Monday, 2020-09-28

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openstackgerritMarios Andreou proposed openstack/releases master: TripleO Victoria rc1 release
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for heat-dashboard
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Propose Victoria release for heat-agents
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for cinder
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for placement
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Add Oslo Feature Freeze to Wallaby release schedule
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openstackgerritMichał Dulko proposed openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for kuryr-kubernetes
hberaudttx, smcginnis: this one can be +2 +W'ed =>
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Puppet OpenStack Victoria Milestone RC1
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armstrong hberaud Hello11:55
armstronghberaud: are you available now?11:56
hberaudarmstrong: hello12:21
armstrongsorry I am way too early than we schedule12:22
hberaudarmstrong: I need to ping sboyron_ too, he is also interested by this session12:22
hberaudsboyron_: are you available?12:23
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_: so lets go12:24
armstrongok cool12:24
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_
hberaudsmcginnis, ttx, FYI, apparently I made a mistake last week with the majority of the lines are underlined with my color, so I suppose I did something wrong, however we can rewind on the latest right version by using
armstronghberaud:   the etherpad doesn't show line number here?12:31
hberaudarmstrong: yes exact12:31
hberaudarmstrong: go to R-212:31
sboyron_done ;)12:34
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ so we will use a tmate12:34
hberaudarmstrong: please tell me when you are connect12:35
armstronghberaud:  on the ssh?12:35
sboyron_armstrong yes12:36
armstronghberaud:  if so then I am connected12:36
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ : have you already cloned release repo?12:37
armstronghberaud: on our local workspace?12:38
armstronghberaud:  i have the release repo cloned locally12:38
hberaudon your machine12:38
hberaudthe tmate is more to give an example12:38
armstronghberaud:  yes, I did already12:38
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ so the goal here is to identify which deliverables doesn't have stable branch and then create one if needed12:40
sboyron_yes I did it too12:40
hberaudsboyron_, armstrong you can repeat these actions on your laptop too12:40
armstronghberaud:  ok12:41
hberaudarmstrong: so here we get a list12:41
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ here is the list of open reviews =>
armstronghberaud:  I have a longer list than what is shown on tmate12:42
hberaudare you up to date?12:43
hberaudarmstrong: ^^12:43
armstronghberaud:  ok find, I figured it out12:44
hberaudarmstrong: git fetch origin & git checkout -b stable_branches origin/master & tox -e venv -- list-deliverables --model cycle-with-rc --no-stable-branch12:44
hberaudsboyron_, armstrong: so we can compare this list with the list of opened reviews12:45
sboyron_hberaud: got the same list ;)12:45
hberaudsboyron_, armstrong: especially
ykarelseems like tarballs are not being published for rc bits, can anyone check, some examples like cinder,placement,heat-dashboard12:46
ykarelheat-agents etc12:46
armstronghberaud:  I am good12:46
hberaudarmstrong: ok12:47
sboyron_hberaud, armstrong this one : ?12:47
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ yes12:47
ykarelnoticed while building package in RDO
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ apparently kolla is missing12:47
armstronghberaud:  just a sec, what are we checking on the URL?12:48
ykarelthe release jobs is green for all these
hberaudarmstrong: on the project name12:48
ykarelif possible good to check and fix these before releasing more projects12:48
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_  concerning kolla these patches have been abandonned =>
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ kolla is cycle-trailing
sboyron_what does "tox -e venv -- list-deliverables --model cycle-with-rc --no-stable-branch" list exactly ?12:51
armstronghberaud:  do we have to click on every link under the project to verify?12:51
hberaudarmstrong: it could be worth12:51
hberaudarmstrong: just to ensure that everything is under control12:52
armstronghberaud:  becasuee I am trying to figure out hoe you got the Kolla12:52
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ :
sboyron_hberaud: your tox command is listing all deliverables with a model cycle-with-rc, but what is doing the --no-stable-branch ?12:53
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_  I just seen comments on
hberaudsboyron_: it check if a project have something like =>,L1412:54
ykarelhberaud, smcginnis can u check issue with tarballs for rc bits ^?12:54
hberaudykarel: I'll try to take a look soon12:55
ykarelhberaud, Thanks12:55
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ so it could be worth if this command could ignore trailing project
