Wednesday, 2016-08-31

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openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/releases: newton: release python-novaclient 6.0.0
mriedemdansmith: looks like you had a good run on the placement inventory patch
mriedemsome notes inline, there is an error in one of the RP creates, not sure why01:06
dansmithmriedem: cool, did you mean to ping me here?01:07
mriedemoh heh no01:07
dansmithokay :)01:07
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openstackgerritLingxian Kong proposed openstack/releases: Release python-mistralclient 2.1.1
konghi, guys, we found a critical bug in python-mistralclient after we released 2.1.0, can we have another release at this point?01:59
dhellmannkong : fix up the release request so it passes the checks and we'll get it released for you02:14
dhellmannkong : the deadline for clients is 1 Sept, so you have time02:15
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kongdhellmann: happy to know that. Many thanks!02:30
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openstackgerritLingxian Kong proposed openstack/releases: Release python-mistralclient 2.1.1
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openstackgerritDean Troyer proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStackClient 3.2.0
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/releases: Relase senlinclient 0.5.1
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/releases: Release python-senlinclient 0.5.1
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openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/releases: Release senlin-dashboard 0.4.0
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ttxdhellmann: wouldn't mind your review on and before I approve them, since those are late deliverable changes08:57
ttxTaking release baton09:02
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release designate
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: newton: release python-novaclient 6.0.0
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openstackgerritThierry Carrez proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStackClient 3.2.0
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release python-mistralclient 2.1.1
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ttxQiming: it feels like you've enough changes in senlinclient 0.5.1 to justify a bump to 0.6.0 ?09:36
ttxSee my comment on
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/releases: Release python-senlinclient 1.0.0
Qimingthanks ttx, bumping to 1.0.0 to leave enough room for backports, :)09:47
ttxQiming: nice. Was wondering if the dashboard couldn't use the same treatment09:47
Qimingdashboard is not that mature yet09:48
ttxok, makes sense09:48
ttxI'll process them both09:48
Qimingwe have quite some features lacking (when comparing to API), just need hands to work them out09:48
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release senlin-dashboard 0.4.0
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release python-senlinclient 1.0.0
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rtheisThe networking-ovn newton-3 deliverable is now ready to go (workflow -1 removed):
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openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/releases: Release bifrost 2.0.0
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dhellmannttx, dims: good morning12:17
dimsgood morning dhellmann12:17
dhellmannI thought I'd see if anyone from infra is around to merge for us and turn on the automation12:18
* dhellmann has turned into a night owl and feels this is early12:18
dhellmannttx: those late deliverable changes look ok. they add features to the ansible project by creating new repos for the playbooks, so...12:19
dhellmanndims, ttx: I'm going to take the release baton until the automation lands12:25
dims++ dhellmann12:25
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* ttx lets go of the baton12:27
dhellmannok, the patch is in the gate12:27
* dhellmann starts building a shrine to house the relic of the release baton12:28
ttxdhellmann: I processed everything there was this morning, did not create any stable branch since none of them appeared to clearly be "final"12:28
dhellmannttx: sounds good. I was planning to deal with stable branches for libraries on friday12:29
ttxupdated the spreadsheet accordingly12:29
ttxdhellmann: when you get 5 minutes I'd like to discuss cycle vs. elections alignment. I.e. are we aligning elections with Summit/PTG/cycles and is there any change in TC charter needed to accompany that. I remember we talked about it in Ann Arbor and came to a clear conclusion but I can't remember which12:31
dhellmannI thought we said we'd keep the elections aligned with the summit, that's why we ended up with the idea of release stewards12:31
ttxok. So we'll need to kick the discussion about that soon enough. Probably after the upcoming election round to reduce confusion12:32
dhellmannwe'll want to mention the term lengths during the election so ptls candidates are aware of what they're signing up for12:33
