Friday, 2016-11-04

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Distinguish between low/high priority spec freeze
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openstackgerritMatt Riedemann proposed openstack/releases: newton: release nova 14.0.2
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openstackgerritChangBo Guo(gcb) proposed openstack/releases: Add releasenotes link for oslo libraries
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openstackgerritSylvain Bauza proposed openstack/releases: move Ocata final release to 22 Feb 2017
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openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/releases: Release Puppet OpenStack (newton)
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openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Newton/14.0.1
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EmilienMdhellmann: FYI, I'm leaving on PTO tonight but slagle or shardy will propose a TripleO Newton release next week, probably on Wednesday. The patch will be
openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka/13.3.7
openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka/13.3.7
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openstackgerritJesse Pretorius (odyssey4me) proposed openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Liberty/12.2.7
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dhellmannEmilienM : thanks for the head's up. Enjoy your time off!15:07
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: move Ocata final release to 22 Feb 2017
EmilienMdhellmann: thx15:08
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases: Release OpenStack-Ansible Mitaka/13.3.7
mugsiedhellmann: regarding monasca-statsd, if the situation is not fixed, should we be looking to revert our use of it?15:22
dhellmannmugsie : the general consensus is that this is just a miscommunication, so I wouldn't start worrying about that sort of action yet.15:23
dhellmannremember, lots of folks take the week after summit off, so I don't really expect to hear from the monasca team until next week15:23
mugsietrue. I pinged them internally as well, just to make sure they saw it15:24
dhellmannmugsie : as an interested party you could submit a patch to the repo(s) to update the license file with the correct content. That would make it easy for them to approve the change.15:24
dhellmannand thanks for trying to reach them directly15:24
mugsietrue, will do that now.15:25
dhellmannfungi was going to open a bug, too, so you might look for that to reference it in the commit message15:25
fungiyeah, i already did and followed up to the ml thread with the link15:25
mugsieyeah, i saw that.15:25
dhellmannman, you walk away from the -dev ML for 30 minutes...15:25
dhellmannthanks, fungi15:26
fungidhellmann: mugsie: my concern with proposing an update to that repo is we don't know which license is the right one (or whether it should be both? in theory they're compatible licenses anyway)15:26
dhellmannfungi : fair point15:26
fungithough i suppose just pick one and see if their core reviewers actually know or simply rubber-stamp whatever you chose15:27
fungii'm mildly worried that they might do the latter15:27
dhellmannyeah, it's probably better not to encourage that15:27
dhellmannthough IIUC, we do require teams to release things under the apache license, don't we?15:27
mugsieI thought so15:28
fungimuch better would be to have some discussion where they explain how this happened so there's some confidence the correct choice is being made rather than just the convenient one15:28
dhellmannyes, true15:28
mugsieits just sticking in my mind that there was initially work done based on some datadog code, in the past15:28
mugsieback beofre it was open sourced15:28
fungijust because it's released under the apache license doesn't mean it didn't derive from bsd-licensed code (in fact, almost every python project in openstack includes bsd-licensed source)15:29
mugsiebut I *think* that was just the agent code15:29
dhellmannok. I guess I don't fully understand the difference between the license in the source and the license under which the source is released. Maybe they can't relicense the old stuff and have to use a dual license for new versions?15:30
mugsieit looks like a fork15:33
dhellmannyes, that seems unfortunate. The history would be interesting.15:34
mugsieand then 5bc7d8f310e239c51675344fc0b3855ea2e87443 added the Apache2.0 headers15:35
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fungiyeah, if that's the case (ianal) then the original files were basically under a (datadog-specific) 3-clause bsd license and the modifications are being provided under the apache 2.0 license but the terms of the original license still need to be met, including carrying a copy of the original license16:03
fungireally wish when they forked they'd have kept revision control history from the predecessor repo (if there was one, maybe there wasn't?)16:04
dhellmannis it a pure fork, or did they import a copy of the code into an existing repo?16:05
fungii don't know how those two statements differ, materially16:05
dhellmannsorry, an existing repo with other stuff already in it16:06
dhellmannlike, did they just copy the latest versions of some files into a single commit in a repo that was using the files from the library, or did they fork the original thing and keep it as a separate deliverable16:06
fungithe earliest commit to teh repo we have in gerrit includes monasca-statsd specific files and the datadog license file, so i really don't know its provenance prior to that16:06
fungithey started with an empty repo (that just had an autocreated .gitreview file) and then pushed the entire initial state in as their first change16:07
dhellmannI haven't looked to see what else is in that repo16:07
dhellmannah, ok, it sounds like a fork without retaining the commit history then16:08
fungithat's my best guess as well16:08
fungianyway, it's possible the current state is entirely correct, just confusing, and so needs some additional documentation in the LICENSE file and possibly the individual source files (i wonder if the files they copied from had license and copyright headers they elided? that would be _bad_)16:09
dhellmannyes, that wouldn't be ideal16:09
