmann: Good Morning, Can I steal moment of your time?14:36
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dhellmannJokke_ : sure, what's up?14:37
dimsdhellmann: when you get a chance please take a peek (oslo releases - )14:37
dhellmanndims : sure, it may be a while, I have a lot going on this morning14:37
dimsdhellmann sure no worries14:37
Jokke_seems that the releasenotes job is broken in stable ... I'd like bit help understanding what's going on there14:38
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dhellmannJokke_ : is that a stable branch test job? andreas posted about that and I just replied that we should only run the job on master14:38
dhellmannJokke_ :
Jokke_dhellmann: aha, so that's the problem ;)14:38
Jokke_so that change just needs to change to exclude it from stable all together?14:40
dhellmannJokke_ : right14:40
Jokke_gr8 ... will keep my eye on that14:40
Jokke_thanks, that's all for now14:41
kzaitsev_mbI'm wondering if this is the correct place to ask the question, but anyway: A couple of folks in murano are eager to cherry-pick documentation-only patches from master to stable/liberty. I've been wondering if it is correct to do so, regarding releases of stable branches. I wouldn't want to make a separate release just because of a relatively small docs patch..14:52
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dtantsurdhellmann, this page does not seem to contain information specific to gerrit ACL's for managed projects. Will it be enough to add some group to the ironic-inspector-release group, or should I somehow rework gerrit permissions for inspector?15:08
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dhellmannkzaitsev_ws : do you release your stable docs separately?15:35
dhellmanndtantsur : the relevant section is but you're right it's not really clear15:37
dtantsurdhellmann, yeah, I have it exactly like that. but at least I need to allow the release team to publish tags, right?15:38
dhellmanndtantsur : you want to *leave out* any special tag-related permissions, to accept the default (which is only the release team can create them)15:38
dtantsurdhellmann, so essentially I delete these 3 lines and call it a day, right?15:39
dhellmanndtantsur : yes15:39
dtantsurgreat, easier than I thought :) thanks15:40
dtantsurI guess we should be ok now, we'll verify it when we try to release something :)15:45
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prometheanfiredhellmann: lifeless: we need a release-constraints.txt before can merge, anything else?15:47
dhellmanndtantsur : ack, thanks15:47
prometheanfireif that's all I'll copy the existing upper constraints so that can be unblocked15:47
dimsdhellmann i pointed prometheanfire to the
prometheanfireit bugs me :P15:48
dhellmannprometheanfire : well, the release-constraints.txt plan also assumes the code reading upper-constraints.txt is taught to look for both files, or some variation of that -- this is lifeless' thing so I'd rather hear the full plan from him15:48
prometheanfireI'd just really like to update the upper constraints sometime soon15:49
dimsdhellmann reminds me, master's review needs a +2A as well
prometheanfireI have newer versions in the tree (gentoo) that have to be masked manually because the constraints are stale15:50
dhellmannttx: moving the release team meeting an hour later conflicts with something in all of the existing channels :-/16:07
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ttxhah! Maybe see if one of those is abandoned ?16:08
ttxwhat about two hours later ?16:08
dhellmannrally, nova-scheduler, cloudkitty, glance-artifacts-sub-team16:09
dhellmannlet me try 2 hrs16:09
dhellmannnope: third-party, satori, zaqar, kuryr16:09
ttxmaybe it's time for a meeting-516:10
dhellmannwe do have a lot more teams16:10
dhellmannthere's an opening at the 1-hour-later time on fridays instead of mondays16:11
dhellmannand it looks like we could do it on tuesdays, too16:12
ttxFriday works16:13
dhellmannok, so 1 hour later on friday, let me double check that16:13
dhellmannoops, that was 2 hrs16:14
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ttxotherwise the glance artifacts one is only 30min16:16
ttxwe could take the 30min empty slot at 14:30 utc16:16
ttxand follow up here if we spillover16:16
ttx(monday 1430 #openstack-meeting-4)16:16
