Wednesday, 2020-09-02

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Add Cycle Highlight Dates to Wallaby
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openstackgerritStephen Finucane proposed openstack/releases master: Release os-vif 2.2.0
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armstronghello smcginnis15:34
smcginnisarmstrong: Hey!15:45
smcginnisarmstrong: Guessing your looking at the task for this week. I'm in and out with some meetings.15:48
smcginnisarmstrong: I'll try leaving some steps here so maybe we can get through this asynchronously.15:48
smcginnisarmstrong: I updated the example. There's just one patch to copy:
smcginnisSo here are the steps you will need to do:15:49
smcginnisIf you don't have it already, clone the devstack-gate repo.15:49
smcginnis$ git clone
smcginnis$ cd devstack-gate15:49
smcginnis$ git review -s   # optional, but I think it's cleaner to get git-review setup right away15:49
smcginnisThen it's a good practice to create a local branch to make your changes. It has the advantage that git-review will use that branch name for the rewview topic. So something like:15:50
smcginnis$ git checkout -b victoria15:50
smcginnisThen edit roles/test-matrix/files/features.yaml15:51
smcginnisJust follow the changes in
smcginnisJust add a new line after master in the top list. You can just copy the existing master or ussuri lines and rename it to "victoria: "15:51
smcginnisAnd then add "victoria" to the allowed: list below that.15:52
smcginnisThat's really all that needs to be done.15:52
smcginnisSo add the file:15:52
smcginnis$ git add roles/test-matrix/files/features.yaml15:52
smcginnisAnd commit it:15:52
smcginnis$ git commit -m "Set up stable/victoria"15:53
smcginnisAnd push it up for review:15:53
openstackgerritBrian Rosmaita proposed openstack/releases master: Release os-brick 4.0.0
smcginnis$ git review -f  # The -f is optional, but that will push up the review and clean up your local development branch15:53
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release os-brick 4.0.0
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smcginnisTotally spaced that today was Thursday. Between days off, work being done on my house, and real job meetings, I totally missed it.17:51
smcginnisOn the plus side, there aren't too many things on this week's task list.17:51
smcginnisBut probably should get next week's tasks assigned.17:51
smcginnisAaaand... it's not Thursday so just ignore me. :)17:52
smcginnisThat's the kind of week it's been.17:52
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