Thursday, 2019-05-30

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release openstackdocstheme 1.30.0
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Oslo releases for 2019-05-29
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openstackgerritDoug Szumski proposed openstack/releases master: Release monasca-notification 1.14.1
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* tonyb looks around the room and wonders who's idea a 5am meeting was?18:52
tonybIn related news 7mins from alarm going off to IRC ....18:56
* tonyb might move the alarm to 045018:57
diablo_rojo_phonI'm pretty sure my alarm for early meetings goes off like.. 7 min before time.19:00
tonyb#startmeeting releaseteam19:00
openstackMeeting started Thu May 30 19:00:27 2019 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is tonyb. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.19:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"19:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'releaseteam'19:00
diablo_rojo_phon...or maybe I've shortened it to 4min.19:00
fungii should look into having my reminders fire 5 minutes early19:01
smcginnistonyb: You were 27 seconds late today.19:01
tonybsmcginnis: true19:01
fungibeing notified the second a meeting starts is probably suboptimal19:01
tonybsmcginnis: I'll do better next time19:01
smcginnisfungi: That's why I like ping lists. ;)19:01
fungioh, i got pinged as soon as the #startmeeting was added19:03
tonybWe're flying without an agenda today because I've been distracted19:03
fungibut my reminders fired at 19:00z on the dot too19:03
tonybNext week is m-1 week19:04
tonybWe didn't have any tasks that needed to be done by m1 (well we pushed them back to m2)19:05
tonybThe only open one we have is!/story/200570219:05
tonybwhich diablo_rojo_phon started19:05
diablo_rojo_phonWas waiting for feedback before going further19:06
tonybbut between kubecon and my questions I figure we should discuss it here19:06
smcginnisWe have release requests for cycle-with-intermediary to do for m-1.19:06
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smcginnisProcess doc also says send reminder about completing responses to community-wide goals, but I don't think we have those yet?19:07
tonybsmcginnis: Yeah I don't think they're decided on19:07
tonybSo, lets look at diablo_rojo's 660781 quuckly, then come back to the cycle-with-intermediary realeases19:09
tonybsmcginnis: Did you/can you look at the review?19:09
smcginnisfungi: Is there a better way to store that to be able to link to the accounts? ^19:09
smcginnisI did look. It seems a little too... verbose.19:10
diablo_rojoI figured by adding the emails it would be easier to find/add them to reviews in gerrit19:10
fungichecking the change out19:10
diablo_rojo(I was pulling gerrit email addresses)19:10
smcginnisNot sure we need separate first and last name fields. And if we don't need a specific value to link to an account, then I'd rather see it all on one line and be able to have a list of them.19:10
fungismcginnis: you want to be able to link to specific gerrit accounts?19:11
smcginnisThen maybe just name and email?19:11
smcginnisfungi: There was some talk about being able to automate adding folks to reviews.19:11
fungie-mail should be all we need for that, and feed into a gerrit rest api query if you want19:11
diablo_rojoI figured the names would be nice for when we need to reach out to them directly19:11
diablo_rojoBut I can make it just name and have first + last19:12
diablo_rojoinstead of breaking it up19:12
diablo_rojoI just threw something together since I figured everyone would have an opinion about how it should look ;)19:12
smcginnisSo I think something like:19:13
smcginnis  - name: Elmer Fudd19:13
tonybLike I said on the review I like name, email and IRC as data (and have the structure match the ptl record)19:13
smcginnis    email: elmer@fudd.com19:13
fungii'd need to fiddle with the gerrit rest api for a moment19:13
smcginnis  - name: Bug Bunny19:13
diablo_rojoI can add irc nics too19:13
smcginnis     email: carrots@bb.com19:13
tonybthat means we can do all the things nicely19:13
fungithat should work even anonymously19:14
tonybyeah that's what I do already19:14
tonybfungi: acctually ...