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: sorry for long responce, but no, we do not have a separate docs repo nor stable-docs releases of any particular facion16:16
ttxfrankly adding -5 is also an option, this is pretty corwded16:17
dhellmannttx: I'm open to the 30 minute meeting or adding a new channel16:17
ttxFriday 1400 utc sounds also good to me16:17
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : I suppose the stable documentation goes out in the release tarballs, so there's some value, but I'm not sure it's that high16:18
dhellmannttx: I think I'd rather make sure I'm up early on friday than monday, so let's go with friday :-)16:18
dhellmannttx: that doesn't preclude adding a new channel, though16:18
ttxyeah, let's keep an eye on that situation16:19
ttxusually I'm not the one discovering the issue and people complain loudly before I do16:19
ttxdhellmann: go for friday16:19
ttxAs long as I start the week with a clear list of things to do I'm fine16:20
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: I suppose it can go in, but not trigger a release at this point.16:21
dhellmannttx: ack, we can just as easily cover "what should we do next week" as "this week"16:21
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : yes, that's a good approach, too16:21
kzaitsev_mbI've also been wondering if it would be a good idea for murano repositories to apply for release:managed at this point? I've asked around and there seem to be no objections from the community for that.16:24
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : we are likely to ask you to wait until some of the release automation is further along, which is not us saying "no" just "not quite yet"16:25
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: sounds fair to me =)16:26
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : good :-)   my goal is to make it possible to have all projects sign up for release management, because the effort on the part of the release team is minimal16:32
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/releases: Bugfix release for Bug #1513919
openstackbug 1513919 in os-client-config "os-client-config 1.10.1 output debug information by default" [Undecided,Fix committed] - Assigned to Monty Taylor (mordred)16:43
mordreddhellmann: we made an oopsy, so have made a fixy ^^ :)16:45
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AJaegerdhellmann: do you have time to discuss the releasenotes?17:24
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mesteryHi dhellmann! Can you look at my comments on the bottom of I'd appreciate you input there! /cc armax18:39
armaxmestery: I wondered if that needed a backport?18:40
mesteryarmax: I think it does.18:40
lifelessprometheanfire: dhellmann: updating upper-constraints in liberty should be done with care w.r.t. oslo releases as we don't yet have @release vs @latest testing in place18:40
lifelessI think pragmatically if CI is passing it should be ok - the risk of a fire drill is contained to unit tests and local functional tests18:41
prometheanfirelifeless: well, the change is growing, so it's becoming harder and harder to judge18:41
mesteryarmax dhellmann:
armaxmestery: are you gonna rebase 24223 on top of this last one?18:45
mesteryarmax: I just beat you to that :)18:45
mesteryarmax: I'm only mostly useless18:46
armaxmestery: cool!18:46
armaxmestery: indeed18:46
AJaegermestery: you don't need reno on stable!18:46
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AJaegermestery: See dhellmann's email from earlier today18:46
mesteryAJaeger: OK, I'll look, but at face value I don't understand why (the release notes we're publiushing ARE on stable)18:47
mesteryAJaeger: See
AJaegermestery: reno generates the release notes from all branches that you specify18:47
AJaegermestery: neutron's releasenotes/source/liberty.rst has:18:48
mesteryAJaeger: dhellmann told me last week when we release 7.0.1 it would have release notes, I don't know how that would happen if the job didn't run on stable/liberty :)18:48
AJaeger" :branch: origin/stable/liberty"18:48
AJaegermestery: and that will do the trick...18:48
AJaegermestery: let's try running "tox -e releasenotes" on master and look at the output...18:49
mesteryAJaeger: Right18:49
mesteryThat all works, Iv'e done this18:49
mesteryHowever, when we release 7.0.1 this week18:49
mesteryWe wanted release notes18:49
