Friday, 2016-04-01

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dhellmannstevemar_ : I see it's in the gate. I'll check back in an hour or so00:42
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stevemar_dhellmann, yep I'm watching it chug along01:05
dims_y me 201:14
dims_stevemar_ : dhellmann : ouch pep8 job failed randomly
stevemar_dims_: the gate made me sad today01:27
dims_stevemar_ :(01:27
stevemar_dims_: i'll wait til it bounces back then do another recheck01:28
dims_stevemar_ : not sure if we should send that back to the check by editing the commit message slightly or wait for the gate to queue the review once again01:28
stevemar_dims_: i was thinking that too...01:28
stevemar_i already did it once01:28
stevemar_dims_: i'll edit the message01:29
stevemar_dims_: it'll save us 10-20 minutes01:29
stevemar_dims_: done01:30
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stevemar_weird... its not showing back up in the check queue just yet01:33
dhellmannzuul has a large event backlog to process01:35
dhellmannsee the "queue length" numbers up near the top of the page by the filter box01:35
stevemar_makes sense01:35
stevemar_whoa nelly01:35
dhellmanna lot of those won't trigger any action, but it's probably in the middle of updating its cache so it won't figure that out for a few minutes01:36
dhellmannstevemar_ : It's late enough here that I'll check in with you tomorrow morning. Leave comments on the RC patch and we'll process it first thing.01:37
stevemar_dhellmann: i stand by comments here:
stevemar_did someone just trip over a cord, cause the event queue just went down to 0 :)01:38
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openstackgerritAdam Gandelman proposed openstack/releases: Astara mitaka release candidate
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stevemar_dims_: soon soon...03:47
openstackgerritSteve Martinelli proposed openstack/releases: release keystone mitaka-rc2
stevemar_dims_: dhellmann ^ should be ready to go now03:56
stevemar_dims_: dhellmann i made it before midnight, we're all good right :)03:59
stevemar_1 minute before :D03:59
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* ttx yawns06:52
ttxwill process astara and keystone RCs in a few06:53
stevemarttx: keystone is all ready: :)07:11
patchbotstevemar: patch 300230 - releases - release keystone mitaka-rc207:11
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openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Liberty 12.0.9
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openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka RC1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: release keystone mitaka-rc2
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Astara mitaka release candidate
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odyssey4mettx By the current rules, must OpenStack-Ansible release Mitaka outright or can it go through an RC cycle and release next week?08:22
odyssey4mewe seem to be in a bit of a grey area08:22
openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka RC1
ttxodyssey4me: so being independent you should be able to do whatever you want. Although in theory independent things generally do not go through RCs but directly tag semver releases08:23
ttxit is a bit of a grey area indeed08:24
odyssey4mettx fair enough, but we do want to switch to cycle-with-intermediary in the Newton cycle and our releases are bound to the OpenStack cycles - so what do you think is best for us to do for the Mitaka release?08:25
ttxyou fall a bit between those nice boxes we built this cycle :/08:25
ttxso, cycle-witgh-intermediary means no RCs08:25
odyssey4mewe can comfortably release today, as we will release a .0.1 tag in two weeks anyway (we release a tag every two weeks)08:25
ttxto be consistent I would avoid doing RCs now08:26
odyssey4meok, cool - let me change the patch then08:26
ttxthat will make your mitaka look more like your newton08:26
ttxI mean, you can opt for cycle-with-milestones instead08:26
ttxin which case you do a single release with betas and RCs08:27
ttxbut if you want to do intermediary releases along the cycle, then no betas and no RCs08:27
odyssey4mewe could, but does that restrict us from doing intermediary tags for the stable branches?08:27
ttxno, stable branches to as-needed point releases08:28
ttxwhatever the model used08:28
ttxso you can follow something like nova08:28
ttx13.0.0.0b1, .0b2, ... .0rc1... 13.0.008:28
ttxthen 13.0.1 , 13.0.2 in stable branch08:28
ttxor seomthing like swift08:29
ttx2.5.0, 2.6.008:29