ttx(the Ocata schedule page has entries in the doc related to elections, but not referenced in the schedule itself12:33
ttxdhellmann: so we should start that discussion before this election round ?12:33
* ttx looks up calendar12:33
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dhellmannyeah, we said we would wait to cover the election dates until we had the rest of it settled12:34
ttxPTL self-nomination starts end of next week, hmm12:34
dhellmannI just copied the page as a template, so we could remove the election bits if there won't be an election during ocata12:35
dhellmanndims, ttx: the automation patch has landed12:35
ttxhaving the PTG landing page up on the website should be first12:35
ttxI'll ask for status on that12:35
dhellmannttx: ++12:35
dhellmannttx, dims: let's hold off on approving any of the pending releases until we get confirmation that the script has been updated on the signing node12:42
dhellmannttx, dims: puppet should do that in ~30 minutes so I'm going to run my wednesday morning errands and then we can watch one go through together if you like12:42
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openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Newton/
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dhellmannttx, dims: I'm going to test out the tagging automation with (the networking-ovn release)13:45
* ttx grabs the popcorn13:45
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: networking-ovn Newton-3 deliverable
dhellmannthe node isn't updated yet13:50
openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Newton/
dhellmannok, tagging by hand13:51
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odyssey4medhellmann ttx dims oddly enough, the tests seem to pass for without the Depends-On items... is that intentional?13:53
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dhellmannodyssey4me : depends-on doesn't work properly for release requests. does the deliverable file refer to a sha for a commit that has merged?13:54
odyssey4medhellmann yes it does13:54
odyssey4meshould I remove those dependencies then? they only reference governance patches in review for repositories that aren't part of the single deliverable yet13:55
dhellmannodyssey4me : then that's considered valid. are those depends-on commits you want to land before the release?13:55
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dhellmannI think zuul or gerrit will prevent the release patch from actually merging, but it doesn't fail the jobs13:55
odyssey4meno, they're just repositories which are moving into the single release deliverable, but were previously seperate13:55
dhellmannah, ok13:56
dhellmannyeah, I think that's working as expected then13:56
odyssey4meyes, it won't chain them - but previous you had tests which would validate whether the repositories were in a deliverable13:56
dhellmannoh, gotcha13:56
odyssey4mea governance deliverable13:56
dhellmannyeah, we had to turn those off. it turns out projects keep changing what is in or out of a deliverable.13:56
* dhellmann looks at odyssey4me 13:56
dhellmannso I converted those to emit warnings in the list-changes job instead of failing the patch13:57
odyssey4mewe have only been moving things *into* a deliverable13:57
dhellmannthat was easier than dealing with the changes over time13:57
dhellmannyes, but what it meant was that suddenly old releases from other series were invalid because they were missing things13:57
dhellmannand other projects were moving things into their own deliverables, so we had the reverse problem too13:57
odyssey4meah yes, it is a little inflexible13:58
dhellmannoops, gotta run, bbiab13:58
odyssey4meok, so I can either note the dependencies (which will prevent merging until the governance patches merge) or I can remove them and the reviews can merge independently - what's the appropriate course of action?13:59
dhellmannnote them without using depends-on so we can review them but not be held up by them14:01
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odyssey4medhellmann alright - will do14:02
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odyssey4medhellmann ok, thanks has been updated14:06
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kzaitsev_mbtonyb: would appreciate if you could spend some of your time on please =)14:24
kzaitsev_mbtonyb: or you can point me to someone I can ping )14:25
kzaitsev_mbI know that it's hot time pre ff =) so I would be ok to wait untill the end of the week14:25
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : you might ask in #openstack-stable since I don't think tonyb is around at this time of day14:25
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: oh thanks, that's one channel I'm not on yet )14:26
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* dhellmann dusts off the release baton14:26
dhellmannttx: I'm going to go ahead and try the bifrost release to see if puppet has caught up yet14:27
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release bifrost 2.0.0