mesteryI'm missing how that happens if the job doesn't run for stable/liberty18:49
AJaegermestery: It will have releasenotes on
mesteryAJaeger: stable/liberty?18:50
AJaegermestery: that's my understanding but I'm still learning - as you are18:50
mesteryAJaeger: cool :)18:50
mesteryAJaeger: OK, I'll wait for dhellman to reply here and help sort it out. Thanks for the pointer and tip on this!18:50
AJaegermestery: let's wait for dhellmann to enlighten us - I have some questions for him as well18:50
mesteryAJaeger: Ack, thanks again!18:51
HenryGdhellmann: mestery: armax: Can or should we add reno in neutron sub-projects that are tagged "release:independent"?18:51
AJaegermestery: since I cannot show that my understanding is correct ;)18:51
mesteryHenryG: I'd say go for it, it does make this much easier :)18:52
AJaegermestery: I mean: Since 242223 is not merged...18:52
mesteryAJaeger: Yes :)18:52
HenryGmestery: :)18:52
mesteryNice work HenryG :)18:53
armaxHenryG: I suppose you should, but it’s not mandatory I suppose18:53
armax…I suppose18:53
HenryGarmax: thanks, just checking that it's not against some rule, or breaks something18:54
armaxHenryG: my understanding is that neutron +*-aas it’s captured in neutron only18:54
AJaegermestery: my theory has to be correct since dhellmann +1ed this change which runs the releasejobs only on master. So, your backport will never be executed once that is in.18:54
AJaegermestery: but let's wait ;)18:55
armaxHenryG: as for the others, I imagine that the choice is left to them18:55
HenryGarmax: makes sense18:55
mesteryAJaeger: Thanks, I'll abandon the other18:55
mesteryAJaeger: Thanks, you are most definitely right18:55
mesteryAJaeger: I guess the master runs will generate release notes itself18:55
AJaegermestery: they should ;)18:56
mesteryAJaeger: Coolio :D18:56
AJaegermestery: so, let's get 242223 in and see whether everything works as it should ;)18:57
mesteryAJaeger: Aye-aye, let me re-spin without the depends-on and abandon 24325618:57
AJaegermestery: ok - will review again ;)18:59
AJaegerdhellmann: If you read backscroll: If I run "tox -e releasenotes" on, I get: - any ideas what I do wrong, please?19:02
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openstackgerritRohit Jaiswal proposed openstack/releases: Allow specifying a kazoo async handler 'kind'
dhellmannAJaeger : I'm back, reading scrollback19:27
AJaegerdhellmann: thanks. See also fungi's comment on #openstack-infra - that seems to me prio#1 for now19:27
dhellmannmestery, AJaeger: reno scans all the branches you tell it to when the docs are built from master, so you only need it in master but the *notes* files go into the relevant branches19:28
mesterydhellmann: Ack, thanks for confirmation!19:28
dhellmannHenryG, armax : if those repos are their own deliverables, they should be set up to use reno for release notes19:29
AJaegerdhellmann: but as fungi mentioned in reviewing this means that a change to liberty can break the releasenotes job running on master, can't it?19:29
dhellmannAJaeger : I'll look at the .placeholder error, too19:30
dhellmannAJaeger : it's a low risk, but I agree with fungi that it's there19:31
AJaegerdhellmann: So, what should we do? Take the risk for now and if we hit problems, change plan? Or ask for backporting by projects to liberty?19:33
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AJaegerdhellmann: regarding the .placeholder - I can remove that one now but reno should just skip it...19:37
AJaegerdhellmann: Let me propose a patch to remove it19:37
dhellmannAJaeger : the placeholder issue is a good example of where reno needs to be more resiliant19:38
AJaegerdhellmann: I agree, this will break with all repos...19:38
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AJaegerdhellmann: so, right now no glance stable patch can merge since glance has as first repo the release-notes jobs and runs it on stable branches. Please discuss with fungi 242975 or what other alternatives you see - I'd like glance stable branches unbroken19:48
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/reno: limit git history scanning to .yaml files
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/reno: report scanner errors to stderr
dhellmannAJaeger : ^^19:48
AJaegerdhellmann: ah ;)19:48
AJaegerdhellmann: let's get these two in and then it's time for another reno release ;)19:50
