Thursday, 2020-04-16

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openstackgerritLiron Kuchlani proposed openstack/releases master: Release manila-tempest-plugin 0.4.2 for train
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adriantsmcginnis, am I ok with adjutant for releases in ussuri or is there something more I need to do beyond ?05:27
adriantI've got no more code I need merged, and no new bugs have cropped up as yet, so haven't seen the need to tag another version as yet05:27
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ttxadriant: that sounds good to me08:45
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Add details to unreleased lib check
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openstackgerritRenat Akhmerov proposed openstack/releases master: Bugfix release 9.0.2 for Mistral (for stable/train)
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openstackgerritSean McGinnis proposed openstack/releases master: Release final python-monascaclient for ussuri
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openstackgerritAlex Schultz proposed openstack/releases master: Create release for tripleo-repos
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Tag governance for April 2020 elections
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/reno master: tox: Suppress output
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coreycbit looks like castellan didn't get fully updated in:  maybe a bot issue?14:58
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redrobotcoreycb, I added a patch to fix the upper constraint for Castellan for 3.8:
redrobotwould still be good to look into why the bot missed it though.15:12
coreycbredrobot: thanks, we switched discussion to #openstack-requirements15:13
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smcginnis#startmeeting releaseteam16:00
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'releaseteam'16:00
smcginnisPing list: ttx armstrong diablo_rojo, diablo_rojo_phon16:00
smcginnisBoard meeting is still going on, so we wait a bit for everyone to join.16:00
smcginnis#link Agenda16:01
smcginnis#topic Review week tasks completion16:02
*** openstack changes topic to "Review week tasks completion (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:02
smcginnisFirst in the list - process any remaining client lib freeze exceptions16:02
smcginnisThis went well. Most things were done last week. A few FFE's this week.16:02
smcginnisThe one outstanding one is python-monascaclient.16:02
smcginnisWaiting to hear back on that one, but from looking at open reviews, I'm not sure what it's holding on.16:03
smcginnisHopefully we have more clarity on that soon.16:03
ttxwaiting for tc approval16:03
ttxerr ptl16:03
smcginnisYep. They wanted to wait though, so that's the part I wasn't sure about. I don't know what they are waiting for based on what is out there.16:04
ttxmaybe we should ping witek16:04
smcginnisHe did respond on the patch this morning. I left a comment after that, but no response yet.16:04
ttxor ask on their channel16:04
smcginnisIf I don't hear anything by tomorrow, I will try to track people down.16:05
smcginnisUnless anyone else has the time to do something before then.16:05
smcginnisNext in the task list - Freeze all cycle-based library releases except for release-critical bugs16:05
smcginnisSo reminder to everyone, please do not approve any new lib releases without a reference to an approved requirements FFE on the ML.16:06
smcginnisNext - stable branch creation.16:06
smcginnisThose should all be done.16:06
smcginnisList cycle with intermediary deliverables that have not been refreshed in the last 2 months.16:06
evrardjpI can ping witek tomorrow morning if there is no answer on it. (Sorry for the delay).16:07
smcginnisI generated that list and posted to the ML, tagging each project that was listed.16:07
smcginnisevrardjp: That would be great! Your timezone may be better for that too.16:07
evrardjpprecisely why I propose16:07
smcginnisThanks, much appreciated.16:07
smcginnisI did get one response on the ML post.16:07
smcginnisOnly thing was to drop barbican-ui, which has now been done.16:08
smcginnisA few ironic ones in the list. That's a little concerning, but I think the team usually gets things wrapped up by RC1 time, so I'm not too concerned.16:09
smcginnisProbably should have posted that right away for reference.16:10
evrardjpthanks :)16:10
smcginnisA lot of *-ui that need to wait for late in the cycle for horizon changes too.16:10
smcginnisSo overall, several things in the list, but nothing that looks scary yet.16:10
smcginnisFinal task is the countdown email. Will send tomorrow as usual.16:11
smcginnis#topic Assign next week tasks16:11
*** openstack changes topic to "Assign next week tasks (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:11
evrardjpany news from swift? Maybe they are super busy and it might be worth double pinging16:11
* evrardjp is overly careful16:11
ttxthey are usually not the ones missing the deadlines16:11
evrardjpI don't disagree16:12
smcginnisNo word, but Tim has been around and I know they are pretty good about it.16:12