ttxthen 2.6.1 in stable branch08:29
ttxall depends whether you want to make intermediary releases *during* the dev cycle08:29
odyssey4meah, so that's the key difference08:29
ttxafter release, everyone does point releases08:29
ttxin one case you do a single release at the end, and need it perfect, so you do betas and RCs08:30
ttxon the other you release often08:30
odyssey4mealright - I'll make a point of discussing that at the summit with the core team08:30
ttxIt's also linked to your level of QA08:30
ttxIn one case you trust your QA to be able to produce "releases" directly08:31
openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka/13.0.0
ttxIn the other you're a bit careful and prefer to throw release candidates for human testing before saying it's a "release"08:31
odyssey4methanks for the solid overview :)08:32
ttxlet me see if I documented that somewhere08:32
ttxI know I wanted to08:33
ttxhmm, could be clearer. Like "which model should I pick" type guide08:33
ttx doesn't go into benefit/drawbacks that much08:34
* ttx adds to todo08:34
odyssey4meI think that page is good - but perhaps a short summary to show the key differences at the top would help.08:38
odyssey4melet the paragraphs cover the details08:38
odyssey4meIt may make sense for us to have a mix of release models, with deployment tooling 'graduating' from independent to cycle-with-milestones once they become stable.08:40
ttxdhellmann: we have a non-trivial amount of broken links on the release page, investigating08:44
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ttxcongress - no tarball ever generated, the congress-tarball job seems to never be triggered08:47
ttxmonasca-log-api - tarball jobs (including branch tarball jobs) always fail08:49
ttxoh, let me switch that to an etherpad, it's such a desolation08:50
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ttxGood thing I checked those links08:57
AJaegerttx, wow, what a long list ;(08:57
ttxMe and my damn perfectionism08:57
ttxAJaeger: who needs to release anyway ?08:58
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ttxAJaeger: do you know how to search on Jenkins for the jobs across all masters ?08:59
odyssey4mettx perhaps they should be marked with 'artifact-link-mode: none' for now to clear up the dead links while they work out the issues?08:59
ttxAJaeger: I usually run the query on every master in turn, but that's not very convenient08:59
AJaegerttx, there're some ways to do that on other servers, best ask sdague. I do that to seldom to know ;(09:00
ttxnice diversity in issues there09:02
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ttxok, did first pass, will regroup them by style09:07
* AJaeger added some initial comments as well - but didn't check everything09:09
AJaegermeeting time now...09:09
ttxAJaeger: thx!09:09
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AJaegeraodh has both publish-to-pypi and server-release-jobs - which one do they need?09:35
AJaegerttx, none of the jobs with setup tarball job uses the server-release job template in zuul/layout.yaml.09:40
AJaegerSo, the job is never triggered.09:40
AJaegerttx, I added some more comments09:40
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AJaegerttx, with translation setup nowadays for projects: I first check that the projects are setup properly, I've seen too many that are not. That does not scale here - but something you might consider to add to a checklist for first time releasers. So, give it to odyssey4me so that the team knows what to look for...09:46
odyssey4meI'd be happy to be a test and comment.09:47
ttxaodhclient probably wants publish-to-pypi sionce its a lib09:47
AJaegerttx, that was aodh, not the client that hadd both.09:49
ttxthen probably server-release09:49
AJaegerttx, can you point it out to gordc, please?09:50
AJaegeror to jd__ ? ^09:50
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ttxAJaeger: I suspect that's not the only one though. And maybe it actually supports being operational after pip install09:51
AJaegermaybe - there are few that have both...09:51
ttxso it's a wider discussion09:51
AJaegerttx, dhellmann sent to remove pypi upload for cloudkitty - aodh is in the same situation. Let's see what dhellmann thinks - and start the discussion ;)09:52
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jd__AJaeger: ttx: Gnocchi and Aodh supports pip install10:14
jd__it's a feature to publish them on PyPI if that's the question :)10:14
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AJaegerjd__: then let's remove the server-release template, we do not need both.10:15
