Thursday, 2016-04-14

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: release keystoneauth 2.6.0
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openstackgerritSachi King proposed openstack/releases: PBR 1.9.1
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ttxjroll: looks like you have a friend there:
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: add note about thursday deadlines
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: PBR 1.9.1
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dims_ttx : easy one when you get a chance
patchbotdims_: patch 305272 - openstack-infra/release-tools - Pick last SHA for PREVIOUS_VERSION10:55
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jrollttx: wow11:23
jrollI was never a fan of shuttleworth but holy cow11:23
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ttxjroll: I like the "physical access" confusion, too11:54
jrollttx: heh, yeah11:55
ttxdims_: done11:55
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Pick last SHA for PREVIOUS_VERSION
clarkbnew ironic tshirts with something like this on them
clarkbjroll: ^11:59
* jroll wonders how quickly he can get 50 shirts11:59
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dims_thanks ttx12:28
dims_jroll : lol12:28
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: liberty: release nova 12.0.3
clarkbjroll: cpuld sneak a Freedom | NSA on there but the sarcasm probably wouldnt come through12:29
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dhellmannttx, dims: good morning! we should talk about packaging/deployment release models when you're free13:03
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ttxok, just a second13:07
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ttxfoghtinh video editing, will be there in a min13:21
dhellmannttx: ok. I have a call at the top of the hour, but am free the rest of the day13:24
ttxdhellmann: ok ready now13:32
* ttx looks up the change list13:33
dhellmannttx: ok13:33
patchbotttx: patch 297297 - governance - Change OpenStack-Ansible release model13:34
ttxAnsible moving to cycle-with-intermediary13:34
ttxdhellmann: I'm fine with adding those now if they can match the release dates13:35
dhellmannfor ansible, puppet, and kolla I think we want to resolve the schedule question before agreeing to the model changes13:35
dhellmannright, it seems that at least kolla was skeptical of being able to do that always13:36
dhellmannand the others may be overly optimistic13:36
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ttxSo we have several options there13:36
dhellmannOTOH, cycle-with-intermediary allows them to stay on schedule, and release fixes for late changes13:36
ttxWe can define a type:packaging/deployment thing that allows for some flexibility on release dates13:37
ttx(that would list them separately on the release page and we could add a warning there that it may trail releases)13:37
ttxWe can say no, stay independent13:37
dhellmannwe could define a new model entirely13:38
ttxOr we can come up with a different release model (late_with-milestones) and have a completely separate set of pages13:38
ttxfor things tracking mitaka13:38
ttxbut not part of mitaka13:38
ttxI'm not a fan of option 1 because it dilutes the meaning of "release"13:39
dhellmannkeeping them independent doesn't make it easy to communicate which version of the tool goes with each version of openstack13:39
ttxoption 2 has the problem you just mention13:39
jokke_I quite like that late_with-milestones13:40
ttxoption 3... would we need a trailing-with-milestones and a trailing-with-intermediary ?13:40
dhellmannfor option 1, you mean that because some things wouldn't be "done" when we say the release is done, it will look odd?13:40
jokke_it's clear and gives the trailing projects what they need13:40
ttxdhellmann: yes. What is "the release" ? Currently it's the thing that is done on release day, and then it's "done"13:40
dhellmannI think if we just have trailing-cycle we can allow intermediary updates13:40
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ttxBut we could also say that the release is more like a cycle thing, and we have things released in the middle, things after...13:41
dhellmannthe name doesn't have to include every aspect of the model, just the key bits13:41
ttxbut that creates a bit of confusion I think13:41
ttxI kinda like "mitaka" to be released at one point13:41
ttxand not have some things claiming to be mitaka and released the week after13:41
ttxbecause then people get confused about this "OpenStack Mitaka" thing and its boundaries13:42
dhellmannhaving a separate model makes it clearer that a given project is not promising to be done on release day13:42
jokke_ttx: what's so punctual about it? Aren't the libs released before that date and still called mitaka?13:42
dhellmannwhile still allowing it to be part of the release13:42
ttxjokke_: we still end up with one "mitaka" version on release day13:43
dhellmannright, the key thing is they are done *by* the date, not *on* the date13:43
ttxi.e. somone looking at "mitaka" on release day knows what's in it13:43
ttxno surprise arrival the week after13:43
jokke_ttx: point13:43
ttxdhellmann: if separate model we can also have a bit more latitude on dates13:44
ttxdhellmann: do we need to distinguish milestones-driven from intermediary-released in that model ?13:45
