Monday, 2021-04-26

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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: Release neutron-lib 2.11.0
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openstackgerritHervĂ© Beraud proposed openstack/releases master: Allow to change the used branch
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fricklercan we please get a second core review on the sdk release? it fixes a regression when talking to older (than v) neutron deployments
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elodfrickler: +W'd. it's on the gate now.14:20
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openstackgerritAlex Schultz proposed openstack/releases master: Release ansible-role-redhat-subscription
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elodhberaud: hmmm, the unit test failures are suspicious to me:
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elodhberaud: when we tried the branch deletion script ~ last week, I've created stable/ocata in release-test14:25
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: New OpenStack SDK release 0.56.0
elodhberaud: I'll delete the stable/ocata from release-test and recheck14:28
fricklerelod: thx14:30
elodfrickler: np14:33
hberaudelod: ack14:39
hberaudelod: I guess that the problem is the same there => ,
hberaudHowever, I'm not sure that we want to continue with these changes14:41
hberaudThey are copies of a series of patches that I published few months ago on oslo* to avoid to update ~40 projects each 6 months, here it's not the case14:43
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elodhberaud: yes, the problem is the same :X14:56
elodwith a recheck the unit tests should pass. (of course, if you want those patches. for me it's OK to update to py38 only)14:57
openstackgerritMerged openstack/releases master: pbr 5.6.0
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