jd__I'll trust you on this one :)10:16
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AJaegerjd__: see also
jd__i'm not that involved in CK but ok )10:17
AJaegerdhellmann:, jd__, ttx: Only change between these two is -merge-release-tags job.10:17
* AJaeger won't dig further but happily refuses any patches coming in later...10:17
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dims_ttx : release queue looks clear except for ansible10:48
claudiubcan anyone create the stable/mitaka branch for openstack/networking-hyperv?10:50
claudiubit seems I don't have the rights to push a new branch on the project.10:50
dims_claudiub : from 2015.1.0? or 2015.1.0-post1?11:09
dims_claudiub BUT those are old11:10
dims_claudiub : don't you have a release for mitaka?11:10
claudiubdims_: was waiting to have a stable/mitaka branch first.11:11
dims_claudiub : we have been following the pattern where we pick a release and cut a branch out of it11:11
dims_chicken / egg :)11:11
dims_claudiub : want to push out a release?11:12
claudiubdims_: i see.11:12
claudiubyeah. we have to. 2.0.0 it should be11:12
claudiubdims_: there's been some significant changes in mitaka, namely that the hypev neutron mechanism_driver has been moved from neutron to networking-hyperv11:13
claudiubwhich means that it will be mandatory for neutron, in order to use the hyperv mechanism_driver. :)11:13
claudiubdims_: also, wasn't sure about the release procedure for networking_<vendor>, there aren't any defined in openstack/releases.11:14
dims_claudiub : this is under neutron right?11:15
claudiubdims_: yep.11:15
dims_claudiub : so first crack would be at
dims_claudiub : i'd catch one of these folks,members11:19
claudiubdims_: i see. i thought the release group was managing this as well. :) Thanks!11:21
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odyssey4medims_ ttx is there anything specific that needs to be done by me to progress ?11:35
ttxodyssey4me: let me codereview it11:36
ttxsmall typo reported11:37
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odyssey4meah, thanks11:42
dims_claudiub : understood. quick check in shows it's not managed by release team (needs release:managed)11:43
openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka/13.0.0
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dhellmannttx, dims: good morning12:32
dhellmannAJaeger, jd__, ttx: if aodh wants to publish to pypi, I agree we don't need the server publishing jobs, too12:32
dhellmannttx: I wonder if we could automate the validation for release jobs by looking at zuul-layout12:37
dhellmannzuul/layout.yaml tha tis12:37
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dhellmannttx: I think I have fixes for the "not what you would expect" tarballs12:49
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: update tarball-base settings for mitaka
dhellmannttx: ^^12:53
ttxdhellmann: on it12:59
dhellmannttx: I'll work on the project-config change to add the other jobs, too. Then I guess we retag?13:00
ttxwe could retrigger the job. I mean, we can't but infra may be able to13:00
ttxin that case taht may be "trigger the job" since it never triggered13:00
dhellmannthere would be a bunch of them...13:01
dhellmannseems easier and less error prone just to retag13:01
dhellmannthat is, tag X.Y.Z+113:01
dhellmannmurano-apps has almost no jobs defined, only merge-check13:02
dhellmannI propose that we drop that one entirely13:02
dhellmannmonasca-thresh seems to have some check and gate jobs at least13:02
AJaegerdhellmann: and murano-apps has no tox.ini, so it would not even work ;(13:02
dhellmannAJaeger : good to know13:03
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop murano-apps from mitaka
openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka/13.0.0
dhellmannttx, AJaeger :
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AJaegerdhellmann: -1 - the monasca repos have no proper tox.ini ;(13:08
dhellmannAJaeger : ok13:08
dhellmannAJaeger : I only modified monasca-thresher, right?13:09
AJaegerdhellmann: I left comments...13:09
dhellmannAJaeger : do *none* of the monasca repos have tox? ok13:09
AJaegermonasca-ceilometer/tox.ini has no venv13:09
AJaegertox.ini exists13:09
AJaegerand without venv, the tarball job will fail - as noticed in one of the other repros on the etherpad13:10
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: add validation for release job definitions
dhellmannttx, dims, AJaeger : ^^13:42
