Wednesday, 2019-06-12

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evrardjpgood morning07:47
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fungiheads up, this just came up in #openstack-infra but since openstack/neutron-lbaas release notes failures for openstack/neutron-lbaas has "retired" its master branch, release notes jobs are now broken for its stable branches. not sure what the options are here other than just not retiring projects until we're ready to retire all their branches14:26
fungier, i clearly started typing two different messages there14:27
fungiopenstack/neutron-lbaas has "retired" its master branch, so release notes jobs are now broken for its stable branches. not sure what the options are here other than just not retiring projects until we're ready to retire all their branches14:27
fungior readding some minimal stub of content to master allowing release notes to build14:28
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release Horizo train-1
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: [cinder] Create milestone-1 releases
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fungii really wanted that commit message title to be "release chorizo"14:36
fungiat least now i have a good naming suggestion for the horizon-dashboard if they every revisit separating it from the api14:37
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smcginnisfungi: I am assuming this is a temporary failure:
smcginnisfungi: Can we reenqueue that one?15:34
fungihuh, yeah looks like a network issue maybe?15:43
fungii'll reenqueue it15:43
smcginnisfungi: Thank you15:45
fungiany time!15:46
fungiany opinions on how/whether the release notes building should work for projects which are semi-retired? (no longer accepting patches on newer branches but still receiving patches on some older stable branches)15:47
smcginnisDo you mean ones where master has had everything removed, but stable branches still have the content where the job would fail on master but would be desired on those older branches?15:48
smcginnisThat re-run was successful, BTW.15:49
smcginnisI wonder if we could/should update the releasenotes job to check for the existence of ./releasenotes.15:51
smcginnisIt's not a required location for reno, but I think everyone of our repos have followed that convention.15:52
dhellmannif the master branch is wiped, the release notes job isn't going to work -- it relies on building out of master and scanning older branches dynamically15:55
dhellmannso we shouldn't be completely retiring master branches if we're maintaining stable branches, I guess15:56
smcginnisOh right.15:56
smcginnisKeep tox.ini and the releasenotes tree?15:56
dhellmannthat might be enough, I'm not sure. tox is going to try to install . so we have to ensure it is set  not to do that15:56
dhellmannI would have to experiment15:56
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fungiyeah, i still feel like "partial retirement" isn't well-thought-out16:08
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fungiwe might ought to just replace the readme in master for that process but leave everything else intact until none of the branches are accepting new patches16:10
fungioh, btw, unrelated but would probably be a good idea to get merged soon16:10
fungiwe're signing releases with the train key since yesterday when the depends-on merged16:10
smcginnisThere have been enough of these "oh, what about this case" things that have come up with repo retirement that just doing the README update might be safer.16:10
fungiyes, retiring branchless repos seems to work out fine and that's the original case that our retirement process was written for16:11
fungibut if there are branches which still want to accept patches, it's... complicated16:12
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: List the Train cycle signing key as current
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fricklerfor stein-1 there were autogenerated library releases, are these just late for train-1 or has this been discontinued?20:50
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smcginnisfrickler: There are a few still out there waiting for PTL ack, but I think they should all be done.21:10
smcginnistonyb ran a script to generate them, so if some were missed we may need to look into how that happened.21:10
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openstackgerritJens Harbott (frickler) proposed openstack/releases master: Release keystonemiddleware 6.1.0
fricklersmcginnis: well I didn't see one for keystonemiddleware, so I generated this ^^21:27
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dhellmanntonyb : fyi,
dhellmannI know we use that, I don't know if we have -W turned on22:19
dhellmannor if we're capping22:19
dhellmannin the releases repo, that is22:19
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