Thursday, 2016-10-06

openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/releases: mitaka: release nova 13.1.2
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: add a few more details to the readme
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openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: Tidy up ptl command if an invalid team is specified
openstackgerritTony Breeds proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: Make the PTL tool more human friendly
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AJaegerdhellmann,ttx: exists now05:24
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ttxAJaeger: great, I'll add the links to newton page asap06:52
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Add doc links to Newton release page
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AJaegerttx, dhellmann: has now Newton content at front page - docs team is ready for launch!08:37
ttxAll systems nominal08:37
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dimsyay! :)10:50
dimsgood morning AJaeger and ttx10:50
AJaegermorning, dims !10:52
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dhellmanngood morning, everyone11:41
dhellmannAJaeger : thank you!11:42
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/release-test: clean up readme formatting
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/release-test: clean up readme formatting
openstackgerritMerged openstack/release-test: clean up readme formatting
ttxdhellmann: ohai11:53
ttxlet me know if you need me for anything11:53
dhellmannttx: I'm going to run a quick test of the diff-start feature11:54
* ttx is available until 15:30utc11:54
ttx(then again after 19:00utc)11:54
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: release-test 0.7.0
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: release-test 0.7.0
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: release-test 0.7.1
EmilienMdhellmann: still working on last blockers for rc3, it should be ready by tomorrow morning, is it ok?12:03
EmilienMdhellmann: (tripleo)12:03
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dhellmannEmilienM : yes, that should be fine12:03
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dimshi dhellmann12:09
dhellmannhi, dims12:09
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: release-test 0.7.0
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* dims checks schedule...just about 40 mins left12:23
openstackgerritJavier Peña proposed openstack/releases: New release renderspec 1.1.0
dhellmanndims, ttx: do you want to add your +2 to so we've all signed off on the release when we approve it?12:28
ttxdhellmann: yes12:28
dimsyes of course! :)12:29
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: release-test 0.7.1
* dhellmann watches the release-test tag work its way through the gate impatiently12:29
ttxall ok12:30
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dhellmannugh, bad tag version in my test12:38
dhellmannwell, I suppose it at least proves that the value was used as expected12:39
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: release-test 0.7.2
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number80is there any schedule to merge ?12:41
* number80 preparing downstream release12:41
dhellmannnumber80 : sometime within the next 2 hours :-)12:41
number80dhellmann: excellent \o/12:41
dhellmannwe're running some final tests on the tools before we press the button12:41
number80sure, I wanted to be ready for doing builds and refresh repositories12:42
dhellmanndims, ttx: looking at our checklist, I see all of the tasks from yesterday are marked off as completed and the next step is to approve the final tags. Does that look right to both of you?12:42
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dimsdhellmann : yep looks good (spot checked a few)12:47
dhellmanndims: thanks12:48
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: release-test 0.7.2
dimsdhellmann : one sec12:50
dhellmanndims : thanks for suggesting that the PTLs sign off on the release, too12:51
dimsdhellmann : was checking on congress.. looks good12:52
dimsdhellmann : y, just a place/time to celebrate :)12:53
dhellmannalso it's useful to have their approval recorded in the tags12:53
dhellmannwoot, ok, the diff-start thing works12:57
dhellmannI believe we're all set to approve and tag the release12:57
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack/releases: clean up from testing
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dimsship it! :)13:00
dhellmanndims, ttx: shall we go ahead, then?13:00
ttxall green13:00
dhellmannalright, approved13:01
stevemarooohhh, exciting times13:03
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dhellmanna watched patch never merges13:05
dhellmannoh, right, that validate job is cloning all of those repos to look at their tags so it's going to take a while13:06
ttxwhich is why we are running it one hour in advance :)13:06
