Wednesday, 2018-11-28

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openstackgerritJuan Antonio Osorio Robles proposed openstack/releases master: Release for stein milestone1 for TripleO
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release os-brick 2.6.2
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: oslo.i18n 3.23.0
ttxdhellmann: I'm a bit confused about openstack/openstackclient and its release management. It seems unreleased and yet we say "pip install openstackclient" in the README... I think you explained it to me once but I forgot.11:05
ttxTheJulia: regarding molteniron... what are your release plans for it ? Should it be abandoned? considered continuously-released? or should we add it to the list of things that need regular releasing?11:15
ttxTheJulia: same question for tenks, I guess.. is a stein release in the books?11:18
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release for stein milestone1 for TripleO
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ttxfungi: we got a failure on the os-brick release job:
ttxLooks like transient failure so reenqueuing the job should work12:08
ttx("No local packages or working download links found for pbr>=2.0.0")12:08
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ttxbnemec: when do you expect oslo.limit to be ready for an initial release ? Some time in Stein ?12:32
ttxsmcginnis: dhellmann: I feel like all devstack-plugins should be marked "release-management: none" since we did not do anything about them in Rocky... thoughts ?12:37
ttxfungi: looks like RAX has network issues, we had several other fails12:39
ttxhmm, or is it pypi.org12:40
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TheJuliattx: molteniron is considered feature complete/stable and only released as necessary. Tenks will likely be handled the same way we handle things like virtualbmc and sushy-tools13:07
ttxTheJulia: molteniron was never released though afaict13:09
TheJuliaI thought it was at least once13:10
ttxhence my question :)13:10
ttxMaybe we should make it independent and release it asap13:11
TheJuliaI thought it had been once a long long long time ago13:11
ttxno tag13:11
ttxhmmm, has a 1.0 on pypi13:12
ttxor not13:12
TheJuliaI bet hamzy did it manually :\13:12
ttxcan't really find tarball in there13:13
ttxso maybe a 1.1 is in order13:13
TheJuliayeah, seems like it13:13
ttxwell I mean 1.1.013:14
TheJuliaeven with no coffee i groked it that way13:14
ttxok, thanks for the details!13:15
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smcginnisttx: agree on devstack-plugins13:29
smcginnisInfra issues causing those release failures?13:29
toskyttx: re openstackclient, it contains only few tests; the real repository is python-openstackclient13:35
toskyttx: last time when I asked about it, it seemed like it should be branched, but not sure about releases (see )13:38
ttxtosky: the question is more whether the release team should care about it or not... If it's meant to be branched the answer is yes13:39
ttxbut so far it has not been13:39
toskyttx: the branching looks like more an administrative thing, required to have tests working (see the discussion)13:40
toskya bit weird, I concur13:40
toskybut probably mordred and dtroyer know something about it too13:40
ttxhmm, ok. If the branch is manually made (rather than driven by openstack/releases) then the answer is no :)13:41
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mordredttx: I'm not 100% sure about how openstackclient has been being managed. my understanding is that it's mostly just a metapackage which installs python-openstackclient plus additional depends to make it easy to install a batteries included version of osc + plugins14:09
mordredI don't think it changes very frequently14:10
mordredttx: dtroyer is definitely the best one to respond properly on thatone14:10
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ttxmordred: The issue here is that it was never released, so I'm not sure how to USE that metapackage14:27
ttxCould be independent and VERY RARELY released, that would work. Or we remove it. But the current status make it look pretty weird14:28
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smcginnisfungi: Morning. Did you see the ping from ttx earlier? Looks like some release jobs failed with external issues.15:11
bnemecttx: I'm not sure. There's still quite a lot of discussion around what the oslo.limit API should look like. lbragstad might have a better idea though.15:17
lbragstado/ johnthetubaguy, jaypipes, and myself are all trying to figure that out15:18