fungiand once all this gets worked out, there should ideally be a brief thread on the legal-discuss ml just to make sure there aren't any other possible related issues we've overlooked16:10
fungirichard f. is usually really helpful on situations like this one16:11
mugsiefungi: I had a look, it loks like they took latest state of datadogs repo, s/datadog-statsd/monasca-statsd/g and put in copyright + Apache 2.0 headers16:14
mugsiethen they made changes over the last while (refactoring etc)16:14
fungimugsie: have a link i missed in scrollback?16:14
funginow you've got me curious16:14
mugsiethe monascastatsd/ file is very like
mugsie(to the point some comments talk about DogStatsd()16:17
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fungimugsie: oh, fun. the rabbit hole goes deeper. dogstatsd advertises itself as "a Statsd fork"16:56
fungiso monasca-statsd descends from dogstatsd which in turn probably inherits licensing from statsd (which also may not have been correctly conveyed?)16:57
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rhochmuthfungi: just head about issues with monasca-statsd16:59
rhochmuthdo you know if we can just remove the apache 2 license16:59
rhochmuththat was inadvertently added16:59
mugsiefungi: it doesnt look like the datadog client was a fork - I think they just forked the server part17:00
fungimugsie: oh, good, so not quite so complicated17:00
mugsie(that said there is quite a few python statsd clients, so I may have missed one)17:01
fungirhochmuth: maybe? would need to 1. stop enforcing the icla on that repo (i think), 2. get the copyright holders of all the changes added in the fork to agree to relicense. that second part is probably going to be hard since it means getting a statement from hewlett packard?17:02
rhochmuthhpe doesnt' care17:02
rhochmuthabout the licensing in this case17:02
fungii'm sure hpe doesn't care, but getting them to make an official statement to that effect is probably the hard part17:03
rhochmuthbut, it might take some time if a formal statement from some legel folks is required17:03
rhochmuthi see17:03
rhochmuthi can work on that17:03
fungiit's probably simpler to just document more clearly the provenance of the fork and its licensing situation17:03
rhochmuthhow would you recommend that?17:04
fungithey seem to be compatible licenses, so i'd suggest adding an additional section to the LICENSE file and in the header comments of files which were inherited from the parent project stating the multiple licenses and copyright holders17:05
rhochmuthi see, that would work for me17:05
fungiand then we should have a brief thread on to make sure we've done due diligence to address the situation17:06
rhochmuthdo you have a recommendation/pointer to a file that does that already17:06
rhochmuththen i can proceed17:06
fungiyou probably want a brieft sentence or two in the readme as well just mentioning that this is a fork (if it doesn't say so already) of another project which was under a separate but compatible license17:07
fungirhochmuth: i'll find you an example17:07
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fungirhochmuth: still looking for examples, though the best one so far is pbr17:16
fungiit is an apachev2 project that derives from a bsd project, but it doesn't have a license file17:17
fungithough the files where it derived from its predecessor have headers with both licenses quoted:
fungiso a very similar situation17:17
rhochmuthso, we could go through all our source, and update similar to pbr17:18
rhochmuththere are not many files in monasca-statsd17:18
fungiyeah, and you should only need to do that to files containing things you (directly or indirectly) copied from dogstatsd17:18
fungiwouldn't need to be every file17:19
rhochmuthso, we will update source, the LICENSE and README17:19
rhochmuthsure, we could try and update only the source we actually touched, but that might have been everything at this point17:19
fungiyeah, doesn't hurt to just add it to them all17:19
rhochmuthok, sounds good, we'll proceed and get a review posted shortly17:20
fungi turns up a ton of bsd-licensed code in our projects ;)17:20
fungithough most of them are only under that one license17:20
fungicinder has some that's bsd and apachev2:
fungilooks like it lifted that code from a django project17:22
rhochmuththat is a good one since it is python17:23
fungiwell, so is pbr. it was a fork of an earlier bsd-licensed project named "d2to1"17:25
fungirhochmuth: oh, ksa is one, and even has a retained LICENSE file:
rhochmuththat is interesting, it has a retained license, prior to 2.117:27
fungirhochmuth: while you're at it, monasca-agent looks to be in a similar situation (presumably for the same reasons?)17:28
rhochmuthyup, that has more files in it, but we can take the same approach17:29
rhochmuththe difference in that one is that we didn't add the Apache 2 license to the README17:29
rhochmuthi believe17:29
fungiheh, a bunch of oslo libs and clients seem to all derive from keystoneclient, so have the same multi-license LICENSE file17:30
fungiooh, looks like that may have originated in novaclient17:31
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fungithese sorts of archaeological digs are always entertaining17:31
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rhochmuthi have a degree in compute archeology17:32
rhochmuthso, i think we'll try and take the approach in
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armaxping: anyone interested in blessing ?17:50
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dhellmannarmax : you should also ask in #openstack-requirements17:57
armaxdhellmann: ack, thanks17:58
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craigbrfungi, Can you look at for the monasca-statsd licensing issue and let me know if you think this covers it?19:24
fungicraigbr: that is a lot more clear, thanks! it might also help if the readme mentioned that it's a fork of dogstatsd, just in case people are curious why the two licenses19:35
craigbrfungi: Thanks for the review, I'll add something about the fork to the readme19:36
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openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/release-tools: add script for creating driverfixes branches
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