sboyron_hberaud, ok got it12:58
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ FYI information the deadline for this type of deliverable is =>
armstronghberaud:  so the command we executed on our terminals should not have included kolla?12:59
sboyron_armstrong, that's my understanding; waiting for hberaud ^^12:59
hberaudarmstrong,  sboyron_  yes, or kolla project could be ignored due to the type of delivrable13:00
armstronghberaud:  ok13:00
hberaudalso I can observe that kayobe and openstack-ansible are missing13:00
hberaudso lets take a look to them13:00
hberaudsame thing for these project, they are trailing =>
armstronghberaud:  openstack-ansible and kayobe misssing where? On Gerrit?13:02
hberaudarmstrong: they are in the result of the command13:03
hberaudarmstrong: and they are not in the opened patch on gerrit13:03
hberaudarmstrong: patches have been abandonned13:03
sboyron_there is no open review to propose a vicoria rc1 open13:03
armstronghberaud: ok, I see.13:04
sboyron_=> kayobe is cycle-training too13:04
armstronghberaud:  so, based on the result of the command we executed, we have to verify each project manually under Gerrit ?13:05
hberaudsboyron_, armstrong: tox -e venv -- list-deliverables --model cycle-with-rc --no-stable-branch --cycle-based-no-trailing13:05
hberaudI think we can try something like ^^^ to ignore them13:05
sboyron_hberaud, nope it does not work, not allowed with arg model13:06
armstronghberaud:  command failed13:07
hberaudI think we need to intersect 2 commands output13:08
hberaudmodels can be merged apparently13:08
hberaudnope finally I don't think it will works13:09
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ so to summarize13:09
hberaudeverything is ok here13:09
sboyron_hberaud, what about this one: tox -e venv -- list-deliverables --model cycle-with-rc --no-stable-branch --cycle-based-no-trailing13:09
hberaudsboyron_: it fail13:10
sboyron_lol, wrong paste I pasted youre ;) tox -e venv -- list-deliverables --cycle-based-no-trailing --missing-rc13:10
armstronghberaud:  are you using BASh or ZSH?13:11
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ only the projects who are trailing remains without stable branch here but it's ok13:11
hberaudarmstrong: zsh13:11
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_  so they can be ignored13:11
armstronghberaud:  I had series of problems like this on my macos running ZSH13:11
armstrongtry BASH13:11
hberaudarmstrong: I never facing issues with zsh before13:12
hberaudbut we can rerun with bash if you want13:12
armstronghberaud:  ok13:12
hberaudarmstrong: same output13:13
armstronghberaud:  I got same output like what you have on your terminal13:15
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_ : who run the last command on the tmate?13:17
hberaudsboyron_: it seem the right ouput13:17
sboyron_hberaud, ;)13:17
hberaudso I think we can update the doc13:17
hberaudwith this one13:17
hberaudsboyron_: I give you the honor to update the etherpad13:18
hberaudsboyron_: also I think something more official could be added here =>
sboyron_hberaud, with what ? ^^ My understanding is that there is not deliverables cycle-with-rc without V rc branch that don't have an on-coming review13:19
sboyron_is it what we are really checking ?13:20
hberaudand which are not trailing projects13:20
sboyron_for my personnal understanding, if someone abandon one of these precious review, we will lost something ?13:21
hberaudsboyron_: so this is why your latest command seems more legit than the one given in the etherpad13:21
sboyron_Who can abandon or reject a review ? the owner and cores ?13:21
hberaudwe don't lost things by abandonning them13:22
sboyron_so this is relying on ttx to not abandon these ?13:22
sboyron_otherwhise we can forgot to merge one ?13:23
hberaudstill opened reviews need to remain opened, they are legit13:24
hberaudthis is your question?13:24
armstronghberaud:  with this new output can we go on Gerrit and look for open-patches ?13:24
hberaudarmstrong: normally it should reflect
hberaudthese list are identical13:25
sboyron_hberaud, armstrong:: it is reflecting it; what were we supposed to if it was not that? Creating some new reviews ?13:27
hberaudyep with the missing project13:28
sboyron_got it13:28
sboyron_ths hberaud13:28
hberaudsboyron_: if a legit project is listed in the command output and patch is missing on gerrit then we should create a new patch to create a stable branch for this project13:29
armstronghberaud:  ok, so we are not creating any new branch right?13:29
hberaudarmstrong: everything is ok13:29
hberaudwe don't need to do something13:29
sboyron_when will these open review be merged ?13:29
hberaudsboyron_: deadline is today if no feedback is given until tonight then we will force the merge of these patches13:30
armstronghberaud:  is there a way to verify the opened reviews with scripts/automatically? instead of manually?13:31
hberaudsboyron_: c.f the first task line 42413:31
sboyron_should we double check if additionnal commits have been pushed on the projects ?13:31
hberaudsboyron_: you can check and ask to the team if they want to land missed patches13:32
hberaudelse pointed sha will be used13:33
