Thursday, 2019-01-17

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openstackgerritDmitry Tantsur proposed openstack/releases master: Release metalsmith 0.9.0 for Stein
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openstackgerritThierry Carrez proposed openstack/releases master: Import release history for heat-cfntools
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ttxsmcginnis: meeting?16:01
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smcginnis#startmeeting releaseteam16:01
openstackMeeting started Thu Jan 17 16:01:57 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is smcginnis. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:02
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'releaseteam'16:02
smcginnis"Oh, a few minutes yet. I'll quick do this other thing." Fail16:02
ttxfamiliar fail16:02
smcginnisMight be a small group today.16:03
smcginnis#topic New cores16:03
*** openstack changes topic to "New cores (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:03
smcginnisI have added diablo_rojo and evrardjp to releases-core. Welcome!16:03
smcginnisevrardjp is travelling today for work I believe.16:04
diablo_rojoHappy to help :)16:04
smcginnisdiablo_rojo: Have you tried out your fancy +2 powers yet? :)16:04
diablo_rojoYesterday I was tempted but I don't think I did.16:05
diablo_rojoMaybe today :)16:05
diablo_rojoI know there are a dozen ish patches to review16:05
smcginnisSo the plan we discussed is please just +2 only for now. Then in maybe a month (?) we can see how everyone's doing and make sure everyone's comfortable actually approving.16:05
smcginnisHey hberaud!16:06
diablo_rojoWorks for me :)16:06
smcginnisWe would also like to get designated review days set up for everyone.16:06
ttx∽o∽ is also a thing16:07
smcginnisttx: I like it. :)16:07
smcginnisttx: Anything to add as far as new cores?16:07
ttxnope, great seeing some new faces ! Release management is awesome16:07
ttxwe'll have critical mass at FOSDEM, too.16:07
smcginnisOh? I was hoping to go to that. Who will be there?16:08
ttxwe can talk about deposing the despot PTL16:08
smcginnisHaha, please do!16:08
diablo_rojoI'll be there16:08
ttxdiablo_rojo evrardjp and me from the release team16:08
ttx+ clarkb, ildikov16:08
smcginnisGreat! Really wish I could have made it.16:08
ttxI think mugsie might be in too16:08
smcginnisAlmost a whole Foundation offsite at this point. :)16:09
diablo_rojoAlmost all of the foundation eng team16:09
smcginnisAnyway, we should set review days, but I'd like to wait until everyone is around before we do that.16:09
smcginnisSo maybe in a week or two.16:09
smcginnis#topic Staffing next week16:10
*** openstack changes topic to "Staffing next week (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:10
ttxWith travel in next two weeks I'll probably have a disrupted review schedule anyway16:10
mugsiettx: I will be at FOSDEM as well16:10
smcginnisI noticed a couple of us at least are out next week.16:10
smcginnisttx: You are all week, right?16:10
ttxall week next week + Friday the week after16:11
smcginnisNext week I will be at a conference. I should be able to be online most of the time, but I'm sure I will have a lot of distractions.16:11
hberaudsmcginnis: Question: Do you have a tool or a list to be pinged before the release meeting where I can add myself?16:12
smcginnishberaud: We had a ping list on our tracking etherpad, but during the spam wars I think I removed it because freenode was kicking people that looked like they were spamming names.16:12
smcginnisLet me readd that since I believe that is no longer the case.16:12
hberaudsmcginnis: ack16:13
smcginnisOK, I've added it on top of
smcginnis#topic Progress on MembershipFreeze leftovers16:14
*** openstack changes topic to "Progress on MembershipFreeze leftovers (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:14
ttxoh me me16:14
smcginnisttx: All yours16:14
hberaudsmcginnis: nice16:14
ttxSo... We are almost at the end of the backlog of old things to fix16:15
openstackgerritFrank Kloeker proposed openstack/releases master: Release openstackdocstheme 1.28.2
ttx will fix heat-cfnclient , will fix heat-cfntools16:15
ttx should fix uncertainty on xstatic things16:16
ttxThat will leave us with really-new deliverables16:16
ttxA bunch of those have been determined to be more independent or train material16:16
ttxWe only have a couple to clarify16:16
smcginnisLot's of TripleO things in that list.16:16
ttx(for our newcomers, the idea here is that at MembershipFreeze we freeze the list of deliverables expected in next release)16:17
ttx(that is done by making sure there is a deliverable file for them in stein/)16:17
ttx(that way it shows up in our tracking tooling from now on)16:17
diablo_rojoGlad my hypothesis was correct :)16:17
ttxSo there are still 3 unknowns16:18
ttxneutron-interconnection, smcginnis was supposed to ask neutron16:18
ttxpuppet-crane, tobias-urdin is asking dprince for confirmation16:18
ttxand that bunch of tripleo new repos that are supposed to be part of a refactoring in progress16:18
ttxfor which I have no news16:19
ttxbut maybe EmilienM knows if that will be completed and released in Stein16:19
ttxNB: we can still add deliverables at the last minute, but it's more of an exception request than a normal process16:19
diablo_rojoMakes sense16:20
ttxlike if oslo.limit ends up with something useful before the end of the cycle, it's cheap to release it since nothing depends on it yet16:20
