Saturday, 2016-04-23

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prometheanfiresdake_: I think he might be on a plane now (work with him)03:04
prometheanfiresdake_: I'm gonna be in that same session though, questions?03:04
sdake_which session ?03:05
sdake_sorry - need context :)03:05
prometheanfiresdake_: stable maint one03:10
prometheanfireabout extending support iirc03:10
sdake_nah i just wanted to settle on what is acceptable re blessing a zstream tag03:10
prometheanfireah, not familiar with zstream03:10
sdake_e.g when we release kolla 2.0.1 in 40-45 days03:12
sdake_i read through the folows-stable policy in the gov repo03:12
prometheanfireah, you are a kola person :P03:12
sdake_i didn't know we had a following ;)03:13
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prometheanfirework with one of your devs LO03:14
prometheanfireand I work on OSA, so many discussions are had03:14
prometheanfirealso used to work with SamYaple, if only briefly03:16
sdakedicussions had about which03:23
sdakeprometheanfire interesting there are alot of discussions about kolla in the osad community, we don't realy think of osad as a competitor so we dont really discuss it much03:24
prometheanfiresdake: we just have worked with some of your devs is all03:25
sdakewe share all info freely we come across03:26
prometheanfirehonestly, all deployment tools compete with eachother, but I don't think that's a bad thing03:26
prometheanfireand we share as well, afaik03:26
prometheanfirepersonally, I think kolla is neat, but needs scale testing and maturity03:26
sdakepossible - big community i am only 1 person out of 100 contribtors in the last 6 months03:26
sdakewe have had  scale testing at 64 nodes03:27
sdakeworks well after we tuned it03:27
prometheanfireI'm talking at least 250 :P03:27
prometheanfirepreferably at the same OSA has at 1k03:27
prometheanfireand that's kilo iirc03:27
sdakewe are actually getting 136 nodes for 3 weeks of scale tetsting/benchmarking/improvements03:28
prometheanfireiirc, mikael (not sure about spelling) is doing some testing in osic03:28
sdakekolla at m is targeted at 100 node scale count03:28
prometheanfirethat's progress :P03:29
sdake3 racks of gear makes a pretty massive oepnstack environment03:29
prometheanfiremassive for some :D03:29
sdakeatm we have tested at 64 nodes so about 1.5 racks of gear03:29
prometheanfirenot for others03:29
sdakeourbottlenecks are rabbitmq and mariadb03:29
prometheanfirebut ya, that'd be good for a medium business I think03:29
sdake90% of the market is 100 nodes or less03:30
prometheanfireya, rabbit is OSA's biggest badness03:30
prometheanfireand neutron now03:30
prometheanfirewe may be aiming at diferent markets03:30
sdakei don't want to limit SAM out of our TAM arbitrarily03:31
sdaketAM=total available market03:31
sdakesam = service addressible market03:31
sdakesam =  the stuff your projectcan address03:31
prometheanfireya, honestly there's some convergence, mainly in that we are shipping around venvs now instead of building them at the target03:32
sdakebut until someooen puts up gear for me to test 1k nodes, i can't test 1k nodes :)03:32
prometheanfireyou can ask osic for some03:32
prometheanfirebut will likely be 250 max03:33
sdakei'd like to start with 100 and go from there03:33
sdake64 nodes required changing 3 defaults03:33
prometheanfireI would make a request from osic honestly03:34
sdakegood idea03:34
sdakewe just released friday03:34
prometheanfirecouldn't hurt03:34
sdakeso been pretty heads down getting everythign ffinished up03:34
prometheanfirejust released mitaka?03:34
prometheanfirewe released, but still have upgrades to do03:35
sdakewe have upgrades in our release03:35
* prometheanfire can't wait for projects to allow/do more in place upgrades03:35
prometheanfireah, right03:36
prometheanfiregrats, we did the m release, but our .1 is the upgrade release03:36
prometheanfireso 13.1 iirc03:36
sdakeya our 1=y stream for liberty is our upgadeable from liberty->mitaka version03:36
sdakei.e. 1.1.0->2.0.003:37
prometheanfirefor us it's 1.x.x->2.1.003:37
sdakewe wer ejammed up because of a data loss problem that was unfixable in liberty03:37
sdakewe are relesing 1.1.0 to addres s it shortly ater summit03:38
prometheanfireya, we've had to be careful03:38
prometheanfirevxlan changes almost bit us03:38
sdakethose are our released containers03:39
prometheanfiredocker security still bothers me :P03:40
prometheanfirebut I'm a hardened dev, so kinda paranoid by default03:40
sdakewe drop root in all containers03:40
prometheanfirenot that, docker :D03:40
sdakewe have  a solid security implementation03:41
prometheanfireI honestly haven't reviewed it in depth, just a first glance thing03:41
sdakenot concerned about security of  the system - we are as secure as openstack is - if someone breaks into an openstack daemon in some way the worst that will happen is they will have non-root privs in a container03:42
prometheanfirelol, true03:42
sdakethat is really wher ethe threat lies, in opentack itself03:42
prometheanfirethere are things like octavia that wory me mroe sec wise03:43
sdakenot familiar with that03:43
prometheanfireit's a neutron thing, spins up anyting L3 in a tenant VM03:44
prometheanfirewhich sounds nice, til you learn it's the admin tenant03:44
sdakei see neutron lbaas03:44
prometheanfireya, lbaas is it's main thing iirc03:44
sdakeprometheanfire i find it fascinating how many people tagged theirtalks with #kolla
prometheanfireya, you got that docker hype going for you :P03:50
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sdakeimage based upgrades and online reconfiguration are a plus ;)03:56
prometheanfiredebatable :P03:56
sdakekolla's mission is to operate openstack clouds not justdeplooy them ;)03:57
prometheanfirethe main diff between us is docker and image based03:57
prometheanfirewe do lxc and non-pure image03:57
prometheanfireI like to think we are pragmatic03:57
sdakea peer of mine spent 2 weeks evaling osad about 1.5 years ago before i kicked kolla into high gear03:58
sdakeso i am familiar with it at its state back then03:58
prometheanfireI will say that 1.5 years is a LONG time03:58
prometheanfirewe've made some fairly major changes since then03:58
prometheanfireSamYaple: hi :P03:58
sdakegranted we went from a dead project to strongly emergent in that  time03:59
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SamYapleprometheanfire: hi13:47
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prometheanfireSamYaple: :D15:07
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