dhellmannthe tagging job will have to do something similar13:07
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: newton final for cycle-with-milestones projects
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: clean up from testing
ttxthat tag-releases job will be a busy one13:11
dhellmannthere we go13:11
fungiexcitement abounds13:13
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dhellmannit looks like that the last tag for zaqar is now in the queue13:17
dhellmannhmm, I hope the race between the final tags and the cleanup to remove the test project doesn't cause a problem publishing the new releases site13:18
dimsyay fungi :)13:18
ttxdhellmann: receiving moderation requests on the announce list due to message body too long13:20
fungiextremely long release notes?13:20
dhellmannwell, I suppose that's one way to control when those message go out :-)13:20
ttxnot al of them will fail thouhj13:20
ttxfungi: emails list commits too13:21
fungioh, yep that'll do it13:21
ttxdhellmann: shall I just approve them ?13:21
dhellmannttx: yes, I think so13:21
ttx[new][cinder] cinder 9.0.0 release (newton)13:21
ttx    Reason:  Message body is too big: 126150 bytes with a limit of 80 KB13:21
dhellmannthough the size of the emails may be the argument that convinces me to not send them for ocata13:21
fungiso it's not like it's an order of magnitude larger than the limit at least13:22
fungiit's maybe 150% of the limit13:22
ttxlet's see what Nova and Neutron reach13:22
dhellmannugh, the murano release notes have error messages mixed in because they used roles that the rst->text converter didn't understand13:23
ttxCurrent winner [new][neutron] neutron 9.0.0 release (newton)13:24
ttx    Reason:  Message body is too big: 133420 bytes with a limit of 80 KB13:25
smcginnisttx: There's probably a lot in that Cinder announcement.13:25
ttxwe should have done a release adjective bingo13:27
smcginnisStart over.13:27
ttx"high-spirited" -- "BINGO"13:27
* dhellmann glares at smcginnis 13:27
* smcginnis hides in the corner13:27
dhellmannI'm quite pleased with how many release notes some of the projects have.13:28
ttxyes, a lot of people said to me newton was a very productive release. I wonder how much of that can be traced back to better release notes hygiene through reno, though13:29
dhellmannmeaning it looks more productive, just because we recorded what was done as we went along?13:29
ttxYes. Basically did we achieve more than usual, or did we get better at documenting it13:30
ttxprobably a bit of both13:30
fungidoes it matter? if a tree falls in the forest and nobody's around to document it in a release note...13:31
dhellmannprobably. it would be hard to tell. counting commits isn't likely to be that meaningful.13:31
* fungi takes the existential approach to software features13:31
dhellmannfreezer-dr announce failed13:32
dhellmannlooks like a bad diff-start value13:32
dhellmannoh, I'll bet that repo didn't have that tag13:32
dhellmannoops, nova job failed, too13:33
dhellmannsome sort of sphinx error13:33
dhellmannI'm running it locally to try to reproduce it13:35
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dhellmannit worked when I ran it13:36
ttxdhellmann: shoudl I moderate it through ?13:36
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ttxI guess yes13:36
dhellmannttx: take a look at the results first, but yeah13:36
ttx192915 bytes13:36
fungidhellmann: i wonder if it's a locale-specific failure13:36
oshdhellmann: hi! can you please provide me with info about errors in murano releasenotes?13:37
dhellmannfungi : that's possible. I'll make a note to look into it further13:37
dhellmannosh : let us finish the release first, but yeah, we can work on that13:37
ttxdhellmann: the emails do not contain a link to the tarball ?13:37
dimsright we need to make a list of failures and work through it. right dhellmann ?13:37
dhellmannttx: only when the project is being uploaded to pypi13:38
oshdhellmann: anything we should do right now or you will ping us?13:38
dhellmanndims: I just started one under tasks on the etherpad13:38
dhellmannosh : I'll ping you13:38
ttxah, wouldn't hurt to add a link to tarballs.o.o... the emails as they stand are a bit of a dead-end13:38
ttxlike you don't even know where to look to get it13:38
oshdhellmann: ok, thank you (:13:38
ttxnot even a link to releases.o.o13:39
dhellmannttx: that's a good idea13:39
ttxI approved the nova one13:39
ttxalthough it was missing release notes for some reason13:40
ttx(now that I read others)13:40
dhellmannttx: some of the projects still don't have the right links in their readme files, too, and the announce script just ignores those cases13:40
dhellmannthe zaqar-ui docs job failed13:41
ttxShall we approve now ?13:42
dhellmannyes, that's next13:42
dhellmanndims, do you want to do the honors there?13:42
dims+2A :)13:43
dimsstatic-releases-publish seems to have failed13:43
ttxHTTPConnectionPool(host='', port=80): Read timed out. (read timeout=None)13:44
* ttx prepares for teh ACL reset13:45
