Monday, 2021-01-04

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release os-win 5.4.0 (Wallaby)
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: TripleO repos feature release for stable/victoria
ttxI've been holding on the tempest EM patches so that we discuss it first10:30
hberaudHNY to everyone!10:30
hberaudttx: yes I seen thanks10:30
ttxHappy new year to you too!10:30
hberaudttx: I already added this one to our next meeting agenda10:31
ttxOn Dec 18 there was a release job failure around
ttxLogs at
ttxWas it investigated already?10:31
hberaudyes we already discussed about this with fungi the OSA team10:32
ttxwhat was the issue? /home/zuul/scripts/release-tools/ line 51: python: command not found ?10:32
hberaudWe think that a project-config script doesn't behave as expected10:32
hberaudlemme find the link10:33
ttxIt seems to have mostly branched as requested, so probably not critical10:33
ttxMaybe we can track progress in the meeting, just don;t want it to fall in post-holidays cracks10:33
ttx looks like a similar issue10:35
hberaudyes we investigated and everything seems to have been created as expected, unfortunately the script doesn't behave as expected especially this part and so we didn't caught the error properly10:41
hberaudConcerning the last release job failure I suppose this one is due to the fact that we branched in the same time that we created a new tag, please can you double check? =>
hberaudit was related to these changes =>
hberaudthe following command "git checkout stable/victoria" returned "error: pathspec 'stable/victoria' did not match any file(s) known to git"10:42
hberaudbut everything was created as expected (tag, branch) too, only the release note is wrong and I think it's due to the fact that we skipped the doc job due to the rc code10:42
hberaudso the 22.0.0rc1 appear under the unreleased section instead of the victoria section of reno (c.f
hberaudI already added this topic to our next meeting10:43
ttxyeah, that seems like a fair analysis10:43
hberaudhowever I suppose we need to reenque the doc part10:44
hberaudto move 22.0.0rc under victoria10:44
ttxbranching and tagging at the same time should work10:44
ttxthat pathspec error is, I think, expected10:45
hberaudbut we got a rc>010:46
ttx/home/zuul/scripts/release-tools/ line 51: python: command not found10:47
ttxis more likely to blame10:47
hberaudah I missed this one10:49
ttxwe should get rid of that other message, it's been misleading me regularly too10:50
ttxlooking at where it originates since I have the tabs open now :)10:53
hberaudI can't find this script10:53
hberaudWhere I can find it?10:54
ttxstill digging10:54
hberaudI suppose we just need "python3" rather than "python" somewhere10:54
ttxit starts from
ttxoh sure, I'm trying to find where the spurious error comes from10:55
ttx(pathspec 'stable/victoria' did not match any file(s) known to git)10:55
hberaudsorry :)10:56
* hberaud school run10:56
ttxok got it10:58
ttx(git checkout $BRANCH || git checkout master) && retry git pull --ff-only)10:58
ttxgit checkout $BRANCH is expected to fail in some cases, thus activating the "|| git checkout master"10:59
ttxBut in that case it logs a spurious error11:00
ttxWe probably should (git checkout $BRANCH 2>/dev/null || ... or even better expand that code and properly log in that case11:03
hberaud+1 to expand11:03
ttxI'll try to find time to do it... but not today :)11:04
hberaudack np11:04
hberaudon my side I'll propose "python3" rather "python"11:04
hberaudit seems that this one was forgotten, I can see that other scripts of "roles" already use python3 =>
hberauddone by
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hberaudwell... a freshly release job failure related to just poped up, it seems related to the new pip's resolver12:33
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hberaudthe first of 2021...