dhellmannttx, dims, AJaeger : since I set the default to newton yesterday, you might have to download that and run "tox -e validate -- deliverables/mitaka/*.yaml" to test it if you want13:43
dhellmannI'll do that and publish the results in a pastebin13:43
ttxdude you are a coding machine13:44
dhellmannttx: you've been watching too much american entertainment, you keep using "dude" :-)13:44
ttxI do watch too much american entertainment13:45
AJaegerdhellmann: logic looks fine. Do you want to check whether both templates are used as well?13:45
dhellmannAJaeger : great idea13:45
dhellmannI'll do that as a follow-up13:45
dimsttx : this is "the dude" :)
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dhellmannAJaeger, ttx: did we have one where both templates are used that I can test with?13:47
dhellmannit seems like we did, but I don't see it in the etherpad13:47
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: extend release job validation for duplicates
AJaegerdhellmann: aodh13:54
dhellmannthat's right, thanks13:54
* dhellmann needs more tea13:54
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AJaegerdhellmann: git timeout ;(14:08
AJaegerdhellmann: I meant the project-config one...14:08
dhellmannAJaeger : ok. meeting time, so I'll look after we're done14:09
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ttxso I added "Create openstack/openstack stable branch" to the list, not sure that's needed. Checking15:02
ttxprobably not, since we failed to do it since havana15:02
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ttxdhellmann: Anything you need me for before I close for the weekend ?16:07
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dhellmannttx: I think it's safe for you to start your weekend. I'm going to work on those patches we discussed in the meeting, but none of those are needed before next thursday iirc16:49
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odyssey4medhellmann any thoughts on when will get actioned? I'd like to just set expectations16:55
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dhellmannodyssey4me : I'll do that today, after lunch17:20
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odyssey4megreat, thanks dhellmann17:26
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dhellmannodyssey4me : do you need branches created for those repos, too?17:52
*** thinrichs has joined #openstack-release17:55
dhellmannodyssey4me : it looks like your existing branches don't follow the stable/$series pattern of everything else17:57
dhellmannodyssey4me : I'll go ahead and start tagging, and we can discuss the branches separately17:58
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka/13.0.0
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dhellmannodyssey4me: you should be be getting a ton of email from launchpad about now18:08
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dhellmannodyssey4me : done with the tags18:13
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mtreinishdhellmann: if g-r is unfrozen want to take a look at: I've had a few people bug me about that18:25
dhellmannmtreinish : sure. what happened with tempest-lib? you've deprecated that?18:25
mtreinishdhellmann: yeah, the rationale behind it is in the spec:
dhellmannmtreinish : ok, just curious. +2a18:26
mtreinishwe just made it a self contained namespace in the tempest repo18:26
mtreinishthere was too much friction coordinating things between 2 repos18:27
dhellmannsure, what you have in the spec makes a lot of sense18:27
mtreinishI had originally planned to do it that way, but back then the tempest name on pypi was owned by someone else18:27
mtreinishthey were willing to give it up, so once I got added as an owner I wrote the spec18:28
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: update status of mitaka and newton
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: update tarball-base settings for mitaka
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop murano-apps from mitaka
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop unpackaged monasca deliverables from mitaka
dimsbknudson : didn't you have a script for removing -2's?19:49
patchbotbknudson: patch 290853 - openstack-infra/release-tools - Add update_reviews tool (MERGED)19:50
dimsbknudson : thanks! :)19:50
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: update tarball-base settings for mitaka
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop unpackaged congress deliverables from mitaka
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop murano-apps from mitaka
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop unpackaged monasca deliverables from mitaka
