Friday, 2020-06-26

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fungihas anybody seen issues with the release triggered constraints updates? i couldn't figure out why one never got proposed for the new openstackdocstheme release, so went hunting, and found this:
fungii suspect we need to add ensure-pip to that job13:08
fungibut if someone's already working on that, i don't want to duplicate effort13:08
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smcginnisfungi: I thought that has since been fixed.15:11
* smcginnis isn't really here15:11
fungismcginnis: go back to not being here, sorry, and thanks for the pointer! i'll check more recent runs15:12
smcginnisfungi: If it's still failing we missed something, but 90+% sure we've had recent ones work.15:13
fungicool, i'll find out. enjoy your weekend!15:13
smcginnisThere is still an issue with the nightly constraint update runs that I've had a couple of patches to try to fix, but looks like something is still missing from there.15:13
smcginnisThanks fungi, you too.15:13
smcginnisttx: Looks like check-release-approval is broken too.15:15
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ttxwill have a look15:36
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ttxsmcginnis: what makes you say it's broken?15:42
ttx seems to report runs and success15:42
smcginnisttx: I didn't see if with the filter I had, but does look like most are passing.15:42
smcginnisSome report failure though:
smcginnisUnless that's just what it does if it doesn't have PTL+115:43
ttxThat's what the job reports15:43
smcginnisOK, nevermind then.15:43
smcginnisToo many tox/virtualenv/pip fallout failures lately, I just assumed it was another case of that.15:44
ttxIf you click on FAILURE you will see it what's missing15:44
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