Friday, 2018-10-26

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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/releases master: Release for stein milestone1 for TripleO
openstackgerritAkihiro Motoki proposed openstack/releases master: Neutron Stein-1 deliverables
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ttxevrardjp: regarding the OSA's non-tagging of roles... you're still using branches and the releases repo, so that would likely not qualify for release:none09:32
ttxthat's why we have
evrardjpyes but we are not tagging09:32
evrardjpwe are just branching09:32
evrardjpso what would that be if not none?09:33
evrardjpwe can go for external,I don't mind09:33
evrardjpbut that didn't sound matching either09:33
ttxsure... but the concern here is to track what is under release management (the openstack/releases repo) and what is not09:33
ttxI guess I should make that clearer in the commit message09:33
ttxtagless deliverables are still "released" in that sense09:34
ttxmaybe 'release-management: none' , 'release-management: external' would make more sense09:35
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* ttx updates09:35
evrardjp"deliverables that are not using tags for their 'release', or that are continuously consumed (docs, specs, cookiecutters...)" are matching for OSA that's why I was confused09:35
ttxyeah, that did not take into account tagless things, let me rewrite09:36
ttxwhile I'm at it, anything in ansible that would qualify as release-management:none ?09:36
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ttx    openstack-ansible-os_monasca-ui09:37
ttx    openstack-ansible-pip_lock_down09:37
ttx    openstack-ansible-os_freezer09:37
ttx    openstack-ansible-os_karbor09:37
ttx    ansible-config_template09:37
ttx    openstack-ansible-security09:37
ttxin particular those ^ appear to not be managed09:37
evrardjpso openstack-ansible-security is retired same as pip_lock_down09:37
evrardjpos_monasca-ui os_freezer and os_karbor projects were dropped by their contributor without ever getting a release. I called for the community to contribute, else they will be retired09:38
evrardjpansible-config_template is new, and may or may not be tagged in the future for consumption into, which could be external. For now it's only a master deliverable (moving target)09:39
evrardjp(it's new so no need for branching)09:39
evrardjpit's not that easy, as I don't really see how this release-management meets the existing release-styles yet.09:40
ttxadded notes to
evrardjpit's just if release-management is not None or External, then we are considering part of 'releases' therefore matches release styles?09:40
evrardjpoh Yes I saw the etherpad, and I wanted to discuss with you the state before writing. I am glad you brought it up09:41
evrardjpso my concern is ansible-config_template -- in the future we might be wanting to tag it, and it may be branched under certain circumstances (like ansible versions), but I generally think it should not follow openstack branching/releasing strategy.09:43
evrardjpin that case, I'd have done an 'independant' deliverable, but I am wondering if that should not be even a release-management: external' instead09:43
evrardjpI guess we can leave it as is for now, and should we want/need to tag, we'll see09:45
ttxif it can be handled through openstack/releases, then it would not be external09:46
ttxExternal means the Ansible team would be handling its release management09:47
ttxbecause it would not fit what we can offer, and the TC would acknowledge that it's fine in that specific case09:47
ttxLet's keep it as an open question for now09:49
ttxok, new version pushed09:52
evrardjpI also prefer going through openstack/releases, as I am more familiar with that. But it's a community experiment right out there, so we'll see how the community reacts09:52
evrardjplet me review it again then09:52
evrardjpI also think that release-management is clearer to understand09:53
evrardjpI am curious if release-management: none shouldn't be applied to retired repositories, but that's a conversation for another time.09:54
evrardjpthanks for the work there ttx09:56
ttxcould add release-management: retired09:56
evrardjpexactly :)09:57
evrardjpbut later :)09:57
ttxlike 'that repo is about to disappear, don't care too much about it'09:57
ttxwe have a couple in the standing exceptions etherpad09:57
evrardjpyeah -- I have the impression it's a better source of truth for the code in release tooling too09:57
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evrardjpI mean the deliverable would be skipped quite earlier09:58
ttxyes, currently it's difficult to track outliers (things that are official but are not released)09:58
evrardjp(it's been a while I haven't checked the code I am talking about)09:58
ttxthis will make it more automatable09:59
evrardjpwell governance repo is branchless, so sometimes it's hard to track state09:59
ttxcurrently we just create skeleton files in the releases repo and pray09:59
evrardjpbut assuming we can't do releases for the past, this should be alright09:59
evrardjpI think I need to walk through the code one good time again, so I can have a view of what can be changed. I am still new here10:00
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smcginnisttx: +1 to release-management: foo. I think that's more clear.11:26
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ttxyes, allows to avoid overloaded "release" term11:47
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openstackgerritLuka Peschke proposed openstack/releases master: Release python-cloudkittyclient 2.1.0
