Friday, 2016-01-15

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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: add keystone deadlines to schedule
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/releases: Release openstackdocstheme 1.2.7
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dimsttx : gate is a mess, will baby sit over the weekend11:52
ttxdims: heh, thx12:27
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dhellmanngood morning13:47
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dhellmannmeeting time14:00
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/reno: manage stderr output from external commands
dhellmannmriedem : ^^16:40
mriedemdhellmann: that doesn't actually close that bug right?16:41
mriedemit's just related16:41
dhellmannit closes it for reno16:41
dhellmannbut yeah, I guess you're right, I'll change that16:42
dhellmannwhat's the syntax for that "Related-Bug:"?16:42
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/reno: manage stderr output from external commands
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mriedemyeah, i actually invalidated the bug for reno16:46
dhellmannmriedem : yeah, I just saw and undid that to mark it in progress16:47
dhellmannmriedem : I'll work on a series of patches to fix the release notes build in nova16:52
dhellmannI think I know what we need to do, so I'll line them up so you can vote on them16:52
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superdanlyarwood: the coast is clear16:57
lyarwoodsuperdan: hey sorry, I'm here now16:58
lyarwooddhellmann: hey, I've been talking to superdan about our efforts to correct the upper constraints for stable/liberty16:59
dhellmannlyarwood : ok16:59
lyarwooddhellmann: have we made any progress on this? I see the changes listed on the following pad are still pending review16:59
dhellmannlyarwood : I haven't circled back around to look at those. feel free to pick them up if you have time to debug.17:00
lyarwooddhellmann: yeah sure17:00
lyarwoodsuperdan / dhellmann ; just to be clear once we get these set correctly we are not rebasing the stable branches for the libs correct?17:00
superdanI think it depends on what the solution(s) are for making them pass17:01
lyarwoodso for example with o.vo if we decided 0.13.0 is the correct version we will not be moving the stable/liberty branch for o.vo to 0.13.0 etc17:01
dhellmannmriedem : here's a plan, let me know what you think:
smcginnisdims, dhellmann: I know it's a Friday in all, but if you have some time, this would be appreciated:
dhellmannsmcginnis : we don't do releases on friday, as a general rule. Is this blocking your gate? Can it wait until Monday?17:11
dimssmcginnis : zuul is in pretty bad shape as well :(
smcginnisdhellmann, dims: Yeah, not good timing.17:12
smcginnisdhellmann, dims: Not blocking gate.17:12
dhellmannsmcginnis : ok, we'll do it monday, assuming the gate is looking ok17:12
smcginnisdhellmann, dims: Just blocking development for a new backend driver that needs a new connector merged to brick.17:12
mriedemdhellmann: commented in the pad, i can try it17:12
dimssmcginnis : we can take care of it first thing monday?17:12
smcginnisIt can wait until Monday. No worries.17:13
dhellmannmriedem : ok, mriedem : it looks like we'll have a bit of a wait for 268196 to merge17:20
mriedemdhellmann: yeah, i'm assuming reno is running with the bad commit and failing before it gets to the fix commit on HEAD17:21
mriedemi thought was meant to handle something like this17:22
mriedemi.e. later commit updating the same file17:22
mriedemdhellmann: is there a way i can run reno with debu logging? i tried using the --verbose option but that didn't seem to work17:24
dhellmannmriedem : reno itself doesn't fail. It finds the note, and the note has rst in it that sphinx doesn't like.17:25
mriedemright, so commit x on that file is bad,17:25
dhellmannmriedem : if you run ".tox/releasenotes/bin/reno -v list ." it should give you  lost of output17:25
mriedemi want to use commit y that fixes the file17:25
dhellmannmriedem : right, but it's scanning "origin/stable/liberty" and the only way to get your patch onto that branch is to merge it17:26
dhellmannif you change releasenotes/source/liberty.rst to have the name of your local branch, you can simulate what will happen after the merge17:26
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mriedemok, trying that17:27
mriedemdhellmann: hot damn!17:30
mriedemso 1. fix the release note, 2. merge, 3. turn on -W17:31
dhellmannmriedem : cool.17:39
dhellmannmriedem : do you want to set depends-on in those so they land in the right sequence?17:40
dhellmannwell, I mean across both branches17:40
mriedemi don't have a master branch change that adds -W back in yet17:41
mriedemthe change on master that removes it hasn't even merged yet, and probably won't for several hours17:42
dhellmannyeah, ok, we should probably wait for all of these to merge before turning -W back on17:45
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mriedemthe reno job passed on stable/liberty17:56
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dhellmannmriedem : for ?17:59
mriedemit still emits the warning, which is expected17:59
mriedemsince it's not merged17:59
mriedemdhellmann: feel free to +W that :)18:00
dhellmannmriedem : done18:00
mriedemnow i just have to wait for tomorrow night to recheck the rest18:01
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openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: add keystone deadlines to schedule
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: remove use of virtualenv from release scripts
openstackgerritKyle Mestery proposed openstack/releases: Add networking-vsphere and move networking sub-projects to _independent
openstackgerritKyle Mestery proposed openstack/releases: Adjust networking-* sub-projects to reflect governance docs
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