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ttxansible wants -with-intermediary, puppet with-intermediary, kolla with-milestones13:46
* ttx looks up Fuel13:46
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jokke_ttx: one option giving the predictability would be that the late_with-milestones would need to have RC available at the release date and it would be listed as such in the release page notifying that these projects are following late but they should be functionally complete13:47
ttxfuelk might end up wanting _with-milestones13:47
ttxdoes -with-milestones make sense if you trail ?13:48
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ttxah, we lost dhellmann13:48
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* dhellmann is having IRC issues13:56
dhellmannttx: I have that call, bbiab13:56
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ttxhe is back!14:00
odyssey4mettx we'll be debating the model we want to apply at the summit - it's likely that we'll want to actually go with 'with-milestones' instead of 'with-intermediary'14:00
odyssey4meI don't see us doing what Swift does, which is release off master from time to time. We're aiming to follow the OpenStack service model more closely.14:01
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ttxhe is not back!14:01
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odyssey4meWe're also happy to fall within the standard release cycle. We build from the master git sources anyway, and if we discipline ourselves well enough by decent planning we're able to release on RC SHA's and handle any cleaning up that may be necessary in a hotfix release soon after. Our releases are scheduled every two weeks, so we have plenty of scope to manage any nitty changes.14:02
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fungidhellmann: what consumes the meta:pypi being added at ?14:45
fungior is that for future use?14:46
fungisince i see it being set as "no" on tags for things we do publish to pypi14:47
dims_fungi : ?14:54
fungiaha, thanks dims_14:55
fungifor some reason i missed that14:55
fungiso it's telling release-notes to include a pypi hyperlink in the release announcement. is not setting include_pypi when tagging things we normally publish there typical for now, or an oversight?14:58
dhellmannfungi : yes, I think if a project is actually publishing to pypi and they have that flag set to false then it's an error. it defaults to false because most server projects don't go to pypi.15:10
fungigot it. so the pbr 1.9.1 release request should have had that meta:pypi: yes15:15
fungiand since it wasn't in the request, it defaulted to no15:16
fungimakes sense--thanks!15:16
dhellmannfungi : yeah, we can fix that for the next one15:19
funginot concerned, mainly just wanted to understand what the meta:pypi: no was for in the tag message15:20
fungisince it seemed contradictory to reality15:21
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: invoke sphinx directly instead of through pbr
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: show release highlights
dhellmannfungi : all of the meta values are just instructions to that announce script, put there by the release script but not used by it15:27
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: include the pypi link in pbr announcements
dhellmannfungi : ^^15:28
dhellmannfungi : yeah, we came up with that as a way to pass data between the different jobs doing the tagging vs. sending the emails. it has the benefit of recording what was done so we can see what instructions the announce job got if there is an issue15:46
fungigood implementation15:47
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ttxdhellmann: hah! you're back16:00
ttxdhellmann: we should continue that discussion at the release meeting tomorrow16:00
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dhellmannttx: yes, I'm not sure what was going on but restarting my bouncer seems to have fixed the connection issues16:08
ttxdhellmann: is your server running on the new dreamhost region ?16:08
dhellmannttx: no, the old one16:08
ttx(or an old one)16:08
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dhellmannttx, thanks for your comments on that email draft. I made a few changes to clarify the points you raised16:13
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EmilienMdhellmann: re - -- is there a ML thread I've missed about this new release model for deployment tools?18:35
patchbotEmilienM: patch 297382 - governance - Update release tags for some Puppet OpenStack modules18:35
dhellmannEmilienM : no, not yet :-)18:35
EmilienMahah ok :)18:35
dhellmannEmilienM : I'll be working on the new model definitions today/tomorrow18:35
dhellmannEmilienM : there are some details from the conversation ttx and I had earlier today in this channel, if you can't wait :-)18:36
* EmilienM scrollback18:36
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EmilienMdhellmann: "overly optimistic" > example, for puppet group, we released one week before official date. We could have waited for official date. WHat I mean here is that our group has the process and tools (mostly thanks to CI using trunk packaging) to makes releases on same time as other projects.18:41
EmilienMI don't think we are overly optimistic in this case ^18:41