hberaudthat's all for this task13:34
armstronghberaud:  ok13:34
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_: do you want to discuss about something else?13:34
armstrongI think I asked a question ^^13:35
hberaudarmstrong: oh sorry13:35
sboyron_hberaud, yes; barbican is waiting for this review
sboyron_sry :
hberaudarmstrong: manual check are worth, it can help to see weird things or discuss about specific points with teams13:37
armstronghberaud:  ok thanks13:37
hberaudarmstrong: also it could help to improve our commands and docs13:37
hberaudarmstrong: like our discussion about trailing13:37
armstronghberaud:  yea13:38
sboyron_armstrong, you can perform a "git review -l"13:38
sboyron_but there is no option to filter on a topic13:39
armstronghberaud:  concerning the opened review for barbican?13:39
hberaudarmstrong: normally we don't spend so much time on this kind of check, and for now human eyes are more able to detect tricky things than an automated script13:39
* hberaud kill the tmate13:39
hberaudarmstrong: barbican ask to wait a bit13:40
armstronghberaud:  sounds good to know13:40
hberaudarmstrong: but if the deadline is reached and the patch not yet merged then we will force the merge13:41
hberaudarmstrong, sboyron_: have you other questions?13:41
sboyron_hberaud, nope13:42
hberaudarmstrong: the floor is yours13:42
armstronghberaud:  I executed the git review -l command and have list of projects awaiting reviews13:43
armstronghberaud:  what is the next step with these reviews?13:43
hberaudarmstrong: it's depends on topics13:44
hberaudarmstrong: our priority is RC1 for now13:44
hberaudthis one is interesting :  Add Cinder-specific dates for Wallaby schedule13:45
armstronghberaud:  it means we should look at all the RC1 reviews?13:45
hberaudarmstrong: you can13:45
hberaudfor now we mainly waiting for PTL feedback13:46
hberaudon this one cinder plan is specific date for W13:47
TheJuliaso out of curiosity, what is it going to take to get ironic-stable-maint to just include ironic-core?13:47
hberaudarmstrong: cinder team highlight its calendar13:48
armstrongok for the cinder review, normally ,  who should insert the date, the cinder PTL or the release team?13:48
hberaudin this kind of patch it's more the project's team and PTL who propose dates13:49
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armstronghberaud:  also, suppose we want to look at any of the open reviews, we just copy the review ID on the left of the command output and search on Gerrit?13:55
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smcginnisTheJulia: When there was more of a stable team, the concern was that there are some stable-specific concerns that normal cores wouldn't necessarily know.13:55
smcginnisTheJulia: So they wanted an explicity ack that anyone included in stable-maint had at least actually read the stable policy docs and had shown in reviews that they understood the concerns.13:56
TheJuliasmcginnis: yes. I'm aware of the history and reasoning and basically every ironic core is well aware of stable rules at this point.13:56
smcginnisTheJulia: I'm not sure if that matters quite as much today, mostly because we don't have enough people to really be able to focus on that.13:56
TheJuliaI've also asked on the mailing list on the past and the discussion died.13:56
smcginnisTheJulia: I think I can add the core group. If it ends up being an issue, we can change it. But I'm sure it will be fine.13:57
TheJuliaawesome, thanks!13:57
smcginnisTheJulia: And done.13:57
TheJuliaI'll naturally make a point of making a meeting annoucement13:57
TheJuliasmcginnis: Awesome! Thanks13:57
smcginnisTheJulia: That would be perfect!13:57
hberaudarmstrong: Personnally I don't use this command, I simply use =>
* TheJulia goes and updates the meeting agenda to again remind folks :)13:58
smcginnishberaud, ttx: Moving my mother turned out to be more of a nightmare than I had expected. Didn't get a chance to do anything late last week.13:58
smcginnisWill send the countdown email now. Better late than never.13:58
hberaudsmcginnis: sorry I assigned you this email I was thinking you would be around friday, and I didn't want to bypass you on our communication14:00
hberauds/you would be around/you would be here around/14:01
smcginnisYeah, I had fully planned on being around and getting that sent out on Friday. But I was busy non-stop until yesterday.14:02
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Add Cinder-specific dates for Wallaby schedule
smcginnishberaud: Regarding membership freeze, that is normally added to the schedule by the election officials I believe. I can't recall right now.14:02
hberaudsmcginnis: I hope that everything is ok for you and for your mother14:03
smcginnisThanks. Yes, it all got taken care of. It just took a lot more work than I had expected.14:03
smcginnisGlad to be able to just sit at my desk today. :)14:03
hberaudsmcginnis: ack thanks for the membership stuff14:04
smcginnisfungi: ykarel had commented earlier about some missing tarballs. Is that something you would have a little time to look into?14:06
fungii can take a look sure14:12
fungithey're showing up on pypi...
