Monday, 2017-08-14

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openstackgerritRico Lin proposed openstack/releases master: Release heat pike rc1
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openstackgerritRico Lin proposed openstack/releases master: Release heat pike rc1
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dimssmcginnis : dhellmann : ttx : o/11:01
dimssmcginnis : dhellmann : ttx : one review left in the pike-branching-show topic - - made progress in that, but now stuck in a cinder upgrade problem11:02
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smcginnisdims: Is there somewhere else showing that 503 is coming from cinder-api? I don't see the error there. At least so far.13:12
smcginnisThat's using an "openstack server" command. The previous "openstack volume" one was fine.13:12
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smcginnisLooks like nova failed to start?13:35
smcginnisThat command was called at 2:40:27. Last n-api log message was it shutting down at 2:34:17.13:36
smcginnisuwsgi: attempt to connect to Unix domain socket /var/run/uwsgi/nova-api-wsgi.socket (uwsgi-uds-nova-api-wsgi) failed13:42
smcginnisDefinitely nova.13:42
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openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/releases master: Release bifrost 4.0.0 for pike
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smcginnisdims: I've asked in nova if anyone can take a look at those logs.14:15
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esbergluAnyone know what the outlook is for cutting a stable/pike branch for ceilometer?14:31
smcginnisesberglu: I believe that was cut last Friday. Let me check.14:33
openstackgerritYuval Brik proposed openstack/releases master: Release karbor RC1
smcginnisesberglu: Oh, I guess not.14:34
openstackgerritYuval Brik proposed openstack/releases master: Release karbor-dashboard RC1
dimsack smcginnis14:51
dimssmcginnis : i am trying another run with a slight change14:52
edmondswtonyb do you know anything about an outlook for stable/pike for ceilometer?14:52
smcginnisdims: K. Mr Dent has offered to take a look at the logs in about 30 minutes or so.14:54
smcginnisWe'll see if this time looks better though.14:54
dimssmcginnis : y14:56
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dimssmcginnis : now it's cinder's turn -
dimsuwsgi: attempt to connect to Unix domain socket /var/run/uwsgi/cinder-wsgi.socket (uwsgi-uds-cinder-wsgi) failed15:51
smcginnisdims: Hmm, interesting that the same failure could switch services.15:52
smcginnisdims: Smells like Apache/WSGI config issues to me then.15:52
smcginnisdims: What was the change since the last run?15:54
dimssmcginnis :
smcginnisWait a minute. That sets CINDER_USE_MOD_WSGI=False already, yet this is c-api running via Apache.15:56
smcginnisOh, what's the devstack_localrc target vs devstack_localrc base? target==new, base==old?15:57
smcginnisThat's the problem then.15:57
dimsam staring at
dimswhat's the problem?15:57
smcginnisOld is pre-Pike. WSGI support was just added in Pike.15:57
smcginnisIIRC, same for Nova.15:58
smcginnisSo I think Cinder needs to be added there for the base == False.15:58
dimsdevstack_localrc base "CINDER_USE_MOD_WSGI=False"15:59
dims^^ ?15:59
smcginnisdims: I think so.15:59
smcginnisNot 100% confident here, but it seems right.15:59
dimstried that already15:59
smcginnisdims: Was that the version where we had the 500 coming from Nova?16:00
dimsso try that again?16:00
smcginnisdims: Then I'm 100% sure. We got past Cinder with that version and failed in Nova. I think we need both set to False.16:00
dimsk will kick off a run16:01
smcginnisWell, 98% sure. :)16:01
smcginnisHmm, if base is old and target is new, that's actually a little confusing.16:02
smcginnisIn both of these cases, I thought we got past the old version and this was after upgrade.16:02
smcginnisWhich would mean the old version was running USE_MOD_WSGI=True but the upgrade was =False.16:03
dimsy, i gave up trying to understand :)16:03
smcginnisMaybe they can't upgrade from one to the other?16:03
dimsrun is on. let's see what we get out of it16:03
smcginnisYeah, I think I'll leave out the understanding to someone that knows all that Apache/uWSGI stuff and just be happy if it passes. ;)16:04
dimssmcginnis : so, can you revisit R-3 and see what we need to wrap up from there?