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openstackgerritJulia Kreger proposed openstack/releases master: Release ironic-python-agent 3.4.0
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ttxsmcginnis: meeting?15:01
smcginnisWas just waiting for the last one to finish.15:01
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smcginnisttx: Not sure how freezer-tempest-plugin was skipped, but wonder if we should get that tagged for rocky.15:57
smcginnistempest-horizon too.15:58
smcginnise0ne: Do you know why some of the xstatic repos were never released in  ?15:58
ttxrepos were never tagged15:59
e0nesmcginnis: some of them are not used in horizon16:04
e0nesmcginnis: I'll recheck the list later tonight or tomorrow morning16:04
smcginnise0ne: Are they retired or abandoned?16:04
e0neoops.. Monday morning16:04
smcginnise0ne: OK, no rush. Just wanted to point that out since you were still around.16:04
clarkbwasn't one of the concerns that we were carrying local patches of the js too?16:05
e0nee.g. xstatic-angular-ui-router was supposed to be used but we still didn't implement anything related16:06
clarkband so didn't want to publish them as if they were actual $js_lib contents?16:06
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e0neclarkb: we don't allow custom patches to xstatic-*. it's just a python package wrapper around JS libs16:07
* e0ne needs to heads home. be available in ~2 hours16:08
clarkbe0ne: I know but for a while we were making patches like that16:08
clarkb(there was a big long thread about it on the ml and I want to say one of the things we did in resposne was to stop publishing those particular packages?)16:09
e0neclarkb: what patches do you mean?16:09
e0neI missed that thread16:09
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clarkb"[openstack-dev] [horizon][xstatic]How to handle xstatic if upstream files are modified" was th thread but e0ne is gone :/16:11
clarkbit came up when that particular package had failed to release for unrelated reasons16:11
smcginnisYeah, I remember that thread.16:12
smcginnisI thought (but no actual knowledge of the matter) that they addressed the issues there by not modifying the code anymore.16:13
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openstackgerritCorey Bryant proposed openstack/releases master: Release ldappool 2.4.0
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openstackgerritCorey Bryant proposed openstack/releases master: Release ldappool 2.4.0
openstackgerritmelanie witt proposed openstack/releases master: nova: release stein
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smcginnismelwitt: Do you have someone that needs Nova beta releases?16:33
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melwittsmcginnis: I'm not sure, but it's what we have been doing in the past16:34
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smcginnismelwitt: Would you mind waiting to see if someone asks for it?16:34
melwittsmcginnis: I guess not. why?16:35
smcginnismelwitt: Just making sure you've seen and are doing a beta release for a reason.16:35
melwittsmcginnis: I have, I thought it said beta releases are optional. so I was thinking since we don't know whether folks pick them up or not and we have always had them, that it wouldn't hurt to do it in case people out there expected it16:36
smcginnisOK, that was an unknown assumption we were hoping to get rid of by making this switch. But if you still want to we can release it.16:37
melwittif you think we should wait until someone asks, that's cool. just explaining what I was thinking when I proposed it16:37
smcginnisIt is totally up to you, but my personal preference would be to not do one unless we find an actual need for it.16:37
melwittok, I'll consult with mriedem_away and see if we can ask some operators we know if they would like a s-1 release16:39
smcginnisSounds like a good plan. Thanks!16:39
openstackgerritCorey Bryant proposed openstack/releases master: Release ldappool 2.4.0 and create stable/rocky branch
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amotokismcginnis: I am now checking the need of neutron release around stein-1 which was pointed out in the relmgt team meeting.17:01
smcginnisThanks amotoki!17:02
amotokismcginnis: I need to check the needs in detail but basically we don't need to release it now.17:02
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Mark Ocata as extended maintenance
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ade_leesmcginnis, ping -- I recall there was a discussion about not having to do milestone releases anymore -- is that the case or do we  still need to do a m1?20:42
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ade_leedhellmann, ^20:44
smcginnisade_lee: That is correct. cycle-with-milestone release model deliverables are switching to cycle-with-rc, so only the RC and final releases are required.20:45
ade_leesmcginnis, ok  great. thanks!20:46
smcginnisade_lee: Here is the ML thread if you care to read through all the details -
smcginnisBut I think I've pretty much summarized the important parts. ;)20:47
ade_leesmcginnis, yup  - I remember seeing the thread - but it was billed as proposed changes -- was not sure if those were actually adopted20:48
ade_leesmcginnis, I'm certainly happy *not* to have to work. :)20:49
smcginnisade_lee: Always great when you get to stop doing things. :)20:54
openstackgerritLance Bragstad proposed openstack/releases master: Release keystone
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