lbragstadthere were a few PoC reviews up in nova trying to consume it15:18
lbragstadi can follow back up with them - i don't think it moved much since people were preparing/recovering from the summit15:19
dhellmannttx: the openstack/openstackclient repo is a meta package to install OSC and a bunch of extra plugins. I guess dtroyer and stevemar never actually tagged a release, though?15:22
dhellmannttx: I'm not sure what to do with devstack-plugins. do we need to tag those at all?15:23
smcginnisSeems like maybe the same thing that applies to tempest plugins would apply to devstack plugins?15:24
smcginnisFeeling better dhellmann?15:24
fungismcginnis: yes, looks like frickler has opened a ticket with rackspace about (intermittent?) ipv6 connectivity issues between mirror.dfw.rax.o.o and the fastly cdn for pypi.org15:27
fungibut then ttx pointed out one similar failure was in limestone15:27
fungiboth are in texas, and i'm getting intermittent ipv6 connectivity from home to both of them as well though i'm not sure it's related15:28
smcginnisOK, thanks fungi. Guess we should wait to retry things once things have been cleared up.15:29
fungiyeah, it may have already cleared up but i haven't been able to confirm yet15:29
smcginnisBetter to not rush it.15:30
ttxbnemec: ok thanks! Will keep it as "too young to be released" for now15:34
ttxdhellmann: apparently no need to tag devstack plugins at all. Some of them are already release-management: none, so I'll just add the others to that list15:35
dhellmannsmcginnis : enough to check in, but I'm probably going to drop back off in a bit15:35
dhellmannttx: wfm15:35
ttxre: openstackclient it probably is just missing a release15:35
dhellmannyes, I think that's the case.15:36
smcginnisI've developed a cold over the last few days, but only bad enough to make my brain a little more fuzzy than normal.15:36
dhellmanndtroyer : what do you think?15:36
dhellmannI haven't been this sick in a few years. It took most of the day Monday for the fever to break, and the cats were hovering around me like "there will be meat soon"15:37
dhellmannalthough that might have been a fever dream, too15:37
ttxdhellmann: re deliverables that are meant to be released but have not been released yet, I'm tempted to account for them using basic deliverable files, so that they don't show up in my oddity report15:39
smcginnisBlank placeholders?15:39
dhellmannwe could add a release model "none" so we don't count them as unreleased15:39
ttxwell, a bit like the files we drop in the new cycle directory15:39
ttxbasically there is this gap when a deliverable is in governance but too young to be released15:40
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ttxwe could just accept those as being the oddity report normal output I guess15:41
dhellmannoh, sorry, I misread what you said15:41
dhellmannI missed "meant to be released"15:41
ttxCurrently it's a long list, but I'm working on fixing that15:41
dhellmannyeah, adding a deliverable file without any releases is exactly what I had in mind15:42
ttxdhellmann: we have release-management: none to track those that are not meant to be release-managed15:42
ttxdhellmann: would still show as unreleased, but that's what they are really15:42
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ttxI'm just worried they would show up in auto-generated releases15:43
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ttxmaybe we should make sure to ignore things that were NEVER released in autoreleases15:43
dhellmannI think the site rendering code ignores deliverables with no releases, if that's what you're worried about15:44
ttxthere would still be cruft. Like if I add a "placement" deliverable but it's not ready to be released by end of stein... it would show in all release reports15:44
ttxdhellmann: no, more worried about the code that proposes library releases every milestone15:45
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/releases master: Make 1.4.0 release of os-service-types
dhellmannttx: ah15:45
ttxthat code should probably not propose a first release. Only refreshes15:45
openstackgerritMonty Taylor proposed openstack/releases master: Release 0.20.0 of openstacksdk
ttxI prefer to deal with cruft deliverable files at the end of a cycle if a given thing happens to not be ready yet... than have unidentified gaps falling between the cracks15:47
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openstackgerritEduardo Gonzalez proposed openstack/releases master: Release kolla and kolla-ansible stable releases
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