dhellmanninfra is dealing with what looks like pretty long puppet delays due to some ansible issues, so I think we should assume we need to process requests by hand for the time being while they work it out14:34
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openstackgerritPierre Mathieu proposed openstack/releases: Release freezer
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ttxI can take the release baton back, it's my release day after all14:46
ttxdhellmann: (and process by hand) I assume you did the bifrost tag ?14:47
dhellmannttx: yes, I'm waiting for the ansible one to merge right now14:47
* ttx stands by14:47
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Newton/
dhellmannI'll process that one, since I approved it, if you prefer14:48
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ttxlet me know when done and I'll process the next one(s)14:48
* dhellmann hands the release baton to ttx14:48
dhellmannttx: that node could be updated at any point, so I have a telnet window open to watch the tag-release job for the skip before I do anything by hand14:49
ttxah. will do that as well14:50
openstackgerritPierre Mathieu proposed openstack/releases: Release freezer
ttxthe queue is empty anyway (waiting for some test results on that freezer one)14:50
dhellmannmostly done but hitting launchpad timeouts again14:54
dhellmannok, done with ansible14:56
ttxprocessing freezer then14:58
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ttxstill skipped, doing manual15:07
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: sort output of latest-deliverable-versions by team
dhellmannttx: fungi reports that the script has been updated on the signing node, so our next release should be able to use the new version16:00
ttxI may stay around then16:01
ttxand #success that16:01
dhellmannI was going to wait for one to actually work before using #success, but yeat16:01
ttxyes, waiting16:03
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fungiyeah, puppet finally got to it in the past few minutes16:05
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* dhellmann places a bottle of champagne on ice16:05
fungiwe discovered that infra-cloud needs to be puppeted in a separate process so that all its servers don't drag down configuration management turn-around times for our virtual machines16:05
dhellmannmakes sense, I guess16:06
fungialso the manage-projects script we run that adds new projects into gerrit and updates project acls needs a serious overhaul. now any time there's a project configuration addition/change we delay a full puppet run by something like half an hour16:06
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fungiyeah, it's iterating over every single project and doing a dozen fairly expensive git operations for each one, rather than knowing it's safe to skip 99.9% (literally) of them16:07
fungiso several orders of magnitude slower than it needs to be16:08
fungianyway, the release script change in question landed a couple minutes after the start of a puppet update pulse that included a new project addition, so coupled with the recent slow-down from bringing infra-cloud online it took a solid 3 hours to be applied16:09
fungisorry about that16:09
dhellmannfungi : it's not a big deal, and I appreciate you keeping us up to date about progress16:10
dhellmannI was on the fence about whether to try to merge that patch anyway, so I was anticipating doing manual tagging this week already16:10
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fungiglad it (hopefully) worked out16:15
dhellmannfungi: I had resigned myself to waiting a few weeks until after the release, so the fact that we ended up having to wait a few hours instead still feels like a big win. :-)16:17
* dhellmann wanders away in search of food16:17
ttxdhellmann: Disappearing for doctor's appointment. Feel free to pull the trigger while I'm away and properly #success the thing if it works16:23
ttxI'll read the channel logs tomorrow16:24
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/releases: Release os-brick 1.6.1
* dims shows up fashionably late17:16
*** smcginnis has joined #openstack-release17:17
smcginnis is a non-client library release request17:17
smcginnisPast that deadline, but this fixes an issue found yesterday.17:17
smcginnisVery minor and only affects unit tests.17:17
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: configure tox to always reinstall the tools
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: add a command to look for missing releases
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/releases: Release os-brick 1.6.1
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: increase allowed line length before emitting a warning
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release os-brick 1.6.1
dhellmannsmcginnis : I assume there's already a requirements patch to block the release that caused issues with the unit tests?17:52
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: Revert "Release os-brick 1.6.1"