dhellmannAJaeger : ++19:51
dhellmanndims: do you have a few minutes for some quick reviews? ^^19:51
dimsdhellmann ack19:51
dimsdhellmann releases? requirements?19:51
dhellmannAJaeger : are you interested in being on the reno-core team?19:51
dhellmanndims : reno, see scrollback19:51
dimsoops looking above19:52
dhellmanndims : is probably the critical one, but the other would be good, too19:52
AJaegerdhellmann: just because I reviewed two changes? ;)19:52
dhellmannAJaeger : well, you're good at the sphinx tooling, too :-)19:53
AJaegerdhellmann: still learning my way with sphinx - let me look a bit closer at reno...19:53
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dhellmannAJaeger : ok, let me know19:53
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AJaegerdhellmann: will do, thanks19:57
dimsdhellmann +1 to the first one, a quick question on the second one20:01
dhellmanndims : ok, I'll move that line. We don't know the filename at that point, though (that's the "base" variable we're trying to lookup in the dictionary where the key is not found)20:03
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/reno: report scanner errors to stderr
dhellmanndims : ^^20:06
dimsdhellmann we can drop the "continue"20:08
dimson line 17320:08
dhellmanndims : yeah, I suppose, let me change that20:08
dhellmanndims : I like being explicit, but it's dropped20:09
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/reno: report scanner errors to stderr
dimsdhellmann : right +120:09
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AJaegerdhellmann: reno is nicely written, I guess I can keep an eye on it ;)20:34
dhellmannAJaeger : it's fairly small, I'll add you20:34
AJaegerthanks, dhellmann20:34
dhellmannAJaeger : done20:35
AJaegerdhellmann: so, any great ideas for openstack-manuals? Should we tag the repo at each release?20:35
AJaegerdhellmann: that's fast ;)20:35
dhellmannAJaeger : well, if you're not tagging and branching I'm not sure you need reno. Do you have stable branches of the manuals?20:35
AJaegerdhellmann: we use stable branches - for two of our guides since those are really version dependent20:36
dhellmannand do you backport changes often?20:36
AJaegerwe branch a bit later to avoid to backport too often ;)20:37
AJaegerwhat I like about reno is that it does not create conflicts when merging ;)20:37
dhellmanndo the manuals need separate "release notes" or do you want to track  changes within the manuals themselves?20:37
dhellmannthose are sphinx-based now, right? you could add reno right to the manual build20:37
AJaegermost are sphinx-based now, we still have some XML ones.20:38
AJaegerBut thinking about it: Let me discuss with the docs team, we recently removed the per-guide release notes since we always forgot to update them ;)20:38
dhellmannok. it sounds like you do want to use reno, but it seems odd to look outside of a doc to find what changed in the doc, so I suggest working reno into the sphinx migration20:39
AJaegerI'll come back to you on this later - thanks20:41
dhellmannAJaeger : are you following everything fungi is saying in infra? it sounds like you're making more adjustments to the job definitions?20:49
AJaegerdhellmann: yes, I'm following fungi. His latest suggestion makes it far easier ;)20:49
dhellmannAJaeger : awesome, I'll watch your patches20:50
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/reno: Fix example output filename in docs
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openstackgerritRohit Jaiswal proposed openstack/releases: Bugfix release for Bug #1512001
openstackbug 1512001 in tooz liberty "ceilometer notification agent doesnt publish samples when workload_partitioning is enabled" [Medium,Triaged]
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rjaiswalaby clue as to why fails on gate-releases-tox-validate21:22
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rjaiswalconsole logs says - Version 0.1 in openstack/tooz is on commit 26e6243772fb9552491c9683dc2225493092ada8 instead of a2216e383e78b08324e5f873a35376b57cf29d3f, but thats actually 0.1021:24
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rjaiswaldhellmann, gordc: any clues21:28
dhellmannrjaiswal : let me take a look...21:28
dhellmannrjaiswal : it looks like the yaml parser is converting 0.10 to 0.1 as a float, let me see if I can fix that21:30