dimssmcginnis : example i think we need to ping heat folks again for RC116:05
dimssmcginnis : and os-win update in requirements should be on master now, we need to backport it to stable/pike16:05
dimswill get some lunch and be back16:06
smcginnisTony already got the os-win one backported to stable/pike here:
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smcginnismugsie: Ping. Any update on a Pike RC1 and branch?16:23
mugsiesmcginnis: hey. I thought timsim had done it - let me look16:23
smcginnismugsie: Ah, sorry if I missed it. I'll look again too.16:24
mugsiesmcginnis: doesn't look like it16:24
mugsieI will have one for you asap16:24
smcginnismugsie: Awesome, thank you.16:24
openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/releases master: Release Designate
smcginnismugsie: Thank you sir.16:33
smcginnisdims: Heat and Designate are ready.16:33
openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/releases master: Release Designate Dashboard
openstackgerritGraham Hayes proposed openstack/releases master: Release Designate
mugsiesmcginnis: no problem, thanks for the heads up :)16:36
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dimssmcginnis : cool16:39
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release heat pike rc1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release karbor-dashboard RC1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release karbor RC1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release fuxi 0.2.0 and create stable branch
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openstackgerritTim Burke proposed openstack/releases master: Add release-note links for python-swiftclient
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dimssmcginnis : went a little bit further -
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smcginnisHmm, no Cinder logs after the upgrade.17:30
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smcginnisOh, nevermind.17:31
dimsin the new/ dir17:31
smcginnisYeah, missed that at first.17:31
smcginnisAlthough timestamps appear to be messed up.17:32
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release Designate Dashboard
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release Designate
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dimssmcginnis : i can see "req-754869d8-f48d-43e0-bb8e-0dfff79d7097 req-2e9c3e74-be5f-4d52-8ac9-878da1b6836e" in new/screen-c-api.txt.gz but seems like it went into a blackhole after that18:26
smcginnisI see a call into Cinder to begin_detach, which is setting the DB status to detaching.18:34
smcginnisThen it times out waiting for status to get to available, but never changes from detaching.18:35
smcginnisWhich isn't surprising, since I never see an actual terminate_connection come through.18:35
dimssmcginnis : so it stops at the api, does not get into the scheduler even?18:36
smcginnisdims: Yeah, never see a call down to actually do the detachment.18:36
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dimssmcginnis : there are 2 jobs there, both show the same pattern18:44
smcginnisdims: There has been activity with attach/detach, but the new code shouldn't be called yet.18:46
smcginnisWe'll see what we can find.18:46
dimsack will wait for you to ping me back :)18:46
openstackgerritColleen Murphy proposed openstack/releases master: Release keystoneauth 3.2.0
smcginnisdims: We don't want to open up for queens releases yet, right? ^^18:56
dimssmcginnis : let's hold off for a few days18:58
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smcginnisdims: I wonder if we should state in the docs somewhere that there's a mandatory freeze until the first Thursday after requirements is branched or something.18:59
dimssmcginnis : sure. grenade is not up and running, we haven't unfrozen requirements, so we should wait until those happen19:02
smcginnisdims: Yeah, just thinking it might be good to state a policy around that other than "when the release team feels like it". In addition to making sure all the pieces are in place like grenade of course.19:03
dimssmcginnis : quite sure we have verbiage somewhere19:05
dims+1 to add it to PROCESS.rst19:05
dimssmcginnis : it's there19:05
dimssmcginnis : "Declare openstack/releases unfrozen."19:05
smcginnisdims: I see that line, but I don't see anything saying the conditions for that declaration.19:06
dimssmcginnis : i read that as everything above that line must be finished :)19:07
dimsbut yes, +1 to be more explicit19:07
smcginnisTrue. Maybe just in the release emails we can try to remember to point out those conditions.19:09
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dims++ smcginnis19:15
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lbragstadquick release question for folks here20:28
lbragstadwe have a fix up for a bug that we're targeting to rc220:28
lbragstadpart of the implementation pulls in a new requirement for keystone (pytz for datetime tz related stuff)20:29
lbragstadsince we're past requirements freeze for pike - i assume that requires an exception process?20:29
lbragstadthe requirement we're using it in global requirements but it isn't in keystone's local requirements20:31
lbragstad(requirements.txt or test-requirements.txt)20:31
smcginnislbragstad: If it's already in g-r, that's OK.20:32
lbragstadsmcginnis: cool - so requirements freeze according to the release schedule applies to new requirements that aren't already in g-r20:32
smcginnislbragstad: Yes, I believe so.20:33
lbragstadsmcginnis: good to know, thanks for the clarification20:33
smcginnislbragstad: We just don't want to introduce any new global changes that would affect all projects.20:33
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lbragstadsure- that makes sense20:33
smcginnislbragstad: But if we already have a global requirement defined, it should be OK for keystone to just start using it.20:33
lbragstadbut the projects can make modifications to their individual requirements as they see fit up to the release date20:34
tonybedmondsw: Sorry no I don't have any inside knowledge there.  Is it blocked on me?20:41
edmondswtonyb not that I know of, just thought you might have heard something20:41
edmondswnot getting a response in the telemetry channel20:41
tonybedmondsw: okay sorry :(20:41
smcginnisedmondsw: I think those folks are pretty scarce lately. You can try finding gordc if he's around.20:43
edmondswsmcginnis hasn't been when I've looked, but I'll keep looking, tx20:44
smcginnisIt would be unfortunate, but I suppose we can just propose the branch for them. :/20:45
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smcginnisdims: Same failure with grenade on that patch.22:01
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dimssmcginnis : the cell1 at the end was for the multinode scenario only, so added a condition check and running it again22:10
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