Wednesday, 2020-12-09

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dtantsura food for thought: thanks to the new pip resolver we may end up with an avalanche of stable releases bumping requirements, even to major versions13:30
dtantsurthat is, unless we block the new pip across stable branches13:31
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Cinder team releases for stable/train
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hberaudhm not sure that the avalanche of patches is really needed. pip and constraints are mainly used upstream so this is not something that need to release project, dowstreams side are mostly based on repos without explicit constraint. The requirements bump on project side would be surely needed but I don't think we need to go through the release step, I don't think that she is mandatory. I think we can14:17
hberaudcontinue to release stable branches smoothly as usual. Notice that possibly I missed something by thinking about our processes.14:17
ttxalso in most cases we can't bump stable releases to major versions anyway, as they are already taken14:29
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mnasero/ seems to be similar to a pipeline i'd like to reuse inside of openstack/governance16:24
mnaserwhere we'd run our "is the patch ready to land" automation16:25
mnaserwould you be open to 'refactoring' that to a more generic name16:25
mnaserlike Ready-to-Merge maybe for the labels and pipeline name being something..else mor egeneric16:25
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ttxmnaser: I think that could work for us, but don;t want to speak for the rest of the team16:50
hberaudmnaser: WFM16:59
mnaserany.. pipeline name ideas16:59
mnaserreview-check? i.. dunno17:00
hberaudexplicit is better than implicit, maybe "review-approval" is a bit more explicit, isn't?17:01
hberaudIMO "check" in a CI pipeline is a bit confusing17:02
hberaudmnaser: ^17:02
mnaserreview-approval seems reasonable to me17:03
mnaseri think all your pipeline defs for this sit inside of project-config so we wont be breaking you.. right?17:03
hberaudAFAIK yes all your pipelines defintions are inside of project-config, I didn't see one of them outside there17:06
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