thinrichsdhellmann: what build jobs do we need to have set up to produce deliverables?20:20
thinrichsdhellmann: asking on behalf of congress20:20
dimsthinrichs : are you looking at ?20:23
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop unpackaged bifrost deliverables from mitaka
thinrichsdims: I am now.  What should I have in there that I don't?20:24
dimsthinrichs : if you see other projects you will see "openstack-server-release-jobs" for example. that's probably one. if you have release notes then "release-notes-jobs" and if you are being translated then "translation-jobs"20:25
thinrichsdims: is there still time to add those jobs for Mitaka, or not?20:25
dimsthinrichs : folks reviewing project-config/ will advise as well20:25
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: drop unpackaged sahara-extra deliverables from mitaka
dimsdhellmann : projects like fuel haven't cut their tags yet for Mitaka. how will this affect them? will they have to ask us to tag for them?20:30
patchbotdims: patch 298866 - openstack-infra/project-config - update tag ACLs for all official projects20:30
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dhellmannthinrichs : if you get your jobs set up in time, you can tag new release candidates from the same SHA as the previous one20:38
dhellmanndims : yeah, I've marked it WIP20:38
dimsthanks dhellmann20:39
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thinrichsdhellmann: is it just the openstack-server-release-jobs I need20:43
dhellmannthinrichs : what sorts of things do you expect to publish for congress?20:44
thinrichsdhellmann: just the code for now.  We're still using readthedocs for docs.20:46
dhellmannthinrichs : there are 2 main templates, openstack-server-release-jobs and publish-to-pypi. You need one or the other, but not both. We use the pypi job for libraries and services that want to be pip-installable (not most of them). We use openstack-server-release-jobs for python-based services that don't go to pypi20:46
thinrichsWe use publish-to-pypi for the client.20:47
dhellmannI have a patch I'm working on to add openstack-server-release-jobs for congress, astara, and bifrost:
patchbotdhellmann: patch 300474 - openstack-infra/project-config - add missing release jobs20:47
thinrichsI was working on a patch myself for openstack-server-release-jobs20:47
thinrichsdhellmann: Once that patch goes in, does Congress make it back into the Mitaka release?20:49
dhellmannthinrichs : we'll need a new release candidate for you first20:49
thinrichsdhellmann: so I'll need to undo this change?
patchbotthinrichs: patch 300644 - releases - drop unpackaged congress deliverables from mitaka20:50
thinrichsdhellmann: or… how do I give you a RC?20:51
dhellmannthinrichs : we can skip merging that if it looks like you're going to be set20:51
dhellmannthinrichs : you'll want to remove the "artifact-link-mode: none" setting from congress.yaml and then add a new rc320:52
dhellmannthinrichs : the patch to add artifact-link-mode: none hasn't landed yet either, but we'll be fast-tracking that one20:52
thinrichsdhellmann: The RC2 should suffice.  I added it yesterday.  Or do I need to add an RC3?20:52
thinrichsdhellmann: In other words, the RC3 would be the same as the RC220:53
thinrichsdhellmann: I've got to run to a meeting.  I'll follow up in about an hour hopefully.20:54
dhellmannwe need a new tag to trigger the build, so you should re-tag the same commit20:54
dhellmannthinrichs : I expect to be gone soon, so please follow up on the ML so the other release team folks can help you while I'm out early next week20:54
thinrichsdhellmann: as soon as your project-config change goes in to add the openstack-server-release-jobs goes in, I'll add a patch for RC3.20:54
thinrichsdhellmann: will do.  Thanks for the help!20:54
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ekcsHi all, I'm looking for help releasing Congress.23:52
ekcsWe've been doing releases manually up to this point (uploading tarballs to and didn't have the job in place to produce and upload the tarballs to
ekcsAnd so it's missing congress-, congress-, congress-2.0.0.tar.gz, etc.23:52
ekcsAny instructions for what we can do right now to rectify that? Many thanks!23:52
ekcsWe've pushed a patch adding the release jobs (, but we're still looking for a way to retroactively add those missing tarballs.23:53
patchbotekcs: patch 300682 - openstack-infra/project-config - Add openstack-server-release-jobs to Congress in zuul23:53

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