fungiis it scraping the cgit webui or something?13:45
fungii can retrigger that job13:45
ttxit probably downloads a raw file13:45
fungiHEAD is now at a006f4b Merge "New release pymod2pkg 0.6.0"13:47
fungiis that the right commit dims?13:47
fungiseems to be the one that triggered the failed job you mentioned13:48
dimsoops never mind that's an old one13:48
fungifor site publishing jobs, we aware we have a bit of a timing race too, so never want to retrigger an earlier publish job13:48
ttxyes from Oct 413:48
fungier, be aware13:48
dimsack thanks fungi13:48
fungibasically if i retrigger a publish job from october 4, that will roll the site content back to that point ;)13:49
dhellmannlet's not do that :-)13:49
ttxdhellmann: dry run of the aclmanager script at
dhellmannttx: checking13:52
dhellmannttx: are any of those cycle-trailing projects? I see tripleo for example.13:53
ttxonly release:cycle-with-milestones in theory13:53
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Mark Newton as released
fungii wonder if one of the tripleo repos still has that13:53
ttxtripleo-image-elements is13:54
ttxI can add it to the exceptions list13:54
fungiyeah, slight complication there. gerrit acls shouldn't be shared between projects with different release models i guess13:54
* ttx looks up contents of tripleo-release-branch13:55
ttxheh, there is no tripleo-release-branch13:55
fungior more specifically, branch release groups shouldn't be shared between gerrit acls for repos with different release models13:56
ttxso probably better to skip it13:56
ttxtrying again with tripleo-image-elemnets added to the exception list13:57
ttxoh there are all the os-* stuff too13:58
bauzasttx: dhellmann: do you have any idea when you plan to release Newton today.13:58
ttxin 2 minutes ?13:59
dhellmannbauzas : right now, check your inbox :-)13:59
dhellmannare there any last-minute updates to the announce email?
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bauzasdhellmann: haven't seen nothing yet :(14:00
bauzasdhellmann: but no worries, will see :)14:00
dimsdhellmann : still looks good14:00
dhellmannbauzas : something like a dozen emails to openstack-announce14:00
dhellmannbauzas : are you looking for a particular project?14:01
bauzasdhellmann: nova :)14:01
dhellmannthe actual tarballs are still building for a lot of them14:01
dimsnova just made it
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bauzasdhellmann: cool, found the email \o/14:01
dhellmannbauzas : when things settle down, I'll spend some time figuring out why that email doesn't include the reno output like the others14:02
openstackgerritYuval Brik proposed openstack/releases: Release karbor 0.1.0
dhellmannttx: are we all clear to send the release announcement email, do you think?14:02
dims+1 ttx14:03
dimsoops +1 dhellmann14:03
bauzasdhellmann: no worries14:03
bauzasdhellmann: FWIW, I have a change up in stable/newton for adding a prelude section to the nova relnotes so it could help people reading those, but given we did cut RC2 before we merged it, it will be merged after the release14:03
ttxdhellmann: new paste @
bauzasdhellmann: which is not a problem I guess, as I don't think people using the tarballs will really recreate the relnotes14:04
dhellmannok, I'm pressing send on the announcement email14:04
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ttxnormally the script is removing release and putting stable-maint in their place14:05
dhellmann#success OpenStack Newton is officially released!14:05
openstackstatusdhellmann: Added success to Success page14:05 is theoretically switched too14:06
* ttx checks he is on the list14:06
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ttxdhellmann: ok to run aclmanager ?14:07
dhellmannttx: I'm looking over that paste you sent, but as far as I can tell it seems fine14:08
dhellmannthe rows don't seem to be in any particular order, so matching up the deletes and puts is a bit hard14:08
ttxdhellmann: designed to keep you on your toes14:09
dhellmannsort-lines to the rescue14:09
dhellmannttx: what's here looks good. I didn't check the list of names against the list of all milestone projects14:10
ttxnot critical anyway14:10
ttxpeople tend to complain when they are missing rights14:10
* ttx runs14:11
dhellmannwhen the time comes to update the acl files in project-config, it won't be a simple rollback because we missed one14:11
ttxI'll try to revert it once aclmanager completes14:11
dhellmannttx: see 01de6ee4f91e81d0f6cf6013c1b117c6eb5f4f62 as wel, that's the one I did recently14:12
ttxcouple errors14:12
ttxUpdating searchlight-release-branch group using PUT a/groups/searchlight-release-branch/groups/searchlight-stable-maint14:13
ttxUpdating murano-release-branch group using PUT a/groups/murano-release-branch/groups/murano-stable-maint14:13
ttxUpdating mistral-release-branch group using PUT a/groups/mistral-release-branch/groups/mistral-stable-maint14:13
* ttx digs14:13
dhellmannwhat is nova-lxd? that failed to sign the tarball14:13