fungiboth work for me19:15
diablo_rojoSO the next question is do we want them all in a single liaisons file?19:15
diablo_rojoOr to be in the deliverable files like we originally said?19:15
smcginnisfungi's has the advantage that all we would actually need is an email address. The results of the query has everything else we need.19:15
smcginnisWell, I guess not IRC nick.19:15
fungitonyb: yours just gets you the account id number, while mine gets you name and stuff19:15
fungismcginnis: we have an osf rest api for that which can also be queried by e-mail address if that's preferred19:16
smcginnisdiablo_rojo: Are we going to track per release cycle, or just current state? We've always done current state, which would mean separately.19:16
tonybappend '&o=DEATAILS' to mine to get them19:16
fungigranted, it requires people to set up an profile and include an irc nick in their profile19:16
diablo_rojosmcginnis, how much churn is there from cycle to cycle?19:16
fungiwe use that in the openstack technical election tooling19:16
diablo_rojoIf its a small to 0 number I would say current state19:16
tonybfungi: I was planning to borrow a small amount of that code ;P19:17
smcginnisSmall, but I would say especially if it was large we would want to do current state.19:17 single file?19:18
diablo_rojoWhere do we want that to live?19:18
tonybI'm not sure we need to do the lookup in gerrit if it's user supplied data, we can just add that to the git-review command19:18
fungiso anyway, there are places folks could manage their names and irc nicks independently and all the release liaisons list would need is e-mail addresses19:18
* tonyb likes next to series status19:18
tonybfungi: Yeah true19:19
smcginnistonyb: That would seem like a logical place for it.19:19
tonybso chnage the task from 'add liasions to delivererable files' to 'add liasions to releases repo and deprecate wiki'19:20
tonyband add them all to deliverables/release_liasions.yaml ?19:20
diablo_rojoworks for me19:21
smcginnisThat sounds reasonable to me.19:21
diablo_rojoand we do or dont want nick with name and email?19:21
smcginnisSounded like all we needed was email.19:21
diablo_rojoAll we need yes, but do we want anything else?19:22
tonybAll we need is email, can we see what it looks like with all 3?19:22
tonybin the wiki at the monment we have name and IRC19:23
diablo_rojoI can throw together a mock up for review19:23
tonybdiablo_rojo: thanks19:23
* tonyb dislikes data duplication but likes the consistency 19:24
diablo_rojoOkay so I have my plan to move forward then :)19:24
tonybSo I'm on the hook to to do the c-w-i releases next week19:26
tonybprocess.rst is pretty clear on what's needed so I'll use that to re-test the new automation tools and then upload them again too19:26
* smcginnis is afraid we are going to find a lot of broken repos due to requirements updates19:26
tonybsmcginnis: You mean like sphinx or like the constraints URLs?19:29
smcginnisSphinx and ones like that.19:30
smcginnisI've seen a lot of updates, but I'm sure there are still some lingering.19:30
tonybI was kinda assuming that $projects would have landed those chnages if they were blocking merging any code but maybe I'm over stating/simplifying the problem19:33
smcginnisThe active ones should all be good. There's a bunch of low volume repos that might not have noticed it yet.19:33
tonybPerhaps is they're low volume they wont need a release?19:35
* tonyb hopes19:35
tonybso *if* we have a bunch that can't release ... and need one what do we do?19:36
tonybI don't want to sign us up for another pike-em style event that took too long19:36
smcginnisI guess not much we can do other than notify the teams that they have an issue. Worse case scenario, I think we skip them for m-1 and pick them up at m-2.19:38
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tonybSo get the reviews out there *early* so we can see how bad it is and inform the teams19:39
smcginnisYeah, that might be a good idea.19:39
fungiif software is perpetually unreleasable, that's worth reporting to the tc19:40
fungii don't feel like it ought to be the release team's job to fix projects so they're able to have releases19:40
fungiso i agree, let teams know their software has a problem and to submit a new release request when they resolve it19:41
fungiif they don't, pretty sure the tc members will appreciate a heads up19:41
smcginnisGood idea to share that info with the tc too.19:41
tonybfungi, smcginnis: we can do that19:42
fungithe release team already has plenty of responsibilities without also being babysitters19:42
smcginnisI would probably try to pick up some of those, but still shouldn't be expected from the release team.19:43
