Friday, 2016-04-08

armaxdims: you might00:00
armaxI was working on and I wonder what the implications are for the projects that are currently in
patchbotarmax: patch 303039 - openstack-infra/project-config - Update Gerrit ACLs for vendor specific networking-...00:00
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dimsarmax :  for newton, release team wants to help more than the managed projects for sure00:02
armaxdims: yes, I recall dhellmann’s project-config patch00:03
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dimsso they should be all right :)00:03
armaxdims: fair enough, I’ll double check with him just in case I am missing something00:04
dimssounds good armax00:04
patchbotarmax: patch 298866 - openstack-infra/project-config - update tag ACLs for all official projects00:04
armaxdims: mentions ‘official'00:04
armaxdims: so am I am not sure the next natural step is to extend help across *all* projects hosted on openstack.org00:05
armaxthanks dims00:05
dimsarmax : this email also says "official"
dimsttyl armax let's queue it up for tomorrow :)00:06
armaxdims: bye!00:07
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stevemarthanks dims, you're the best :)01:01
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dimsstevemar : yw. i know how patiently everyone was waiting to get the release off our backs to get going again01:04
stevemardims: pretty much :)01:04
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Please tag python-troveclient v2.2.0
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ttxarmax: "official" means everything in the governance projects.yaml, including release:independent things06:39
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Add yaml2ical release for 0.6.0
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odyssey4mettx I'm not sure if you can do anything about this, but has 'OpenStackAnsible' as a tag, but it's not one of our sessions. Can that tag be removed?11:55
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ttxodyssey4me: that was added by the Security PTL to put it on the OpenStackAnsible folks radar11:59
odyssey4meah ok, if it's intentional then it's fine :)11:59
ttxodyssey4me: it was added manually, yes... unclear why though, I agree11:59
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Add Cinder deadlines for Newton
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: show the branches containing the commit being tagged
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Clarify where project files go
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: fix logic error in list-weeks to remove duplicate week
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: clarify that date args to list-weeks need to be mondays
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openstackgerritThierry Carrez proposed openstack/releases: Fix 'XXX' dates in Newton schedule
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: script to create branches for a bunch of repos at once
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odyssey4meshould deliverables/liberty/openstack-ansible.yaml be removed from the releases repo until OpenStack-Ansible shifts its tag to something other than independent?12:45
ttxodyssey4me: that's something I wanted to clarify at the release meeting today. not sure dhellmann will be around though, so might wait until next week12:48
odyssey4mettx ah ok - at the moment I can't patch anything to that file due to the governance tag being 'release-independent', but I do need to process releases for the kilo and liberty branches12:50
odyssey4meI don't think the rights have been revoked for me to tag just yet, so I could handle it myself for now if you'd prefer?12:51
ttxodyssey4me: ah. oops12:52
ttxIt is slightly tricky. Not sure the automation would like if versions were added in the middle of an independent file anyway12:53
odyssey4mettx yeah, when I last tried it it ignored everything except the last entry12:53
ttxodyssey4me: so probably simpler to push tags yourself and we'll fix the releases website afterwards12:53
ttxto match what's been tagged in repo12:54
odyssey4meok, that'll be fine - I can do that12:54
ttxbut yeah, we'll need one way or another to handle that case12:54
ttxif we want to prevent direct tagging12:54
odyssey4mefor the sake of consistency I'd like to use the same release tool to do the tag, update launchpad, etc - are there any docs or can you point me to the script that does all that?12:57
odyssey4meup until working with the release team, I was using this process:
odyssey4meah, never mind - found it:
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EmilienMttx: should we still block ? we were waiting for Mitaka release to be done, so we don't break anything13:29
patchbotEmilienM: patch 297469 - openstack-infra/project-config - publish puppet-aodh in tarball for master13:29
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ttxEmilienM: should be fine13:49
ttxthings can be broken alright now13:49
ttxalthough it's Friday13:49
ttxso maybe not13:49
ttxbut not my call13:49
ttxdimsum__: looks like dhellmann won't be around for the release team meeting. Are you around for a quick postmortem ?14:10
dimsum__ttx : yep, i am14:11
ttxok, let's go in -meeting14:11
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mtreinishdimsum__: fwiw, on tempest's versioing isn't semver14:32
patchbotmtreinish: patch 302958 - requirements - Tempest 11.0.0 is released14:32
dimsum__mtreinish : so i can +A then? :)14:33
mtreinishdimsum__: that's up to you. :) But, if you didn't +A just because of backwards incompat concerns that's not what the version meant14:35
mtreinishit just meant mitaka :)14:35
dimsum__ack. +A :)14:35
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dimsum__mtreinish : you may have to adjust a bit as bot proposed u-c is ahead of this
patchbotdimsum__: patch 303253 - requirements - Updated from generate-constraints14:36
dimsum__hmm, you may be all right. i had not clicked on +A on that page14:39
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Add tempest 11.0.0 release
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dimsum__smcginnis : got a few mins about ?14:45
patchbotdimsum__: patch 302781 - releases - Release os-brick 1.3.014:45
smcginnisdimsum__: Sure. What'd I mess up? :)14:45
dimsum__smcginnis : can you peek at ?14:46
dimsum__not quite sure what is being shipped14:46
* smcginnis looks...14:46
dimsum__how many changes do you expect? and are they there?14:47
smcginnisdimsum__: You mean changes merged since last os-brick release?14:47
smcginnisdimsum__: Oh, I see. Nothing shows up in the git log diff. Hmm.14:48
smcginnisdimsum__: There are definitely changes merged since the last release. Not sure what's up there.14:49
dimsum__smcginnis : do you want everything in the HEAD of master?14:49
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smcginnisLet me double check what I see locally.14:49
dimsum__ack thanks14:49
dimsum__smcginnis : here's another quick way i check -
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dimsum__1.2.0 was the previous release and the SHA was what you provided in the yaml file14:51
smcginnisdimsum__: Yeah, I messed up the hash. Update coming.14:51
dimsum__ack thanks14:51
smcginnisCopy/paste/braindead error it appears.14:51
smcginnisdimsum__: Thanks for catching that.14:52
dimsum__yw smcginnis14:52
openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/releases: Release os-brick 1.3.0
smcginnisI either haven't been drinking enough coffee, or I've been drinking too much. :)14:53
dimsum__smcginnis : so that looks like the HEAD of master -
smcginnisYeah, hold it. I'm confused.14:55
smcginnisShould be head, but there are some things not in 1.2.0 that should be there.14:55
dimsum__hmm. let's wait for list-changes job14:56
smcginnisK, I'll sort this through locally as well. And get another cup of coffee.14:56
smcginnisdimsum__: OK, that's looking much better.14:58
smcginnisdimsum__: Looks much better:
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armaxttx: understood, I wonder what happens when projects are no longer part of that list15:38
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ttxarmax: ah, hmm yeah15:43
ttxarmax: we need to work a bit on state transition here15:43
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openstackgerritBrian Demers proposed openstack/releases: Adding 3.0.0 tag to networking-cisco
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openstackgerritBrian Demers proposed openstack/releases: Adding 3.0.0 tag to networking-cisco
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armaxdimsum__: ping22:20
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