fungibut yeah not uploaded to
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fungilooks like we don't run the release-openstack-python job in the pre-release pipeline, only in the release pipeline14:34
fungii have no way of knowing whether that's intentional. i suppose we could add it if folks want that for pre-release tags14:35
smcginnisfungi: I see it in that pre-release pipeline.14:37
smcginnisLOOP [Collect tarball artifacts.]14:38
smcginnisubuntu-bionic | changed: >f+++++++++ cinder-
smcginnislocalhost | Uploading cinder-
fungioh, yep, it's there. i clearly need more coffee14:39
smcginnisLooks lik eit was included in upload-afs-synchronize14:40
fungiyeah, double-checking whether it's just not been released to the read-only volume replica14:40
fungiyep, it's in the read/write volume. something's not releasing the replica14:42
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smcginnisNeed to get out the mallet and give it a good whack?14:43
clarkbianw has been trying to cleanup some broken tarball upload paths. Maybe alock is held for that?14:45
fungiit's definitely logging a failure to get the lockfile, but i see a vos release cronjob still running which started at 14:10 so possible it's a volume with lots of updates14:48
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smcginnisSo maybe just need to be patient and things will eventually sort itself out?14:49
fungilooks like it started releasing the tarballs volume a minute ago14:49
fungi2020-09-28 14:48:36,642 release DEBUG    Running: ssh -T -i /root/.ssh/id_vos_release -- vos release project.tarballs14:50
fungiso i think when that completes it should hopefully update on the tarballs site14:50
smcginnisfungi: Thanks for digging in. I'll check it a little later today and ping you (or infra) if there are still issues.14:51
fungismcginnis: my pleasure. hopefully this will be done in minutes14:52
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Update SKS Keyserver URLs
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for kuryr-kubernetes
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for neutron
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Propose Victoria release for karbor-dashboard
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Propose Victoria release for karbor
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-api
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-thresh
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-ui
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-notification
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-persister
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-agent
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-events-api
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for monasca-transform
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for masakari
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for masakari-monitors
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for masakari-dashboard
fungithe vos release failed, but didn't report any useful errors in the log, so i'm running it by hand to see if i get more useful output15:39
smcginnisRelease job failure was for monasca-transform. This was due to the project being deprecated, so when it tried to update the job template from victoria to wallaby it failed. Nothing to see here, move along.15:51
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for freezer-web-ui
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for freezer
openstackgerritDouglas Mendizábal proposed openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for barbican
fungismcginnis: looks like we've got tarballs showing up now, please double-check behind me but should be all clear now16:35
*** dtantsur is now known as dtantsur|afk16:59
smcginnisfungi: Just a spot check, but I can confirm I see new tarballs showing up. Thanks!17:11
fungino problem. once again the problem was clouds17:13
fungiyet another hung server17:13
ykarel|awayfungi, smcginnis Thanks, will re check our jobs, i see tarballs are available now17:13
smcginnisfungi: Can't trust those cloud thingies.17:15
fungiindeed. especially ones we created17:16
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing victoria RC1 for barbican
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