dhellmannsmcginnis : luckily the new release tagging failed because I missed something in the review ^^17:55
dimsfungi : dhellmann : seen this? os-brick ran into some trouble -
dhellmanndims : yeah, I'm looking now17:57
dimsah you just mentioned it :)17:57
dhellmannfungi : do you have any idea why the user on the signing node doesn't know it's gerrit username?17:59
smcginnisdhellmann: No blocking patch.18:00
smcginnisdhellmann: It only affect unit tests, but that should probably be done.18:00
dhellmannsmcginnis : ok. you need to backport the fix to your stable/newton branch and release from there.18:00
smcginnisdhellmann: Oh right, forgot that was branched.18:01
smcginnisUpdates on the way.18:01
dhellmannme, too :-)18:01
smcginnisdhellmann: So... a little confused.18:03
smcginnisSince that is a library, do we release off of stable/newton?18:04
smcginnisOr just release off of master and move on?18:04
fungidhellmann: hrm, yeah it needs to know its gerrit username to be able to use git-review... but ~/.gitconfig says gitreview.username=release18:04
dhellmannbecause the branch exists, we need to release from the branch18:04
dhellmannfungi : there's a traceback in
smcginnisdhellmann: OK. So that commit hash isn't in stable newton and that release patch merged. Just submit a new one?18:04
smcginnisdhellmann: NM, saw your revert now.18:05
*** spzala has joined #openstack-release18:05
fungidhellmann: lemme double-check that's the right username18:05
dhellmannsmcginnis : yes, I have a revert working its way through the queue18:05
fungidhellmann: you successfully ran this for the release-test repo though, right? i wonder why it's different now18:05
dhellmannfungi : yes, but not since removing the skip check, so maybe puppet changed something else?18:06
*** hemna has joined #openstack-release18:07
fungidhellmann: aha!18:07
*** bobh has joined #openstack-release18:07
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: show all available branches in list-changes
dhellmanndims, smcginnis : ^^18:07
* fungi mutters something about lawyers under his breath18:07
dhellmannfungi : grrr18:07
* dhellmann wonders what it means to sign a cla on behalf of a bot18:08
dims+2 dhellmann18:08
fungidhellmann:,members so should be fixed as of right now18:08
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Revert "Release os-brick 1.6.1"
dhellmanndims : ideally we'd be able to compare the request and the available branches in the validation job, but I'll leave that for another day18:09
fungidhellmann: i also added it to,members just now18:09
dimsdhellmann : add a TODO may be?18:09
dhellmannfungi : ack18:09
fungier, also added it to,members18:09
fungifor good measure18:09
dhellmannfungi : I get a permission error on that group18:09
dhellmanndims : good idea, I'll put it in the etherpad18:09
fungidhellmann: oh, hah, it's an intentionally hidden group18:10
dimsfungi : haha, contributor agreement :)18:10
fungithough i don't see a good reason to hide it so i've un-hidden it now18:10
dhellmannfungi : oh, so this issue is because we don't have the cla flag turned on for the release-test repo?18:11
fungidhellmann: but basically your release-test repo doesn't require a signed cla while the os-brick repo does. we could update project-config to turn that on for release-test too18:11
dhellmannthat is, we didn't see it in testing because of that?18:11
dhellmannyeah, I'll do that18:11
fungidhellmann: exactly, yes18:11
fungisorry about that18:11
dhellmannfungi : no problem, thanks for the quick response: should fix the ACLs18:14
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EmilienMjrist: TripleO newton-3 release patch is ready for review
EmilienMjrist: please check validation & UI18:26
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openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/releases: Release TripleO newton-3
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*** TravT_ is now known as TravT20:20
jristthank you EmilienM20:22
jristEmilienM: thanks for the missing jobs patch too20:23
EmilienMjrist: yw20:24
jristEmilienM: checking hash now20:24
jristEmilienM: +120:26
EmilienMjrist: thx20:27
*** claudiub has joined #openstack-release20:32
openstackgerritHongbin Lu proposed openstack/releases: Release Magnum 3.0.0
*** timburke has joined #openstack-release20:43
openstackgerritNikhil Komawar proposed openstack/releases: WIP: Get reviews for "Release Newton-3"
openstackgerritVitaly Gridnev proposed openstack/releases: [sahara] Newton-3 deliverable
*** bobh_ has joined #openstack-release20:55
openstackgerritVitaly Gridnev proposed openstack/releases: [sahara] Newton-3 deliverable
*** rtheis has quit IRC20:56
vgridnevdhellmann, I think that sahara project is ready for N3 milestone20:58
*** bobh has quit IRC20:59
*** rhallisey has quit IRC21:01
vgridnevdhellmann, additionally I have one question: am I right that I can submit release request for libraries with independent release scheme at any time ( so I willing to do sahara-tests release near RC1 or later ).21:01
dougwigdo we really not have dates for ocata yet?  the doc is all XXX?
