Thursday, 2016-03-10

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flwangdhellmann: ping re the client stable branch00:10
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johnthetubaguydhellmann (et al): I am happy for us to create python-novaclient stable, loving this increase in automation.10:45
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kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: I've seen and noticed murano-client is not there. However we've had 2 bugs fixed since 0.8.3 (they didn't make it because our gates went red). Would it be fine if I would release 0.8.4 now and reply to the thread with that tag for stable/mitaka?12:33
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dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : I limited that list to "managed" projects. Are the bugs critical release issues?12:38
dhellmannjohnthetubaguy : ack, I'll take care of it today12:38
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: I wouldn't say, that they're critical, but would say that they're high12:39
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kzaitsev_mbso we're ok with not having them for release time, but we would probably backport them as soon as that would be possible12:41
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : if you can wait for the freeze to lift, that would be better. we can set up your branch and do the backport asap -- exactly :-)12:41
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kzaitsev_mbok then. let's wait for the freeze to lift =) should I reply to the thread with request of muranoclient, then? =)12:43
kzaitsev_mbor would it be enough to just bug you here =))12:44
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dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : here is good enough, I'll make a note to do it later when I get to the office12:44
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : I see 0.8.3 as the most recent version in the releases repo, is that right?12:45
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kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: yes, 0.8.3 is the version for stable/mitaka12:46
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : ok, noted, I'll take care of it later today with the others. Thanks for checking in!12:46
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openstackgerritamrith proposed openstack/releases: Update python-troveclient deliverable for mitaka
openstackgerritgordon chung proposed openstack/releases: ceilometerclient 2.4.0 - mitaka
amrithdhellmann, dims, fungi, re: ^^ change. I'm thinking this is what I'm supposed to do to request 2.1.1 for python-troveclient. if that's not right, please leave a -1. I'll look when I get to work ... will be in a car shortly.13:15
dimsamrith : left a note, ttyl13:17
amrithgot it13:19
openstackgerritamrith proposed openstack/releases: Update python-troveclient deliverable for mitaka
amrithdims ... for a single line of "highlights" is the seperator | or >. thx13:21
dimsamrith : either one should work i think13:23
amrithtox didn't seem to object so I'm thnking it should be good13:24
amrithok, bbiab ... having fun on rte 2 shortly13:24
amrithdims, we're talking at 10am tomorrow, right. (not today)13:24
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dimsamrith y tomorrow13:26
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dimsdhellmann : when do we branch "openstack/requirements"?13:27
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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/releases: Release ironic-inspector 3.1.0 for Mitaka
dtantsurdhellmann, hi! is it possible to do ^^ today please?13:36
dtantsurI want to allow people to have at least some testing time before releasing the final thing..13:36
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openstackgerritChristian Berendt proposed openstack/releases: release doc8 0.7.0
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dhellmanndims : we branch requirements around the time of the servers14:00
dhellmanndtantsur : I'll review that when I get to the office, probably a couple of hours (I need to stop on the way)14:01
ttxdhellmann: I'll be looking at the intermediary-released still-missing stuff now14:01
dtantsurdhellmann, no problem, I'll hopefully be around still. thanks14:01
ttxwhere should I report my findings ? The etherpad ?14:01
dhellmannttx: sure, the etherpad works14:02
dhellmannttx: today's a meetup day in atl, so I'll be on the road for a bit before I come back online14:02
ttxack, I'm at a conf in London myself, so attending and giving talks most of the day14:03
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ttxjust happens to have a 40-min break now14:03
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dimsdhellmann : ttx : i am free today to do stuff, so let me know if there's anything to do14:16
dhellmanndims : if you want to have a look at the ironic-inspector release ( that would help. I don't remember their release model off the top of my head, but I think it's cycle-with-intermediary14:17