ttxok, those 3 groups actually don't exist14:14
fungittx: confirmed, i just came to the same conclusion14:14
ttxsearchlight-release-branch murano-release-branch mistral-release-branch14:14
ttxchecking ACLs14:14
*** sdake has quit IRC14:15
ttxthey actually exist14:16
dhellmannit looks like nova-lxd is not part of an official project14:16
fungidhellmann: have a link to the signing log for nova-lxd? the most common cause for the signing job to fail is a package name mismatch14:16
dhellmannfungi : it looks like a version issue, yes14:17
ttxoh, it's the stable-maint which don't exist14:17
fungittx: it's the searchlight-stable-maint, murano-stable-maint and mistral-stable-maint groups14:17
fungiright, that14:17
dhellmannthe tarball job log is:
* ttx checks ACLs14:17
dhellmannand the signing job couldn't download the tarball because it was built as rc214:17
dhellmannthat's what I get when I ask for the version in the repo, too14:17
dhellmannI'm not sure why14:17
ttxfungi: murano uses murano-milestone for stable14:18
fungidhellmann: looking, but chances are it's a setup.cfg issue or they're not using pbr or something along those lines14:18
ttxmistral uses mistral-milestone for stable14:18
ttxand searchlight doesn't have an ACL for stable. Perfect14:18
dhellmannfungi : they do use pbr, I don't see a version in setup.cfg, and HEAD is tagged but gives version
* ttx makes a note of streamlining ACLs14:19
fungittx: all three of those do not surprise me. there hasn't been a lot of consistency around those in the past14:19
dhellmannvery weird14:19
ttxdhellmann: adding notes to the tracking page in the postmortem section of the meeting agenda for tomorrow14:20
dhellmannttx: ack. there's also an "Errors" section14:20
kzaitsev_wsso is it just naming problem in murano stable/release ACL, right? =)14:21
fungidhellmann: well, for starters, nova-lxd declares a requirement on nova as a github clone url :/14:21
ttxkzaitsev_ws: in your case yes14:21
kzaitsev_wsphew =)14:21
dhellmannfungi : yeah. I'm going to let Chuck sort this out when he notices that it failed.14:21
AJaegerdhellmann, dims, ttx: Congrats and thanks for driving Newton release!14:22
dhellmannAJaeger : thank you for your help!14:22
fungikzaitsev_ws: for the murano permissions change, yes. that's unrelated to the release notes building errors though14:23
dhellmannttx: I think we're ready to change the default series to ocata?
ttxdhellmann: sure, not sure what that exactly triggers14:23
dhellmannttx: it just changes the validation logic a bit, so that patch releases to newton are easier to review14:24
dhellmannwe probably should have done that back when we branched, now that I think of it14:24
fungidhellmann: oh! is not semver14:25
dhellmannyes, that's probably not helping14:25
fungii believe that caused pbr to skip it14:25
dhellmannis pbr treating it differently on purpose?14:25
* fungi erects large nmp field around this and moves on14:25
ttxdhellmann: straight revert proposed at -- you mentioend earlier that this would fail to catch a few things ?14:26
dhellmannttx: see 01de6ee4f91e81d0f6cf6013c1b117c6eb5f4f6214:27
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: update the default series to ocata
ttxdhellmann: ack, grepping to check if there were more14:28
ttxdhellmann: fixed it14:31
ttxdhellmann: let me know if it looks good and I'll unW-1 it14:31
dhellmannttx: lgmt14:33
dhellmanner, lgtm14:33
* ttx takes a quick break14:35
dhellmannI think we're done. I'm going to take a break, too, and then start looking into some of those failures.14:35
dimsback in a bit :)14:36
fungireleases site is looking good!14:36
*** rhallisey has quit IRC14:36
dhellmannttx, dims, fungi : Thank you for all of your help today, and over the course of the cycle. I couldn't ask for a better team!14:37
fungiit's my pleasure to serve the project14:37
fungilet me know if you need help digging into any of those errors you've spotted, or if anything else comes to light14:38
*** bobh has joined #openstack-release14:39
fungii'm around the rest of today, but will be pretty much unreachable starting tomorrow and won't be back online until the 18th (i don't look forward to the e-mail backlog)14:39
dimsgo dhellmann ! :)14:39
dimsack fungi have a good time off14:39
fungithanks dims14:41
fungiwe're on our way to boston, ironically ;)14:42
fungii would ask if you wanted to meet up, but we're getting right on a boat14:42
*** bobh has quit IRC14:43
dhellmannfungi : none of them are critical, so I'm going to look into them after I have celebratory cake and tea14:45
dhellmannfungi : enjoy your time off!14:45
clarkball of the fun is done by the time the west coast wakes14:49
clarkbnow I want tea and cake for breakfast14:49
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dhellmannclarkb : I recommend it.15:29
jeblairfungi: wait, you're getting on a boat to escape a hurricane?15:31
fungijeblair: yep, gonna try to outrun it15:31
jeblairfungi: godspeed15:31
fungihurricanes are illegal in canada, so we're making a break for the border15:32