tonybI probably will too but perhaps we shoudl add a footer to the commit message "We're doign this because we're nice ... y'all should've done this already"19:44
smcginnisHaha, yep. ;)19:46
fungi"because you couldn't be bothered to fix your stuff..." ;)19:46
tonybokay so that's the stuff I think we have to talk about ... anything more open?19:47
diablo_rojoDo enough emoticons make it okay?19:47
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tonybMaybe?  perhaps fake xml tags <message mode='joking'> .... </message> ;P19:50
smcginnisNothing else from me.19:50
fungidon't forget, gerrit maintenance for project renames commencing at 17:00z tomorrow19:51
smcginnisAh, right. Thanks19:51
smcginnisfungi: Is that just doing the renames?19:51
fungiyeah, and the gerrit restart will also (in theory) fix the "gitweb" links to go to the opendev gitea19:52
tonybfungi: It's thursday for you right?19:52
* tonyb tries to translate "tomorrow"19:53
fungitonyb: yes, but any time i say "tomorrow" i always mean "tomorrow utc"19:53
fungiso 2019-05-31 15:00 utc19:53
tonybokay I wont be near a computer then19:53
diablo_rojotonyb, fungi operates in UTC.19:54
fungiyou will hopefully be having a nice sleep in on a lazy saturday19:54
tonybThat's Saturday and I have brekfast plans ;P19:54
fungioh, or breakkie, sure19:54
tonybfungi: "sleep in" my daughter is an early riser ... so I'll be up at 6 ... maybe 7 if I'm lucky19:54
tonybokay I think we're done19:55
fungioof, my sympathies19:55
fungithanks tonyb! it always helps to know that it's friday somewhere even if that somewhere isn't here yet19:55
diablo_rojotonyb, it will fade when she gets to be a teenager ;)19:56
smcginnistonyb: There were many years where we were lucky if our oldest daughter would sleep in until 6. I know how that goes.19:56
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Release Managers office - Come here to discuss how to release OpenStack components - Logged at"19:56
openstackMeeting ended Thu May 30 19:56:12 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)19:56
openstackMinutes (text):
tonybI'm sure it will get better19:56
* tonyb contemplated saving the close until 20:00:27 ;P19:57
fungii think esr would say, #endmeeting early and often19:59
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clarkbany idea if we've tried any releases of js tooling since that made zuul unhappy?20:08
clarkbthis is on my check in periodically to make sure we really fixed it list20:08
fungiif you're talking about the thing that broke tripleo-ui and the like back before the summit, it's been addressed and the affected jobs rerun20:09
fungithough i've drank away the branicells which held the details of what the problem was and how we fixed it20:10
smcginnisclarkb: That would be any horizon plugins, right?20:18
smcginnisI believe we did a release of one of those right after the fix went in and no issues.20:18
clarkbsmcginnis: ya tripleo-ui was the one that hit it last iirc20:19
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clarkbfungi: oh did we rerun the jobs?20:19
clarkbfungi: I fixed the issue in zuul. Wanted to make sure we had tested the fix though and didn't think we had rerun the jobs20:19
clarkbsince the publish one had succeeded and it was just the email that failed or something like that20:20
openstackgerritKendall Nelson proposed openstack/releases master: WIP:Add Liaisons to Deliverables File
fungiit's been months now so i really don't recall much20:21
diablo_rojotonyb, smcginnis fungi ^^20:22
diablo_rojoSwitched to the single file with three fields20:22
smcginnisdiablo_rojo: Looks good!20:22
diablo_rojoI might have to do a little more tweaking for when there are more than one liaison but its trivial20:22
diablo_rojosmcginnis, thanks :)20:22
smcginnisI guess the only question is if we want to make it so we can list multiple liaisons.20:23
clarkbin any case seems we've likely tested it via other horizon plugins20:23
clarkbif not the tripleo-ui job reruns20:23
diablo_rojoYeah I can definitely change that smcginnis I thought about that the second after I pushed the patch lol20:23
smcginnisclarkb: I think so. Probably safe to take it off of your follow up list.20:23
smcginnisdiablo_rojo: There's just one or two on the wiki that list more than one person, IIRC.20:23
diablo_rojosmcginnis, not currently unless I am blind20:24
diablo_rojoOh wait20:24
diablo_rojoand Nova20:24
diablo_rojoI can make the people in a list per project easily enough20:24
* diablo_rojo is going to drop off for the night, but I look forward to patch comments tomorrow20:27
smcginnisGoodnight diablo_rojo20:27
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diablo_rojosmcginnis, have a good rest of your Thursday :)20:27
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