dhellmannEmilienM : that works, until you have the case that one of the other groups ran into with some late change breaking the work they did. I can't remember if that was kolla or ansible off the top of my head.18:42
EmilienMdhellmann:  the main difference between devstack & $(kolla puppet etc) is the way to deploy OpenStack code. Kolla & Puppet groups, use RDO packaging, that is basically trunk. So we're already deploying Newton.18:43
EmilienMthat's why we are able to provide such releases on time18:44
dhellmannthe new model will basically reflect that we anticipate final releases of deployment tools lagging, and that's not a "failure" in any sense, but it clearly tells potential users that there may be updates shortly after the release cut-off for projects following the other release models18:45
dhellmannso if you're on time, that'll obviously be fine, but if you need an extra week or two, that would also be ok18:45
EmilienMI think that's exactly what some projects needed, so it's an excellent news18:47
odyssey4meEmilienM ++18:47
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*** sdake has joined #openstack-release19:05
dhellmannEmilienM , odyssey4me, sdake:
dhellmannttx, dims: ^^19:08
sdakedhellmann sounsd intereseting19:16
*** amrith is now known as _amrith_19:16
sdakedhellmann eatin lucnh atm, i'll hve to get back to you with a review19:16
dhellmannsdake : ok19:16
sdakedhellmann just breifly looking at it, that is exactly what I want19:18
sdakeI htink it describes the problem nicely19:18
sdakewith the current release models19:18
dhellmannsdake : I think the only difference may be in using a different model instead of carving out an exception.19:18
dhellmannit's simpler, and it lets us do things on releases.o.o when we render project lists19:19
sdakeyup your approach makes more sense - i hate exceptions ;)19:19
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dims_ah trailing tag :) for deployers etc19:57
dims_reading dhellmann19:58
dims_dhellmann : so if i remember we said, a project can have only one release_cycle* tag right?20:01
dhellmanndims_ : right20:01
dims_dhellmann : if so then we have to say release_cycle-trailing should do everything defined in release_cycle-with-milestones but with a lag20:01
dhellmanndims_ : ok, I thought that's what I was saying in requirements, though not in those terms20:02
dims_dhellmann : we can strengthen the language around line 22 to make this clear -
patchbotdims_: patch 306037 - governance - add release:cycle-trailing tag20:02
dhellmannmaybe on line 71 change "may" to "will"20:03
dims_dhellmann : the Rationale section is identical between the 3 rst(s) right?20:07
dhellmanndims_ : that's the intent20:07
dims_yep just making sure20:07
dims_EmilienM : 2 weeks is decent time?20:08
EmilienMdims_: it's decent time. Though I think Puppet group won't use this model, we are able to release on time.20:09
*** xarses has joined #openstack-release20:09
EmilienMdims_: we released Mitaka 1 week before official date20:09
dims_hey xarses : new tag being proposed -
patchbotdims_: patch 306037 - governance - add release:cycle-trailing tag20:09
dims_EmilienM : very cool :)20:10
EmilienMdims_: but I see an high interest for some other projects, and it makes sense20:10
dims_xarses : ""release:cycle-trailing" projects commit to produce a release no later than 2 weeks after the end of the 6-month development cycle."20:10
dims_xarses : will fuel have any interest in this tag?20:10
xarseswe had planned to be on time, but we had to many exceptions20:11
xarseswe are on track for 4/20 being the release for Mitaka20:11
dhellmannxarses : the new tag will cover you for that20:11
dhellmannyou should consider it for newton, when it's approved20:11
*** amrith is now known as _amrith_20:12
dims_xarses : yep as dhellmann says this is something new for Newton20:12
dims_dhellmann : looks good to me. other than that line 7120:13
dhellmanndims_ : I just published a new draft20:13
dims_dhellmann : thanks. looking again20:14
xarsesdims_: dhellmann seems fine20:16
dims_looks good20:17
xarsesour goal would be to make target, but yes as it stands we have to come after by even a day to build packages20:17
dhellmannxarses : if you want to propose a change on top of mine to add the tag to fuel, I'll rebase it for you if I end up making more edits to this definition20:17
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xarsesdhellmann: I will; kozhukalov will need to review it20:27
xarsesbut I think its fine20:28
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dims_thanks xarses20:28
*** vgridnev has joined #openstack-release20:29
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xarsesdims_: dhellmann
patchbotxarses: patch 306071 - governance - Change fuel to release:cycle-trailing20:45
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sdake_dhellmann see:
sdake_off for some r&r21:20
sdake_bbl :)21:20
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openstackgerritSteve Baker proposed openstack/releases: Release python-heatclient 1.2.0
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kzaitsev_mbttx: I'm trying to edit murano schedule for summit, but it seems that I've been doing smth wrong as I don't see any edit options there23:35
kzaitsev_mbmay I ask you to help me out with that one?23:35
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