ttxbut otherwise that allows release marketing to prepare messaging16:20
ttxLike here, we learnt that Adjutant will probably NOT be in stein16:20
ttxso no point in centering release messaging around that16:21
ttxor to chase them down at every milestone16:21
smcginnisWaiting to hear on neutron-interconnection, but my guess is it will not be part of stein.16:22
ttxI think it would be a oslo.limit like case16:22
ttxan easy exception16:23
ttxanyway, would be great to finally close that list16:23
smcginnisThe good part for most of these is there isn't much dependency risk. So really the only interesting thing I would think would be Adjutant just as far as being something interesting for marketing reasons.16:23
ttx(this is new -- we just used to wing it. So the work this cycle is bigger as there were a bunch of corner cases that we just glossed over in the past)16:23
smcginnisBut definitely will be nice to clear up that list.16:23
ttx(that would lead to weird questions later in the cycle, like "wtf is puppet-crane")16:24
ttx(and are we supposed to care about it)16:24
ttx(/me uses parenthesis to mentor)16:24
ttx(/me likes parenthesis)16:24
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ttxtake the mike away from me, or I'll start singing.16:25
smcginnisOK, any other questions, concerns, comments on that effort?16:25
diablo_rojoNone from me16:25
smcginnisI've seen you sing, that would be fine. :D16:25
smcginnis#topic Open floor16:25
*** openstack changes topic to "Open floor (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:25
smcginnisAnyone else have anything to discuss today?16:26
smcginnisOK, we can wrap up early then. Thanks everyone!16:27
* ttx updated storyboard16:27
funginew gerrit version available for testing at, hopefully we'll be upgrading to that release real soon16:27
fungi(no solid timeframe yet though)16:27
fungiand i don't expect it to impact any release tooling16:27
smcginnisStill no "f" key shortcut :(16:28
smcginnisWas this the version that was supposed to bring us tagging? Or is that a later one?16:28
smcginnisI'm not seeing any visible changes with it.16:28
fungiwell, when i say "new" i mean newer patch release of the 2.13 minor version we're currently running16:28
smcginnisAh, OK.16:28
fungipreparation for updating to a newer minor release16:29
smcginnisOK, I'll close things out. Thanks again!16:29
fungibut we need to be on this newer patch release before we can16:29
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Release Managers office - Come here to discuss how to release OpenStack components - Logged at"16:29
openstackMeeting ended Thu Jan 17 16:29:24 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:29
fungithanks smcginnis!16:29
openstackMinutes (text):
smcginnisfungi: Makes sense.16:29
ttxthanks smcginnis16:29
diablo_rojoThanks smcginnis :)16:29
smcginnisLooking forward to that newer UI.16:29
fungiyeah, we have other work in parallel to deploy container images of more recent gerrit releases16:30
smcginnisHeard those container things are supposed to be the cat's meow.16:30
fungicorvus and mordred just got gerrit 2.15 images publishing to dockerhub yesterday
mordredheck yes16:34
smcginnisVery cool.16:34
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openstackgerritFrank Kloeker proposed openstack/releases master: Release openstackdocstheme 1.29.0
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release oslo.service 1.35.0
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Cutting Stein Sahara Beta 1
openstackgerritHervé Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Improve script by counting results found.
EmilienMttx: hi from a train. What's up?17:11
EmilienMI don't think puppet-crane will be a thing17:12
EmilienMwe'll abandon it17:12
EmilienMtobias-urdin: ^17:13
EmilienMsmcginnis, ttx: hard to me to readback all backlog, can you shoot me a quick email about what's up with tripleo? I'll look when back home17:14
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release metalsmith 0.9.0 for Stein
*** radeks__ has joined #openstack-release17:23
openstackgerritHervé Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Allow user to generate urls for the given results.
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prometheanfireoslo.service 1.34.0 and 1.35.0 are identical17:37
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hberaudprometheanfire: yeah17:46
hberaudprometheanfire: my bad17:47
ttxEmilienM: sure, will do17:47
hberaudprometheanfire: I would reference
hberaudsmcginnis: I suppose to fix that we need to propose a 1.36.0, do you agree?17:48
openstackgerritHervé Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Release oslo.service 1.36.0
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clarkbdoes a minor gerrit upgrade cause trouble for the release team tomorrow?18:46
clarkbI expect it to eb a quick restart with total outage being ~10 minutes max. We are going from 2.13.9 to 2.13.1218:46
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tobias-urdinEmilienM: ack19:02
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smcginnisclarkb: That should be fine.19:46
smcginnishberaud|gone: Yes, if we need an update there then looks like the minor version should probably be bumped again.19:47
smcginnisI thought we should have seen in list changes if that was the same hash. I missed that reviewing it.19:48
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