patchbotdhellmann: patch 291180 - releases - Release ironic-inspector 3.1.0 for Mitaka14:17
dtantsurdhellmann, you're right14:17
dimsreview it, look at version, list-changes and then cut it. right?14:17
dhellmanndims : yep14:19
dhellmanndims : and thanks!14:19
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dimsdtantsur : around?14:45
dtantsurdims, yep14:45
dimsdtantsur : just in case i run into some ACL issues14:46
dimsdtantsur : +2A to the review ( once it merges, i have to run some scripts14:47
patchbotdims: patch 291180 - releases - Release ironic-inspector 3.1.0 for Mitaka14:47
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release ironic-inspector 3.1.0 for Mitaka
dimsdtantsur : as suspected i am lacking in karma, can you please add me temporarily to,members ?15:04
dimsdtantsur : i'll talk to dhellmann and ttx later about getting myself added to the right group15:05
dimsonce i cut the release you can yank me out dtantsur15:05
dtantsurdims, ouch, why I am alone there? Oo what's the official release group?15:05
dimsdtantsur : not sure exactly what it should be, library-release probably, but not sure, that's another thing i have to ask them15:07
dimsas there is a "Release Managers" too15:07
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ttxdims: need release magix rights ?15:08
dtantsurdims, added15:08
ttxdims: added you to release managers magic group15:10
dimsttx : thanks!15:10
ttxdhellmann: feel free to revert that if you think that is a bad idea :)15:10
dimsdtantsur : you can yank me out now.15:10
dimsdtantsur: if you are interested you can look at zuul now for the jobs15:12
dtantsurdims, thanks15:12
dimsdtantsur : i'd request you verify at lease the pypi upload15:12
dimsttx : haha, i promise to behave :)15:13
dimsdtantsur : it's up -
dtantsurdims, yep, checking right now15:32
dtantsurmeh, PyPI is slow today..15:32
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amrithdims, fungi, dhellmann ... others who can bless
patchbotamrith: patch 291162 - releases - Update python-troveclient deliverable for mitaka15:48
amrithmriedem ^^ as soon as this is blessed, the rest of the log jam can be cleared, I think.15:48
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dimsamrith : it has one commit change from 2.1.015:52
dimsamrith : mriedem : taking care of that release now15:54
amrithdims, yes15:55
amrithI posted the git log into the comments15:55
dimsamrith : y, please watch the jobs on zuul if you wish. python-troveclient-pypi-both-upload is the one that uploads the release to pypi15:57
amrithdims, thx15:58
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Update python-troveclient deliverable for mitaka
amrithmriedem, ^^15:59
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mriedemdims: amrith: i'll update to be 2.1.116:00
patchbotmriedem: patch 290935 - requirements - Exclude python-troveclient 2.1.016:00
amrithok, I'm here. lmk and I'll +1 or +2 as appropriate16:00
dimsmriedem : sounds good, i'll rush it16:00
amrithno worries, if you don't hear from me immediately you can text me (i'll pm you the #)16:01
mriedemamrith: that's probably not necessary16:01
amrithif you need to ... do it (please)16:02
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dimsmriedem : pypi upload complete16:10
dimswill wait for the wheel jobs16:11
amrithdims, this one needs to merge as well ...16:12
patchbotamrith: patch 290935 - requirements - Exclude python-troveclient 2.1.016:12
amrithonce this one merges, the two trove changes (master and liberty) will fall into place.16:13
dimsamrith : y, that's what we were talking about16:13
* amrith goes to get coffee and splash cold water on face16:13
amrithah yes ...16:13
* amrith mumbles something about sleep being overrated16:14
dimsamrith : mriedem : on its way -
patchbotdims: patch 290935 - requirements - Exclude python-troveclient 2.1.016:29
mriedemdims: thanks16:32
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smcginnisThis is in need of a refresh:
smcginnisI would, but not sure if I even know what all has changed.16:48
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mriedemthe first rule of PTL guide is you don't talk about PTL guide17:02
dimsmriedem LOL17:02
dimsmriedem plays the role of Brad Pitt here :)17:03
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amrithwhat PTL Guide?17:07
amrith"I don't often read the PTL Guide, but when I do, I don't talk about it. Stay thirsty my friends."17:07
dimsgood one amrith !17:23
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dhellmanndims: I'm finally back online and catching up. How are things looking?18:12
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dimsdhellmann : ironic-inspector and troveclient are done. rushed out the g-r/u-c change for troveclient as well.18:13
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dhellmannjokke_, flaper87 : do either of you have any idea what's up with these glance-store tests?
