Thursday, 2015-12-10

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: python-swiftclient 2.7.0 release
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dims_notmyname : 2.7.0 of swiftclient is out07:28
notmynamedims_: just saw that. thanks07:28
openstackgerritDavanum Srinivas (dims) proposed openstack/releases: Force basepython=python2.7
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Force basepython=python2.7
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ttxReleasing keystone/liberty 8.0.112:53
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: relase 8.0.1 of keystone
ttxerm. Looks like the reno notes inclusion in is catching a lot more than it should. Also points to Pypi when it should not.13:09
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ttxsent email so that it doesn't get lost13:19
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/releases: Release openstackdocstheme 1.2.6
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sdaguedims_ / lifeless / mriedem if we don't do this - then we need to delete the assert:support-upgrade from nova14:51
dims_sdague : or revert
mriedemsdague: but, the argument is going to be that upper-constraints in liberty is oslo.middleware is 2.10.014:55
sdaguedims_: sure14:56
mriedemso people on liberty shouldn't pick up oslo.middleware 3.014:56
sdaguemriedem: upper constraints isn't burried in all the source trees14:56
mriedemsdague: i made that argument weeks ago and was shot down14:56
sdaguemriedem: ok, well I guess I don't understand then14:56
mriedemu-c shields us upstream in a comfy womb of ci glory14:57
mriedemit doesn't help the guy that git clones nova and pip installs it14:57
sdagueit also means that no one can ever fix a security issue in any library14:57
dims_mriedem : revert would work right?14:57
sdaguedims_: it would14:57
sdaguehowever, I'm not sure why the cap isn't fine in this circumstance14:58
dims_k will wait for discussion to finish :)14:58
sdagueexcept for philosophical reasons14:58
mriedemwon't you just be as broken when you upgrade from liberty to mitaka?14:58
sdaguemriedem: nope14:58
sdaguebecause in liberty the default configs have this14:58
sdagueand in liberty you had the warning14:58
sdaguewhich meant you are now responsible to change your liberty configs post upgrade to remove that14:59
sdaguebefore you upgrade to mitaka14:59
mriedemah i see14:59
mriedemno deprecation warning in kilo14:59
sdaguemriedem: right, that was the crux of the issue14:59
mriedemso you move up to liberty + oslo.middleware 3 and you're broken14:59
sdagueit got forgotten14:59
sdaguemriedem: yes15:00
sdaguewhich is what grenade demonstrates15:00
mriedemso let me find the thread, if there was one, where i was questioning the u-c stuff15:00
sdagueand why upper-constraints in liberty is currently blocked15:00
mriedemprometheanfire actually raised it as a packager concern15:00
mriedemstarts here
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mriedemso basically i think we were told, deployers will have to be conscious of upper-constraints and rely on that for max versions of things, even though it's in a separate repo outside the code you're packaging/deploying/pip installing15:03
mriedemi personally think that sucks15:03
mriedemso to avoid rat-holing, maybe we just revert the oslo.middleware thing, blacklist oslo.middleware 3.0.0 and 3.1.0, release the revert in 3.2.0, and then remove it after liberty-eol15:05
mriedemdims_: ^ you're going to have to get used to living with a lot of stuff for a long time....15:06
dims_mriedem : y, let me see if there's anything smaller than a revert Matt15:07
prometheanfireya, I'm currently watching that repo/branch for when it gets merged/updates15:14
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dims_sdague : mriedem : - will this be enough?16:04
sdaguemriedem: we were removing the namespacing for a reason16:04
sdaguenamespaces in python packages work very oddly some times16:04
sdagueand they are recommended to not be used16:05
mriedemyeah i'm fine with all that16:05
mriedemsdague: then i think if we want to stay the course with the backwards compat and u-c stuff lifeless is driving, we got with the shim dims_ is proposing, blacklist the bad oslo.middleware versions, and wait to remove the namespace stuff after liberty-eol16:07
sdagueyeh, I suppose that's fine16:08
sdaguethe cap didn't seem that bad of a deal, but we can bring back the namespace if that's what you like better16:08
mriedemas i've said before, i'm all for caps16:08
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mriedemi think u-c shields us upstream from downstream pain16:08
mriedembut this is the alternative - the backward compat shims16:09
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prometheanfirediskimagebuilder only seems to work on rhel/deb/ubuntu/suse?
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release openstackdocstheme 1.2.6
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prometheanfireare there docs for disk image builder for adding a distro?21:01
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