Saturday, 2021-03-20

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hberaudfungi: thanks for the job improvements. Indeed it's now a bit better than previously but unfortunatelly still broken09:03
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Proposing python-openstackclient for wallaby
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fungihberaud: elod: yep, i looked at it some more last night, has come clues to that error but i suspect it's caused by the reinstall of npm immediately before that error12:50
fungiaccording to the code comment above it, we reinstall npm to solve an old bug, which i have a feeling may no longer be applicable, so it might work to just remove the npm install command there12:51
fungihberaud: elod: i'm hoping will solve this13:31
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elodfungi: fingers crossed :)15:59
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fungielod: the failure is logged here:
fungiand a web search for "npm ERR! cb.apply is not a function" turned up a help article for npm where there were a lot of cases related to installing a different version of npm over top of an existing on18:58
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