patchbotdhellmann: patch 290746 - glance_store (stable/mitaka) - Update .gitreview for stable/mitaka18:13
dhellmanndims : great, thank you for handling that. are there any other patches we're waiting for to resolve that situation?18:14
flaper87dhellmann: yeah, we're working on that18:14
flaper87dhellmann: a swiftclient release broke us18:14
dhellmannflaper87 : ok, thanks. feel free to take over any of those branch-related patches if you need to rebase them18:14
dimsdhellmann : not on our plate18:14
flaper87but it's just the tests, I believe. We identified the issue ydya18:14
flaper87dims: will do :)18:14
flaper87dhellmann: ^18:14
dhellmannflaper87 : is it an issue in your tests, or the clients?18:14
dhellmannbecause we can block the client if we have to18:15
flaper87dhellmann: tests, that's why I didn't raise it18:15
dhellmanndims : yay, no work! :-)18:15
dhellmannflaper87 : ok18:15
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sridhar_ramdhellmann: howdy! one more perhaps an unique situation of tacker to handle.. we would like to make a release off stable/liberty. We didn't make any release for liberty, so this will be the first one.18:29
sridhar_ramdhellmann: looking for some guidance..18:29
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dhellmannsridhar_ram : so you created a branch before you had a release for liberty?18:33
sridhar_ramdhellmann: yes.. I got to admit we were totally lax on our release practices18:33
dhellmannsridhar_ram : is there anything at the branch point to release?18:34
sridhar_ramdhellmann: before stable/liberty got pulled ?18:35
dhellmannsridhar_ram : you created a branch at a specific commit. if we tag that, would it build properly into a package of some sort?18:35
dhellmannsridhar_ram : it looks like 7ae2388903fb998f467c8b57846544c6864c3c5b18:36
sridhar_ramdhellmann: yes, it would .. tough some critical fixes went into stable/liberty18:36
* sridhar_ram is looking up18:36
dhellmannsridhar_ram : that's fine, we can tag multiple releases. I'd just like to not have randomly created branches18:36
dhellmannso if we tag that as X.0.0 retroactively, you could then tag X.1.0 or something from it later18:37
sridhar_ramdhellmann: sure.. doing this (liberty) tremendously help me to come up to speed for the upcoming mitaka18:37
sridhar_ramdhellmann: sounds perfect...18:37
dhellmannsridhar_ram : ok, go ahead and put together the appropriate release requests. you'll need separate patches because of the way the tagging script works (it only looks at the final entry)18:38
dhellmannsridhar_ram : I see a 0.1.0 on kilo, so the liberty release should probably be at least 1.0.0 -- are you ready for 1.0?18:39
sridhar_ramdhellmann: I'd prefer 0.X.0 numbering for now18:40
dhellmannsridhar_ram : do you expect to release any more kilo versions?18:40
sridhar_ramdhellmann: yes, we could make one more kilo18:41
sridhar_ramdhellmann: btw, how long stable/kilo is maintained before getting EOL'd ?18:41
jokke_dhellmann: speaking of Liberty releases. What are the odds that we could get the glanceclient and glance_store Liberty releases tagged today? ;)18:42
dhellmannsridhar_ram : kilo EOL is coming up soon18:44
sridhar_ramdhellmann: then I'd skip making any more kilo release and concentrate our efforts getting liberty (and the upcoming mitaka)18:44
dhellmannsridhar_ram : I agree. Since kilo is stable and you have 0.1.0 there you would only want to release patches like 0.1.1 anyway. If you start with 0.2.0 on the liberty branch, you would do the same -- it's also stable, so should not receive new features so you would release 0.2.1, etc.18:46
dhellmannif liberty is *not* stable, then you need a new major version for releases from other branches18:47
dhellmannthat way you have room for feature versions like 0.3.0 on liberty18:47
dhellmannif it's not stable and you need features and you don't want to go to 1.0 on master, then we could just not release anything from master until you're done with liberty, but I don't know if you want to do that18:48
sridhar_ramstable/liberty is quite "stable" now..  so having a 0.2.0 off the tag point and doing a 0.2.1 off stable/liberty is perfect for users consuming liberty18:50
sridhar_ramfor mitaka we will make the master stable in next couple of weeks.. ofcourse, there are lots of new features, so we will probably need to go with 0.3.0 and then release 0.3.1,.. off stable/mitaka as needed18:51
sridhar_ramwould this work ?18:51
openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed openstack/releases: fairy-slipper -0.1.1
openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed openstack/releases: fairy-slipper -0.1.1
dhellmannsridhar_ram : does that makes sense?19:01
sridhar_ramdhellmann: still parsing it.. I kinda tried to paraphrase in my own words :)19:02
armaxdhellmann: apologies in advance if you already answered this question a million time, but when do you intend to cut stable branches for the server repos, e.g. neutron/ and *-aas?19:02
sridhar_ramdhellmann: I was hoping we can wrap up liberty release(s) by next week .. in time for a release off master for mitaka19:04
openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed openstack/releases: fairy-slipper -0.1.1
dimsarmax : next week i believe guessing when we cut the first RC's19:07
dimsRC1 is definitely next week "R-3 RC1-target (Mar 14-18)"19:07
armaxdims: agreed, I was more like looking for a specific day of the week, or it depends on whether we as a project give the thumb up?19:09
armaxdims: any day within that week?19:09
dimsarmax : will let ttx and dhellmann answer that :)19:09
dimsarmax : there are notes here if you want to peek -
armaxdims: ah, thanks for the pointer, I was not aware of it19:11
armaxmestery: ^19:13
dhellmannarmax : yes, closer to when the final releases are done19:15
armaxdhellmann: ok19:15
armaxdhellmann: thanks19:17
dhellmannsridhar_ram : ok, we just need to be careful with the version numbers we pick so we don't block something you want to do19:26
sridhar_ramdhellmann: sounds good..19:26
sridhar_ramdhellmann: I'm preparing patchsets for openstack/release repo as we speak19:26
dhellmannsridhar_ram : ok19:27
sridhar_ramdhellmann: a n00b question .. the hash for the initial release is from the master ?19:27
*** dims_ has joined #openstack-release19:28
dhellmannsridhar_ram : the hash should refer to the patch you want tagged. So a liberty release should come from the liberty branch somewhere (the first one should be the start of that branch)19:28
sridhar_ramdhellmann: sounds good.. I'm getting there.. thanks for your patience!19:28
*** dims has quit IRC19:29
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openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed openstack/releases: fairy-slipper 0.1.1
dims_dhellmann : so here's a thought, as part of the release process do we not ensure that the CI for stable branch we cut is up and running and green?20:15
dhellmanndims_ : we can't run jobs on the branch until the branch exists, right? we submit the first patch on the branch to set the .gitreview so that would test the jobs. Did you have something else in mind?20:20
*** armax has joined #openstack-release20:20
dims_dhellmann : just thinking aloud...when we cut RC1 we do the branch, get it working, any new RC(s) get cut from the branch. so folks have an incentive to get everything up and running and working (less work for stable/ team later)...something like that20:22
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openstackgerritAnne Gentle proposed openstack/releases: fairy-slipper 0.2.0
flwangdhellmann: if we would like to release another version for client to include 2 bug fix. how should i mark the version number? thanks.20:43
dhellmannflwang : if the new release only contains bug fixes, you can just increase the patch level (the Z in X.Y.Z)20:57
dhellmannflwang : are these bug fixes critical for the release of the service?20:57
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flwangdhellmann: i think so :)21:01
flwangdhellmann: when is the deadline for the client stable branch?21:02
dhellmannflwang : what I mean is, does the service not work without the client release? or does some *other* service not work?21:02
dhellmannbecause we want to be extremely careful with  new client releases right now, during the requirements freeze21:02
flwangdhellmann: no, just the client side21:02
dhellmannif the release can wait until after the server release candidates have been created, that would be better21:02
dhellmannwe can set up the stable branch, you can backport the fixes, and then create a stable bug-fix release right after the servers are released21:03
flwangdhellmann: for example, server supports functions X, but the function is missing on client side21:03
dhellmannflwang : that's a feature addition, not a bug21:03
flwangdhellmann: so for this kind of thing, we can wait after the server/service release and then release another client version, right?21:04
dhellmannflwang : you can, but that will be a newton release because it's a feature release21:05
dhellmannflwang : mitaka clients are frozen except for critical bug fixes that prevent the servers from working21:05
flwangyep, that's why i'm a little bit confused. the function has been on server side for a while, but it's missed on client side21:06
dhellmannperhaps next cycle you can require contributions to both server and client for new APIs, to ensure that both land close together21:07
flwangok, anyway, so for this kind of issue, we should wait and take current release as the stable branch, right?21:07
flwangdhellmann: i see, it's a legacy issue :(21:07
dhellmannflwang : yes, this would not be the sort of thing we would make an exception for21:07
dhellmannyeah :-(21:07
*** sdake has joined #openstack-release21:07
flwangnot happened in Mitaka21:07
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dhellmannoh, ok21:08
dhellmannI see zaqarclient used in heat mistral os-collect-config python-openstackclient rally requirements solum zaqar and zaqar-ui21:08
dhellmannadding a new release now would potentially destabilize all of them, which is too risky21:09