smcginnisThough now with Nvidia, it's probably true that they are super busy.16:12
evrardjpYeah I generally trust them, but exactly16:12
evrardjpthere might be an exceptional circumstance around16:12
evrardjpI guess let's not speculate16:13
smcginnisTim has been around. If it's getting close and we don't see anything, pretty sure it won't be hard to check on status.16:13
smcginnisSo next week...16:13
smcginnisProcess any remaining library branching exception.16:13
smcginnisThis is an "all" task.16:13
smcginnisgenerate release requests for all deliverables that have do not have a suitable Ussuri candidate yet16:14
smcginnisI can take that one.16:14
ttxI agree some deliverables in this list are definitely more important than others16:14
ttxso worth double-pinging16:14
smcginnisI'll reply with a reminder.16:14
ttxgood to ping here if they are around16:14
ttxtimburke: ^16:15
timburkeon my radar ;-)16:16
evrardjptimburke: awesome16:16
smcginnisThanks timburke16:16
smcginnisOK, only other task next week is the countdown email.16:17
timburkebetween changing jobs and becoming a part-time childcare worker, time has a way of getting away from me lately16:17
ttxno kidding16:17
evrardjpAre we sure it's correctly indented smcginnis ? Sounds like it could be spread with more people, assuming they are available :D16:17
timburkeno, that's the trouble -- too many kids :P16:17
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smcginnistimburke: :D16:18
evrardjptimburke: :)16:18
smcginnisevrardjp: There are several subtasks as part of that, mostly to call out the differences with different release-models.16:18
evrardjp(I was thinking of the work between tuesday and thursday that might be an _all_ thing)16:19
smcginnisBut I guess things like "Between Tuesday and Thursday, merge as soon as possible the patches that get +1 from the PTL or the release liaison." can be flagged as a task for all.16:19
evrardjpyeah, sorry for being a little bit pedantic there16:19
smcginnisOK, I broke that out to make it clear.16:19
evrardjpit's just to highlight to myself that I need to work on this :D16:19
evrardjpanyway, sorry for derailing again.16:20
smcginnisNo, please do point out anything missed or that needs more focus.16:20
smcginnis#topic Virtual PTG planning16:20
ttxyes task for all16:20
*** openstack changes topic to "Virtual PTG planning (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:20
smcginnisttx: Do you happen to have that ethercalc link handy?16:21
ttxI think it would be good to discuss evolutions of release models, for sure16:21
ttxalso multiplexing with another meeting :)16:21
diablo_rojoI can get it. Uno momento.16:21
ttxre: timeblock, EU+US sounds like our sweet spot16:21
smcginnisGot it16:21
ttxnot sure how much time we want tho16:21
smcginnis#link Virtual PTG planning ethercalc16:21
diablo_rojoBah. Second too slow.16:22
ttxI'd keep it relatively short and follow up through email16:22
smcginnisdiablo_rojo: :)16:22
smcginnisttx: I agree/16:22
smcginnisOne hour block or two - what do people feel like we need?16:22
ttxtwo I'd say16:22
smcginnisOr more, if you feel we should have more sync time.16:22
ttxcan end early16:22
smcginnisThat works for me.16:22
smcginnisThis is all virtual too, so no reason we can't find some other time that we are free to follow up on anything we couldn't in the timeblock.16:23
ttxyeah, 2 hours sounds like a good middle ground16:23
diablo_rojoAgreed. Two hours sounds good as a start.16:23
smcginnisShould I do a doodle poll or something to see what times work best for the group?16:23
smcginnisAnother option would be to just target this timeslot.16:24
smcginnisAnd either start an hour earlier or an hour later.16:24
smcginnisNot like anyone will be traveling.16:24
ttxor wait until everyone else makes their move16:24
ttx(everyone's favorite Neptune's pride tactic)16:24
smcginnisGood strategy too. We can just fill in after we all know what our other time commitements are.16:25
diablo_rojoI suppose none of them will allow for like.. smcginnis, tonyb, and ttx to all be there at at the same time.16:25
ttxyes tony will be the outlier16:25
funginot without substantial loss of sleep anyway16:25
smcginnisThe ttx to tonyb timespan makes it difficult, but it's possible.16:25
diablo_rojo(I am happy to take a sleep hit, but the rest of you all have children and families)16:26
ttxhberaud and jp are in EU too16:26
smcginnisSomeone would have to stay up late or get up early.16:26
ttxWe actually outnumber y'all!16:26
diablo_rojottx, that is a good point.16:26
diablo_rojoMaybe we should doodle poll?16:26
diablo_rojoor framadate16:26
diablo_rojoor whatever16:26
smcginnisYeah, so due to gravity, tonyb would be the one that would likely have to take the hit if we wanted to all get together.16:26
ttxand fungi lives in UTC16:26
diablo_rojoMy what that must be like.16:26
fungii only enter low-power standby mode when my batteries run out16:26
diablo_rojoSuch efficiency.16:27
funginot really, i have some worn-out batteries16:27
diablo_rojofungi, they don't make replaceable ones anymore for your model?16:27
fungii occasionally find a few used on ebay16:28
