Friday, 2018-11-16

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openstackgerritzhouxinyong proposed openstack/release-test master: Optimizing the safety of the http link site in HACKING.rst
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openstackgerritzhouxinyong proposed openstack/release-test master: Update url in HACKING.rst
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smcginnissean-k-mooney: Yeah, independent is under _independent. Done that way since there is special handling for those and that makes it easy to identify it in scripts and things.08:48
smcginnissean-k-mooney: Depends-on works in that it will not merge before the other patch does, but it doesn't work for the tests that are run.08:48
smcginnissean-k-mooney: Really best not to submit the release request until any dependencies are ready since it will just spin up jobs that will fail and need a recheck later.08:49
smcginnisBut it can be done that way if you want to make sure it's out there and not forgotten.08:49
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sean-k-mooneysmcginnis: i have been trying to get people to review the os-vif patches for a while now so getting the release ready and making it depned on it is another way to poke them to review11:11
sean-k-mooneysmcginnis: if you are still about however i could use your advice on the best way to handel
sean-k-mooneythe collectd-openstack-plugins repo had been doing "releases" just by cutting stable branches as the main consumers of it were opnfv and intels onp which both used it from git11:14
sean-k-mooneyi have been asked to tag releases but the repo has none of the job infrastuctue set up11:15
sean-k-mooneyi know i will need to have a patch per release so i will have to split but that feels a little spamy my main question however is if i add the job to project config on master is that enough to allow me to use it for all of the tags?11:16
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