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hberaudI suppose we didn't see this error previously as the previous jobs all failed for various reasons and the publish reno/doc's job wasn't triggered due to these fails12:38
fungiif it ran in a python3-based virtualenv/venv it would have been unnoticed13:04
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fungithe script call i mean13:58
fungihberaud: that resolver conflict looks pretty typical, we've been hitting it in places where we install things not covered by the global upper-constraints.txt in openstack/requirements, so lower-constraints jobs as well as linters and static analysis tools which we don't cover globally13:59
hberaudfungi: you speak about , right?14:00
fungier, hberaud yes14:01
fungiprobably just need to tweak the test-requirements.txt entries a bit14:02
hberaudfrom openstack/release?14:02
hberaudI guess yes14:03
fungihberaud: i think it's trying to install
fungiprobably the version of flake8 hacking wants is incompatible with the pyflakes pin in there14:04
hberaudIIUC, that mean that potentially we could face similar issue with all the repos14:06
fungii'm not entirely sure why the job installs the project's test-requirements.txt instead of, say, doc/requirements.txt14:06
fungi(clearly things like hacking and pyflakes aren't needed to generate release notes)14:07
hberaudit would be terrible if it is the case14:07
hberaudmaybe it's because this project haven't doc/requirements.txt14:08
hberaudmaybe it's a default rule... I don't know14:09
fungiyeah, this is where it decides to use test-requirements.txt:
fungii'll bring it up in #zuul, seems like a questionable choice, or at least something we'd like to be able to override14:10
fungii misread that. so it _will_ use doc/requirements.txt if it exists, and only fall back to test-requirements.txt if not14:11
hberaudyes a break will be triggered if the file exist14:12
fungiif tripleo-image-elements adds a more focused doc/requirements.txt file with just their docs (and release notes) deps then this would work much more reliably and faster14:12
hberaudbut in all the case that mean that all repos should be fixed/standardized first to avoid similar issue14:13
fungisure. that's basically what we're finding with the new dep solver in pip, it's pointing out actual errors in our projects and highlighting places where we've been inconsistent/sloppy up to now14:13
fungiso in the case of tripleo-image-elements, 1. they have an incompatibility between entries in their test-requirements.txt, and 2. they're missing a doc/requirements.txt file14:15
fungiboth things worth fixing14:15
fungianyway, i need to go run some errands, but will be back in an hour14:15
hberaudI'll try to get a list of identified repos that need to be fixed by using beagle14:16
hberaudbeagle search --ignore-comments -f link --file '(^test-requirements.txt)' --repo-pattern "openstack/*" 'sphinx'14:17
hberaudsomething like this should works ^14:17
hberaudif we consider that sphinx should be present in doc/requirements.txt14:18
hberaudby example with PyCADF it seems to works as expected
hberaudand the doc/requirements.txt doesn't exist14:19
hberaudall these repos seems fit our search =>
hberaudnow I need to check if a doc/requirements.txt file exist or not in thel14:24
hberaudttx, smcginnis: Please hold all the validations for now14:47
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iurygregoryhberaud, I will push some patches to ironic projects (sushy, sushy-tools, virtualbmc, ironic-python-agent-builder)15:56
hberaudiurygregory: related to the doc issue?15:56
hberaudiurygregory: awesome thanks15:57
iurygregorynp =)15:57
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iurygregoryhberaud, would be something like this right?16:23
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hberaudiurygregory: I replied directly on
hberaudiurygregory: but yes it would be something like this16:53
iurygregoryhberaud, I did the clean-up locally (just trying to get pdf-build working because I'm using a new notebook hehe)16:53
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openstackgerritHervĂ© Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Add doc related to validation status (red, orange, green)
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nicolasbockhberaud: I am trying to get `designate-tempest-plugin` up to speed in terms of pip resolver issue and submitted
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nicolasbockIs that sufficient? Or do we also need to add the `release-notes-jobs-python3` template job?19:00
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iurygregoryhberaud, hey molteniron is a bit of problems (we neve did release on ironic side,  it is just some tools 3rd party CI use to checkin/out baremetal resources for CI19:12
iurygregoryis there a way to "remove" from the publish job?19:12
hberaudiurygregory: these projects are published? Please, can you give me an example19:45
iurygregorymolteniron doesn't have any release19:47
iurygregoryalso by anychance do you have an idea about the need to test docs build with usedevelop=False? dtantsur raised two comments in the changes for ironic projects but zuul seems happy with the changes
hberaudnicolasbock: I see that you already use `publish-openstack-docs-pti` so I think you're potentially impacted by this bug, but I don't think you need to add this job template except if you want to release your release notes, but I didn't see lot of them in your repo19:51
nicolasbockThanks hberaud . So you think the current change is sufficient then?19:58
hberaudiurygregory: even if motleniron doesn't yet have been released it should be fixed, concerning `usedevelop` I think it can't hurt but I'm not an expert on this point19:58
nicolasbockAh just noticed that you left me a comment on the change :)19:59
hberaudnicolasbock: at first glance yes, but some clean up could be done19:59
hberaudyes :)19:59
nicolasbockI updated the change hberaud20:02
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