evrardjpdiablo_rojo: fungi: haha that made me smile16:28
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evrardjpfungi: what's the shape of the bottle?16:28
evrardjpsorry. I mean, the shape of the charger16:28
smcginnisOK, I propose we follow what ttx suggested and let other teams form their schedules for the PTG, then see what works well for us to fit in once we all know what our other time constraints are.16:29
diablo_rojoWorks for me16:29
smcginnisAt least I think that is what ttx suggested. Feel free to correct me. :)16:29
smcginnisEither it will be obvious, or if not, then we can do a poll to find the best option.16:29
smcginnis#topic Review countdown email16:30
*** openstack changes topic to "Review countdown email (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:30
smcginnisI think I got the right draft this time. :D16:31
ttxadded virtual ptg to it16:31
smcginnisOh, perfect.16:31
smcginnisWe had pretty much reviewed the draft last week before realizing I skipped a week. So looks good to me.16:32
smcginnisJust update or let me know if there are any changes before tomorrow ~13 UTC or so when I will send it out.16:33
smcginnis#topic Open discussion16:33
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: releaseteam)"16:33
smcginnisI wanted to point out that merged to try to speed up docs builds.16:34
smcginnisThat should be fine, but if anyone notices anything odd with doc output, please let me know.16:35
ttxdo we have evidence of a speedup?16:35
evrardjpoh nice indeed16:35
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ttxLike in the build job history in zuul?16:35
ttxif not faster, I would revert to be nicer to our noisy neighbors16:35
smcginnisI haven't checked all, but based on the zuul build timing, it looks like doc builds were usually around 10-15 minutes, now closer to 9.16:35
evrardjpprotip: don't tell them they are noisy16:35
evrardjpthat topic name though!16:35
smcginnisSo not huge, but especially during deadline crunch maybe it will add up.16:36
smcginnisevrardjp: ;)16:36
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smcginnisttx: In reality it doesn't really load all cores, so I don't think it would benefit noisy neighbors much.16:36
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smcginnisI tried other approaches like making our closed series pages static, but that didn't really make any difference. I think our bottlenecks are in the schedule directives and then just plain sphinx processing.16:37
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smcginnisI have a suspicion that our shelling out to run git commands to get last modified time for schedule source slows things down, but didn't have the bandwidth to dig into dulwich usage to see if there was a more efficient way to get commit time.16:38
smcginnisAnyway, just an itch I felt like scratching at the time. Main point being awareness that something has changed there in case multithreading causes issues.16:39
smcginnisAnything else for today?16:39
evrardjpI am no specialist on dulwich, I know I don't really like it or didn't like it last time I was needing it16:39
smcginnisOK, I think we can wrap then. Thanks everyone!16:40
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Release Managers office - Come here to discuss how to release OpenStack components - Logged at"16:40
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openstackMinutes (text):
evrardjpthanks smcginnis!16:41
evrardjpsmcginnis: Commit.author_time16:41
evrardjpor commit_time16:41
evrardjpapparently it's exposed16:41
smcginnisevrardjp: Yeah, I saw the property. But from within the script, I wasn't sure about initializing the Repo object.16:42
evrardjpnot sure it's relevant to what you said16:42
smcginnisI was getting a weird error, then decided I had already spent too much time on it.16:42
evrardjphaha that sounds like something I relate to.16:42
evrardjp"why bother"16:42
evrardjp"ain't nobody got time for this"16:42
smcginnisAnd most of my time on OpenStack stuff has been when I feel like procrastinating on the stuff I really need to be doing, so I had to make myself stop. :)16:43
evrardjpoh, welcome to the club!16:43
smcginnisHaha, yep.16:43
evrardjp(if ttx says "++" it makes my day)16:43
smcginnisI hope he doesn't say that! :D16:44
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tonyb[m]If y'all pick a time that isn't too terrible for me I'll see what I can do but "cards on the table" I've been doing so little in the community lately  I don't think it's worth  going too far out of your way to accommodate me20:26
smcginnisThanks tonyb[m]. As always, we would love to have you there if you can make it. We will try our best.20:30
tonyb[m]Thanks smcginnis20:31
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openstackgerritGoutham Pacha Ravi proposed openstack/releases master: Release manila-ui 2.20
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gmannevrardjp: smcginnis i tried to capture the tempest plugins stable-em release and how to release it with a compatible version with tempest -
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