Monday, 2019-09-02

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evrardjpsmcginnis: I created this: according to my todo list for releases, however, I doubt this will be enough, as we are now moving to a zuul v3 world. I am really not familiar with devstack nor devstack-gate, I suppose this was setup for having a test matrix, so the question for you is:09:09
evrardjpDo we (as releases) need to care about that, or should we just interface with qa in the future?09:09
toskyevrardjp: as far as I know, that role is the only part of devstack-gate which is used by native zuul v3 jobs09:20
toskyor not09:20
* tosky rechecks09:20
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: python-novaclient: release 15.0.0 for train
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release python-troveclient 2.19.0
toskyuhm, it is marked as temporary, but the test-matrix role is called from playbooks/pre.yaml on devstack anyway09:22
evrardjptosky: so you mean it still makes sense to have this?09:28
evrardjpthis looks overly complex :)09:28
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toskyevrardjp: yeah, better ask gmann10:57
gmannevrardjp: this is needed as we have legacy jobs in most of the projects. for zuulv3 native we do branching on devstack side in different way11:12
gmannI remember of doing this for stein as part of qa-todo-for-release.11:13
toskygmann: I've noticed that the devstack job's playbooks/pre.yaml playbook always include the test-matrix role, does it mean that it's always used also for native jobs?11:15
toskyor did I misread the code?11:15
tosky(probably the latter)11:15
gmanntosky: that is taken care via direct enabling service on job side11:19
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gmannbut I need to thoroughly check if anything still not moved to native jobs like branching etc. this role does many things11:22
gmannbut yes, when all jobs are zuulv3 native and we remove the d-g then we will migrate this role with removing service enable things11:23
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openstackgerritHongbin Lu proposed openstack/releases master: Release python-zunclient 4.0.0
openstackgerritHongbin Lu proposed openstack/releases master: Release kuryr-lib 1.1.0 and cut stable branch
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dhellmanngmann , evrardjp : we need to make sure the release process documentation is up to date with instructions and explanations for any changes in infra.
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gmanndhellmann: +1, in this release there is no change in anything. But if we move the test-matrix role part from d-g to devstack side then process instruction update will be done.14:24
dhellmannperfect, thanks14:24
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prometheanfirewould it be possible to get a release of python-zaqarclient early so we can update jsonschema before freeze?18:42
dhellmannprometheanfire : anyone can submit the request, but I think we'd want to wait for the zaqar PTL to +1 before going ahead18:44
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prometheanfireyarp, that's what I thought18:49
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