rjaiswaldhellmann: sounds good21:31
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: Bugfix release for Bug #1512001
openstackbug 1512001 in tooz liberty "ceilometer notification agent doesnt publish samples when workload_partitioning is enabled" [Medium,Triaged]
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: fix ambiguous version number types
dhellmannrjaiswal : let's see how that does ^^21:32
rjaiswaldhellmann: that version of tooz is quite old, so i suspect the yaml behavior to be a regression that was uncovered21:34
dhellmannrjaiswal : possibly, yes21:35
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dhellmanndims : are you not on reno-core, yet? do you want to be?22:06
mordreddhellmann: what's the best way to flag a release as "there is a broken thing out in the wild" - is just pinging you here the right way or is there a better way?22:07
openstackgerritMerged openstack/reno: limit git history scanning to .yaml files
dhellmannmordred : yeah, we probably need some sort of emergency tag22:08
mordreddhellmann: yah. "ping dhellmann in irc a bunch" is not a great process for either of us ;)22:08
dhellmannmordred : no22:08
dhellmannmordred : I'm working on an emergency release of reno, then I'll get yours22:08
mordreddhellmann: kk. thanks!22:09
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Bugfix release for Bug #1513919
openstackbug 1513919 in os-client-config "os-client-config 1.10.1 output debug information by default" [Undecided,Fix committed] - Assigned to Monty Taylor (mordred)22:15
dhellmannmordred : ok, done, sorry for the delay22:16
mordreddhellmann: no worries at all! I realized that I had not communicated anything about it other than the patch22:17
mordreddhellmann: and, you know, you probably don't read minds :)22:17
dhellmannmordred : not even mine!22:17
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: fix ambiguous version number types
dhellmannstevemar_ : are you confident that the requirements updates in the stable/kilo release for keystone client from are ok and not going to block anything? I can wait until tomorrow to do that release if you'd like.22:21
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rjaiswaldhellmann: thanks for the help, is passing CI now, just curious as to the release timelines22:35
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dhellmannrjaiswal : we can release that as soon as the PTL approves it and there's a related requirements patch filed22:35
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Oslo releases for Week of Nov 9th 2015
devkulkarniHi release team, I am release-liason for Solum. I have read through dhellmann's recent emails regarding changes in release process. I have submitted following reviews:  could someone please take a look at these patches?23:04
dhellmanndevkulkarni : if you change the gerrit topic to "add-reno" they will show up on my review list for tomorrow morning (it's the end of my day here now)23:06
devkulkarnidhellmann: ok, will do that23:08
devkulkarnidhellmann: done. btw, is it the release team's meeting tomorrow?23:13
devkulkarninm. I read tomorrow's meeting in your earlier reply23:14
dhellmanndevkulkarni : we met today, and are planning to change our meetings to fridays
devkulkarnidhellmann: oh I see. thanks for the pointer.23:15
dhellmanndevkulkarni : if you can't make those meetings, drop in here any time you have questions and we can chat at a more convenient time23:15
dhellmanndevkulkarni : I'm in the US East TZ, so at least an hour or so earlier than right now is usually better for me, but it's not unusual for me to be around at this time of day23:16
devkulkarnidhellmann: thanks.. for today I think I just wanted to get someone looking at those reviews.. I am good for now..23:16
devkulkarnisure, will try to catch you earlier in the day23:16
dhellmanndevkulkarni : great, I'll take a look at those tomorrow and leave comments if I spot anything23:16
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devkulkarnidhellmann: sounds good. will follow up tomorrow with some questions that I have regarding submitting a patch to openstack/releases (specifically wrt version numbers), and also get some guidance wrt an error that I am getting while using the from release-tools23:19
devkulkarnidhellmann: have a great evening23:19
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