flwangdhellmann: ok, i see21:09
flwangdhellmann: ok, thanks for the clarification. i will reply your mail :)21:10
dhellmannflwang : ok, thanks for understanding21:10
flwangdhellmann: thank you!21:10
sridhar_ramdhellmann: Just an heads up / FYI. I'm ready to push python-tackerclient request for 0.2.0 from the initial hash of stable/liberty ... however I'll immediately follow up with one more from 0.2.1 from the current latest in stable/liberty.21:19
dhellmannsridhar_ram : if that second release from liberty includes features, it should be 0.3.021:20
dhellmannsridhar_ram : otherwise, that sounds good21:20
sridhar_ramdhellmann: no new features, it has clean ups (to reference neutron) and a deprecation warning to a CLI21:21
dhellmannsridhar_ram : ok21:22
ttxdhellmann: anything urgent I should be processing ?21:22
dhellmannttx: I don't think so. I'm handling lib branches as the approvals trickle in, and those are almost done21:22
dims_ttx dhellmann : i am around if you want to throw things my way21:26
dhellmannttx: did you finish auditing the managed and official projects to see which hadn't done releases? I see notes about that in the etherpad21:28
ttxyes I did. I think the only one where we actually care is cloudkitty, and we may have something there tomorrow. if the others miss, they are not part of mitaka and it's not a big deal21:28
ttxI als osent a reminder to already-released intermediary things, since they probably want a refresh21:28
ttxcced you on that one21:29
ttxdhellmann: I'm still seeing discussions about FFEs on the ML, which is a bit of a concern21:29
ttxThey should have been discussed a long time ago, and should have been mostly processed by now21:30
ttxi.e. it's not really a good time to add more21:30
dhellmannttx: yep, got that email21:30
dhellmannttx: I agree on the FFE thing.21:31
ttxso it might be good to step in one of those threads if any are still active and point out that you should have 99% of the FFes closed by now21:31
dhellmannI'm not sure how to handle that. It seems like we still have some PTLs not paying attention to the schedule deadlines.21:31
ttxif you want to have any chance ofpushing a RC1 nex tweek21:31
dhellmannyeah, I'll look for those21:31
ttxremind them that we have one less week than usual21:31
ttxand that every FFe therefore means les squality on the end release21:32
ttx(less time to squash bugs and churn RCs)21:32
ttxalright, calling it a day21:33
openstackgerritJim Rollenhagen proposed openstack/releases: ironic 5.0.0
dhellmannttx: I'm replying on several threads with info about the timing21:39
dhellmannjroll : hey hey!21:39
jrolldhellmann: ironic release for you, will probably do 5.1.0 before cycle end :)21:39
jrollno rush on 5.0.0 though21:40
dhellmannjroll : I'll probably look at it tomorrow morning when I'm fresh21:40
jrollcool, thank you :)21:40
dhellmannttx: it looks like most of the FFEs are for fuel.21:42
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konghi, dhellmann, could you please help to create stable/mitaka branch for python-mistralclient 2.0.0?22:00
kongwhat else I need to do to for that?22:01
dhellmannkong : I can do it for you. Is that the most recent release of the library?22:01
kongdhellmann: yes22:01
kongdhellmann: appreciate you can help22:01
dhellmannkong : oh, I've already created that branch22:02
odyssey4medhellmann when you have a moment, can we revisit ?22:02
kongdhellmann: fantastic, thanks!22:02
dhellmannodyssey4me : ah, yes, let me take a look. Those are all existing tags, right?22:02
odyssey4medhellmann yep22:03
dhellmannkong :
patchbotdhellmann: patch 291337 - python-mistralclient (stable/mitaka) - Update .gitreview for stable/mitaka22:03
dhellmannodyssey4me : approved22:04
odyssey4megreat, thanks dhellmann :)22:04
dhellmannodyssey4me : oh wait, you're release:independent, right? I'll merge those into a single deliverable file for you under the _independent directory22:04
dhellmannodyssey4me : not a big deal, I can do that for you when this merges22:05
odyssey4medhellmann we are, although we intend to shift over to release: cycle-with-intermediate next cycle22:05
odyssey4meI just missed the deadline for requesting that we do it this cycle :)22:06
odyssey4mebut thanks!22:06
dhellmannaha, ok22:06
dhellmannmaybe we'll just leave it as is, then22:06
odyssey4mewe have generally released on the day, or within the week after all upstream projects release22:06
odyssey4meI hope to tighten it up a bit more in the next cycle so that we can release same-day22:06
dhellmannodyssey4me : you have a bunch of other repos not listed in that deliverable file. do those get tags, too?22:06
dhellmannthat sounds like cycle-with-intermediary to me :-)22:07
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Add all existing OpenStack-Ansible Kilo/Liberty releases
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openstackgerritSridhar Ramaswamy proposed openstack/releases: Release tackerclient 0.2.0 for liberty
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