dhellmannvgridnev : yes, you can submit requests for tags for independent projects at any time, though we may hold off on processing them until after the milestone21:16
dhellmanndougwig :
dougwigdhellmann: ahh, ty!21:18
vgridnevdhellmann, i got you. thanks21:20
dhellmannvgridnev : if we have a gap, we might go ahead, but I want to set expectations21:21
*** spzala has quit IRC21:21
*** spzala has joined #openstack-release21:22
vgridnevso, actually there are already several changes to be released, btw I want to be sure that all activities are finished related to creating monolithic sahara-tempest-plugin replacing21:24
vgridnev'replacing' is unneeded *21:25
*** spzala has quit IRC21:26
*** sdague has quit IRC21:28
dhellmannvgridnev : ok21:29
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/releases: Release Newton milestone-3 for Barbican
*** ifat_afek has joined #openstack-release21:32
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/releases: Release python-barbicanclient for Newton
mriedemn-3 tag is due EOD tomorrow right?21:41
mriedemnova is still pushing on some last minute stuff21:41
dhellmannmriedem : yes, that's correct21:45
*** bobh_ has quit IRC22:06
*** spzala has joined #openstack-release22:10
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tonybkzaitsev_mb: Sure.  For some reason that wasn't in my review dashboard.22:29
kzaitsev_mbtonyb: I bet on the -1 ;)22:30
kzaitsev_mbmy dashboards filter -1s =)22:30
tonybkzaitsev_mb: perhaps that's it either way I'll check it out during my day.22:33
kzaitsev_mbsure if you have any questions — feel free to ping me here or leave comments in the patch =)22:34
tonybkzaitsev_mb: will do.  How much longer are you around today?22:35
kzaitsev_mbI'm working on updating our RDO packages and it would be nice to submit a request with the latest version =)22:35
* tonyb does the school run ...22:36
dhellmannhongbin : this magnum release has a ton of content. the intent behind cycle-with-intermediary is that you do more frequent releases to let them be smaller22:36
hongbindhellmann: ok....22:36
dhellmannif you're going to wait to the end of the cycle to release, you should just use the milestone model22:37
hongbinthe team want the flexibililty to release at any time, which is why we request the intermediary model22:37
dhellmannyes, but with that flexibility comes the expectation that you'll actually do it22:38
hongbinhowever, in this release, there is no request to release at the middle22:38
kzaitsev_mbtonyb: actually it's pretty late here, so maybe half an hour or so, but if you ping me I'll get a notification =) Well maybe it would be safer to just leave comments in the patch %)22:38
hongbindhellmann: i see22:38
hongbindhellmann: let me communicate this with the team and adjust the release model if necessary22:38
dhellmannhongbin : it's something to think about for ocata. I'm processing the 3.0.0 release right now22:39
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: that's actually a point I wanted to bring up about murano — we've been discussing potentially switching to cycle-with-intermediary for most of our repos in ocata22:39
hongbindhellmann: ack22:39
kzaitsev_mbto, well do smaller releases, more often.22:39
*** hemna is now known as hemnafk22:40
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : ok, that's the idea behind the intermediary model, so that would be a good fit22:40
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : keep in mind there are no alpha/beta releases for intermediary projects, so you need to be confident of your testing22:40
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release Magnum 3.0.0
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: and we would need to do it right after ocata and before o1 milestone22:41
kzaitsev_mbi.e. the switch in the governance repo22:41
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : yes, that's right22:41
sdakedhellmann sorry again for that - I didn't understand the ful scope of the problem yesterday when consulted about it from ijw and didn't put 2+2 together with release week22:46
dhellmannsdake : it's cleared up now22:46
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-release22:47
kzaitsev_mbdhellmann: hm, so looking at magnums commit and what you're saying — there is no rc1/rcN process.. yeah, that's something to keep in mind22:48
dhellmannkzaitsev_mb : right. you just tag full releases under that model. you can have bug fix releases if you need them, of course, but there's no pre-release versioning.22:49
*** TravT has quit IRC22:49
dhellmann#success The magnum 3.0.0 release was tagged through fully automated processes!23:01
openstackstatusdhellmann: Added success to Success page23:01
openstackgerritIfat Afek proposed openstack/releases: Release Vitrage for Newton3
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release Newton milestone-3 for Barbican
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed openstack/releases: Release Zaqar
*** flwang has joined #openstack-release23:11
openstackgerritFei Long Wang proposed openstack/releases: Release Zaqar-ui
* dhellmann places the release baton lovingly in the trophy case23:23
dhellmannttx, dims: it looks like we're all set with the release automation. I successfully processed 2 releases this evening. I'm still watching the logs on the node doing the tagging, just in case, but I'm pretty confident that we can plan on relying on the system for the rest of the tags this cycle.23:24
openstackgerritIfat Afek proposed openstack/releases: Release Vitrage for Newton3
*** hongbin has quit IRC23:28
*** kzaitsev_mb has quit IRC23:33
jroll\o/ for automation23:36
r1chardj0n3snow we just need the computers to write the code for us as well... hmmm23:38
*** claudiub has quit IRC23:42

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