dhellmannfungi : I hear they built a seawall15:32
jeblairapparently the current tracking maps have it making a circle and heading *back* to florida and the islands after it bounces off nc15:33
jeblairfungi: so, i guess, good call :)15:33
dhellmannjeblair : o_O15:33
fungiyep, it'll _probably_ miss us entirely, but since i won't be here to do anything about it if it doesn't, gonna prep like it's aimed right at us anyway15:34
jeblairdhellmann: yeah, this storm really has it in for that area i guess:
*** kong has joined #openstack-release15:34
fungisome of the friends joining us on the boat are coming from florida, so hoping it doesn't cause issues for them either15:35
openstackgerritQiming Teng proposed openstack/releases: Release senlin-dashboard 0.5.0
anteayayou'll be just in time for Thanksgiving15:47
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: ironic 6.2.1
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clarkbI have acquired tea and the cake is in the oven16:28
dhellmannclarkb : \o/16:29
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: warn when we can't find the version and skip reno
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: do not use locale version of admonition labels
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dhellmannttx, dims: I fixed the issue with nova's release announcement, do you think it's worth sending it again?16:35
dimsdhellmann : yes i think so16:35
dhellmanndims : I'll wait for ttx to chime in when he gets back, but I think I agree with you.16:38
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dimssounds good ttx16:42
openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: ignore unrecognized inline directives
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dhellmannosh: ^^ should fix the issue with the announcement17:44
dhellmanndtroyer_zz : iirc, osc had some issues with announcements including "unknown directives" too? ^^17:44
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AJaegerdhellmann: could you review - we now have the logic for translation of release notes.17:51
dhellmannAJaeger : looking17:51
AJaegerdhellmann: problem was that did not have locale_dir set for most repos ;(17:52
dhellmannAJaeger : we should make sure that goes into the instructions for setting up new repos, too17:52
* AJaeger sent already a change for cookiecutter:
dhellmannand the ptg?17:53
AJaegerdhellmann: not yet, can do.17:53
dhellmannthat would be good17:53
dhellmannAJaeger : so your project-config patch changes from using "tox -e releasenotes" to using "tox -e venv" to run the command?17:55
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AJaegeryes, for the translated command.17:55
AJaegerDo you have a better idea?17:56
dhellmannno, I'm just making sure I understand17:56
AJaegerthe English notes are still build with "tox -e releasenotes"17:56
dhellmannah, ok17:56
dhellmannso this adds a new job just for the translations17:56
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dhellmannI wonder if we have any projects where the venv and releasenotes environments are configured differently17:57
AJaegerwe already use a similar command to extra the translations, let me find a link...17:58
AJaegerextract I mean17:58
dhellmannwhat you have looks like it will work, but the way you're appending the references to the index file could be a little brittle17:59
dhellmannI don't have a great answer to that, unfortunately18:00
AJaegerdhellmann: I'm open to suggestions. Alternative is to let the projects add links themselves (and most will not update them).18:01
dhellmanndoing that by hand doesn't scale well18:01
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AJaegerdhellmann: is the ptg update18:02
dhellmannI guess for any that come out rendered poorly, we can help them standardize their base index.rst like I did for the ordering18:02
AJaegerright now we have 19 repos with translationed releasenotes - so we would start with those18:03
dhellmann+1 on the project-config patch18:03
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* AJaeger plans to push locale_dir to all releasenote files - I don't want us to write to them in general...18:03
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dhellmann+2a for cookiecutter18:03
dhellmann+2 for the ptg change18:04
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AJaegerthanks a lot, dhellmann !18:05
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fungidhellmann: oh, did the nova release notes failure end up being locale-specific? was trying to figure out other reasons it would fail on our systems and not on yours18:18
dhellmannfungi : their notes used ".. note::" and the thing I put together to turn rst into plain text was using a feature of sphinx.locale, but wasn't initializing sphinx.locale properly18:18
dhellmannso it was a code bug based on a thing I didn't expect anyone to use being exercised for the first time18:19
dhellmannI've had on my todo list for a while to add "build the release notes email" to the release validation job18:19
fungiaha. so it did fail locally for you too, but in your case it still sent the e-mail instead of short-circuiting18:19
dhellmannoh, well, the time it didn't fail was because I had the wrong branch checked out so it skipped the reno step entirely but for a different reason18:20
dhellmannso lots of failures there18:20
dhellmannwhen I figured that out, I was finally able to reproduce the problem and then fix it18:21
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openstackgerritDoug Hellmann proposed openstack-infra/release-tools: always provide a download link in the announce emails
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openstackgerritAndreas Jaeger proposed openstack/release-test: Enable release notes translation
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/release-test: Enable release notes translation
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ttxdhellmann: o/19:18
dhellmannttx: o/19:18
ttxreading backlog19:18
dhellmannI have patches up against release-tools to fix all of the announcement issues we found earlier today19:18
ttxyes you could reply to the nova announce and include the full log19:19
dhellmannttx: done19:20
dhellmannttx: I need to run a quick errand. I should be back in <30 minutes19:26
ttxI'll be gone by then :)19:28
* dims back on19:30
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openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Tidy up ptl command if an invalid team is specified
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: Make the PTL tool more human friendly
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: support non-ASCII characters in PTL names
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dhellmannI'm back20:10
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openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/releases: Release puppet-ceph 2.2.1
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/releases: Release puppet-swift 9.4.2
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tonybdhellmann: I see a few release-failures are you/dims on them or should I investigate?21:56
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dhellmanntonyb : from earlier today?21:56
dhellmannI have fixes up for all of the announce failures21:56
tonybdhellmann: Yeah I'm guessing based on the TOC on my inbox from the newton tagging21:56
dhellmannthere was a nova-lxc failure but that's not an official repo21:56
dhellmannthe problem is with the version # (not semver)21:57
dhellmannso I think we're set -- you could review my release-tools patches21:57
tonybdhellmann: Will do.21:57
dhellmanntonyb : do you have an alias wrapped around the ptl command?21:58
dhellmannI'm trying to figure out why your shell quoting isn't working as expected21:58
tonybdhellmann: no just a symlink to it in a venv21:58
tonybdhellmann: Yeah it's strange21:58
dhellmanna symlink shouldn't matter21:58
dhellmannI'm on bash 4.3 but if they changed the way quoting works they will have broken the universe so I can't imagine that's what's going on21:59
tonybdhellmann: no and bash4 is pretty standard.21:59
dhellmannoh, you're on os x, hmm21:59
dhellmannthat shouldn't matter either, but I don't use it there21:59
dhellmannI have no ideas22:00
tonybI don't think it's the shell
tonybdhellmann: what python?  I wonder if it's a chnage in argparse?22:02
tonybdhellmann: the reading I did suggested that others had similar issues22:03
dhellmanntonyb : the shell executes python using an array of arguments, so it's failing to interpret the quoted string as one of those arguments to insert it into one place in argv22:03
dhellmanntonyb : what do you get in a python app with just "import sys; print sys.argv"22:04
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tonybdhellmann: balder:~ tony8129$ python -c "import sys; print sys.argv" "1 2" 3 422:06
tonyb['-c', '1 2', '3', '4']22:06
tonyb strange22:09
dhellmannyou're sure you don't have an alias or shell function wrapping ptl?22:11
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tonybdhellmann: yup22:13
tonybbalder:~ tony8129$ alias | grep ptl22:13
tonybbalder:~ tony8129$ which ptl22:13
tonybbalder:~ tony8129$ ls -l `which ptl`22:13
tonyblrwxr-xr-x  1 tony8129  1604020879  27  7 Oct 09:12 /Users/tony8129/bin/ptl@ -> ../.openstack-tools/bin/ptl22:13
tonybbalder:~ tony8129$22:13
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dhellmannhow about "typeset -f ptl"22:15
tonybbalder:~ tony8129$ typeset -f ptl22:15
tonybbalder:~ tony8129$22:15
tonybdhellmann: It's very strange.22:17
dhellmannwe should see if it works right for you when you're in the northern hemisphere22:17
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tonybdhellmann: LOL22:18
dhellmanndoes locale play into command line parsing?22:18
* tonyb blames aussie-bash and port installs regular-bash22:18
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